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Becoming a Lightning Conductor!

One of the things that makes this sermon particularly wonderful was the time that Rob took to report on his recent trip to Dubai. It's well worth the careful read! I had goosebumps while I was typing this out. The implications of actually becoming a heavenly lightning conductor in our locality - is just amazing!

So here is; "Becoming a Lightning Conductor!" preached by Rob on Sunday 15th February 2009.

It's good to be back. We had a great trip but it's always good to be home and it is always wonderful to say when you are preaching in other nations that if you want to see how these truths are embodied in a community then just look to Hong Kong and you will see a group of people who are progressively living this more and more and more. So I do boast about you with integrity! Because some people will say "Okay we will take you up" and they will come and check out what I am saying and they will find a people that are after God's heart and love Him and love one another And who are generous in their giving and in their commitment to China. Many are here not out of convinience or to make money but have come from other nations to be based here to serve the purposes of God. So I do boast in you and you are well worth boasting about! "Glory and Grace" is going to be glorious!

After preaching in Dubai there, there were people from the Middle East who came to me afterwards and said "We have decided today that we are coming to Glory and Grace! We have GOT to learn more about this stuff! We have got to get into this stuff!". Then Patricia King gave us $1000 Canadian dollars which is about 7000 Hong Kong for "Glory and Grace" and she advertised through her email mailing list which goes to thousands of people around the world and encouraged them to come. She said that Joshua Mills and Fini and Isi and Rob and Glenda Rufus will be here and she gave a write up on each of us and said that Joshua is feeling that is well worth people coming because this is going to be a "unusual" time with God! So God is backing these things! Mentally I am challenged about these things - my heart is at rest and our God can sort this but my head gets worried every now and then because I said with my big mouth that if we don't make budget then I will make it up from my pocket. We could have a several hundred dollar defecit. So thank you Patricia!

Open your Bibles to Matthew 6.

Some of you know that we were in Dubai for 6 days. They put me up in this beautiful hotel and it was embarressing! I said this year that God is going to bless us so much that we will get embarressed and feel guilty. They put me up for 10 days in this huge hotel room with a massive lounge and flat tv screen. A big kitchen and entrance hall. Two bathrooms! I got on the phone and said first thing; "Glenda you have GOT to get here!". It was an incredible blessing. We went to some of Bill Johnson's meetings - he was in town and then we had lunch with him which was great. Then we spent four days with some friends I have known for 20 years. We just sat together talking about how we can ally in global partnership to see this gospel get to the multitudes and how we can plant churches.

And there is a whole new way of doing apostolic ministry. There is a whole fresh way that is taking place at the same time that denominations are disintegrating and religious institutions are fading as something of a post-modern thing. Something new is breaking into the earth that is more connected to the book of Acts and the church birthed by Jesus.

And we brain stormed and worked for hours a day and it was very exciting seeing God give new fresh ideas on how to do church. Not just local church but how to work with apostles, prophets, evangelists and teachers that are in the earth now and how to recognise these gifts and how to best position themselves with one another. No more Popes, or denominational heads or one static leader of an organisation! But different leaders with different giftings in different contexts lead with those - so it is dynamic and not static!

Then we spent five days doing a "Power Encounters" conference for pastors and leaders from all over the Middle East. Someone asked if I got a great download from Bill Johnson and it was great being there but the greatest download was from a man called Kia Taylor who I have known for 20 years and Kia before he was a Christian was in the Zulu scouts that fought in the Rhodesian War. His group - 70 of them - went in against 5000 soldiers. That sounds like biblical stuff doesn't it?! They coloured themselves in the colour of the enemy which was cheating and is horrible actually and broke his heart but he wasn't saved. They went in with big machine guns and drove in and they just opened up fire. They killed 3000 men. In the middle of that he was shot through his hips - a fatal wound and was bleeding over the jeep - and he said "God if You are real then save me". And he said with the smell of cordite, blood and death the power of God came on him. People think God can't come on the streets or in an evil temple. They are wrong! His whole unit got out and he was the only one shot. Now he goes back into those areas to love those people and take food and supplies and care for the orphans with great signs, wonders and miracles.

But he stood up with such authority as an evangelist and there was such power on him with such urgency and he kind of rebuked us but in a way you thought; "Hit us again - that really feels good!". With the urgency of heaven pressing in while the multitudes are lost.

