Friday, 26 October 2007

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 7

Thursday 25th October 2007 - AM Session - Fini de Gersigny - "Making Room for God".

The prophetic was really powerfully strong again this morning throughout the worship. It is absolutely true that being in the company of the spirit of prophecy really brings alive the prophetic in so many lives. I saw literally streams of people flooding up to Rob to ask if they could prophesy. I also received a very intense vision about my dear friend Pete and the church he leads - Lansdowne - in London, UK (speaking of which please keep holding him in prayer. He's still not back to full strength from the violent pnuemonia that took him out for 3 weeks). But Fini brought an incredible prophecy that went;

"Open heaven isn't open over a place - it is open over PEOPLE! Where you go - the river will flow! Freely you have received so freely give! It is liquid fire - liquid love - liquid revelation! It is a pillar of fire that will follow you wherever you go!".

That meant so much to me because I have been wondering what the days hold for me as I fly back to the UK and my home and my friends. Will subnormality set back in!? Or will everything I do (blogging, nursing, talking to friends etc) carry an anointing that is tangibly manifest wherever it goes?!

Rob Rufus got up and said something very key about the prophetic. He said;

"The prophetic was always ALWAYS meant to release the glory of God! Don't call it a 'picture' anymore! Call it a vision - a vision of the glory of God".

Fini came to speak;

"The first level is making room for Him yourselves and unbelief and conservatism is behind us and against us. We have been ruined forever by the grace of God. We don't have to wait for a conference or a service for God to come down! Our lives can be high points - we are carriers of the glory! Soak in the glory of God! There must be times of prophetic soaking in God!

(Psalm 34:1) - I will worship Him CONTINUALLY! God wants to put a new song continually on our lips but we have to open our mouths to receive fresh fillings! "A man who sings in a new language edifies himself!". Keep yielding ourselves to Him and we haven't got to push anything.

Too often we are in services and all the spaces are coloured in - we need to learn as worship leaders to leave spaces for God. If we fill in every space with our sermons and our songs then how can God show up? Only God can open blind eyes and touch the brokenhearted and only God can show His glory!

Give God an opportunity to be God - because when God does what only God can do then God gets the glory!

People are left with the sense that whatever is preached and whoever led worship is irrelevant - only that God showed up! Each one of the Spirit's gifts are equal in value (1 Kings 19:11-13). Elijah went up on the mountain and there was a storm, an earthquake and a fire. God can be in a fire (Acts 2) and He can be in an earthquake (Acts 19) but God was here in a still small voice! Where is God? Is He in the song we are singing?

Everyone of us are priests and can hear the voice and feel the Presence of God. All of us are PARTICIPATORS - none of us should be SPECTATORS! We have got to be comfortable hearing the nuances of heaven.

Sometimes an act of foolish obedience activates the Presence of God! "Son are you embarressed by Me? Are you embarressed by My Presence?". Don't inject a spirit of caution into the church! If you have to be asked "Why do I have to be filled" then you have never poured out your life. If you don't get it - you won't get it.

"Filled to the measure with all the fullness of God" - (Ephesians 3:19). There is corporate fullness! You need to exercise your ministry in the sphere of your influence. Make it our aim to receive the Spirit every service! Get into the glory realm so that we can move from the safety of that glory realm! "Ho! You who are thirsty! Come!".

Elders should be more drunk! God is blurring the edges between elders, deacons and people. Some of our most effective priests are not going to be ordained!

We have to make room for JOY! (Isaiah 61:3, Psalm 126) - "Our mouths were filled with laughter". Joy has to be lubricated sometimes! God knows what we need and when to receive a revelation of the joy of God and it is FOREVER! (Acts 9:3-4). Shaking and falling is another manifestation we must face upto. (1 Samuel 19:3-4). Saul spent a day and a night unconcious! Visions and dreams and trances may occur in the Presence of God. We have all heard prophecies.

The language of the Spirit is prophecy, visions and dreams. The language of dreams may be different to visions. It is going to become more and more common!

Prophets are see-ers and see what God is showing us! Deliverance, healing and gifts of the Spirit as well as angelic manifestations.

Angels have always been around but we have only started seeing them recently. Fathers have started appearing in our meetings! Precious jewels have started appearing - why? Because jewels are sent by the Bridegroom to the Bride before the wedding!

There will be miraculous transportation like the evangelist Philip. Songs of deliverance and prophetic songs will start appearing! Multiple conversions - we must get more accustomed to the fact that God will need to increase the numbers who get converted! God is so excited about meeting His people! He is more eager to come than we are to meet Him! What we have received is transferable. (2 Chron 5:11) - "The glory of God filled the temple".

God is restoring David's tabernacle - David took the ark to Mount Zion instead of Moses Tabernacle. Multitudes are being born in Zion! (1 Chron 16) -

"In HIM I am well pleased!". Jesus hadn't performed any miracles by then but God was pleased with Him already because of who He was not what He had done! God is pleased already! He is so delighted in our sacrifices of praise! He is affirming us right now! We will change in His glory as we make ourselves available to Him.

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