Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Administration Of Healing Authority

"The Administration Of Healing Authority" was preached by Rob at City Church International on 15th June 2008.

"This is the issue; life from God drives out death and disease from the human body. It is not because I have got great faith. It's because of who Jesus is and it is about us realising who we are in Jesus".

It is so easy in those kinds of atmospheres when you see people healed in church, it starts transitioning out into the marketplace, into the hairdressers - because this thing, you cannot keep contained in the church building - it will go out!

Jesus never authorised one person to preach and teach without giving them authority and power to cast out demons and to heal the sick. Preachers who don't get up today and don't cast out demons and don't heal the sick are not moving in authentic ministry. The commissioning of Jesus is to never give someone a preaching/teaching gift without giving them power and authority to cast out devils and heal the sick.

We get away with so much nonsense in the Western world - we preach the Bible, close the service and go. We need to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom if we are preachers. If preacher/teachers won't demonstrate the power then don't get in your pulpit because Jesus never commissioned anyone to preach and teach without empowering them to cast out demons and heal the sick. I want to talk about "administration". Last week I have kept getting this word drop into my head. "Administration". "Administration" refers to government and how it operates. "Administration" also refers to the right to use authority and the right way to use authority so it blesses and benefits other people. It doesn't crush them - it benefits them.

Let's look in Ephesians 3:2. I would love to read the whole book of Ephesians - it is so sublime. Ephesians 3:2 says; "Surely you have heard about the administration of God's grace that was given to me for you". Here we see a beautiful partnership between human beings and Almighty God. Paul had been given an administration of grace for the blessing and benefit of the church in Ephesians. Every single one of you in this room - God has given you an administration of grace for the blessing and benefit of other people. What is evil? For me philosophically that is quite easy to answer. Evil is illegitimate administration - illegitimate authority - anything that does not administrate with grace is demonic. Anything that does not administrate with grace will crush society and will crush God's people. God gave to Adam and Eve an administration of legitimate authority and this is where much of the church seems to go into the problem of passivity.

The prophets and apostles primarily face this challenge wherever they go because there is so much passivity in the Church because of wrong theology of administration. The Church mistakenly thinks that God must come and administrate the world and sort the world's problems out. They have missed the whole revelation of the Word of God - God will not administrate the world because He has put into the hands of His people to bring and utilise the administration of grace - their right to use authority and the right use of that authority to benefit others.

So God said; "I am giving you dominion - Adam and Eve - subduing power over the whole earth and an administration that is legitimate and comes from heaven". When God threw the devil down to earth, there was no challenge to Adam and Eve's authority. He had no power. Adam and Eve could have dealt with him so easily. They had been given an administration over the whole planet - what happened is that the devil deceived them with cunning craftiness - he shouldn't have been able to - they should have seen through it. They had the authority to deal with it. The devil was absolutely powerless but he used deception and sadly Eve brought it and Adam brought into the deception. Satan stole the administration that that God had given Adam and Eve.

I know that because 2 Corinthians 4:4 calls the devil; "the god of this age". When the Bible says; "the end of the age is coming", it's not the end of the earth. It is the end of the age of evil being in the earth. So the devil operates in that illegitimate authorit that he stole from Adam and Eve and he brings sickness and disease and heartache and rape and plunder and murder and war. The whole of creation is subject to frustration and Satan is running riot. Many under the Old Covenant didn't even understand his operation. Adam surrendered out of passivity an administration of grace and legitimate authority that God had given him. Adam wasn't called to say; "Father come and save the earth! Come and do this!".

Adam was to walk in that authority and God would back his authority with His divine power and Adam could bring administration and look after the whole earth but Adam surrendered that through passivity like many Christians are - crying out to God to come and do things in the earth when God is saying; "It's fine to call out to Me to do things - but you need to go in yourself with this administration and set things in order".

