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Rob Rufus at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting - Session 2

The notes from the first session are here. Rob came and spoke to the Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting gathering just prior to "Together on a Mission" where he came and ministered in power and God visited us in awesome manifest Presence!

"Who can understand the mystery of impartation?! Please turn to Luke 4 - a well known chapter on the Anointing. The basics done well and consistently is what wins victories. Too often we get too complicated. Everything in the Kingdom of God is the anointing. We do need good wineskins but we need the anointing of God.

Some think that if you can the wineskins right then everything will happen of it's own accord. No the wineskins don't make anything happen. They just facilitate the supernatural anointing of God.

To hear vision articulated so clearly - the Bible says without vision the people lose all restraint. The Bible says that one will put 100's to flight! Imagine what thousands will do! Don't see independent churches operating in isolation. I see churches working together through friendship and relationship with those leaders - working to impact the nations. There is no other option in Scripture! It is very clear! The glory will come back on the shoulders of the priests - not on a Philistine cart.

Many revivals come to an end because men attempt to bring the glory back on a Philistine cart and it ends abruptly in judgement.

The anointing is so powerful - it can be transferred by our faith or by people's faith. God sometimes operates on His own and without people's faith. God can act on His own sovereign initiative. Everything that is happening does not just depend on our faith.

It's better felt than telt!

You cannot walk up to every Jehovah witness and see him fall under the power of God! Sometimes they need faith - but sometimes God decides to act on His own initiative. We will see an increased regularity of God doing sovereign acts of power in our lives and in our churches. Faith to receive the anointing and give it away. Paul was preaching in Lystria and perceived in his spirit that a man had faith to be healed and told him to stand and be healed! We need to preach in a way that raises faith and preach with faith and expectation. We can get cripples walking, dead hearing, blind seeing, dead raised - mighty signs and wonders just through our faith!

(Luke 4:14) "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me to ...". The dynamic power of the anointing is in the now! Let's answer four questions about the anointing of God?

1. What does the anointing of God do?

Wonderful things! It heals the broken hearted! Travel on the Underground and you look into the eyes of many who are haunted. The anointing heals the broken hearted! Those who have grown up in dysfunctional homes. It brings the favour and provison of God - it destroys the yokes upon our necks! It is given to us to replace the spirit of heaviness! The anointing manifests blessing in marriages and parents but most of all ...

The anointing brings us into close intimacy with our King.

2. What is the anointing of God?

The anointing of God is God's Presence and power made manifest. We know that God is present everywhere but we know that He is not manifest everywhere. We can be in meetings where God is not manifest.

Don't be comfortable in an atmosphere where Pharisees and Sadducees and Couldnt-Sees and Wouldn't-Sees are! It's not enough simply to know your wife is "there".

The hardest fast you can go on is against negativity!

Don't spend all your time talking about what God ISNT doing - spend time talking about what e IS doing! When you agree with the realm of darkness that is wanting to minimise the manifest Presence of God you invite them into your life.

3. How is the anointing conducted?

The anointing of God is tangible! By tangible I mean it is discernible and detectable to your senses. God is tangible! Call the anointing "Heavenly materiality".

God's realm is not etherial! When that future age breaks into the time-space world (which is what revivals are) God comes in in the eternal realm and it is tangible! You have five spiritual senses! Taste and see that the Lord is good! The pure in heart will see God! We can smell the aroma of Christ.

The anointing consecrates us to go into the Presence of God.

The anointing is the power for ministry and the glory is who God is. When the glory comes you don't need the anointing anymore because God comes and takes over. The anointing can be transferred like electricity. Electricity was never invented! It was here from the beginning of time yet man wasn't aware of it!

The anointing of God has been around for millenium yet so much of the Church is living in primitive settings trying to survive this evil age when power is available to us!

