Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Established in the Gift of Righteousness - Part 4

I realise that Parts 2 and 3 are missing from this series but there is an explanation. My normal transcribing "process" is to listen to the sermon and write it out word for word from my IPOD into one of my numerous notebooks. Then I type up the written transcript onto the blog. However God has been awesomely gracious (fruits of believing in this great gift of righteousness!??!) and I brought a new laptop yesterday which I could take to work. So rather than writing, I typed straight from the IPOD onto the screen and as a result found to my delight that I can transcribe a whole sermon in one night. Which means that my blogging output of sermons should improve and I stand a chance of catching Rob Rufus up!

So I do promise that Parts 2 and 3 are on their way - they are just waiting to be typed up.

For now - here is Part 4.

How to Fly Your Life by the Instruments of Grace

How many of you know that the most precious commodity that you have got is time? Once it has gone - then it has gone. You can lose money and get it back. If you are a millionaire on the inside and have a million and lose it then you will get a million back. If you are not a millionaire on the inside - by your attitude and confident expectation - then you can inherit a million from your parents but in a short space of time you will lose it and never get it back unless you are a millionaire on the inside. Once time is gone then it is gone. Time for me is the most precious commodity you have got on the planet and we need to spend it and steward time very wisely. Another year has gone and we are on the threshold of a new Chinese year and look back and there is nothing that we can do about our past if we have wasted it or made less than wise decisions. If we have done things that ended up in disaster or debt or struggle or disappointment then there is nothing you can do about the past.

The way you deal with your past is to look into your future with great hope and great expectation that God can turn the things from the past into good for your future.

So we want to use this time we have got now in this meeting very effectively. We want to use it with excellence. I give you this guarantee - I will speak to you with all the grace and all the anointing of the Spirit of God that I can produce by faith. I am not here to speak casually to you or to waste your time. I am here to invest into you the excellence of the treasures of heaven that will give you advantages in life to succeed and overcome in every area of life. But that is all I can guarantee you. I can’t guarantee that you will listen with the same excellence that I speak to you with! That is up to you! I guarantee that I will not speak to you with unbelief or with the poison of a sceptical mind or a cynical attitude or the attitudes of negativity. I will speak to you from being in the Presence of God from 04:00 this morning. I will speak to you from the Presence of the Throne Room of grace. I will speak to you by faith and with the love of God. I will speak to you with a vision of great success and blessing for your life. If you will listen with the same excellence then we will connect and kiss in the Spirit and there will be an explosion of the glory and liberation in this place today!

The grace of God simply means two things;

1. It means God though the New Covenant and through Christ accepts you and loves you and wants to bless you and wants to deal towards you with such kindness and such favour - not because of what you deserve and not because of what you merit but because of what Jesus deserved and merited for you. Grace means God’s riches to you at Christ’s expense. It means God will never stop loving you. He is always for you and He will never judge you or criticise you or disapprove of you. God is for you all the time!

2. Grace also means God’s empowering Presence in your life so that He can empower you by grace to do things you never thought you could do. With grace you can love people you never thought you could love. You can have attitudes that you never thought you could have and you can do signs and wonders - you can lay your hands on the sick and they can be healed and you can do things by grace that you never thought you could do. In grace!

Today’s message is called; “How to Fly your Life by the Instruments of Grace”. The pilots here will understand exactly what I am saying - how to fly your life not by your feelings but by instruments of grace. And to look at your life through the lenses of grace. Jesus said in Luke 8:18; “Be careful HOW you hear”. He did not say; “Be careful WHAT you hear”. We regularly question what we hear but we seldom question how we hear. We regularly question what we see but seldom question how we see. If I have got scratches on my glasses then everywhere I look I will see scratches until I question how I am seeing. I can then take the glasses off and remove the scratches. If I have got scratches over my heart then I will see scratches everywhere I look and if I don’t question how I am seeing then I will condemn myself to sabotage my success by the scratches I continue to see because I am not obeying what Jesus said.

He said; “Be careful HOW you see“. The legalistic church is in the bondage of “WHAT”. Don’t look and don’t touch! They are not saying what Jesus said - He said; “How”. You can pride yourself on wearing New Covenant glasses but if you have got Old Covenant scratches on your New Covenant lenses then you will see Old Covenant legalistic law of Moses - condemnation - judgement - wrath - discouragement - isolation - I will never make it. If you have got scratches on your New Covenant lenses then that will cause you to see God in an erroneous way. It will cause you to see God through the lenses of the law and God is not relating to you through law anymore but always through grace. If you have got scratches then you will look at circumstances happening in your life and you will see them in a way that is not accurate and not helpful to you.

