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"You Can't Give What You Haven't Got" - CCI, Hong Kong

This is a very appropriate sermon of Rob's for the first sermon to type up since Hong Kong and the "Grace and Glory Conference!". I have to confess there is a marked difference between my preparation for this conference and "Together on a Mission" in July and it is thanks to Rob's teaching on grace that has changed it. Before Brighton I was desperate for the fullest anointing possible and even investigated fasting for 40 days to see the full tidal wave of glory come. Now God in His grace did bless dramatically but Rob has showed me from the Bible that we don't actually have to "do" anything to gain the blessing of God! So I've spent this last week listening to Rob's sermons and getting my head round the grace of God!

And this sermon sums up perfectly the mindset I want to rest in;

(1 Corinthians 2) - I want to talk on Principle No. 9 on how to increase in the anointing. Why is the anointing so important? Without the anointing so important? Without the anointing nothing can happen in the church world. When Jesus says the "Spirit of the Lord has anointed Me" - He says that anointing has enabled me to open prison doors and announce the acceptable year of the Lord.

When the anointing of God comes it is the free-flowing favour and advantages of God coming into our lives. The principle is this;

"You cannot give away what you haven't received".

The measure of the manifestation of the power of God to you is the measure that you can give away or manifest to others. The principle of increasing in the anointing is to receive a greater manifestation of the anointing into your life and not to be rushing out always to minister to others but to have times when you wait on God and let Him manifest His Presence and power to you and out of that place of overflow you can manifest God to others in supernatural ways.

But one of the biggest hindrances to you receiving manifestations of God's power to you is bad theology, dispensational theology believing that the Cross of Jesus Christ was more powerful 2,000 years ago but it is now fading and that somehow Jesus died more for the sins of His day than for us.

So today we are not totally under grace - we are a little bit under grace and a little bit under law and if we sin and make mistakes then God disapproves of us and withdraws from us and we have to grope around like slaves trying to earn God's favour back. The Cross of Jesus Christ has NEVER lost it's power - Jesus said "It is finished!". We don't live by the code of the law but by the Spirit of God - spirit of freedom, spirit of liberty.

It's not the Cross has faded in it's power - it's just that people don't really believe it is finished.

Everything that was required for us to please God, Jesus Christ fulfilled those requirements at the Cross and said; "It is finished!". He freed us from the curse of the law! He made a public spectacle of the principalities and powers at the Cross and we don't have to do one more thing to please God except believe the message of the Cross - it is FINISHED!

So what is the No. 1 hindrance for people entering into a greater demonstration of the power of the Spirit? It is that they let their heads stop them. It is not a heart problem but a head problem. We are trying to reach God with the rational part of our brain. How many know how arrogant that is to limit the God of mystery and wonder? Eternity dwells in God! He is immutable and transcendent yet available through faith! The mind is good for book-keeping and science and arithmatic and that's as far as it goes but the most brilliant mind can't even fathom out one little thing about the supernatural phenomena of God and so many people have the power of God swirling around them changing lives and yet block it out because their head is the problem.

They are saying; "If I can't work it out then I am not receiving anything". (1 Corinthians 2:14) - "Man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit". It is about spiritual discernment not understanding things with your head. Everything the Spirit of God does is foolishness to your head. It is foolishness to your mind and education and secular training. "God is for me" - how is that possible?! As from a child we were conditioned to only get things we deserve and earn and merit. We feel this pecking order that produces an orphan spirit.

So when God calls us co-heirs with Christ seating in heavenly places and ambassador of the highest government in the universe and ALL our sins past, present and future are forgiven then our spirits rise up and rejoice but our minds say "That is foolish - that is not possible".

Our heads talk us out of the miraculous. I am so tired of watching thousands of passive people watch a miracle worker and thinking "That will never work for me". Your mind talks you out of it but you are a spirit being made in the image of God Who is a Spirit. Your spirit communicates with God who is a Person! You are a Person but you have a mind. I have a dog but I am not a dog!

I have a mind but I am not a mind. If you treat your mind passively then your mind will steal your inheritance! Millions of Christians world-wide are not walking in the supernatural in signs and wonders and the authority of the Kingdom not because of the devil's opposition but because of their heads and minds.

Everything of the supernatural is foolishness to him who has not the Spirit for those things are spiritually discerned not intellectually worked out. When he says; "Who has not the Spirit" - he is not talking about someone who is not baptised in the Spirit - there are millions of Spirit-baptised believers to whom the things of the Spirit are foolishness.

They got baptised years ago and spoke in tongues years ago but all they have got is cerebral Bible information in their heads and the things of the Spirit are foolishness. All they can do is vomit out Bible information from their head, vomit out on you - it is regurgitated stuff that is not revelation, stuff coming out that is not the Word of God written on their hearts but on their heads. Head knowledge learnt at a Bible school not revelation!

Your head will mess you up and the devil will then tell you; "Your problem is that you didn't get healed because God doesn't love you and that's why He didn't touch you and the guy praying for you didn't like you". The mind must come under the power of God to demolish arguments that are in our heads so that we can move in the power of God. You deal with your head like I do with my dog; "Shut up head - my spirit receives this Word!".

(John 14:12) "I tell you the truth - anyone" ... not just apostles or prophets or evangelists but ANYONE! " ... who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing and he will do even greater things". Your heads are going to go hysterical at this! Jesus Christ raised the dead! Jesus Christ walked on water! But greater works! In the last 2000 years how many Christians have done the works of Jesus Christ?

Signs and wonders aren't just people getting out of the grave or being healed of cancer by miracle power - signs and wonders are miracle breakthroughs in finances! In getting a house! In seeing children saved! (Acts 10:38) - Jesus Christ did not do His miracles as God. His miracles were restrained within His humanity. "How God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power". Why would He need to be anointed?

Our humanity can receive the same anointing He did and do the same works He did.

A foul mouthed fisherman (not a Pope) walked on the water until his mind saw the waves and thought ... then he sank! I would rather drown trying to walk on water than die of boredom sitting in a church boat that's so dead and self-concious because everyone is trying not to make mistakes. You will never do anything if you don't make mistakes! How much fun the church misses out on because our minds talk us out of the supernatural. We have got doctrines of demons the Church thinks are doctrines of the Bible. We have got doctrines of faith but no spirit of faith. God wants a church of the blueprint church - the first church!

I am so angry with what holds God's people back so they resign themselves to professional priests when they're meant to be doing the works of Jesus Christ and frighten the living daylights by doing adventures of faith.

(Acts 1:8) - "You will receive power" - not just for charismatic tongues on Sunday - this is power to impact nations and get the attention of nations and so they did. (Acts 2:1) - "A sound from heaven". The day is coming in church where everyone will get healed and get filled and get blessed because no one's head will get in the way. 3000 got saved that day not because of great preaching but because of great demonstrations of the Spirit's power.

(Acts 3) - You cannot give away what you don't have. When you have something you can do it - and not even try! You are gripped by something bigger than yourself! Jesus Christ didn't heal everyone - He couldn't heal anyone in His home town. When God is on you - you will know what to do and when to do it.

I was praying for a woman healed of cancer who got up and walked - but on leaving passed her husband and said; "That son you have been crying out for will be saved". I didn't even know he had a son but 3 days later the son was healed of heroin addiction and saved! There is no formula! If you haven't got it - it is pure religion and most of church haven't got it because it because they let their minds treat them like a dog!

Hong Kong needs a church like this church - Hong Kong needs the power of God!

We can get programmes, organise and advertise with money and all we have got is a religious show with no power. Hong Kong needs the power! (Acts 3) - Jesus Christ walked past the cripple every day. "Look at us" - this contradicts the thing in the church today - "Don't look at me, look at Jesus". When you know you have got something you can say "Look at me! What I have I give to you". There it is! "Filled with wonder and awe". (v12) - "Men of Israel why does this surprise you?". This is clear - it isn't by their power or holiness but by their faith.