So when Jesus Christ came to the earth - the first thing He would say in a locality; "the kingdom of heaven is at hand". In other words God's legitimate righteous administration is here in the earth and as soon as He said; "The kingdom of heaven has come", signs and wonders and miracles would take place. In Matthew 12 Jesus said; "If I cast out devils by the finger of God then the kingdom of heaven has come to you". So what is He saying? There is an illegitimate administration that has been operating in the earth that is not an administration of grace, it's demonic and it causes devil possession, sickness and disease, people being crippled, blind, deaf and oppressed and He says; "When I say the kingdom of heaven is at hand - what I am saying is a legitimate administration of grace - a legitimate government is now manifesting because someone knows their right to use this authority and they are using this authority in the right way".

When the disciples wanted to call fire down on Samaria, Jesus said "You don't know what spirit you are under - you are going to use this authority in the wrong way". So when Jesus died on the Cross - the Bible says in Colossians 2 that He cancelled the written law, the written code and regulations that stood opposed to us - that ministry of death He cancelled at the Cross and it says He disarmed the powers and authorities in the next verse! He cancelled condemnation, He cancelled all our sins but He cancelled first Adam's authority. As last Adam He is now cancelling the authority that Adam gave to the devil. When He rises from the dead, it says in Matthew 28 that He says;

"ALL authority in heaven and earth has now been given to ME - you go in My Name. In this administration - you go and the works that I do - you shall do also, and even greater works will all who believe in Me do! What does the Church do? It sits in this administration and asks God to come. "God You come in the streets of Hong Kong and You heal everyone and You save everyone". God says; "You can pray for My glory to come - that's a good thing".

I pray; "Father let Your glory cover Hong Kong - Lord let Your glory Presence come because if Your glory Presence fills this city, then it is very easy for us to go out there but you have still got to go out there!".

Prayer for the glory to cover Hong Kong will not excuse us from going out and administrating the grace of God in signs and wonders and miracles! We cannot sit on our blessed assurances and say; "God You come and do it". How many of you would keep your job if you kept asking your boss to do your job?

Jesus gets up when they woke Him in the boat and said to the storm; "Peace - be still". But then He was angry with them because He trained them to do it, but they didn't use their authority - they were getting Him to do it. How many of you have ever seen Jesus bless a storm or bless a tornado or even bless an earthquake that kills people? Not once! It's not an act of God! Jesus stopped storms - "Peace be still". We blame God for earthquakes and tsunamis that kill people and say; "That's God - judging them". Well if He is going to judge people then why does He selectively judge areas? "Oh well - you know - they had a Gay Mardi Gras in Florida". So fire came down on the eastern sections of Florida. It didn't come near the Mardi Gras!

So God smacked a whole load of farmers and ranches and people get killed becasue He is judging the Gay Mardi Gras but He didn't go NEAR where it happened! We are in the New Covenant! You don't know what spirit you are - people who say that. God is not killing these people in China - that was not God's earthquake! The whole earth is buckling! Because the earth is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God to come forth and show forth and walk in the glory! Walk in the New Covenant! Walk in who you are in Christ!

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you quickening your mortal body with life. The SAME Spirit! He didn't say another Spirit! He didn't say a junior Spirit! He didn't say a novice Spirit! The SAME Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you and quickens your mortal body with life! The Holy Spirit remembers raising Jesus from the dead! He remembers raising Lazarus from the dead through Jesus! The Holy Spirit remembers the cripples and the blind and the deaf! Everyone that has been healed down the 2,000 years - the Holy Spirit was there and He infinately remembers each miracle and each healing because He was there and the SAME Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead - LIVES IN YOU!

He quickens your mortal body with life and He is desperate to get out into society for we have an administration of grace. Yet the Church still sits on it's blessed assurances and says; "Give us a guru - give us a professional priest and let them do it". Not in this church friends! We are the people of God! When Jesus said; "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me" - because He had taken 1st Adam's lease back and now everything that operates of Jesus is evil and is an illegitimate authority that will cripple people unless we operate - Jesus the man re-inherited the authority that He gave up as God.

