Thursday, 12 February 2009

Rob Rufus Archive - 2007


"Aligning Our Allegiances For The Anointing To Flow at Full Volume" - Sunday 10th June.

"Why Angels Visited Our Service" - Sunday 17th June.

"Confident Ministers Of Life" - Sunday 24th June.

Rob Rufus at Church of Christ the King, Brighton - "Marrying Grace and Glory!".

"Together on a Mission 2007" - Brighton UK

Main Session 1 - "How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit of Faith and Power".

Main Session 2 - "The Working Of His Mighty Power".

Main Session 3 - "The Timelessness in the Glory".

Mobilise Main Session.

"Competent ministers of the Spirit!' - (2 Cor. 3:4-6)" - THE Rob Rufus Seminar!

"Do Our Diaries Reflect the Priorities of Heaven?" - CCI, Hong Kong - 22nd July.

"Face to Face Intimacy with God" - CCI, Hong Kong - 5th August 2007.

"Knowing The Person Of The Holy Spirit" - Part 1 - CCI, Hong Kong - 9th September.

"Knowing The Person Of The Holy Spirit" - Part 2 - CCI, Hong Kong - 16th September.

"Knowing The Person of the Holy Spirit" - Part 3 - CCI, Hong Kong - 23rd September.

"Knowing The Person of the Holy Spirit" - Part 5 - Sunday 7th October.

"Knowing The Person of the Holy Spirit" - Part 6 - Sunday 14th October.

"Dealing with the Spirit of Conservatism" (an exhortation after Fini de Gersigny's sermon; "The Father's Love") - CCI, Hong Kong - 21st October.

"Grace and Glory Conference - Hong Kong" - Archive here.

"Knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit" - Part 7 - CCI, Hong Kong - 28th October.

"Prayer Meeting and Conference De-brief" - CCI, Hong Kong - 1st November.

"Knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit" - Part 8 - CCI, Hong Kong - 4th November.

Self Righteousness vs the Gift of Righteousness" - CCI, Hong Kong - 9th December.


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