Saved in 1977 and 2 years after planted a church after being saved. I had to make a transition that all can make. I was part of a church that was charismatic Calvinist. Que sera sera! You cannot reconcile God's sovereignity with our responsibility to have faith - you can't put them together. God is sovereign but He only works through faith. "If it is His will it will be done, if it isn't then it won't". Common argument heard so that if we pray and someone doesn't get healed then it wasn't His will! That is a total lie! It is God's absolute sovereign will that all be saved. Are all saved? Does that prove it is not God's will to save them? No. Because people die does that prove it's not God's will to heal them?

We have got so much fatalism in the church because of so much passivity in church and all because we make excuses on God's sovereignity. Sometimes you must smash a door down because it may be God's will but there is a door in the way. Sometimes there may be a Red Sea in the way of the people of God going into the Land and you have to slap the Red Sea out of the way! Moses could have said; "Oh there's a sea in the way - can't be God's will so back to slavery we go!".

I planted a church in that theology and it was totally boring. Not one miracle - no supernatural. We went 10 months without any signs, wonders or miracles. I heard the inward audible voice of God one day praying; "Rob - I want to ask you, do you believe it is My will to save people? Do you believe I want to save people every week in this Church? Do you believe it's My will to heal people of diabolic diseases every week in this Church? Do you believe I want to fill up this building until people are sitting in the windows and the aisles?". Then there was a pause and He let me hang in torment for a while and then said;

"Do you believe that is My will?". I said "Yes Lord". Then He said; "Well why isn't it happening then?". I said "Beats me!".

The way He was asking the question made me realise that part of the reason why these things weren't happening was to do with myself and my theology and my thinking that had allowed my head to talk me out of the supernatural. I had been brainwashed by religion! (Hebrews 3). It was His perfect will to lead Israel into the land but a whole generation fell short of this inheritance because of unbelief. He told me to go to another city and hear a man of integrity and humility who died last year - "Papa Hagin".

I didn't want to go because of the religious spirit - it is always so critical! Always looking for an excuse not to believe - an excuse to leave. Don't get offended by the instruments that God uses. Some of them are weird packages! Kenneth Hagin preached on faith and how the anointing flows - it is as easy as how electricity flows. On the 3rd session I tried to get onto the front row where the pastors sat. Watched Hagin lay hands on people and get healed. This stuff is real!

80% Christians lay hands on are trying to pull from their head not their heart. "Pull from your spirit not your head". I said "Lord I want to live in Hagin's pocket and go live with him and ask how he does it!". God said "Son you don't have to do that. All you have done is obey me by coming here - you have got turned on by faith now lift your hands". Then He said "Son you can do that again and again - you can do what Hagin is doing". And as He said that, this Calvinist had never experienced power like that! I got the plane and flew back home and my elders were waiting for me. We had been so dry and so full of head knowledge that in that first service people started jumping up and shouting "I can see!" and "I can hear!".

Once you have got it - you can give it away! So the Lord said, "Pray a blessing over them". As I did they all fell back row by row by row right to the back of the church! God said "This is church son!". Once you have tasted honey you will never be satisfied with syrup again! It ruins you to dead boring church! And I was dangerous from then on because you can't accept anything less! Many many times I have been in church meetings and have started crying saying "God I want you - you aren't here!".

We saw cripples getting up and blind eyes opening and deaf hearing - we exploded in growth when the power of God was there and the lost started coming!

It wasn't just me - I trained my church to believe that if you won't let your head talk you out of anything then anything is possible! After 18 months God said "I am lifting the anointing off you son". I said "Oh no! What did I do? I'll repent!". He said;

"You didn't get it because you were holy and you aren't losing it because you are unholy".

God went on - "I am going to train you on your marriage, how to love your wife, being faithful with money and being accountable and being an apprentice". Then about a year ago He said, "Son get ready - you are going to fly again! I am going to bring that strong anointing back!". Prophecy after prophecy - Hong Kong here we come!

Now hope deferred makes the heart sick so I don't want to excite our vision beyond reality but we need our vision excited folks! It won't take us long to fill up our building if God turns up - we are witnesses! We are witnessing miracles - you cannot help but witness! My job here is to put foundations down and then to fade into the background because believers are no longer talking themselves out of miracles. Don't ever apologise for being an instrument. "I will put the anointing on you by faith" - but can't come against unbelief! If I hadn't gone to that meeting where Kenneth Hagin was I guarantee I would have still been operating out of the same anointing as I was 20 years ago. I have met Christians who are still operating out of the same anointing as they were years ago. But there is a greater level of anointing ready!

Freely we have received - freely we give!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Power Pix from the Glory and Grace Conference!!

On the final day of the conference Rob and Glenda Rufus received a powerful prophecy from one of the delegates there ...

The first photo of people being prayed for in the "Fire Tunnel"! Isi de Gersigny is the blond haired lady ...

The second pix from the "Fire Tunnel" ...

The third pix of the "Fire Tunnel" ...
People coming out from the "Fire Tunnel"!

Rob Rufus watching over the "Fire Tunnel"!

Photos from the Grace and Glory Conference 2007!

Here is a selection of some of the photos that I took at the "Grace and Glory Conference".

Quite a few chairs got broken during the conference by people getting hurled around by the power of God!

Worship during the conference ...

Rob Rufus, Fini and Isi de Gersigny up on stage ...

The prophetic banners of the "Grace and Glory Conference" either side of the stage ...

Glenda Rufus did an excellent job of bringing the notices to the conference ...

Rob ministering to people during the conference ...

Rob introducing Isi de Gersigny to speak ...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

The "Grace and Glory Conference - Hong Kong" - in Summary!

So here is an easy-access links page to all the conference write ups from this past week. I do pray that the "word of my testimony" will bear much rich fruit. I am not posting these sessions simply so that it can be read and we can pigeon hole Rob Rufus into a theological box. I have never experienced "Open Heaven" before this week and I am desperate that it becomes the experience of EVERY believer for it is EVERY believer's inheritance for Christ died so that the veil could be rend in two!

May these blogs bear much fruit and see another great step towards the earth being covered with the glory of the Lord and His people walking into the freedom of His grace knowing that we are loved on high!

Grace and Glory Conference - FINAL Session!!

Friday 26th October 2007 - Rob Rufus

After the again powerful time of worship with powerful prophetic words and visions shared - as well as THE most powerful spiritual song I have EVER heard by Isi de Gersigny - Rob Rufus got up and told us that we would be having a "Fire Tunnel" at the end of our final session together. I have never experienced or heard of a "Fire Tunnel" before and assumed he meant something prophetic or symbolic! But it was very real ... I will share more of my testimony of my spiritual experience in another post.

Rob's sermon was a fitting end to the meeting and probably the best apologetic for spiritual manifestations that I have heard. While I am very persuaded that most that came out of the Toronto Blessing was of God and was genuine I was never very impressed with the attempts by it's leaders to explain what was happening. That didn't put me against the movement - it just sadly didn't make me eager to "plunge in" to what was happening! However this morning's message changed that as you will see. So to Rob ...

"While we walk in intimacy with Him we are not in love with the manifestations but with the Manifestor. If it doesn't point to the blood of Jesus then it is a counterfeit lying demonic sign and wonder but if it is true then you will fall more in love with Jesus.

I am astonished at the fear and paranoia at false signs and wonders - it is so easy to discern whether it is of God or not! False signs and wonders will lead you away from God and genuine signs and wonders will lead you closer to Him! Those who don't know their God will be decieved!

They have head knowledge full of God but don't know Him. These are not days to be wondering whether this is God or not. We should know within seconds whether it is God! The longer you are under the anointing of the glory - the more you will change! (Daniel 8:15-16) - Gabriel is a high level arch-angel of communication. Daniel started off standing here but ended up on his face in a deep sleep. (Daniel 10:4) - The angel of the Lord is not a created angel but the Creator First-Born.

You will only hear the voice of God in the glory - you cannot hear it outside. This wasn't another sermon about God but a tangible experience of the Presence of God - we want and should want to experience Him!