Jesus was always God, He will never be less than God and He is eternally God - He is the creator of the heavens and the earth but Philippians 2 says that He did not count equality with God as something to be grasped but took on the form of a man. His divinity was restrained within His humanity - He did no miracles by virtue of His divine identity. He did all His miracles by virtue of being last Adam.

A mere man! "Found in the form of a man". He gave up this authority as God when He came to earth. When He was raised from the dead, He re-inherited (as a man) all the authority He gave up as God and He re-inherited it not just for Himself but for the Church! Ephesians 1:22 says God has put all things under the feet of Him and appointed Him to be head of all things for the Church. The Church is thinking that Jesus was appointed to be dominant - we're under His feet? No, you are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus! God put Him to be head over all things for the Church. Why? For the Church as co-equal heirs of Christ and heirs of God to administer a legitimate authority to bring the government of God into the earth to drive out sickness and disease.

There are millions of demonised people in Hong Kong. Literally. Millions in this city that have demon problems. They can go to church year after year and the demons are comfortable. I know that because there was a demonised man in Mark chapter 1 that went to the synagogue every Sabbath and the first day that Jesus walked in a demon manifested. A demon came out! These demons were comfortable with every day religion! The people would have known that there is something wrong with this guy - but year after year they put up with it. The first day Jesus came, the legitimate government of God came in and demons manifested. When God comes in with His administration - not in a vacuum but in partnership with human beings and He comes into Hong Kong - every demon is going to leave. Every sickness is going to go because they went when Jesus came in!

We have been elevated to a higher estate than what 1st Adam lost. 1st Adam was cut off from the tree of glory - the tree of life and from then on religion and man has spoken from the tree of knowledge. In last Adam we speak from the tree of life. We don't speak from our heads. I am so tired of going to healing seminars and finding out that the guy teaching it hasn't got anyone healed. Don't want to hear anything from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We must be trained by people who are doing it and having some results. Let's look at this administration because in Christ, the last Adam, we are the righteousness of God - even when we fail, even when we mess up.

The devil can't come and say "You have got no right to pray for the sick - you sinned this week - you did something wrong". You say; "You know what devil? A few years ago that may have worked but I have got revelation from the kingdom of God - I've got revelation by the Spirit of God as to what the New Covenant is about. You know what devil? You are under my feet! You are disarmed! You principalities and powers - you are disarmed. ALL authority is in Jesus Christ - you have no authority and you are disarmed! You are under my feet - my sin doesn't seperate me from my God. I'm not under Old Covenant - I'm under New Covenant! I am the righteousness of God!".

It's not so much the words you say - it's who is saying them.

When you are concious that you are righteous in Christ, your words carry legitimate righteous authority, that demons recognise and sickness recognises.

John G Lake, when he rebuked sickness (he didn't pray for the sick) most times he wouldn't say "Cancer go". He would say; "You devil - go!". Because behind every sickness there is a demonic power. I don't care if you subject yourself to radiation and you have got cancer, somewhere in the breakdown of Adam's fall, our bodies are vulnerable to correction. It shouldn't have been that way! 1st Adam could have stood in front of Chernobyl and stood in front of all the radiation and he would not have got cancer. I don't care if he got it from smoking 70 cigarettes a day and got cancer in his lungs. We don't say; "Well give up smoking you filthy thing". No - there is a demonic power. I believe 1st Adam could have smoked 100 cigarettes every hour and not got cancer but after Satanic deception came that is when cancer occured.

Someone can have a car accident or a hip replacement and we will still rebuke the spirit of infirmity because devils take advantage of weaknesses and vulnerabilities. That's why many who do have car accidents are still limping years later and they learn to manage that thing. Often where that accident happened in their neck or whenever arthritis came up behind it and attaches themselves to it.

M.S is the easiest thing to heal - people crippled with M.S. You just say "Go!" and it goes and the people start walking or showing immediate signs of improvement. There is always a demon behind M.S!