If you are a New Covenant believer and you believe you are in the New Covenant but you still believe that if you sin then you think God will be angry with me because I never confessed my sin and you think God wants to punish me - because you are looking at it through the wrong lenses.

When you are late for an appointment and you drive and get a flat tyre half way there you will think that it is God who arranged your flat tyre. If you are looking through the wrong scratches on your lenses and you get sick, you will think it is God who is giving you that sickness because you didn’t confess your sin when you did something wrong. If your business goes into bankruptcy you will believe it is God punishing you or your marriage gets into difficulty then you think it is God! But when you look at it through the right lenses and are careful HOW you see and HOW you hear then you will look at life through different lenses - scratch-free lenses!

There is another condition that (and we have six pilots in our church who could explain this better) I understand at ground school in your first week in pilot training, they will train you when you fly into storm clouds you NEVER trust your feelings - you trust your instruments. If you trust your feelings in that storm you will feel like you are flying upside down.

I have got a case as to how we should fly our lives into the storms of life by the instruments of grace and not by feeling. Your feelings - if you are flying by feelings - could make you flip your life over when God has got you right side up in the cloud. The grace of God has got you right side up but because of your failures, your sins, your mistakes, your disappointments, the breakup of relationship, financial pressures - grace says “You are okay - I have got you coming through the storm”. Your instruments of grace are telling you that it is okay - God still loves you and is with you and will never give up on you but your feelings and the religious world is telling you and most of the church is telling you and the devil is telling you that you are wrong. He doesn’t have to flip your life upside down - you do that all by yourself and you crash and burn. The casualties are strewn across the wayside of the world and millions of Christians are not walking with joy and glory and peace in God. They are bitter and cynical and have crashed and burned not because they are bad people but because their leaders taught them so.

The leaders may have known the message of grace but out of fear of being criticised about preaching grace - they pull back and preach a bit of law and a bit of grace and mix them together. You can see now why we have to be established in grace and God’s free gift of righteousness because it has nothing to do with religion or being a good church-goer. It is about being successful in your marriage, your kids, your life, your health, your career, and in advancing the kingdom of God in the earth - it has nothing to do with churchianity! It is about enjoying life and inheriting blessing.

How many of you want to hear about the instruments of grace that you should fly your life by? Imagine saying to a pilot; “Don’t be radical - this thing about flying ONLY by your feelings - that is a bit extreme! Balance it with a few feelings as well”. That will be a life lived like a rollercoaster! Lets fly with instruments of grace but lets also fly with feelings!?! That is schizophrenia and the church is full of schizophrenics that go from Old Covenant law to New Covenant grace. James 1 says; “The double minded man will receive nothing from God”. To try and mix Old Covenant law of Moses and the New Covenant grace of Jesus is INSANE! I have spent 3 years teaching you the difference!

Let me say this because it help you some that are still wondering what is so bad about the law of Moses? Let me give you one today. Under the law of Moses you showed your zeal for God by killing sinners and I can show you many examples of that and God would say; “Well done that is great”. Under Old Covenant law you showed your zeal for God by hating people that sinned and wanting to kill them and stone them and spear them. Extreme Islamic jihadists are simply being consistent with Old Covenant law. They will kill everyone who doesn’t want to surrender to Allah because they are sinners and must be killed! It is in the Koran! They are flying their lives by the instruments of the Old Covenant law. Jesus said; “It has been said to you”. Where was it said? Under the Old Covenant. “It has been said to you hate your enemies - but I say to you love your enemies and do good so you will shine like your Father in heaven”. It is a New Covenant! It is not the Old Covenant! The disciples thought that they were under the Old Covenant so when they came to Samaria and the people didn’t come out and worship Jesus - Peter and John said “Should we call down fire from heaven to destroy Samaria?”.

Jesus said; “No you don’t understand - you are of the wrong spirit”.

When you want to prophesy judgement on people and see God judge and kill people, when you want to see God burn Hong Kong because of the prostitutes or the homosexuals - when you want to see judgement and hate people who are sinning then I promise you that you are of another spirit and He is not the Holy Spirit.