Man will never understand women for we were asleep when she was created! Too many Christians want the church to be tidy and predictable but it is nothing but fear of looking ridiculous from indoctrination by Pharisees and Sadducees and Couldnt-Sees and Wouldn't-Sees.

You can take a theology certificate and put it on the chest of a demon possessed man and it won't come out. Demons will only come out when they encounter the glory! Formalism without power! Can we have a dignified miracle?! No! Show me your dead formalism in the Bible - all we will find are the Pharisees crucifying the Lord of Glory!

Let the petrified become fossilised in the Church of the Frozen Chosen!

When God comes into a room you will know it! What is the Church without power?! It is Anti-Christ! Church is meant to be preaching the finished work of the Cross, resurrection and a living God full of power! (1 Samuel 19:23, 24) - Saul sends soldiers to kill David and yet the soldiers couldn't do it because of the anointing. Saul went himself to do it and encounters the anointing and ends up prophesying for 24 hours SOLID! An evil king! The Church needs the oil of the Presence of God! (Genesis 15:12, Ezekiel 23:23) - "Glory of the Lord was standing there and I fell face down". (Acts 2:1-21, 9:3) - God hit Saul so hard that He knocked the "S" off and put a "P" on instead!

The man who wrote most of the New Testament got slain flat in the Spirit! Yet most academics reading the New Testament are asking if it is Biblical to fall under the power of God!

The Bible is the only foundation for true Christian doctrine, life and practice. How come then so few of these manifestations aren't happening today? Sadly if the subnormal appears for too long then the normal becomes the abnormal.

A simple reading of the Bible reveals that the absence of the power of God manifest is abnormal! What manifestations can we then expect when the Presence and glory of God comes down?

1. An Impartation of God's Supernatural Life!

You don't need low voltage to defibrilliate someone who has died! You need high voltage and if they don't respond HIGHER voltage! That is revival!

When a Pharisee is comfortable in our churches - then we are in trouble.

We don't have a problem with wildfire in our churches but conservatism! Until we get to anywhere near the Book of Acts then we need to get wilder and wilder! Fire on our heads! Signs and wonders!

2. Impartation of a Gift that Makes You Strong!

(Romans 1:11).

3. Visions!

4. You Could Get Healed Emotionally or Physically!

5. Darkness Removed!

6. A Visitation of Jesus!

7. Comissionings!

A calling comes first and then prepares through much pain and rejection. Then in a day God can activate that calling and you will walk in the authority of that calling and never be the same again!

8. Blessing!

9. Ordaining Leaders!

It doesn't always have to be formal! God is sovereign and He is ordaining in these days who He wants! Elders are not the managers of churches! The church needs to be free from being deacon-possessed! Ordain something that is going somewhere and doing something! We need to say to some deacons; "Come out of this devil!". Let My people go so that they may worship Me!

10. Relief - The Impartation of Rest!

You could be delivered from the dictatorship of perfectionism!

11. Relief from Strivings!

12. The Personality of the Holy Spirit may rub off on you!

The fruits of the Spirit will come! Love! Joy! Peace! Patience! Kindness! Goodness! Gentleness! Self-control - and note that is the self-control of the Holy Spirit NOT what the Pharisees consider to be self-control!

These impartations will come to equip you through trials with great grace.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 9

Thursday 25th October - PM Session - Rob Rufus

Following on from the outstanding Question and Answer session, we moved into a very powerful and God-visited time of worship. I remember standing with my arms raised during it thinking of the years and years of God-absent worship that I have been in and thinking - never again will I settle for somewhere where the Spirit of God is not welcome! Rob's message was once again vintage and much of what he preached totally answered my feelings during the worship. I cannot emphasise what a key message it was for the conference. From anyone else it may have been seen as an attempt to control the awesome Presence of God but from Rob it was a wise, shepherding, loving, fatherly message to keep the revival going!

For those again who are interested in the nuances of Rob's theology he went into a masterful treatise on the book of Hebrews and the warning passages within it. Any student of theology will know what a difficult area this is - and Rob dealt with it masterfully. Furthermore he had me almost leaping off my seat with joy as he dealt again with the issue of the type of the Promised Land and how the Land can NEVER represent heaven in type. It seemed to me again that Ern Baxter had returned from the dead and was preaching!

"Religious sub-cultures do not respond to the nuances of the Spirit of God but they try to mimic the same thing again and again. God has a multi-dimensional throne room with angels and elders and living beings and colours such as emerald rainbows! The Church for too long has been one dimensional. Jesus came as Apostle/Prophet/Pastor/Evangelist but He is primarily a Shepherd.

The apostolic ministry is still very embryonic and if we seal it and stop it now we will secure a brand of infantile apostles. Just so with prophets.

We need to hear the Word to keep digging wells until we have peace. The anointing refreshes your spirit but your body can get quite tired! The earthern vessel will always be a mortal body. Jesus Himself fell asleep on a boat and was grumpy by being awoken! Under the anointing strange things can happen! The Philistines couldn't work out the secret of Samson's strength so we can guess that he probably was a small man.

Many revivals burn out because people are so exhausted.

You forget that Romans 8 says we are waiting for our immortal bodies. When revivals come we mustn't kiss good theology goodbye! Let's be sane! Revivals are so intoxicating that we get hi-jacked into a strange world. We do have mortal bodies still! The "Manifest Sons of God" doctrine came out in the 40s and 50s and was heresy but driven by this hatred of our mortal bodies.

The answer to abuse is not no use but RIGHT USE!!

If some people get weird in signs and wonders and find their identity in that then the devil has a hook on them. You don't need a balance - but this move of God on the planet is increasing and is meant to increase until Jesus comes again! These 3 days of the Grace and Glory Conference are tame compared to what is coming!

But because of that we must keep good theology and tired people who don't take a rest become vulnerable. Sometimes the Word of the Lord is "go to sleep!". Someone phoned Kenneth Hagin and 03:00 and asked for a prophetic word. He said; "Bless your stupid head and your darling heart - go to bed".

The revival needs to be stewarded by sanity and heavenly ambassadorial dignity. Kathryn Kuhlman would come out of some meetings weeping saying; "They have taken my Jesus away".

One of the dangers of the anointing is that you become in high demand and people make the mistake of thinking you are invincible.

May the church become a place where our weaknesses are welcome! Everyone on this planet we think is anointed is still human and when they die they will leave their mantle on the earth. The higher and more powerful the anointing the more people will come to you. You will ask "Doesn't anyone love me for who I am or for what I can do?". It is sad that revivals aren't long-living because we don't get hierarchies and mortality sorted out.

Alexander Dowie and William Branham died prematurely because they didn't get law and grace sorted out and this issue of where you get your identity from.

We are not going into revival - we are in revival now! Never go back to dryness! Keep moving on until you find people who will sell out for revival! The only way to help nervous people come into revival is to show mighty signs and wonders in santity and freshness and longevity. Sometimes in revival we need to cut a cleft in the river and collect freshwater pools to let them drink from.

(Hebrews 6:4) - Some people see Hebrews 6 as the biggest stumbling block on grace. (v4-6) - There are 13 different theological views on these two verses! These people who are described here are clearly saved. But then it is taught if you re-dedicate your lives again you can be saved again. But here (v4-6) say it is impoosible to restore again to repentance.

That must be the devil's favourite interpretation for then he can bombard their minds that they have crucified the Lord of glory again!

How do you know when you have crossed the line? The Holy Spirit is the only One who can bring you to the Forgiver so when you resist Him, He can never again bring you to the Forgiver.

The main theme of Hebrews is the superiority of grace over law and New Covenant over Old Covenant. Hebrews is about inheritance on earth!

Those who teach that the Promised Land represents heaven are in error. The Promised Land had giants! It was never meant to be a promise about heaven or hell.

We get the promises of inheritance through faith and patience. Hebrews is a book about oaths. If God lies under an oath then His integrity is compromised and He can swear by no one higher than Himself. All nations will be blessed through Abraham because God took an oath! It is a gurantee that will happen. Sometimes storms are the devil's and sometimes they are God's. God will not back off from that oath - for instance He took an oath that Messiah would sit on David's throne and whatever David did it would happen.