1. New Testament ministry to the sick - we don't talk to God about the sickness. We talk to the sickness and command it to go.

I want to encourage you to search the New Testament - you will only find one place where it does mention praying for the sick. Nowhere else does it talk about praying for the sick. In James chapter 5 it says that if there are any sick let them call for the elders and they will anoint you with oil and the prayer of faith will raise you up. In every other ministry of Jesus, the apostles, ministry of the New Testament church you won't find them ever asking the Father to heal. You won't find it once! They will always say; "Pick up your bed and walk". They will rebuke blindness and command deafness to go. "You deaf and dumb spirit - go!". They will say to the man at the Gate Beautiful; "Such as we have, we give you - in the Name of Jesus rise up and walk".

We need to practice that and be aware of that - that you rebuke the sickness. When we stand in front of a sick person (who is often very passive as it is) and you say; "Oh Father, won't You please, please show pity on Jenny ... or whoever it is - show pity on Jenny Lord" - you know it is a very dangerous thing you are doing. You are giving that person the signal and the idea that you have more compassion for her than God does because you are trying to get this reluctant God to have pity.

It's very dangerous and it's not biblical. It doesn't represent Jesus but it is a tradition that nullifies the Word of God because you see the Father does have compassion beyond what you can ever imagine - so much compassion that He sent His Son to the earth who not only died to redeem us from our sins but by His stripes we are healed and every sickness and every disease known to man was laid on Jesus and He took up our infirmities and carried away our pains. That is compassion. God has done it! Now He is saying; "Don't call on Me to do what I have given you and given you administration".

In Matthew 10 Jesus did not say; "Go and pray for the sick" but in (v7) He said; "Go and cure the sick - you cure the sick". Yes it is God's power but you have an authority and an administration that if you don't use - then they won't get healed! If you stand there and say; "Oh God have mercy" then sometimes He will say; "Ok" and heal them - but it is miscommunicated the true nature of God's intention to sick people.

This idea that sickness and disease is some sort of advantage to the Christian or the world - that is a dangerous tradition of men. God requires us to suffer suffering which is persecution for the Gospel's sake - but He has never called us to suffer what Jesus suffered in our place.

Jesus did not suffer for your persecution. He told us that we will suffer persecution. I get persecuted every week for the grace message. I'm lied about - slandered about - every week. But hundreds of thousands are talking good too - praise God! It is a problem when all talk well of you.

The gauge by which you are effecting the kingdom of heaven is gauged by how much persecution you are getting. The amount God can use you is the amount of criticism you can handle and still stay happy and joyful because you are so secure in God's love.

There is nothing virteous in suffering with sickness! There is something virteous about suffering for His Name's sake - for going to places where it's difficult to live and you'd prefer not to be there but you are there because of the call of God. No army can bring glory to it's king or it's leader by showing how much they are willing to suffer the defeat upon them by their enemies. An army shows glory to it's king by conquering it's enemies and we are not called to decide which sickness we should heal and which we shouldn't. We are soldiers called to seek and destroy.

We are on a mission to stamp out this illegitimate evil adminstration that has been in the earth illegitimately for so long - with so much passivity. He has given us the administration and His people are saying; "You do it - You do it". He is replying; "No you do it! You have the administration of grace that I have given you for others". Much of the Church is saying; "Give me an administration for me". No - it is an administration for others. So administration number 1 - don't talk to God about the sickness - rebuke the sickness and command it to leave. I have watched some people when they pray and the person is crippled with demonic powers on them!

Literally if their eyes could be opened you would see a demonic power oppressing that person with M.S and they are crippled in that wheelchair. I want to rugby tackle them and fling them out the windows and say things!

There has to be a divine burning intensity, an anger and a hatred of sickness and disease. It is an enemy of God and it is an enemy of man.