Anyone operating under an Old Covenant - when the Old Covenant is redundant (Hebrews says it is obsolete - it has gone - it is nullified - it doesn’t exist) then you are not operating by the Holy Spirit but a demonic spirit that is flying your life. When we judge others we put ourselves back under the law. When you fly your life by the law, you are going to crash and burn because law is all about how you feel and how you are doing.

The law will condemn you all the time - no matter how much good you are doing - the law will say it is never good enough because it is NEVER good enough! The law demands absolute perfection off you. Jesus gave you perfection - the free gift of righteousness - He measured up for you and He redeemed you from the curse of the law.

(John 1:16-17) We see that the law was given through Moses but grace came through Jesus and from the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after another blessing! Under that Old Covenant law if a leper touched you then you were unclean. Under the New Covenant if you touch a leper then they are healed. The Old Covenant was a message of judgement. Under law there had to be judgement. The New Covenant message is that the judgement has passed! Because judgement happened at the Cross and judgement is satisfied and fulfilled.

John 3 says that Jesus didn’t come into the world to judge the world but He came into the world to BE judged FOR the world. These people saying that God is pouring out judgements around the world haven’t read their New Testaments. The New Testament - 2 Corinthians 5:19 - says God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself NOT COUNTING MENS SINS AGAINST THEM. The Bible does not speak about days and days of judgements on the earth - it speaks a lot about the last day and every time it talks about the last days it is talking about the great outpouring and power of the Holy Spirit! The great ingathering of harvest!

Whenever the Bible talks about judgement it talks about a day - singular - of judgement. The Day of Judgement comes at the end of this age. God is not judging the planet or causing earthquakes. He is not destroying people or bringing diseases. He doesn’t want half of California to drop off into the sea although half the church would want that because they are of the wrong spirit. One day I will teach you about the book of Revelation and how to interpret that correctly. You cannot live in schizophrenia! It has to be decided - is God predisposed to judge sinners because if He asks you to love them but He wants to kill them but God is confused! God is asking you to be holier than He is! You cannot live in this - God is judging sinners and hating sinners but God loves the world! God is not wanting to judge one city on this planet - God doesn’t want to judge the Muslim world and He didn’t send earthquakes to Indonesia. This whole planet is groaning and creaking through the fall of man in the Garden of Eden where God brought frustration on the very DNA of the planet.

God is not judging individual people and whole nations. He is here to see billions come into the kingdom of heaven. There is a day at the very end of the age that those who have rejected Jesus or neglected Jesus or didn’t show any interest in receiving Jesus - there is an eternal hell - a Christ-less eternity. But God is doing everything in His will to save every person on the planet from that one single day of judgement that is coming.

For the Christian 1 Corinthians 3 says we do not face a Day of Judgement but a day of prize-giving and we will be praised by God because we have already been judged in the Person of Jesus Christ. We died with Christ on death, burial and resurrection and we are ascended with Him and we are co-seated with Him in heavenly realms!

We have been justified, sanctified and glorified already - past tense - according to Romans 8:31. There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus! No separation from the love of God to those in Christ Jesus! You have got to fly your life by the instruments of grace!

That flat tyre wasn’t God punishing you because you didn’t confess your sin! Your sin was dealt with past, present and future before you were EVER born! It was ALL dealt with at the Cross! Colossians 2 says having forgiven (past tense) all your sin - He took away the rules and regulations that were opposed to you, He disarmed them and gave you His gift of righteousness as a permanent standing before God.

Do you want me to show you what your instrument panel is? It is just one verse. Romans 5:20. Here is the instrument panel that shows the difference between law and grace. “The law was added so that the trespass (that’s sinning) might increase but where sin increased - GRACE INCREASED ALL THE MORE”. Put that on your instrument panel and fly your life into storms! When sin increased then grace increased all the more!

When your sin and Gods grace met in the boxing ring - grace wins every time easily! That word for “increase”- the word associated with the increase of sin is a different word in Greek from the word for “increased” grace. The word “sin increased” simply means that sin increased. But “grace increased” is the word “hupo” in the Greek and it means “superabundantly”.

Kenneth Wuest is one of the leading Greek scholars and he said that Romans 5:20 literally says; “Where sin increased, grace already existed in super abundance and even more grace over and above and upon that abundance of grace!”.

How many Christians enjoy the integrity of the inheritance that Jesus gave them legitimately on His death on the Cross? People ask me why I am extravagant? I was born again at the age of 23 and I conceived in my spirit the DNA of an extremist God. He is extremely good and extremely gracious and extremely joyful and in an extremely good mood all the time!