And while he was speaking I saw into the realm of the Spirit and I saw multiple mantles - layers of mantles of power on him and God said; "Those are up for grabs today so when Kia invites people forward then you go forward to get a greater evangelist anointing". Because you can catch these anointings!

Kia had said to me before the meeting; "Rob when I am done and invite people to come forward, I want you to come and pray with me because you have got faith". So when he said "Come up" I just went forward and stood in the crowd with my head bowed! He said "No Rob come up!" and I said "No way!" because I had seen those mantles upon him! And I was knocked flying off my feet and was on the ground for at least half an hour to forty five minutes just having heaven's voltage bouncing through me - seeing visions of China and having people coming up and prophesying over me. When I got up I was a changed man! Divine encounters! I went there to preach divine encounters but I was ambushed by God by an ex-Zulu scout! He shot me and some of the flesh died there and more of a heart to see billions of Chinese people saved!

I wept for most of that forty five minutes as God's love touched my heart! You are not going to reach the multitudes out there by trying to love. If you don't know how much God loves you then you will never make the sacrifice. When you know how much He loves YOU then you are willing to give up everything to follow Him. And you can't give up everything because the more you try to give up then the more He gives and He puts you in these expensive hotels and so on and blesses you! He wants to bless you because He loves you! He doesn't want to bless me because of my fasting and how holy I am! No! He wants to bless you because He loves you! Some people fast a lot and look very holy but they have got no blessing! In fact they suck the blessing out of the atmosphere as soon as they walk in and bring death and negativity and gloom!

It was such a joy to be there and have many pastors come to me and say "Rob where did you get this stuff from?! We have never heard this! We have been leaders for years and that is in the Bible! It is so obvious!". I got it from my heavenly Father! Same as Ryan last week! He didn't get that from his earthly dad because I was learning when I was listening to it at 02:00 this morning with jet lag! I was listening to Ryan's message from last Sunday! I was learning and had never seen that! When we come to preaching with a heart of humility we can truly learn - you will never learn anything unless you come and say "God I don't know!". The more I think I know, the more I realise I don't know!

There is so much to learn - all the things we have learnt in the past we have to unlearn and then relearn what God is saying. We have to unlearn the traditions of men that have been in the Church for one and a half thousand years. The Church hasn't been in a place of great revelation for 1, 500 years! It has been in a place of great tradition, great unbelief, of everything that strips signs, wonders, miracles and healings have been operating for that long. You don't step out and learn after 1, 500 years of religious lies and learn how to do signs and wonders just like that. It is a process of humility and constantly learning.

On Friday morning I preached there on how faith operates and how to release the anointing. And at the end they gave me three hours to preach! These people have come from all over the Middle East and arrived dry and burnt out after working in the Middle East!

So I then said "There are people who know how to be lightning conductors" - which is what I want to talk on today. How to be a Lightning Conductor. Heaven's Lightning Conductor of Faith. What is faith? Faith is conducting heaven's influence into the earth. That is all faith is. All faith does is to conduct heaven's influence into the earth.

You either have faith or you don't have faith and if you don't have faith then all you do is have an exchange of an earthly realm. You fellowship with the earthly realm, with the natural realm, with what you can smell, what you can hear, what you can taste, what you can feel and think with your brain. It is mere human encounter with earthly experiences. There is nothing wrong with earthly experiences because God creates the cosmos - but a Christian lives in both worlds simultaneously. We are citizens of heaven, we are seated in heavenly places, we are heavenly people and ambassadors of a heavenly kingdom bringing heaven into the earth.

Because heaven once ruled the earth. In the Garden of Eden the fullness of the kingdom ruled the earth. When undiluted heaven ruled the earth there were no famines, no wars, no sickness, the cosmos was perfect, no hatred or economic downturns - perfection! That is heaven and earth co labouring. Earth's condition was made the same as Heaven's condition. Earth was made in the image of heaven! You were created in the image of God and earth was created in the image of heaven and when Adam committed high treason against God, then heaven left and Satan became the Governor of this earth, he became the ruler of this world the Bible says. He is the one causing the wars and the storms.