David committed murder and adultery but Jesus sits on David's throne today!

When Israel came towards the Promised Land - God had not made an oath that generation would enter it but a promise. It was never made on oath that they would get their inheritance on earth. (Hebrews 2) - They didn't inherit because of unbelief. On the 10th time they vexed God - He had enough. Moses was humble enough to plead for their lives but He swore an oath that the generation would not inherit the land. When God takes that oath you can repent as much as you like but you will not change His mind. That generation had to return into the wilderness to die.

Even Moses didn't go in because 1 Corinthians 10 was showing that the Rock was a revelation of who Jesus was. If we pervert prophetic pictures about the Son of God then God isn't happy. A sprinkling on the forehead perverts the symbolism of baptism because it doesn't show burial.

What is the inheritance of the church? Nations, signs and wonders and glory! When Jesus takes His candlestick from a church or denomination then they can repent as much as they like but they will not go into their inheritance.

Don't be afraid! Live in the grace of God and keep your heart open to His Spirit! The problem isn't trying to be free from law but embracing law and building an inflexible theology to a point where God will release you to go to heaven but you won't inherit your inheritance. When you sin without the grace of God you are piling up judgement but under grace you are FREE! (Romans 7:1-3, 3:19-20). "Through the law we became knowledgable of wrath". The law has no power to make you righteous - but just to point out your faults. You can't divorce from the Law! The only way you can be free is for the Law to die but the law will never pass away!

So what is the answer? (Romans 7:4) "You died to the law ... that you might belong to Another". When you came to Christ you died to Christ and God cancelled for you the writing of the 10 Commandments. You DIED to the Law! The Law doesn't die - it is still around for the lost!

If you are dead to something then you are dead! But you are alive to a different Husband who has sympathy with your infirmities and He mediates a covenant depending on HIS performance! This Husband doesn't point your faults out!

The Gospel isn't a revelation of what's wrong with you but how right you are with the Father in Jesus Christ!!

If you feel condemnation then you are living under Old Covenant mentality. If you feel that you are yo-yo'ing between the two Covenants then you have a Husband issue. The spirit of religion is so ungodly and so powerful that Hebrews warns some Christians that choose to stay with the Law that will rape and abuse them but the broken heart of the Father can't lift the peripheral fence and let them into the glory.

They will go to heaven but they will never recieve their inheritance. A person under law has an ideal self that they are trying to live upto and fall so short that they feel they deserve the abuse of the law. God will never punish you again because all punishment was poured out on Jesus.

But God cannot allow you to inherit New Covenant life under law. If you commit adultery - stay under grace! God knows how to restore adulterers! He knows how to love adulterers! He wants heart transformation not behaviour modification.

Question and Answer Session on Grace and Glory!!

Thursday 25th October 2007 - PM Session with Rob Rufus.

I took notes as best as I could during this session but obviously the interaction was much too fast for me to follow completely. I did hear that it was recorded so hopefully I will be able to transcribe the whole thing at some point! For now - enjoy the notes. It is another opportunity to enjoy Rob Rufus at his best in another way and shows how well he was studied the Word of God and knows what he is teaching. There are some snippets that may be of interest to those cautious observers who are trying to put Rob Rufus into a theological box ... he gives away certain eschatological viewpoints!

Q: If Paul wrote to the Corinthians and said; "Gave you milk but you are not ready for bread yet" - but Hebrews says "Leave milk" - should we be concerned that grace is simply milk?

A: Hebrews 6 is foundational teaching of Christ. We must discern between good and evil in Hebrews 4 and 5 and then Hebrews 6 in context. God puts foundations as the finished work of the Cross. All doctrines must flow out of that finished work. It is milk - it is meat - it is everything and the Christian must go deeper and deeper depths in the revealing grace of God. The revelation to the Corinthians was "milk revelation"! Yet most evangelicals can't even get to that point in our experience of the power of God.

If you take the finished work of the Cross out of anything then you have Kingdom principles with no Kingdom power.

We never preach prepare the wineskin and then He will pour in the wine. He pours in the new wine which will create organic growth. What is the meat if the finished work of the Cross was "only" milk!?

Q: Revelation 10:1 - is the pillars of fire the legs of Jesus Christ?

A: The pillar of fire is Jesus (1 Corinthians 10) - God is very touch about His prophetic pictures of the Cross. Moses was barred from entering the Promised Land because he struck the Rock twice. By ONE sacrifice He made us perfect FOREVER! That angel is the last seal of judgement and the rainbow means that judgement is over.

The Book of Revelation is not chronological - it has already taken place. All of those churches have relevance for us today!

Q: A friend passed away and you prayed that they would be raised from the dead and a miracle would take place. Why?

A: Yes that person was diagnosed with leukaemia and was clinically dead in two days. It comes back to the point about having all 3 gifts in operation to see the dead raised. We are coming into that era but we won't see all raised from the dead. The apostles didn't raise everyone! But for trying - God says well done! Raising the dead was the exception in Scripture. You do need to get revelation and ask if the 3 gifts will operate.

But when you get a relative who is desperate to see her loved one return and wants to see them raised from the dead - then give it a try! But our reason must rest in revelation. Otherwise no one should exist the planet until they are 70! The prophets are speaking and saying this is the time. Heidi Baker is seeing about 80 resurrections in her work. The dead are being raised in isolated pockets - we must see that the Hebrews 6 doctrines are also practice! We must be wise. God has said before to Todd Bentley; "I didn't tell you to try and raise them". Otherwise the Church will live with a sense of failure. But above all let's be honest, hold up our hands and admit it is the Spirit who raises from the dead and not us!

Q: Law and grace - does the law have any role in the life of the believer? (Psalm 1) - "On His law he mediates day and night".

A: The law refers to the truth of who God is. David is talking about the Scriptures here. David pulled the New Covenant into the present by putting the Ark into an open tent. He pulled the dispensation of New Covenant life into Old Covenant life and for 30 years they experienced a revival of New Covenant life - free access to God!

The only value the law has is the value of spiritual adultery.

(Romans 10:3) - Christ is the end of the law to all them that believe. If you are dead to something then you have no capacity to respond to that stimulus! "Law written on our hearts" - isn't something you MUST keep - it is something you WANT to keep!

Q: The New Testament speaks about instructions of godly living - are they descriptions rather than prescriptions?

A: Yes. Paul never wrote to the Corinthians and said "Thou shalt not" - he said; "Don't you know who you are? You are light!". If keeping the law justifies you and brings blessing then we are all on our way to hell. The New Testament has instructions for living based on reminding them who are they are.

There are two components to grace: 1. Acceptance. We are accepted in Christ unconditionally. 2. Empowerment. To do things for Christ and to empower us to live holy lives. God's grace teaches us to say "No!". But teaching is a process of learning. "I laboured harder than all the other apostles but not I ... ". If people over-emphasise the empowerment of grace over the acceptance of grace then law dresses up as grace and brings the condemnation in for not working hard enough.

Fundementalism in the USA and Canada is a huge emphasis on empowerment and not acceptance - because of this people are leaving the church in droves. Fundementalism = very little fun and quite mental! They are very vulnerable to burning out for every cause. "Not in what you do but who you are". That is our true identity!

Giving tithes and offerings - not out of security is dead works and you won't be rewarded in heaven for it.

Q: Anything we can do to speed up or slow down the works of grace in our lives?

A: Try not to speed it up. As soon as we try and help grace, we slow the process down. The bigger the miracle required the less you must try! We don't live comfortably with our blemishes and our flaws. There is too much teaching on godly character and it blurs very quickly with law. God is very comfortable with our character flaws because He never had any illusions about us in the first place! If He showed you every wrong in your life then you would want to commit suicide.

God isn't interested in behaviour modification but heart transformation. If He can change the internal dynamics of our heart then gradually we will begin to see change flowing out of us and not forced in on us.