He really likes me and He really enjoys being with me! “How can He like me - I am a sinner!”. That issue has gone! The sin issue was dealt with at the Cross! The more you focus on trying not to sin, but I have found out the harder I try, the more I do. Because when law comes - then sin increases! Get the law off the church - get guilt and condemnation off the church! Come into the New Covenant! Lets translate that to all the redemptive richness of the finished work of the Cross.

“Where sickness and disease increased - health and healing already exist in superabundance and even much more health and healing for you over and above and upon superabundance of healing and health!”. When SARS hit Hong Kong a few years ago those who knew this verse in signs and wonders know that whenever the devil does something, then it means that God has already from heaven released a new and higher move of healing. Whenever I see economic downturns I know in the heavenly and spirit realm for those with ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and are careful HOW they hear and HOW they see - there is access for them into the abundance of heaven. I am not a citizen of earth - I am a citizen of heaven the Bible says!

I am passing through this world creaking and groaning because of man’s rebellion against the goodness of God. “Where financial debt, difficulty and pressure increases then Gods prosperity for you already exists in superabundance of prosperity for you and even much more and over and above and upon does that prosperity exist for you above even super prosperity!”.

Remember I taught last week what faith is - very important what faith is! If you missed last week, you have got to get what is faith because faith is the currency that connects you to heavenly materiality’s. lets put it this way - because we all live in a real world. Where people rejecting you - where people misunderstanding you - where people side-lining you - where people taking you out of the loop because of some bitter political agenda, some conspiracy of unkindness, some demonic strategy - a plot, a scheme and a ploy to make you feel like you want to flip your plane upside down and crash and burn.

When rejection from man increases against you - glorious, tender, kindness of acceptance already exists in superabundance from the Father and from many gracious people and even upon that great acceptance and inclusion and love and understanding, over and above and upon that acceptance of superabundance does the Father! Everyone will not like you - I am sorry, but there is also going to be a lot of people that do like you! Don’t worry about those that don’t like you -stop running after them! Your value and your esteem does not depend on a few shrivelled up and distorted people that live in fear and duplicity and double-faced chameleons that change their colour to suit the crowd they are in! I like consistent people - what you see is what you get!

The reason why these last years the devil’s strategy has been for Christians - has been to so overwhelm us with the extent of looking at, scrutinising and investigating our sins. Listen - to the day you die, you will always have some sin going on in your life. When you inherit your immortal body - when you go to the realms of glory, you will never sin again! But in the meantime God has adequately with all sufficiency of all abundance dealt with the sinning issue! The more you live in grace - the less you sin! But if you do sin, then grace already exists in superabundance and much moreover and above and upon that does grace exist!

The devil wants you to think sickness and disease and plagues - I cant stand these eschatology teachers that are fear-mongers. They are making Christians so afraid that the world is going to be so evil. The Anti-Christ is going to take over! The mark of the Beast is going to be on your forehead - oh please! Stop it now! Read the book of Revelation properly - the Anti-Christ and the Beast don’t take over - Jesus takes over! The Kingdom takes over! Have a look at Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and the statue with the little stone cut without human hands. That smashed all these five kingdoms! That little stone cut without human hands is the virgin-born not conceived by the sperm of man - and He grows and the Kingdom of heaven will take the world! I am not saying that everyone will be a Christian when Jesus comes again - I am just saying that Anti-Christ and the mark of the Beast and the European Alliance will not have taken over the world! They will try to and not succeed for the book of Revelation says - and you need to read it to reveal Jesus to you and the blessing of Who He is!

There is only one day of judgement. It is not months and years of God judging and wrath. When that day comes it says people won’t repent, they will just even be more angry. God doesn’t pour out wrath and judgement to make people become Christians! That is a lot of nonsense. Romans 2 says the goodness of God leads people to repentance. Repentance is not “oh sorry sorry sorry! I will never sin again - I am so disgusting and so horrible!”. no repentance means just to change the way that you think. We are not under law - we are under the grace of the New Covenant that where sin abounds. How many Christians have committed suicide - they have flipped their plane because they did not go by instruments of Romans 5:20 but they went by the instruments of their religious feelings. And their church helped them to feel condemned! It is criminal! We should have some people put in courts of law for what they have done to people! Now many don’t commit actual suicide but they commit emotional suicide or relational suicide. They commit going to a good church suicide and don’t go to church anymore because they have been burnt! They crashed and burnt their own life! They withdraw from God, withdraw from the Kingdom, withdraw from His purposes and eat food, take up space, pass it through their body and die.