Smith Wigglesworth used to say that he was walking to work and he saw this man get the bus and a dog followed him out and he said; "Go home little doggy - go home". But the dog wouldn't. On and on until the bus arrived and he bellowed; "GO HOME!". The dog put his tail between his legs and ran home. Smith Wigglesworth saw that and God said to him; "That is the way to deal with the devil".

That lady (the 1st one you saw giving her testimony) - the anointing of fire was all around me and someone put her in front of me and I saw her. When that comes, it is comparison with that person but you don't see them or anyone else - it is just you against the devil now with an administration of righteous authority given to you by God. As I looked at her, her eyes lit up and I said; "You leave her right NOW in Jesus Name!". And she was flung backwards and went; "Wowwwwwwwwww!". What was that? Something came out of her mouth with shrieking. That devil knew that this is not Rob Rufus's holiness - that this is not Rob Rufus's good works. That devil knew that this man knew who he was in Christ, he knows his administration and he knows his righteous right to use this authority in the right way.

Smith Wigglesworth kicked a baby off the platform once and it was healed of cancer as it was flying through the air! Don't do that unless they are healed - okay?! He used to punch people as well - don't do that unless God speaks audibly to you and then make sure - ask Him again! Remember you are dealing with a person that may think you are mad. There is a way you treat people with respect. I may say to some people; "Excuse me sir, I may get a bit aggressive with you now - please understand that it's not against you. We love you. God is tender to you. But I am going to get aggressive because this thing has been in you too long".

Let me mention another religious tradition. Some people think that God has a special day to heal people. He did have a special day - absolutely right. It was on the Cross, 2, 000 years ago and then He healed everyone that wanted to get healed.

One day with sickness is too long!

It's because we have allowed it. There are a lot of questions such as; "What about the people who don't get healed?". We can ask those questions but that's not what this is about. We have flown about that question too long. We love people and minister to them in kindness and grace so that even if they don't get healed they have still experienced your love and compassion and tenderness and your goodness. In the UK and Europe we saw 80% of the sick healed. The average is 1 in 10.

The statistics and ratio for us are going up - not because we just played with this healing thing or put it as a little addendum on our life. We saw that it is the main thing Jesus did all the time. He was healing the sick, preaching the kingdom and bringing the government of God. It's not a fanatic fringe option to put on as an appendage. It is the central thing Christians ought to be doing all the time!

How easy is it to see people saved if they come out the wheelchair in the street or their aunty who is blind gets healed or some very wealthy politician in this city sends his 3 year old daughter to the doctor year after year and she is getting worse and she hears about a meeting in City Church International and they bring their 3 year old daughter here. An influential, wealthy politician and their daughter is instantly healed by the powe of God! How easy is it for the kingdom and politics to sweep into that world?!

The Gospel is not just preaching that you've got to get saved from your sins - it is preaching that Jesus Christ heals, delivers, casts out devils and His government is a good government - it is a government of grace and it delivers the cripples and sets the captives free so they can pick up their baby when they haven't been able to pick it up before. That's mercy! That's grace!

This is another tradition that we need to deal with in our administration - you can pray for people and get them healed and administer healing and get them healed even when they don't have enough faith. Years ago I used to think that if they don't have enough faith then I can't get them healed. That was a religious tradition that hindered my ministry! Now I realise that you can get people healed who have very little faith. A man came to Jesus Christ and said; "My son throws himself on the fire, throths at the mout with epileptic fits, it's a demon". He said; "If you can - make him whole". Jesus said; "IF I can?". That doesn't register very high on the faith scale!

It was a very low-level faith. (v5); "Lord I think you are willing but I am not sure if You are able". That's not big faith. And it says in Mark 9 - the spirit in the boy saw Jesus Christ coming towards him and frothed the boy - Jesus said; "Come out!" and he fell as dead.

If that happens in an average church today, the members will leave - they don't want to see the ministry of Jesus in the church - people frothing and falling! They don't want that! What's happened?! What's wrong with us? It is a culture of conservatism, co-ercion and control. It's a religious spirit!