How many storms did Jesus look at coming at Him or at a town or a country and say; "Praise God for the storm - it will bless that city with destruction and evil and kill people and it will teach people to be more godly and they are going to repent!". No! How many storms did Jesus bless? Not one! To every storm He said; "Peace be still! Stop it!". It is such nonsense - He was causing no storms. The insurance companies talk about "An act of God" - what a lie against our Father in heaven! Demonic storms!

To train God's people how not to just be earthly and go about their lives like practical atheists trying to sort out the problems on natural counselling and earthly wisdom - you may be born again and live like an atheist. But Christians - sons of God - are those that conduct heaven's influence into the earth. One day the Bible promises that at the end of this age "the kingdoms of this earth will become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ". Every nation will give up their President and King and Jesus will be once again the Governor of all nations and of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end! For the government will be on His shoulders! The Prince of peace!

That will be at the end of the age - not the end of earth! The end of the age of evil governing the earth! In the meantime God says we are to occupy and advance the kingdom and bring as much of heaven's influence into the earth as we can. There is no sickness in heaven! When you bring heaven's influence into the earth then sickness goes away! When you come into a radiation zone called "Heaven on Earth" then it manifests healing!

The trouble is that most Christians don't know a thing about what I have just said. They don't know how to conduct and don't have the conciousness to conduct or release the anointing. Their unbelief is binding and hindering and putting the breaks on heaven coming in!

Because it is not a matter of getting the heavens open. Jesus did that at the Cross! The problem is closed religious heads.

So as you preach the Word, heads get renewed to how you think and then changes the way to how heaven influences us and if you have got 70% of the people in the room knowing how to conduct heaven in it then you have got a 7/10 power. But most congregations - the best that you can get from most congregations is about 20% in those congregations who know how to conduct heaven into the meeting. The power is therefore operating at a 2/10. You can get the odd deaf ear opened but you aren't going to get cripples jumping out of chairs or mighty works. That is the Nazareth syndrome!

Jesus went to His home town and Mark 5 says that He could there do no mighty works. I love quoting that because it just smacks into people's heads! It can't be Jesus - surely He could do anything!? Well go read Mark 5. It says He COULD there do no mighty works! Apart from a few minor ailments and the next verse says that He marvelled at their unbelief. I love that!

Because I have been in some places where it was so easy to do miracles and I have succeeded better than Jesus did in Nazareth

Do you think that is arrogant? No it's not! Listen to my point! I have been in some places where I got better results than Jesus did at Nazareth! Think about it! I went to a place where70% of the sick were healed in that meeting. But those leaders had 20 years of grace teaching under Terry Virgo. So their hearts weren't under law - the law is not based on faith - they weren't under condemnation ("I am not worthy") and they became conductors. When you know grace you can say "Father I don't care how much I messed up - I am the righteousness of God in Christ and therefore I am a conductor! I have a conciousness of certainity of what I am in Christ!". So Jesus didn't get 70%! I got mighty works and miracles - people came out of wheelchairs! Much more than Jesus got in Nazareth! What is that saying? That Jesus was subject to the same limitations as you and I are!

He couldn't just get miracles wherever He went and it didn't matter how desperate people were! "Look my brother or my sister is going to die if they don't get healed of this cancer". Sorry I can't do here any mighty works. There are not enough heavenly conductors - this crowd is full of bitterness, offended, religious, self-righteous and arrogant! And until you kill all those people you won't get any results! So I told the people in Hong Kong that I am not looking for a big congregation! I am preaching to offend the religious! They won't stay long and it breaks my heart! But it is worth the price because I want a congregation one day that are 100% of the members are all conductors! Then we will get 100% of miracles!

Can you see how easy this thing is? You say "Well Rob what happens if a lot of visitors come who don't know about this?". If we get 100% of conductors then it doesn't matter how many visitors come in with unbelief they will get healed whether they want to or not because there is enough divine radiation within the zone! Even if they want to be depressed and like being depressed then they will get joyfully laughing and can't stay depressed in a divine radiation zone! But if you only have 5% of the people as divine conductors then you have got the Nazareth syndrome there and Jesus Himself could be in the meeting and He can't do mighty works.