We have got destiny - we are here to leave footprints in the sand of history. We are here to change history - there are history books waiting to be written! History is waiting in the balance to people who will not fly their lives by their feelings but by the instruments of grace! People are not so concerned with what they here and what they see but how they here and how they see and get those old covenant scratches off your new covenant lenses and be established in the gift of righteousness once and for all!

Let me try to close with a few bible back ups on this. David was a man after the heart of God. The Bible says that in the last days God will restore the fallen tent of David. That has got nothing to do with how you govern the church but to do with law and grace! Under that Old Covenant they were under law but James says that in the New Covenant anyone that comes to Christ are not under the law - they are in grace and he used Davids tent of Zion as an example. David was living under the law and under those judgements before the Cross. But David was a prophet in many places in that Old Covenant and he saw down the corridors of time and in prophetic insight he saw the New Covenant coming and his faith pulled dynamics of the New Covenant into his time/space world. God does not live in time otherwise He would be limited by time. God lives outside of time and He breaks into time and faith affects the actions of God into the earth. Whether God does something now or something later, faith often is the administrator.

When Mary came to Jesus and said turn the water into wine, He said “My time has not yet come”. But Mary gave Him that look that only mothers can! And Jesus looked up to heaven and said “Father I know You are not doing the wine thing now - its not our time - Mary after all changed My nappy!”. She would have because He pooed like anyone else! The Father said; “I will do it”. Mary’s faith pulled something for the future into the now.

God wants revival in Hong Kong NOW - He wants signs and wonders NOW - He wants the blind eyes and deaf ears and the cripples and those with AIDS to be healed NOW in Hong Kong! The Church is saying no - in the Millennium He will do it. We have no right to put off to the future what God says is NOW! All God is looking for is one congregation. He doesn’t need a thousand - He just needs one that understands this New Covenant and fly their lives by the instruments of grace.

David saw into the New Covenant and pulled it into the now and put up a tent that had instant access to the Presence of God without the law. Moses Tabernacle was still down there and they were doing blood of bulls and of goats - but David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Zion - He didn’t bring it back to Moses tent. Yet this great man of God - this king who God said is a man after My own heart. God looks at your heart. Politicians look at your exterior whereas God looks at your heart and He sees what you are after. David loved God and he knew God’s love because he was a man who understood grace. He lived a gloriously holy life and gave everything he had. But one night David went up onto the rooftop to just have a look. He didn’t go up there to perv or to spy - just to get some clean air. And while he was there he saw a U.F.O. an undressed female opportunity. And he did a stupid thing that he later deeply regretted. Let me repeat that - he regretted. I have heard people preach against sin and yet it doesn’t help! It doesn’t stop the sinning - it just makes the sinning go underground!

He committed adultery and she conceived a child that later died. He had her husband Uriah killed in battle - so adultery and murder. The lady that was undressed and having a bath was Bathsheba. If you look in the geneology of Jesus - the ancestral lineage of Jesus the Messiah - those people in His lineage you will see that Bathsheba is there. God is not ashamed to use Bathsheba. The very womb that was used in an adulterous relationship was the same womb that conceived Solomom and the line that produced Jesus the Messiah! You will see four women in Jesus ancestral lineage. We want to see that everyone in our lineage is highly educated, good, got a great life and those that were really bad - we cut them off from the family tree! Parents disown their child if their child has done something wrong. But in Jesus lineage He says - put them all in!

In Jesus lineage in Luke and Matthew you will see four women. One woman seduced her father-in-law in Jesus lineage! You have got Rahab - she was a prostitute in Jesus lineage! You have got Ruth - a Moabite woman and you have got Bathsheba. I think that where sin increased, grace did in superabundance.

In religious life and much of Church life when people’s moral wings break - we want to shoot them and kick them out. Even in the military in South Africa when we were in action, in contact with enemy - you NEVER left your wounded behind! It was a thing we were drilled - you carry your wounded out! You never shoot your wounded and you certainly don’t leave them for the enemy to shoot! As swearing soldiers surely we should not be superior to the Church! But in the Church if you get caught in some act of adultery or immorality or even homosexuality or whatever - my God! Run for the sinners and the atheists because they will give you more love than the Church!