There's another man in Matthew 8 who is a leper and he came to Jesus and said; "Lord if You are willing - make me whole". That's not a lot of faith! "I know you are able but I am not sure if you are willing". Jesus said; "I am" and He heals him. John G Lake had a wonderful ministry that I've studied for many years and he would respond to people who said that they didn't have enough faith by laughing and saying; "I've got enough faith for both of us". In this room every believer in Christ - do you know that what is in you is the same faith that Jesus had?

People and the devil tell you all the time; "You don't have enough faith". You have the faith of Jesus and He lives in you - you have the faith to raise the dead! It's there! You just have to find it!

John G Lake was sitting at his desk one day and he had seen 100, 000 people healed. He was sitting in his chair and a guy came in and said; "I'm a Roman Catholic and a cripple". He said; "I don't want you to do anything that offends my Roman Catholic religion and I don't have faith in God or doctors or man". So John G Lake pushed aside his chair and went to the man belly-laughing and said; "I've got faith for both of us sir". He walked up to the man, didn't pray for him, doesn't speak to the disease, he just stood next to him and said; "I feel the life of God leaving me and going into this crippled state". He said; "When I know it has had enough effect, I took the man's hand and said; 'Well you go ahead and have a great day sir'". He said while he was shaking his hand, he quietly took the crutch from under the man's hand and moved it behind his back.

The man didn't realise he had been healed and he went out the door and then realised he had been healed! John G Lake stuck his head out the door with the crutch and said; "Do you still need this?". The man said; "To hell with it!". John G Lake said; "I agree!".

Let me close. I don't believe I am giving you faith.

I believe I am releasing the faith that you have already got. When you come to pray for the sick, don't have an Old Covenant mindset. Old Covenant mindsets always think; "I haven't got enough or I need more or I'm not ready or I'm not prepared". New Covenant mindsets - you are ready! You are in Christ! The Spirit of life is in you! He knows what to do - you have ENOUGH! You are ready! Don't let the devil say to you; "You have got to fast to get this demon out". You do NOT need to fast to get that demon out!

If you go to Mark 9 where Jesus said, "This kind came out only by prayer and fasting" - that is not in the original manuscript! It was put in by the original translators who said; "You can't eat fish on Friday". I dare you to check that out! That thing about fasting is not in the original manuscripts. It's not in the NIV - they don't put that in there. If it's in your translation you will see it is in italics and means it's not there in the original manuscripts. If the devil says; "You can only get me out if you fast enough" - how would you ever know if you had fasted enough?! And he will put you on the back foot.

The more you complicate healing, the more advantage you give to sickness.

An anointed teacher is someone who can take complicated things and make them simple but an annoying teacher is someone who can take simple things and make them complicated. When you complicate healing then you give the advantage to the devil and give the advantage to sickness. Let me say this - I strongly believe with many others that I have studied and investigated who have got such wonderful results - I don't listen to theologians who talk about healing and who are not seeing the sick healed. I'm not interested in them - they are not producing the fruit then I am not listening to their doctrine. Because they are eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil not from the tree of life.

My answer to those who challenge the grace message is - look at the fruit, look at the changed lives, look at the fellowship with God that's coming out of this message! Fruit! Religious people want to debate and dialogue all their reasoning. Jesus always spoke about fruit and life. He said that if you don't believe what I am saying - look at the fruit. There are two things that hinder healing. Just two. The world and the Church will tell you many others. I am not trying to be arrogant, elitest or judgemental. But this subject is too important to be diplomatic and political. The only two things that hinder healing are;

1. Unbelief.

Unbelief is not lack of faith - it is not doubt. God can heal people with lack of faith, little faith, small faith. He can heal that. He can heal people that doubt. But unbelief is a deliberate decision - an arrogant rebellious position of "I do not believe because of an attitude of offence". (Mark 5). Jesus could not do any mighty works in His home town because of their own unbelief for they were offended at Him.