Fini de Gersigny: Part of the freedom of grace is to work on our strengths and not our weaknesses. "He gave some to be ...". Prophets make good prophets and we need better definition of what God wants us to be! We don't have grace for some things!

Q: "If you love Me you will obey My commands" and (Deut 28) - Blessings and Cursings. Can we open ourselves up to witchcraft by rebelling?

A: Two questions there! It is one command and not 10. "Love one another". Anything that says you must keep the tablets of stone isn't the Spirit of God. He cancelled the written code at the Cross! And then we died to it! He knows how vulnerable we are to it because Satan is a legalist. (Deut 28) is the pivotal issue in the church right now.

Grace will always make you confident to draw near to God but law will always make you shrink back.

Deut 28 says if you will FULLY obey ... but Romans 5:19 says by the FULL obedience of ONE man for ALL! He kept the Law fully! It's not "just as if you never sinned" but "just as if you had always obeyed!

We only come under witchcraft from the evil on by coming back under law. The "Debtors Ethic" is wrong and it puts people back under law. We owe Him a debt that we can never repay. The Gospel is so powerful - that is why we can't get to grips with it! All theology should move out of the two Adams.

Q: What about "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling"?

A: He didn't say "Work FOR your salvation". You already have salvation! Fear and trembling - does that mean servile fear? The Greek word does have a meaning for a bondage-type fear but it doesn't mean that. Rather it means a sense of awe and wonder at the preaching of the gospel. The New Testament began on the Day of Pentecost. But the Old Testament also began on the Day of Pentecost at Sinai! The Gospels are not New Testament - they are introducing the imminent arrival of the gospel of grace! Jesus was preaching the extreme spirituality of the law! That is Old Covenant teaching that Jesus was bringing.

Q: To truly understand grace, do we need to understand law?

A: Yes. We need to understand how perfect the law was but it was a shadow of things to come! Jesus said if you even think it then you are guilty! Our response to God must be - Give me grace! Romans 3 - law nullifies grace. Two people in the New Testament had great faith and their common denominator was that they were outside the law.

Descendants of Abraham should have had the greatest faith but the Pharisees and the law crushed them.

As soon as you see a self-righteous person don't give them grace - give them law! That will strip them and make them see their desperate need of grace. Rather than put the "Thou shalt nots" on them - see them changed from the inside.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 8

Thursday 25th October 2007 - AM Session - Isi de Gersigny - "Spirit of Revelation - River of Revelation".

Before Isi came up to speak, Rob Rufus excited us all considerably by announcing that he was going to host an extra session - a Question and Answer Session on the themes of Grace and Glory!! It was to be held at 17:30 just before the evening session. Rob said;

"We believe the Bible is very consistent on the theme of grace and you will find it running through the Bible like a golden thread".

I think this is something that I hugely respect about Rob. I've encountered and heard of many who move in the miraculous before and manifestations follow their ministry, but I have always been on the hunt for men of God and women of God who will marry Word and Spirit together. Rob is such a man. He doesn't just believe what he believes based on experience but is prepared to go to the Word of God and find out why he should believe it.

Rob then invited Isi up to speak again for the last time in the conference;

"You give yourself permission to drink as deep as you so desire -we are quite safe under the shadow of His wings.

Knowledge can be learnt but revelation is given.

Wisdom that comes from God is hope! God doesn't give visions in one shot - He wants fellowship with you so He plays a game and then hides. You have to press through. Wisdom is the choice to press through and keep saying "Yes!". The "No" to God invites principalities and powers in so even when you are bewildered, keep saying "Yes" and trusting in Him!

Sometimes a revelation is a snapshot and you ask "What was that about?!". You have to go to the river and develop it! Revelation will connect parts of the Word of God that you have never seen connected before. Wisdom is the ways of God. The revelation you receive on earth, you will in heaven. You want the weight of His glory? Walk in the good things He has given!

1. Words of Knowledge and Wisdom. The spirit of discernment is not suspicion! Find the books which teach and encourage what you are experiencing! God foreknew these days when technology advances so much to make these things available. "Knowledge" is something you could have previously never known.

2. Angelic Visitations. Acts is full of this! There are so many angels it is amazing we don't see them more often! Angels who come and minister healing have been seen prophetically to have red crosses on their shoulders like the Red Cross officials!

3. Prophetic Symbolism. God spoke very powerfully to me once through road signs in Sydney! "Coronation Exit" x 4! "Queen Street" then turned left into "Wesley Street" passing by a billboard for "Dominion Construction". Who are we to limit God?! There is much bizarre prophetic symbolism in the Old Testament - Ezekiel having to lie on his side for 40 days! Our foundations are in heaven - (Colossians 1:11) was very important to me when I kept being woken up at 11:01! "Great endurance".

"The kingdom of God cannot be shaken! He is shaking everything else so that we will look to see the unshakeable!

4. Visions (Acts 2). Wait on words and allow a divine exchange to happen. Don't always be so eager to spew them out of your mouth. God instructed the prophets to eat the scroll and allow it to linger in their mouths before speaking. "Clothed with power" - this was something tangible! "This was that" - Peter was receiving revelation. Give yourself chances. Don't write yourself off! If it could be God - give it a chance. Self-righteousness means you've got to be right all the time. This is not a formula - this is Book of Acts! God is God and we are not!

Apostles and prophets are going to be like twins in the glory realm - not identical but knowing what each other are thinking and feeling. We have been so harsh on prophetic people but no one ever talks about weird or domineering pastors!

Want to get rid of hierarchy in church - why is it only elders who sit on the front row?!

"I want the gays of Sydney sitting next to me".

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Speak tenderly to My people! God has a language for us! Dreams will often give you the same messages but in 3 or 4 different ways. Pray for a dream then wait for another and another and ask God how He is speaking through it and to you. It is helpful to give your dreams a heading. He may and has saved lives through warning dreams and visions!

"The further you get away from My mouth - the further you distort My words!".

5. Throne Room Encounters.

We don't know what we're allowed to do but let Him do whatever He wants! He takes us because He wants to reveal His glory to His people. When Jesus reveals Himself to you - you are changed. It is your fruit and not your knowledge that will authenticate your message. (Revelation 10:9) - Sometimes He may open your mouth and swallow something you find and will understand something that you didn't before.

"Many rooms in many mansions" - He is preparing them so that we can go there NOW and access things we need in life. There is a music room there with unwritten music and supernatural songs to be sung! There is a room with different body parts - legs, arms, hands - waiting to be dispatched!

Encounters will catapault you into another realm. In one tear we are open to the supernatural in a way like never before because our hearts are cracked open.

Ask Him for another tear - experience His love - because He is a revelation you haven't got a heart of stone!

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 7

Thursday 25th October 2007 - AM Session - Fini de Gersigny - "Making Room for God".

The prophetic was really powerfully strong again this morning throughout the worship. It is absolutely true that being in the company of the spirit of prophecy really brings alive the prophetic in so many lives. I saw literally streams of people flooding up to Rob to ask if they could prophesy. I also received a very intense vision about my dear friend Pete and the church he leads - Lansdowne - in London, UK (speaking of which please keep holding him in prayer. He's still not back to full strength from the violent pnuemonia that took him out for 3 weeks). But Fini brought an incredible prophecy that went;

"Open heaven isn't open over a place - it is open over PEOPLE! Where you go - the river will flow! Freely you have received so freely give! It is liquid fire - liquid love - liquid revelation! It is a pillar of fire that will follow you wherever you go!".

That meant so much to me because I have been wondering what the days hold for me as I fly back to the UK and my home and my friends. Will subnormality set back in!? Or will everything I do (blogging, nursing, talking to friends etc) carry an anointing that is tangibly manifest wherever it goes?!

Rob Rufus got up and said something very key about the prophetic. He said;

"The prophetic was always ALWAYS meant to release the glory of God! Don't call it a 'picture' anymore! Call it a vision - a vision of the glory of God".