Find those who don’t believe in God at all - they will love you more! In the religious world - if you break your wings then they will hate you. They will dress it up as “I am disciplining you - this is for your good”. Yes but they will have you under a cloud of disapproval and watchfulness and now you are under their control. When you are ready to be released they will still remind you; “We are watching you!”. In the grace of God and in the Kingdom of God when your wings break and God’s grace comes in superabundance much more above your sin - when He fixes your wings again, you will be able to fly higher than you could before your wings broke.

In Romans 8 - not Romans 6:1. People misquote Romans 6:1 where Paul says; “Shall we sin more that grace may abound? God forbid“. he was not talking about sinning - it is a noun there and a whole other argument! In Romans 3 - Paul does refer to what people think he is saying in Romans 6:1. In Romans 3 he says that some people are saying he was teaching should we do more evil that more good should come? And he says what a scandal! That is not what we are teaching! What Paul is teaching that this gospel is so good. This champion of grace - Paul the apostle - is that this grace is so super-abounding that it gives everyone hope all the time! That no one has to ever doubt that their sinning can EVER supersede the grace of God! There’s no second, third, fourth chances - no He gives you infinite chances! It was all dealt with at the Cross! Where sin increases, grace already exists in superabundance and much more grace over and above and upon that - that is the end of all arguments! So that when you are flying through moral storms and mistakes and sickness and disease and failure, you don’t flip your plane because you are going by your feelings. Fly by the instruments of revelation and grace!
Let me say this and we are finished. You need to have an encounter with the love of God - you need to experience His love personally. That is the bottom line. No one can persuade you into it. You have got to experience that.

When Jesus took five loaves and two fish and He had five thousand to feed from five loaves - He took the loaves and blessed them. Why was He blessing them? Because He could see where hunger has increased in this crowd, provision has already existed for superabundance. He broke five loaves and through the disciples fed five thousand. We think that’s the only time He did it - but did you know that He did another of those miracles? The other time there was only four thousand there! One thousand less! Four loaves? Five did for five thousand? No - He took seven loaves to feed a thousand less!

Because in the economy of God the more difficulties you are facing, the worse the situation you are dealing with, the easier it is for God to come up with a miracle!

It was easier for God to destroy the enemies of Israel - a hundred, thousand Mideanites by reducing the army of Israel down to three hundred from thirty thousand. He said to the thirty thousand - go home, you are afraid, have a holiday, put your feet up - I just need three hundred. Because God would get more glory with three hundred than with thirty thousand. We are living with an arithmetic that does not calculate by grace but calculates by the strategies of humanistic logic. That is the problem with the Church - it lives out of it’s mental, academic, religious faculties and not from the heart.

Everything to do with the supernatural comes from the spirit of man, the heart of man and NOT from the head of man. Head is for thinking and heart is for drinking and revelation!

People say why don’t I see more miracles in my life and more signs and wonders and greater breakthroughs of the power of God in my life? Very easy! When Jesus came to this earth and He walked on this planet and He walked amongst people - would He say “Go on the Mediterranean diet, that’s a good healthy diet?”. Stop being so stupid! Jesus healed thousands of people and they were ALL on the Mediterranean diet! You may as well eat red meat and enjoy it! They were there and eating fish and vegetables and olive oil and they were very sick! These Christians come up with these ideas as to how you should live and it’s all based on laws and principles. If you want to stay healthy because you exercise you are relying on works to stay healthy. Not faith! Some people are going praise God! You have got people exercising every day and they die young because they are focussing on what they can do and not what Jesus did at the Cross. They are man-centered and they are religious and go to church! Now do you exercise Rob? Yes regularly because I enjoy it. I do it as an outlet and get some endorphins flowing and love the walk after a good hard run up the hills, love talking to God. I love being with my Father after exercise out in the bush with no cars or noise. That’s why I love exercise.

Should you eat wisely? Yes of course. But if your faith is in that then your faith is working for health and not receiving from the eternal realm what happened at the Cross. There is so much works programme in the Church! When Jesus walked this earth in Jerusalem these places were full of sick and oppressed people and paralysed and broken and in financial debt and suicidal and depressed - and He did great signs and wonders and miracles amongst them! Can you imagine if Jesus came to Israel and while He was walking through the streets of Jerusalem, through villages and towns, every person covered up and pretended that they weren’t sick and they weren’t struggling with sin and were all okay to everyone all the time and to Jesus and came to church and sat in church like this. During the worship they were formal and religious. “Yes I am doing fine!”. If they all did that then Jesus would have been utterly useless. Utterly useless! The Pharisees and experts of the law asked Him why He sat with the sinners and the prostitutes and the tax collectors and He said; “Only sick people need a doctor - I have not come for the self-righteous but for the sinners”.