So there were dozens of people needing to be healed in this meeting on Friday morning. And I said; "Okay I am going to call all the conductors up". Not the people who WANT to be conductors - although that is a noble thing. "All of you who KNOW and you just hear the word "anointing" and something gets triggered inside them! They just get triggered by words like the anointing, the glory realm, heavens!". You see goosebumps starting and it is not just emotion! It is tangible heavenly voltage - electricity from heaven!

So about 100 people came out from a pretty big crowd - the place was packed and there were people everywhere up the aisles. I released the anointing over them and then I got the international team to come and lay hands. About half of them were flat out on the floor bouncing around and unconcious and I said "Pick them up and carry them back into the crowd and position them all over the crowd". It was unusual stuff! You don't learn this stuff in Bible school but they don't get miracles either!

They got among the crowd and I said "Okay we have got these conductors all over the meeting pulling heaven into the meeting. NOW we are going to pray for the sick". I called Kia Taylor up and I said "We are not going to pray for the sick of course - we are going to SPEAK to the sickness and command it to go". So I said to him; "You go and pray" and I got revelations of blood diseases. We got 40 people INSTANTLY able to verify that change had taken place in their body. Others had to go to the doctors and get it verifed because they won't know until it is checked. 40 people instantly said yes I have been healed!

After that meeting Chris and Merrill took me out to lunch in a beautiful resturant and it was a South African resturant selling SA meat in the Middle East! So we came to try and pay and the waiter said no you can't pay - that table over there have paid for you! And I thought this is definately heaven on earth - blessings that are an embarressment! Do it more Lord! So we walked over to the table and there were a whole bunch of leaders who had come to the conference and said they just wanted to bless us. One lady said "Look at my shoulder! I couldn't lift it up and now it is healed!". And someone else had a crippled ankle! And I just thought; "This is the normal Christian life - how every Christian should walk because faith is conducting heaven's influence into the earth!".

You don't have to have faith to get someone healed. You don't have to have faith to get a blind eye opened. I don't have faith to get a blind eye healed - yet God has used me to heal blind eyes over the years. I don't have faith to heal the blind! But what I have faith for is to release heaven's influence. Heaven has got the faith to heal blind eyes!

If you look at someone's blind eye then your mind will take over and you will say "Logically and medically this can't happen!". So don't worry about having faith! I am telling you the secrets of the trade here! If you look at a cripple don't try and drum up the faith! All you will do is psych your non-supernatural soul up.

Your spirit is supernatural and is the riverbed of the Holy Spirit's power.

You will psych up only that which is natural and earthly and it is pathetic! The natural soul can't touch heaven but your spirit can! Don't be passive either!

It is a conciousness of certainity that doesn't come by clever instructions but comes by being exposed to the message of grace.

Too many pastors teach the message of grace and they sit there and analyse and think "Okay what does this mean?". They haven't heard it properly! "Okay Rob how do we then discipline people who are immoral in the church?". Shut up! There is a place for disciplining predators who are immoral or who are stealing by guilt manipulation or seducing people into bed who are not their husbands or wives. There is a place for discipline. If your first thought when you hear the message of grace is but how do I discipline sin then you are still under such bondage - forget about what you do and just forget about the practical outworkings and let the message renew your soul and let it renew the way you think and you will then instinctively know how to discipline. You will do it redemptively and you will do it protectively and you will do it to keep them secure and you will protect a whole church while you are dealing with a few predators.

So the whole church is safe but you have been slapping people so hard as the pastor and you think you are a moral policeman and you have got to keep the church from sinning! That is not your job! It is the job of the Holy Spirit who can move out on the congregation and even the Holy Spirit can't stop everyone from sinning! Because everyone in the church still sins! If you bring the law back on God's people then that sinning goes out of control and gossip, envy will grow alongside the sexual predators!

So don't worry about it! Just let the message work into you! "How do I pray for someone in a wheelchair?". Don't worry about it!

Did you get Matthew 6? Let's read this. (v9-10); "Your Kingdom come" - Your government, Your rule, Your influence. "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". That is very clear what the will of God is! His will is that as things are in heaven so they should be done on earth! That is why Jesus came to mediate between heaven and earth and bring heaven into the earth. How do you do that? (6:28). You don't worry about what is lacking in the earth because heaven has got resources that supply all your needs. Out of the riches of His glory He meets all your needs - not according to your needs but according to His riches in the glory realm! The heavenly concious people are very earthly good!