Fini came to speak;

"The first level is making room for Him yourselves and unbelief and conservatism is behind us and against us. We have been ruined forever by the grace of God. We don't have to wait for a conference or a service for God to come down! Our lives can be high points - we are carriers of the glory! Soak in the glory of God! There must be times of prophetic soaking in God!

(Psalm 34:1) - I will worship Him CONTINUALLY! God wants to put a new song continually on our lips but we have to open our mouths to receive fresh fillings! "A man who sings in a new language edifies himself!". Keep yielding ourselves to Him and we haven't got to push anything.

Too often we are in services and all the spaces are coloured in - we need to learn as worship leaders to leave spaces for God. If we fill in every space with our sermons and our songs then how can God show up? Only God can open blind eyes and touch the brokenhearted and only God can show His glory!

Give God an opportunity to be God - because when God does what only God can do then God gets the glory!

People are left with the sense that whatever is preached and whoever led worship is irrelevant - only that God showed up! Each one of the Spirit's gifts are equal in value (1 Kings 19:11-13). Elijah went up on the mountain and there was a storm, an earthquake and a fire. God can be in a fire (Acts 2) and He can be in an earthquake (Acts 19) but God was here in a still small voice! Where is God? Is He in the song we are singing?

Everyone of us are priests and can hear the voice and feel the Presence of God. All of us are PARTICIPATORS - none of us should be SPECTATORS! We have got to be comfortable hearing the nuances of heaven.

Sometimes an act of foolish obedience activates the Presence of God! "Son are you embarressed by Me? Are you embarressed by My Presence?". Don't inject a spirit of caution into the church! If you have to be asked "Why do I have to be filled" then you have never poured out your life. If you don't get it - you won't get it.

"Filled to the measure with all the fullness of God" - (Ephesians 3:19). There is corporate fullness! You need to exercise your ministry in the sphere of your influence. Make it our aim to receive the Spirit every service! Get into the glory realm so that we can move from the safety of that glory realm! "Ho! You who are thirsty! Come!".

Elders should be more drunk! God is blurring the edges between elders, deacons and people. Some of our most effective priests are not going to be ordained!

We have to make room for JOY! (Isaiah 61:3, Psalm 126) - "Our mouths were filled with laughter". Joy has to be lubricated sometimes! God knows what we need and when to receive a revelation of the joy of God and it is FOREVER! (Acts 9:3-4). Shaking and falling is another manifestation we must face upto. (1 Samuel 19:3-4). Saul spent a day and a night unconcious! Visions and dreams and trances may occur in the Presence of God. We have all heard prophecies.

The language of the Spirit is prophecy, visions and dreams. The language of dreams may be different to visions. It is going to become more and more common!

Prophets are see-ers and see what God is showing us! Deliverance, healing and gifts of the Spirit as well as angelic manifestations.

Angels have always been around but we have only started seeing them recently. Fathers have started appearing in our meetings! Precious jewels have started appearing - why? Because jewels are sent by the Bridegroom to the Bride before the wedding!

There will be miraculous transportation like the evangelist Philip. Songs of deliverance and prophetic songs will start appearing! Multiple conversions - we must get more accustomed to the fact that God will need to increase the numbers who get converted! God is so excited about meeting His people! He is more eager to come than we are to meet Him! What we have received is transferable. (2 Chron 5:11) - "The glory of God filled the temple".

God is restoring David's tabernacle - David took the ark to Mount Zion instead of Moses Tabernacle. Multitudes are being born in Zion! (1 Chron 16) -

"In HIM I am well pleased!". Jesus hadn't performed any miracles by then but God was pleased with Him already because of who He was not what He had done! God is pleased already! He is so delighted in our sacrifices of praise! He is affirming us right now! We will change in His glory as we make ourselves available to Him.

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 6

Wednesday 24th October 2007 - AM Session - Rob Rufus - "Extending the Level of Anointing in Your Life".

Once again the prophetic was powerfully present in the evening session and I am so grateful to God that Fini and Isi de Gersigny took the step to make sure that the prophecies were recorded. The prophetic songs especially were touching a level of the anointing that I have never encountered before. When the CD arrives I will try and transcribe them or make them available in some way. One of the key messages from Rob from this conference was that the prophetic has been ROBBED by the Pharisees and Sadducees and "Couldn't-Sees" and "Wouldn't-Sees" and it MUST be restored at all costs!!

So ...

"I was born again in a Hindu temple by the Presence of God and will never again be satisfied by anything less than the Presence and power of God!

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge effectively - many have knowledge without wisdom. William Branham had a pillar of fire appear in his meeting and it was seen by many. A man's wife who had no organs to conception was there and the pillar of fire moved and touched her and she has had 4 children since! We are not yet seeing the creative signs and wonders of the 1950/60s yet.

We are going into that realm but we need to learn how to bring the grace and the glory of God together. What He does is miracles. Who He is is the glory! We must not be captured by what He does but by who He is.

The Anti-Christ spirit wants to shut down the anointing flowing and use religious people to do that. (Luke 4:14-16). It is hard to go back to the place that you were brought up because they want you to be the same. (v17-21) -

If you say that God moved centuries ago then many will say "Amen!" - if you say that God will move in heaven then religious people will say "Amen!" but if you say "TODAY this Scripture is fulfilled" then the Spirit of Anti-Christ will be stirred up.

(Acts 5:12) - The prototype original church! (v16) - "ALL were healed!" - We are going to have meetings where all - ALL are healed by the Presence of God! That is His will! (Acts 6:8) - "Full of Grace and Power". As soon as power arises then opposition will stick it's ugly head up. The answer to such opposition is to get millions of Christians moving in signs and wonders and miracles and then the devil will be spread so thinly that he can't and won't bother us!

The best thing to do with rumour-mongering (that is guaranteed once you start moving in power!) is to go straight to the source and ask is it true or not?

(Acts 8:4-8) (Acts 10:38) - "Anointed with the Holy Spirit and power" - "under the power of the devil". (Acts 14:3) - We want long term effective ministries! The Kingdom of God is only manifested in the anointing - (Acts 19:11-12).

Sometimes we must do the ridiculous for God to do the miraculous!

Jesus wouldn't be standing on the edge of the Gay Mardi Gras screaming "Sodom and Gomorrah!". He would be walking among them dispensing power and love. Good preaching won't save the millions of the gay community under darkness and rejection. They need power!

I went to London for Gerald Coates to speak to the gay community - many of whom were totally unsaved. I was walking the park praying and pleading for power and God said; "Son I don't want you to speak for more than 10 minutes. Your T-shirt that is full of cow dung ... I have filled it full of break through power and I want you to wave it over the crowd!". God asks ridiculous things of His apostles and prophets and teachers! So preached for 30 minutes with nothing - no response from the crowd. I could only feel hatred coming. I repented publicly in front of them for disobeying God and waved the T-shirt. Three quarters of them fell under the power of God with demons coming screaming out!

Getting into the miraculous isn't for the faint-hearted! You must do it even while your head is screaming "Don't!". People want a release of the power of God but don't want opposition or to look foolish.

We must build congregations who are full of faith for the power of God! If you have people watching you and hoping you will fail then you are in the same company spirit as those at Nazareth who could there let Jesus do no miracles.

What does the anointing do? It sets captives free! It opens prison doors! It brings the year of jubilee! It is worth having! The anointing is tangible! You can sense it and it will manifest! It is heaven's voltage!

When we get super-charged enough, ALL will be healed! We are far too worried about what offends men when we should be far more worried about what offends God! Conservatism offends God! The anointing flows out of people like electricity (Mark 5 - woman with bleeding).

He that doesn't make mistakes - makes nothing. Rather die of drowning trying to walk on water than dying of boredom sitting in the religious boat.