If you don’t see the power of God flowing in your life - miracles and breakthroughs - then you are flying your life by your feelings not by the instruments of grace. You are being religious and trying to pretend you are holy. You are trying to pretend you have got it altogether. For you Jesus can’t do a thing but for you who don’t what others think of you and you are not self-conscious and not all about you but all about how good He is …

See the Presence of God is coming on me right now. He likes what I am saying.

You humble yourself and stay open to God and say “I don’t care if people see me jumping around and waving my arms around - I am not showing off how holy I am or pretending how spiritual I am but showing how good God is. My side is winning and Jesus is my champion and He won the victory at the Cross!”. As religious people sit in church while people fall under the power and get drunk with the joy of God and the power of God comes into the room, they frown and say “This is weird” - I want to say, “No you are weird because you are just like a Pharisee that would have sat there while Jesus brought forgiveness and love and miracles and you are rejecting that saying you are okay and a self-made man or woman. Then you will never see miracles or signs and wonders but eat food, pass it through your body, make money that passes through your pockets and you will not have access into the glory of God!”. But those who like Paul the apostle say; “When I am weak then His power is made strong in me!”.

People think Samson was a strong man and took those big gates and ran with gates weighing tons. Imagine you are the Philistines behind gates of hell that cant prevail and a man runs up and pulls them off their hinges and smashes them up! Another time he killed a thousand Philistines with a jawbone of his mother in law. I mean of a donkey. And people say well Samson must have looked like ten Arnold Schwarzenegger put together. He must have been a brute of a man! No he wasn’t - he was pathetic and weak. How do I know that? Because Delilah didn’t know the secret of his strength and she was a spy trying to work out how is this man so strong! Everyone would have known if he was big! It was because of his covenant with God - and the Bible said that the Spirit of God would come upon him with power! Then after the Spirit was off him he would be weak again! Then when he needed it the Spirit would come. I felt the Spirit come on me last year in front of wheelchair cases and I am standing there weak and know I cant do it but then I feel like fire - heavenly voltage - comes! And they come out the wheelchair! And you are as shocked as everyone else is because it works! It is too late to tell me that God doesn’t do miracles - I have stood in front of wheelchairs just months ago! I have seen them! Samson was weak but the Spirit came on him in power. One day he was walking by and a lion came out and roared at him. And the Spirit of God came on him and he went to the lion and ripped him apart!

When the power of God comes on you - you just start having fun! How many of you know what happened last Thursday night? When the power of God comes down, joy and liberty comes and you don’t care what people think - you are so full of love for God and you know that grace is super abounding and you are safe! Safe from the storm! You are watching your instruments and then my feelings start feeling good!

The Bible says that Samson came walking by a little later and he saw that the carcass of the lion had a swarm of bees had made their hive inside its dead carcass. And Samson wrote a riddle that said; “Out of the devourer came something sweet”. In 1st Peter 5 it says “Be vigilant, be watchful, and live a well balanced life of joy because your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he MAY …”. May I devour you? No! You may not! Christians who are not careful how they hear and how they see and what the instruments are saying say - yes you may. Thank you very much - I will take your marriage and your health. Yes take more - I am so bad, I’ve failed God, take it all, I don’t deserve any blessings. That is someone who has flipped their life upside down! He goes around like a roaring lion seeking who he “may” devour. Who he may! He may not devour me! I have been going for 32 years and I haven’t backslidden! I am not a casualty on the side. And it is not because I am so strong - I am a coward going somewhere to manifest! I am not brave! I am not holy! If it wasn’t for the grace of God I would have murdered by now and robbed banks! I am red-blooded and I feel tempted and it is the grace of God! That is all!

For 30 years I haven’t backslidden because I was born again into a church that had quite a good insight into grace and I heard Terry Virgo teach on grace in 1984 and my life became a quest to understand grace. I look at people who have backslidden and hate the church and are bitter and have given up on Christianity. I don’t judge them and know exactly why they are in that state - because they flew their lives by their feelings and not the instruments of grace. They need to get off the self pity trip because they didn’t need to suck everything that preacher said.

You don’t have to believe a thing I say until you have checked what I am saying from the Bible in context and challenge me if I am preaching out of context and I mean that! Challenge me!

You have to take responsibility for those listening by the website if some pastor deceived you with legalism.