2. Traditions of Men/Church/Religion.

Jesus said to the Pharisees; "Your traditions make the Word of God null and void". You destroy the power of the Word of God through your traditions. Only two! Believe that there are other hindrances becomes a hindrance to the power flow. The reason why we see more healings now is because I have spent years dealing with traditions and hindrances to my heart.

There are four traditions;

A. If the people don't have enough faith then they can't be healed. If they have got enough faith then they don't need you to pray - they'll get it direct from Jesus. The lady with the history of blood touched Him and pulled the power of God out of Him - she had enough faith - He didn't even pray or minister to her, she had enough faith.

B. If you've got sin in your life - God won't heal you. Rubbish - that is a tradition of men. He healed them - sin or not!

C. Generational Curses. I5 or 16 years ago I was a big generation curse preacher. You have to go back in your past and find out whether your great-grandpa sinned and where it has been passed down the generations. That is true - it does happen. But it is a tradition for the Old Covenant! Both Ezekiel 18 and Jeremiah 31 God speaks through the prophets and says you will no longer say; "This proverb in Israel, the fathers have eaten grapes so the children's teeth are set on edge - you will no longer say that the sins of the fathers will be visited on the next generation for I will make a New Covenant with you and your sins I will remember no more!". You have got people writing books on generational curses quoting Isaiah 31 but stopping before the announcement of the New Covenant which is a verse later! The books are out!

Here's my ultimate proof in the New Covenant - Jesus ministered to the multitudes at one stage, He preached to 5, 000 men - maybe 20, 000 people. The average study shows that 80 to 90% of people have some disease in their body they would like to be healed of. Jesus Christ stood on 5 different occasions in the Gospels and spoke to a multitude and it said; "He healed them ALL". He didn't lay hands on them all. He healed them all. Or Jesus had to be the luckiest preacher with the crowds in that He chose who happened to have no sin in their lives - all full of faith - no generational curses - no sowing or reaping syndrome problems. You will not see Jesus hunting down generational curses and using them as an excuse as to why they can't be healed! The more you complicate healing, the more strength we give to sickness and to the devil.

If we are to represent Jesus then we need to do what He did. If we start focusing on generation curses and sowing and reaping - we are not representing Jesus because He didn't do that. Yet today in the Church if people don't get healed then the excuses are made; "You've got unforgiveness in your heart". You are going to tell me in this crowd, all are pure and holy and have no unforgiveness?! The power of this administration will heal you whether there are generational curses, sowing and reaping, unforgiveness and all of that. The New Covenant started on the Day of Pentecost! It didn't start in the Gospels.

The Old Covenant started on the Day of Pentecost at Mount Sinai when the law has been given. New Covenant started on the Day of Pentecost on Mount Zion! Mount Sinai - 3, 000 were put to death by the ministry of death called the law. On the Day of Pentecost, New Covenant - 3, 000 were saved on that day when the Spirit fell freely by grace!

Under the Old Covenant in the Gospel; "Father forgive those as I forgive those who sin against Me". I challenge all of you - do you believe you have absolutely no forgiveness against anyone? If there is a slighest sense of bitterness or some unforgiveness then you cannot be forgiven under the Old Covenant. That means if you die with no unforgiveness, then guess where you are going? You can have no security in your faith if you think the Father will only forgive you based on how much you are forgiving others. That is a works programme under the Old Covenant. Under New Covenant the whole thing changes around. Romans 15 - says Paul says accept and forgive each other just as Christ has forgiven you. You have been forgiven past, present and future. All your sins are forgiven.

You don't get forgiven by forgiving sin rather because your sins are forgiven then you can forgive others.

The motive is love not fear. They all get healed! You cannot say I am going to represent Jesus and then take a whole lot of modern Church baggage and introspection and analysis and complication and do something that mis-represents the way Jesus did it. HIS healing!