The anointing comes to raise the dead, to get goverment's attention, to capture the attention of nations and it has been around for centuries! Grace does not make us lazy people - it empowers us to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

The finished work of the Cross is the generator of power and anointing. The power lines are the Word of God but the problem comes with the fuse box - our faith. Faith doesn't come in quantity but quality. It is stupid to blame darkness initally on the power station! The first thing you do is to check your fuse. You don't claim that the power station of the finished Work of the Cross has stopped and doesn't do power anymore. The power station is STILL generating the power!

(Mark 5:24-28) - One woman with an issue of blood came to Jesus and has to break two laws to get to Him. She had to be in a public place and she had to steal the anointing. She had a revelation of the transferability of the anointing. She went and pulled the power of God into her! The disciples were totally ignorant of her revelation at that point. Her faith pulled it!

Faith fuse will drop in it's resistance to the anointing by hearing the Word of God! "Faith comes by hearing".

You can and will feel power leaving you when you pray for people. Miracles can heal anyone without faith - even atheists can get healed by faith! Lazarus didn't have any faith to rise from the dead. You need 3 gifts to raise someone from the dead - faith, miracles and healing. Smith Wigglesworth had to throw someone against the wall 3 times before he coughed and was raised from the dead!

When you pray for people, their faith (or lack of) will either activate the anointing in you or surpress it. If you get to a 'dead head' then move on quickly loving them because their lack of faith will kill the anointing quicker than anything! Was it God's will to only heal some and reject others? (Mark 6:53) "ALL who touched it were healed". It is the touch of faith that will heal!


Praise is about what God does but worship is about Who God is. Praise manifests the anointing - miracles, signs and wonders - but worship manifests the glory - Himself. Praise until the spirit of worship comes then worship till the glory comes.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 5

Wednesday 24th October 2007 - AM Session - Rob Rufus

Rob began his message by inviting some people up to come and testify as to what God had done in their lives yesterday when they were under the power of God. A man from South Africa had come forward in response to a word of knowledge and was totally deaf in his left ear. I knew he was because I had spoken to him in one of the sessions and had noted how he positioned himself to hear what I said properly. But God had opened his ear drum!! And he could hear perfectly!!

The second lady came up and shared that she had not been expected to live as a baby. Curses were spoken over her invertently by the doctors saying that she was doomed. I was sitting a few seats along from her and during the ministry time in Fini de Gersigny's session she was laughing uncontrollably and for a very long time! She said that while she had been laughing God had spoken to her and said that He was restoring to her the years of lost laughter while she had been through surgery and hospital!!

Rob then began to teach and preach and it was ... HEAVENLY! (I'm trying to find a new word other than AWESOME! - which is a favourite!). Prepare yourselves ...

"There is a danger of teaching life skills instead of impartation. A man dying in a desert doesn't need the formula of water written down on paper and given to him. It won't save his life! He needs water. The Old Covenant is a covenant of shadows but Jesus Christ is the substance! The shadow must make you look for the substance.

Every preacher and teacher should learn to give up control and know when to stop speaking and let the Holy Spirit take over. Self-control is a fruit of the supernatural.

"Flesh" has 12-13 different interpretations in the Bible and depends on the context. The NIV translates "flesh" as "sinful nature" and it is a misinterpretation. In the context of Galatians - "flesh" means "human effort under law" as opposed to "resting in grace".

Legalists have been getting away with so much because of the lack of context. The New Testament is a love letter from Jesus to the Church - not a prescription for how we should live but a description of how Spirit-filled life makes a difference. "When you walk in the Spirit you won't fulfill the desires of human effort".

We have no gifts of the Spirit - not one -but the One inside us has all gifts - miracles, healings, utterance gifts - tongues and prophecy. A river of life streaming from within us! You can have all nine fruits of the Spirit so why not all nine gifts of the Spirit? The fruit of the Spirit are not your fruit just as the gifts of the Spirit are not your gifts!

Everyone in the church can prophesy, speak in tongues, heal and work miracles, just as everyone can love, be joyful and be self-controlled.

We are to walk in a realm that is even greater than Jesus did! Acts is the lower level of the glory!

If you lose heart you wil set out to lower the Word of God to your experience but God wants us to raise our expectations to the promise of His Spirit.

This is the time of the greatest exodus from the church but they are re-configuring and re-discovering true New Testament grace and glory! We are going to live as free men and give each other wings to fly our dreams! Don't sell out or give in! Don't water down or dilute if people storm out because the Pharisees are trying to break your life and your heart!

The Pharisees don't really know God so are uncomfortable when His glory shows up and so will try and make you look stupid with words of "wisdom" and the voice of reason. Pharisees will shoot arrows of witchcraft into the open hearts of prophets and so prophets have begun to close their hearts to protect themselves. But they can't hear God as well when they do that!

Some of the people closest to you will walk away from you because the voice of reason will shout aloud that you are wrong to step out in faith and to do what you are doing.

New Agers are taking Phds in the supernatural! A psychic prophesied John Kennedy's death and a demon orchestrated it. The devil is overplaying his hand however!

10 billion US dollars are spent on psychics in a year but half of that is spent by Christians in the church who will tell you that the supernatural isn't accepted or welcome in their churches but are desperate for it.

The planet is becoming so precarious and they want transcendent forces to tell them the future. All the New Agers need is a church coming forth in signs and wonders and they will flock in! It isn't about numbers - it is about Him and His PRESENCE! Millions of New Agers are coming our way and God loves the Muslims also! They are looking for God! When the power of God starts manifesting and Jesus starts appearing to Muslims then they will not betray their culture but will embrace Jesus Christ!

Economics are starting to overtake politics in China!

The focus of the Father is on China this day.

(2 Corinthians 4:1) - "This ministry" - what ministry? A ministry of unfading glory - you cannot just listen to grace messages - it must go deeper and deeper! So many Christians lose heart because they cannot take the condemnation.

If you go on feeling condemnation then there are elements of your life yet not set free from the Old Covenant. Apostles can still drift from grace as we saw when Paul had to confront Peter!

Paul had to rebuke him to his face because he knew that Peter's fall would affect many.

If you don't get angry with legalists then you haven't seen grace.

You will never make it if you just live and let live! Haggi and Ishmael bullied Isaac - legalists are bullies and make you feel guilty. There is too much tolerance of them in the Church that Jesus wouldn't have tolerated. We must look them in the eye with the anointing of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and say "You don't know what you are talking about - my Saviour died for me in blood and gore and I stand redeemed and accepted in His sight!!".

Jesus plus nothing equals EVERYTHING - whereas Jesus plus something equals NOTHING. Put grace into law and the law wins. Grace must stand outside human effort.

For you to be rejected by the Father, the Son of God must be rejected by the Father also!

(v6) - Unity won't come by sitting down at a table and negotiating with each other. It is the glory that brings unity! It won't come by meeting together and trying to work it out. In revival you will have difficulty but difficulty won't have you. (v17). "An eternal realm" - doesn't refer to heaven. This is something we have achieved now! (v18) - "What is seen is changed".

In the kingdom of heaven you don't achieve anything - whatever blessing is achieved is all received.

The administration of the Cross is all done by the Holy Spirit. You receive it but you don't achieve it. The devil is behind the trouble! The "light and momentary" trouble! He is the harrasser but he is actually serving us. The troubles are making us aware that life is passing!

Resurrection is more than a doctrine - but victory of life!

The devil is attacking us on a gamble. If you don't understand the grace message and become cynical and upset and downbeaten and disillusioned with God then he has won. But if you understand the grace message and get hurt but turn to the Father and lift up to Him and forgive and release then the trouble will achieve something for you! The devil is taking a gamble - "Maybe they will cancel coming to the Grace and Glory Conference!".

Trouble is momentary and he has failed as we are here!

The greatest revenge against those who trouble you and plot against you is to let them live long enough to see you succeed!

It will come to an end - the only thing that won't come to an end is that with an unfading glory! He wants to give you a mantle of signs and wonders that you will always point to Jesus to manifest eternal glory within you. You don't have to come to church and wear a mask and pretend you are holy!

