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Grace and Glory Conference - Session 5

Wednesday 24th October 2007 - AM Session - Rob Rufus

Rob began his message by inviting some people up to come and testify as to what God had done in their lives yesterday when they were under the power of God. A man from South Africa had come forward in response to a word of knowledge and was totally deaf in his left ear. I knew he was because I had spoken to him in one of the sessions and had noted how he positioned himself to hear what I said properly. But God had opened his ear drum!! And he could hear perfectly!!

The second lady came up and shared that she had not been expected to live as a baby. Curses were spoken over her invertently by the doctors saying that she was doomed. I was sitting a few seats along from her and during the ministry time in Fini de Gersigny's session she was laughing uncontrollably and for a very long time! She said that while she had been laughing God had spoken to her and said that He was restoring to her the years of lost laughter while she had been through surgery and hospital!!

Rob then began to teach and preach and it was ... HEAVENLY! (I'm trying to find a new word other than AWESOME! - which is a favourite!). Prepare yourselves ...

"There is a danger of teaching life skills instead of impartation. A man dying in a desert doesn't need the formula of water written down on paper and given to him. It won't save his life! He needs water. The Old Covenant is a covenant of shadows but Jesus Christ is the substance! The shadow must make you look for the substance.

Every preacher and teacher should learn to give up control and know when to stop speaking and let the Holy Spirit take over. Self-control is a fruit of the supernatural.

"Flesh" has 12-13 different interpretations in the Bible and depends on the context. The NIV translates "flesh" as "sinful nature" and it is a misinterpretation. In the context of Galatians - "flesh" means "human effort under law" as opposed to "resting in grace".

Legalists have been getting away with so much because of the lack of context. The New Testament is a love letter from Jesus to the Church - not a prescription for how we should live but a description of how Spirit-filled life makes a difference. "When you walk in the Spirit you won't fulfill the desires of human effort".

We have no gifts of the Spirit - not one -but the One inside us has all gifts - miracles, healings, utterance gifts - tongues and prophecy. A river of life streaming from within us! You can have all nine fruits of the Spirit so why not all nine gifts of the Spirit? The fruit of the Spirit are not your fruit just as the gifts of the Spirit are not your gifts!

Everyone in the church can prophesy, speak in tongues, heal and work miracles, just as everyone can love, be joyful and be self-controlled.

We are to walk in a realm that is even greater than Jesus did! Acts is the lower level of the glory!

If you lose heart you wil set out to lower the Word of God to your experience but God wants us to raise our expectations to the promise of His Spirit.

This is the time of the greatest exodus from the church but they are re-configuring and re-discovering true New Testament grace and glory! We are going to live as free men and give each other wings to fly our dreams! Don't sell out or give in! Don't water down or dilute if people storm out because the Pharisees are trying to break your life and your heart!

The Pharisees don't really know God so are uncomfortable when His glory shows up and so will try and make you look stupid with words of "wisdom" and the voice of reason. Pharisees will shoot arrows of witchcraft into the open hearts of prophets and so prophets have begun to close their hearts to protect themselves. But they can't hear God as well when they do that!

Some of the people closest to you will walk away from you because the voice of reason will shout aloud that you are wrong to step out in faith and to do what you are doing.

New Agers are taking Phds in the supernatural! A psychic prophesied John Kennedy's death and a demon orchestrated it. The devil is overplaying his hand however!

10 billion US dollars are spent on psychics in a year but half of that is spent by Christians in the church who will tell you that the supernatural isn't accepted or welcome in their churches but are desperate for it.

The planet is becoming so precarious and they want transcendent forces to tell them the future. All the New Agers need is a church coming forth in signs and wonders and they will flock in! It isn't about numbers - it is about Him and His PRESENCE! Millions of New Agers are coming our way and God loves the Muslims also! They are looking for God! When the power of God starts manifesting and Jesus starts appearing to Muslims then they will not betray their culture but will embrace Jesus Christ!

Economics are starting to overtake politics in China!

The focus of the Father is on China this day.

(2 Corinthians 4:1) - "This ministry" - what ministry? A ministry of unfading glory - you cannot just listen to grace messages - it must go deeper and deeper! So many Christians lose heart because they cannot take the condemnation.

If you go on feeling condemnation then there are elements of your life yet not set free from the Old Covenant. Apostles can still drift from grace as we saw when Paul had to confront Peter!

Paul had to rebuke him to his face because he knew that Peter's fall would affect many.

If you don't get angry with legalists then you haven't seen grace.

You will never make it if you just live and let live! Haggi and Ishmael bullied Isaac - legalists are bullies and make you feel guilty. There is too much tolerance of them in the Church that Jesus wouldn't have tolerated. We must look them in the eye with the anointing of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and say "You don't know what you are talking about - my Saviour died for me in blood and gore and I stand redeemed and accepted in His sight!!".

Jesus plus nothing equals EVERYTHING - whereas Jesus plus something equals NOTHING. Put grace into law and the law wins. Grace must stand outside human effort.

For you to be rejected by the Father, the Son of God must be rejected by the Father also!

(v6) - Unity won't come by sitting down at a table and negotiating with each other. It is the glory that brings unity! It won't come by meeting together and trying to work it out. In revival you will have difficulty but difficulty won't have you. (v17). "An eternal realm" - doesn't refer to heaven. This is something we have achieved now! (v18) - "What is seen is changed".

In the kingdom of heaven you don't achieve anything - whatever blessing is achieved is all received.

The administration of the Cross is all done by the Holy Spirit. You receive it but you don't achieve it. The devil is behind the trouble! The "light and momentary" trouble! He is the harrasser but he is actually serving us. The troubles are making us aware that life is passing!

Resurrection is more than a doctrine - but victory of life!

The devil is attacking us on a gamble. If you don't understand the grace message and become cynical and upset and downbeaten and disillusioned with God then he has won. But if you understand the grace message and get hurt but turn to the Father and lift up to Him and forgive and release then the trouble will achieve something for you! The devil is taking a gamble - "Maybe they will cancel coming to the Grace and Glory Conference!".

Trouble is momentary and he has failed as we are here!

The greatest revenge against those who trouble you and plot against you is to let them live long enough to see you succeed!

It will come to an end - the only thing that won't come to an end is that with an unfading glory! He wants to give you a mantle of signs and wonders that you will always point to Jesus to manifest eternal glory within you. You don't have to come to church and wear a mask and pretend you are holy!

Aren't you tired of church being a Mask Ball? Some people attack everything because they are afraid of control - of losing it! People who have been hurt by Pharisees in the past will take off their masks very slowly when they feel they are in a safe, secure environment of grace. But if a Pharisee comes in and rubbishes the prophecy they brought or the step of faith they made then that mask will go back on for a very VERY long time.

DON'T LET THE PHARISEES RAPE YOUR PEOPLE. Don't be nice to the Pharisees! Jesus wasn't!

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