"Oh he is so heavenly minded he is of no earthly good". No he was just religious and legalistic bigot. The more heavenly minded you are the more earthly good you are. Those who bring heaven's influence will get creative ideas for new inventions and creative scientific ideas that didn't come from logic but from the creativity of heaven! Heaven knows every answer to earth's problems! What is unbelief? Unbelief is a conciousness that attempts to govern the earth without heaven's influence. So unbelief actively RESISTS the power of God. Because the power of God brings heaven in. Unbelief is partnership with Satan not wanting heavens influence into the world. Why doesn't he want heaven's influence in the earth? Because he was Lucifier, the covering cherub in heaven and iniquity and selfish ambition was found in his heart and he wanted to rule over God.

Selfish ambition is the origin of unbelief - that is where unbelief comes from. It is all about me. Satan found selfish ambition (which James 3 calls "earthly wisdom". There is a wisdom from heaven and a wisdom from earth. James says where there is selfish ambition, there you will find every kind of evil for earthly wisdom is both sensual and devilish). Earthly reasoning outside of heaven's influence is demonic. It is the origin of unbelief.

Satan wanted to exalt himself over the throneof God. God threw Satan out and he came to the earth and tried to get control without authority. God had given Adam subduing, dominion authority over the earth. So he went to Eve and lied to her and then she came to Adam and he submitted. We cannot be hard on Eve - God put woman in that garden for a very important reason. Adam lost anything then she would help him find! If he needed a doctors appointment, who would tell him to go?! Who was he going to blame after he fell!? Woman fell but God chose woman's womb to give birth to last Adam - Jesus. Women are not more guilty than man - they fell together. Satan made Adam and Even religious and when he deceived them to fall he was able to steal the dominion that God gave them over the earth. So 2 Corinthians 4:4 says that Satan is the god of this world. He had temporarily influence over this earth.

How did the Father remedy this problem? He created this earth to be the image of heaven and put man to have dominion over everything that walks on this planet. Man could speak and things would come into order. Man was a son of God - his words had creative power! Adam was given dominion power so that he could speak and heaven's influence would keep and maintain the garden! There was no sickness, no thorns. After the Fall sweating and curse began. Adam was the Governor of the earth out of his connection to God and Satan stole that. Once Satan stole that, now the earth is under Satan.

What does God do? He could have destroyed the planet and started again! But He wasn't taken by surprise - He knew this was going to happen! How did He remedy it? He remedied it by another Adam who did not get kicked out of heaven for selfish ambition. He was already equal to God but didn't hold onto it as something to be grasped but gave it up and was willing to humble himself and become a man! He became a humble servant not kicked out of heaven but giving up equality voluntarily and coming to elevate every man to the status that first Adam had! And to reintroduce the beauty of heaven's influence on earth!

After Jesus was raised from the dead He could say (because He couldn't say it before) "All authority in heaven and on earth is given to Me - now go in My Name and My authority and influence the entire earth with heaven's influence". Christian religion isn't heaven's influence! Did Jesus say all authority has been given as God or a Man? God ALWAYS had all authority! He said it as a man! As a man He reinherited the authority He gave up as God and now He reinherited it as a man on your behalf so Paul can write to Timothy and say "The MAN Christ Jesus!".

Conductors are not mediators! That is the weird psychic mediums! We are not listening to demonic familiar spirits! We are not mediums! There is only one Mediator - the Man Christ Jesus! As conductors of heavens influence we are conducting what our Mediator has mediated for us! All authority in heaven and on earth to disciple nations!

So many Christians settle for nice religion and a cup of tea and lifting a little pinky and being religious! We were called to change the shape of history and influence the world! Influence politics and education! Influence the way people in sick beds lie!

This year we are going to 7/10 in the power! We have been 2/10 but this year we are going to 7/10! And next year we are going to 10/10!

You can feel it! It is in the atmosphere! The power of God won't get bigger because how do you get bigger than infinite!? It will only come when we get a revelation of the height, breadth, length and width of the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge that is revealed by the Spirit and those that grasp that which was completed at the Cross - when we grasp that not that which comes by knowledge but by revelation by the Spirit then you will be filled beyond measure of all the fullness of God and then God is able to able to do exceedingly above beyond what we ask or think according to the power at work in us! What is that power within us? The power of all the fullness of God - 10/10 - that is which gets every cripple healed, cancer healed, deaf ears opened! He needs congregation all over Hong Kong where everyone in that church are heavenly lightning conductors!