Aren't you tired of church being a Mask Ball? Some people attack everything because they are afraid of control - of losing it! People who have been hurt by Pharisees in the past will take off their masks very slowly when they feel they are in a safe, secure environment of grace. But if a Pharisee comes in and rubbishes the prophecy they brought or the step of faith they made then that mask will go back on for a very VERY long time.

DON'T LET THE PHARISEES RAPE YOUR PEOPLE. Don't be nice to the Pharisees! Jesus wasn't!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 4 - Angels!!

Wednesday 24th October 2007 - AM Session - Fini de Gersigny

Day 2 of the conference opened with Fini de Gersigny speaking and it was once again powerfully visited by God. So much so that he had to keep stopping and sensitively blessing what God was doing which he did very well. But before I give my slightly jumbled notes, I want to share a prophetic word that Ryan Rufus brought - and the resulting experience. He prophesied;

"Over these days we are going to have increasing encounters with angels. Some of your closest friends will become angelic cherubim of God. You will get to know their names! Heaven is open above us and angels of glory are coming down upon us - columns of angelic messangers and ministers are coming down bringing the glory Presence of God!".

I wondered about whether or not to share this because I don't want to appear arrogant - but in this context of God's lavish and wonderful grace you realise very quickly that nothing that happens in regards to God giving anything has ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING that is in me. It is all because of the empty Cross and the empty tomb! So when faced with the option of whether to keep silent about it for fear of misunderstanding and accusations of arrogance - or whether to share it in faith and hope that this will become an increasing experience of many millions of Christians around the globe - I've got no choice!

As Ryan finished prophesying I became acutely aware of a presence behind me and the only way I can describe that feeling was when my deputy Headmaster at my Christian school I went to would sneak up behind me and I knew he was there somehow before I saw him with my physical eyes. But whereas his approaches were always unpleasant and negative - (mostly. I think he said well done to me once!) - this impending presence was totally different. It was like my back was to the brightest dawning of the sun and I could see glows coming from behind me. And suddenly I knew that my angel was behind me and standing with his arms and hands on my shoulders. I sensed him as a beautiful, huge tall blond figure - powerfully masculine, yet so lovingly tender. He seemed to resemble me in some ways - I noted that he had my eyes which are blue and I knew he had my sense of humour. And as he just stood there, I knew that this wasn't a demonic spirit masquerading as an angel of light because he kept pointing me to the glory cloud that was above even though my temptation was to stare. All he would do is point me and direct me and focus me in worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who sat enthroned above receiving the praises and worship of His people.

So ... with that awesome heavenly experience in context, Fini came to speak. BTW - please do keep reading after the sermon notes have finished! I reflected a bit at this point half way through the conference.

"Blessed are the upright - not the uptight! If you have no joy then you have no strength because the joy of the Lord is your strength! When God gives you a vision He speaks about His purposes - the Church is the supernatural Bride of Christ and;

If you aren't living in the supernatural then you aren't living at all!

(Psalm 84:1) - His dwelling place is now among His people. Without the Presence of God we would die - our lives are nothing without His Presence! We were designed to know and to hear His voice! The reason why we get thirsty presupposes something to meet that need.

The reason why we long for revival and the manifest Presence of God pressupposes that is God's purpose and His pleasure to show up!

There is no division in heaven - only glory! Every time God's glory comes on the earth we are experiencing heaven on earth! We are heavenlings having an earthly experience. God loves your flesh and He wants you to experience His glory in your flesh. If you aren't comfortable with making mistakes then you will experience unfair pressure.

God intended us to know His Presence so we can experience it and lead others into it. You cannot lead others into something that you haven't first experienced!

How do you experience God's Presence? It isn't the point of HOW I experience Him - it is the fact that I DO experience Him. We must tune our bodies to experience Him! New Agers are easy to reach with the gospel of power!

The hardest people to reach are religious people who never experienced God's power and don't want to.

Why did Jesus turn water into wine? It was excessive and it displayed the glory of God! Why does it take people so long to work out whether a move of God is of God?

Let us never attribute a move of the Spirit to the dark side and become guilty of blasphemy.

To be holy is to be enraptured with Jesus Christ. Joy is the outworking of that! "Joy in the Holy Ghost!". If the Father is happy and the Spirit is manifesting the Father's love then we will get happy! If you have to say to your people "God's Presence is here" then He probably isn't because if He is here then the people will know it.

He is a self-manifestation. If He is present then we will know it! We were designed to hear God's voice! He speaks to us because He wants to display His splendour! Why did He make giraffes!? Because He can! We need to learn to delight in the delights of God!

"I was chatting to my Dad this morning and He is crazy about me!!".

That is the gospel! "For God so LOVED the world!". Jealously guard the Presence of God! Treasure and honour the Presence of God! It is God interupting His own meetings!

We took the 1990 move of God in South Africa for granted and went back to our fields and grew up and condemned ourselves to 10 years of barren dryness!

God is doing much more than we are ever aware of! We had Toronto 4 years before it hit Toronto! But we grew up ... don't just go through the "mist tunnel" and think we have to move back into the desert!

Only TODAYS manna will do!

God will move how He wants to move and when He wants to move! Remember the sound of wine in the trees! He has never changed! He never meant it to stop! The river will determine the course of the banks! Father is the initiator - people start to worship when they hear a demon coming out because they don't want it coming into them!!".

A Pause for Thought - Where are We Going?

Fini then moved into worship and simply blessing what God was supernaturally initiating around the room. That is something that is new to me and wonderful to me. We were always warned against the Toronto Blessing in our church that the men in charge were manipulating it and were pushing people over or confusing them with psychic phenomena. I didn't experience the Toronto Blessing first hand so I can't comment on that but I doubt it - I've spoken to far more people who have experienced it and seen lasting fruits in their lives. However this move of God - this move of the Spirit that is surely beginning here doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the guys that are running the meetings. Fini and Isi and Rob generally are still speaking when manifestations start breaking out all over the meeting and they simply bless what God is doing.

When Fini commented on the "10 years of barrenness" that profoundly moved me. My dear friend Pete and I have evaluated the monumental series that Ern Baxter brought at the Dales Bible Week in 1976 - "Where Are We Going?". It was a key point for the Charismatic Movement in the UK because all the charismatic leaders of various groups and movements were there together as one in unity. Ern closed the conference with a solemn message and it was called "The Kadesh Crisis". They had a choice! The people could either go into the land and see the entire earth covered with the glory of God or they could turn around and go back into the wilderness back to their local churches and keep the blessing local. To be sure the blessing would continue and God would continue to baptise in His Spirit. But the world wouldn't be affected.

And my local home church made a choice. I overheard one of the elders of my church talking to a friend of mine when we had become functional cessationist. My friend was bravely asking him why the elders had decided to take the church out of the things of the Holy Spirit and the elder replied; "We had to grow up - we can't keep being woken up at six or five in the morning to go cast out a demon. It can't always be like that". I found that devastingly heart-breaking. I know my dad would agree that as a result of that their generation died (or will die) in the wilderness.

I sense that our generation is approaching Kadesh Barnea again and something different is in the air this time! Our Bible teachers and apostles and prophets are dealing seriously with legalism and religion in professing "grace" churches or movements. Our Bible teachers and apostles and prophets are proclaiming the grace message! Our Bible teachers and apostles and prophets are believing the Word of God when it says that these signs will follow them that believe! Our Bible teachers and apostles and prophets aren't satifisfied with running "safe" little local churches and maybe meeting once a year for some academic cerebral teaching from "specialists" if we are lucky! Our Bible teachers and apostles and prophets have got their sights set on the nations!

The prophetic cry I have heard going up again and again from this conference is this:

"China is Mine! Africa is Mine! Europe is Mine! The United States is Mine! The United Kingdom is Mine! Australia is Mine! The nations are MINE!!".

I don't know how this conference is going to end up - but what we have experienced and heard so far is that the winds of change are in the air! Oh how I pray that our generation - my generation - won't fluff it up and God must with heavy heart bury us too in the desert and look to our children and our childrens children to finish the task to which He has called us and for which He has poured out His Spirit!