Friday, 5 October 2007

A Rufus-inspired Musing!!

I couldn't think of where better to post this! I was just in the shower (where I get most of my spiritual revelations ... something to do with running water?) and I was thinking and praying about healing and miracles and those friends of mine who are unwell and need healing. And I suddenly heard God speaking in that awesome inward audible voice and He said this;

"You know ... it's not so much about your prayers as My pleasure that the sick will be healed, the dead raised, the blind eyes opened and the lame walking".

Not so much MY prayers as HIS pleasure!! I really and truly believed that my best friend Scott would get healed of a skin condition that gives him loads of grief and bother at "Together on a Mission 2007". I was absolutely ecstatic when we were at CCK before the conference began and Rob Rufus said from the platform; "Someone with a skin condition has been healed!". I was almost too afraid to look at Scott! But it wasn't him - and he didn't get healed in the conference even though I prayed for him every ministry time possible.

And I realised something ... I was searching for a "Magic Formula" in my prayers to see Scott healed! And it is nothing to do with what I say or how I say it or how loudly I shout it or how quietly I whisper it. It's to do with HIS pleasure!! My other best friend Pete is also laid aside very severely and I'm praying for him constantly to be healed but if God does come upon him and do that miracle then it will be because of His pleasure and nothing to do with what I say. Do you know what that makes me feel?

I'm going to go on praying for Scott and for Pete in particular but it's fresh in the knowledge of that revelation from Him - it's all about His pleasure. His delight to heal. His passion to bless and to thrill by making known His Presence in signs and wonders.


Aaron said...


Great post. Thanks for sharing this. I find this very releasing as well. I do find though that when I listen to Rob I want to pray for every sick person in the world. My prayer is that I will become more and more willing to "step out" and pray for those around me. I believe that releasing you are talking about will guard us from discouragement when we do not always see God heal every time we pray. Keep up the good work on all your blogs. Many are being encouraged.(including my wife Jul!)


Dan Bowen said...

Hey Aaron!

Thanks for the comment, so good to hear from you! I've obviously read and heard loads about you! All good! I couldn't agree more with your comment. I think Rob's spot on to argue that it is the will of God to bring healing and signs and wonders into the corporate Church and away from "specialists". That moving means we are ALL potentially equipped to pray for the sick and see them healed! To pray for the dead and see them raised! To lay hands on blind eyes and see them opened, deaf ears hearing!

I was so provoked hearing Rob confess in a sermon recently that he had prayed for a dead person to be raised and they weren't. Many evangelicals would chalk that up as a "failure". But it couldn't be further! I felt so stirred at the pleasure of God that SOMEONE is praying for the dead with faith to see them raised!

Thanks so much again - I value and appreciate you and Julie so much! Keep believing!!