That is what God needs and God wants! We will labour with God and people can spit on us but we will labour with God! The unsaved are my friends! The unsaved pagans are my friends and God's friends! The prostitutes, the homosexuals, the pagans, the Muslims - they are my friends and God's friends! The religious people? They will fight this message but those who are desperate just want relief from their pain and relief from their suffering. They don't want church! They don't want religion! They want miracles! They want God and heaven! They want to go to heaven!

70% of Australians don't go to church that includes the whole bunch! Yet if you speak to the average Australian they want to go to heaven! They just don't want to go to church! And I don't blame them! Church is dangerous! They will gossip about you and judge you and criticise you behind your back!

Legalists are always trying to catch grace people in sin. If they catch you sinning then they will say "It's the message!". The devil says to me; "You better walk so holy man - if you fall the legalists will say; "Yes! Got him!". That' not why I want to walk so holy! Because of the legalists! I want to walk holy because I love Him and He loves me! If I make a mistake and they catch me then I will feel safe in His arms! And I don't care if they catch me!

The legalists caught the woman in adultery and yet they left the man! That's bigoted for a start! They got her in front of Jesus and while they were pointing at her, Jesus wrote in the sand with all their sins.

The legalists who try and catch people in sin - they will be caught in sin themselves! It's going to be a hard year for the legalists - 2009! For many will put their rocks down and join the message!

I thank God for a church where there is vulnerabilty and excess! I'd rather have that any day than works of the flesh!

What defines little faith? People who are more concious of earth than of heaven.

"Seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness (that's His gift!) and ALL these things will be added to you". Your first conciousness should be heaven! This has been preached so manipulatively! "Get more committed!". People aren't really committed - they are just afraid to miss meetings! No! Seek the glorious government of God! The demonic wants to govern the earth in the abscence of heaven's influence!

The only way you can seek a heavenly conciousness is in the Person of the Holy Spirit! You walk and live in the Spirit! And the revelation of My righteousness as a gift to you will act as a magnet to draw blessing to you!

You can store up through hard work but it will all come down. Seek first the conciousness of heaven's realm! The evidence of darkness, evil, sickness, cancer, crippledness, mental problems looks so established and powerful in parts of the earth. But it is fakery! It is illegal illegitimate authority! The only reason that in parts of the earth they look like such bastions of strength is because there is not enough heavenly conductors residing there and pulling heaven's influence into that region of the earth.

The heavens are open but God needs portals. Human believers that seek the Kingdom first are portals.

The existance of darkness does not prove that darkness is so powerful! It just shows that there is not enough light from heaven that has come there. When light is turned on then darkness has to flee at the speed of light! Light is so superior that you bring heaven's light through conductors and it HAS to go! There is no contest between cancer and the light! The contest is in the hearts of believers as to whether they will conduct God's power or not. If people are under the law then they will lose the contest because the Law will tell them they are not worthy enough. But when we stand and realise that we are righteous in Christ and He loves me unconditonally then we know - hey I am a conductor! Heaven can come flashing through me!

What is faith? Faith is a recognition of the total goodness of God - that there is no evil in God - that God is not smashing people or destroying the planet. In heaven every creature has undiluted perfect faith in God's goodness! In the earth - unbelief. They think God is doing these evil things. But those who have faith in the goodness of God become conductors and attract the influence of heaven to come and reorientate their region. "Thy Kingdom come!".

What is my mission? Bring heaven to earth. Yere but should I stay married or single?! Well make up your mind, choose a good one and bring heaven to earth! Should I live in Hong Kong or Perth - make up your mind and go and live in that city or this but bring heaven to earth! Rob I don't know if I am a prophet or a pastor! Well make up your mind and bring heaven to earth! I don't know if I should be a man or a woman! Well make up your mind and bring heaven to earth!! Just check your plumbing out and you will know!

We haven't finished the series on being established in righteousness yet - we will pick it up but we are moving into faith bringing heaven to earth right up until Glory and Grace so that by the time our international delegates come to Glory and Grace there is a congregation here who is conducting heaven's influence into Hong Kong!"

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