Something sweet came out of the devourer. Where the devils attacks increase, the victory already exists in superabundance and out of the devourer will come something sweet. Out of every negative experience you have gone through God can bring something sweet! Isn’t God good? Think about this! This jumps up in my heart! You that don’t like trials and tests - you wouldn’t know a great king like David existed if it wasn’t for Goliath. David was a no body. He didn’t grow up in the palace of King Saul - he wasn’t groomed or recognised by his dad. He was hated by his brothers! If anyone had a right to have a hangover and a woe-is-me-my-dad and my brothers-my brothers accused me! When Samuel came to choose a king I wasn’t even included among the choice! I was just out there - an uneducated boy looking after sheep. But David had a heart for God because he found out that God is good.

All political and double-faced people trying to climb the hierarchial ladder and look good wont worship God extravagantly because they are bound by the law. They are! Look at anyone who can’t worship God extravagantly and you can know a stronghold of law is there.

Jesus is sitting in a Pharisees house and He was eating. And a woman came in who was in serious sin and Jesus forgave her and wept over His feet and dried His feet with her hair. Don’t you think that is extravagant? Don’t you think that is like dancing? Simon didn’t have the guts to say out loud but in his heart, he said; “If this man were a true prophet He would know this woman is a sinner - why would He let a sinner touch His feet?”. Jesus knew His thoughts supernaturally and said; “Simon if a man is forgiven 50 denarii debt and another 50, 000 denarius debt - who would be most grateful”. Simon said the one with 50, 000. Jesus said; “He who is forgiven much - worships much. I came into your house and you didn’t even give me a bowl of water to wash My feet!”. The Pharisees think that they are holy. They pretend they are holy but their lives are full of secret sin. Those that live in grace know they are not perfect and know they have got sin. They know that they have got problems. But they are honest about it and tell people they can trust about it. They don’t cover it!

If you don’t think you have been forgiven much because you think you are holy enough then you wont worship God extravagantly - it is a sin. Here is David rejected and hated. He was a nobody and when Goliath appeared, the people saw Goliath. They were terrified. But where a giant increased, the increase of grace and the authority to destroy giants was in a simple unknown boy called David. And David came in with a giant killing anointing on his life. When he killed Goliath, he didn’t just kill him but he took Goliath’s own weapon and cut his head off and ran through Israel with a bloodied giants head shouting the triumph and greatness of our God. God said that is the champion I want governing my people! A passionate man - a man after my own heart but later committed adultery. And God cleansed him, forgave him and David went onto greater greatness because his broken wings were fixed and he flew Israel higher in the grace of God and expanded the territory of Israel in his generation!

How are you going to live? You have got one life and it is dangerous to play it safe. Israel kept on the wrong side of Goliath. They were all panicking and wanted to give David their armour! He didn’t want it - if it doesn’t work for you then don’t give it to me. The church and the religious world and denominational world - don’t give me the stuff that isn’t working, I don’t want to be under your fences. Don’t give me your armour! I will take what works for me - the anointing. The anointing of the Spirit of God! I don’t care who rejects me or misunderstands me or runs away from me because where rejection increases, then the acceptance of God’s love and many others around the world and in Hong Kong is constantly increasing!

Oh Father I want to live this life by the instruments of grace and don’t want to waste one more moment in folly or conceited vanity or self-righteousness. I don’t want to boast anymore or trust in luck. it’s the grace and goodness of God! Father we open our hearts to you right now and we pray that the abundance of the finished work of the Cross will manifest in our hearts and minds right now. And that from this day we will fly our lives only by the instruments of grace and when we have those feelings of condemnation and feel upside down then we will declare that we are not upside down. Circumstances may be going crazy and moving and feel upside down but I am not upside down and God is bringing me through this.

A champion has arrived! One who is greater than David came to the Cross and triumphed on my behalf and delivered me from all judgement and all sin and all consequences of sin - I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and I am going on to greatness in my God - I am going to make a difference in human history! I am not just living for me or for my little world. But I am here to touch the world around me by the power of Gods grace. I am for signs and wonders and miracles to see the blessing and power of Abraham overtake me. To be full of the supernatural! Father when I am weak and failing and struggling, I will be weak and vulnerable and be transparent and then Your power will increase even more in my life!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brother

Yes, we can never be or say we are self righteous and if we sayso, we are greatly deceived and to put it plain, we are fooled. It's His grace and grace alone. We shud first know our worthless nature to enjoy His grace......Praise God! God bless u .....

Rose Allen