(Mark 5:24+) Repetition brings revelation and we need to hear things. The anointing can grow in reputation within our ranks until we will see an increase until people come to our churches expecting the miraculous. "If I touch His clothes I will be healed ... she felt ... Jesus realised that power had gone out from Him ... who touched Me?". This could have been a sovereign act of God but it wasn't. It was human faith activating the dormant power in Jesus. She wasn't waiting for a guru to come and lay hands on her. Much of the revelation of Hebrew culture knew that the anointing can be transferred through cloths - she remembered it, yet many had forgotten.

She pressed through the crowds under a sentence of death under the law. She can't come to Jesus publicly and say pray for her. She had to steal a healing from Jesus. She had to break the law to get a healing! She had to pull the heavenly conductible anointing from Him to her. She made a demand on the sovereignity of God's power and pulled it out of the Son of the Most High God yet did it secretly.

When you pray for the sick who are waiting in faith know the power of God leave you. It doesn't matter what happens publicly - you know when power is flowing out of you and you know when it is bouncing off them through unbelief.

The wrong concepts form a contraception to the impartation of God.

You can coach people to become free from wrong concepts so they can be free and receive the power they need. There are so many fads about how to lose weight. The big thing today is the Mediterrean diet - but someone is making a lot of money out of this! All these people were all on the Mediterrean diet when Jesus was healing!

The touch of curiosity didn't pull the power out - the touch of hope didn't pull the power out - even the touch of desperation didn't. But woman made a demand on the power of God and He said "Who touched Me?". Her touch!

Those disciples had no revelation of the concept that she knew. She knew more than they did! Her touch of faith - faith in operation like this is the inheritance of every believer. We cannot sit around waiting for sovereign moves!

The touch of faith pulls the power of the sovereign God and the more we touch Him with faith, the more He will come soverignly and do things beyond our faith.

(Mark 6) "He could there do NO miracles". Jesus marvels at unbelief and the only two He said had great faith were non-Jews outside of the covenant. This was because they weren't labouring under the condemnation of the Law. They weren't trying to merit the anointing of God! Yet in His own home town He couldn't do any miracles. The time is coming when we find it easier to do miracles among the heathen rather than churches.

Some churches are going to become bastions of unbelief saying that the day of miracles is past.

The river of God in Ezekiel gets so deep that in the end we cannot walk but get carried and pagans will respond more easily than bastions of unbelief in Churches. There is nothing wrong with you if in certain contexts you cannot get miracles going. We must train and equip our congregations to flow and move in faith so that the atmosphere is charged with expectation. Notice in Mark 6 a whole different scenario. One person was healed out of thousands because of a touch of faith.

The reputation of the anointing will so increase that faith rises in the community in our cities and in our towns and in our local churches.

(Mark 6:53). People recognised Jesus and ran to Him placing the sick in marketplaces and begged Him to touch them and "ALL who touched Him were healed". This was 100% results! This proves that it is God's will to heal ALL!

We can become like a centipide in the paralysis of analysis wondering which leg to put forward first and never get going! There are some areas which are mysteries - but the Bible says that it is God's will that all be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.

(Acts 5) says again "they were all healed" and that was when Jesus was back in heaven!

Rather go for "ALL" being healed and live with the pain than live with a theology comfortable with dead orthodoxy.

Kathryn Kuhlman admitted that she wept with grief at the wheelchairs taken out and weren't healed but we must live with the tension that Jesus showed. He was constantly comissioning and activitating. This isn't about our reputation! Some of the greatest healings I have ever seen was in response to a message preached on all the failures I have seen!

Holy Spirit wants to release that tangible heavenly voltage. There is always a danger of hope deferred makes the heart sick but July last year we said we have come to inherit the promises.

I am hearing prophetically again and again that last year was a place of re-positioning but this year is a place of posessing the promises. God said to me prior to my coming here; "When you go to the UK don't tell them how much more bombarding they have got to do - churches are positioned - NOW they have the faith to posess promises".

God never anoints passivity and apathy! God loves the passion that rips holes in roofs to get to the atmosphere and evironment of the anointing! Don't want to be part of the Joshua generation! Be a David generation! Be the restoration of David's volunteers!

This is our hour! This is our day! All things are possible to them who believe and with God all things are possible! Move by Your mighty anointing oh God!

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