Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 3

Tuesday 23rd October PM Session - Isi de Gersigny

The evening session of the conference was one that I was really looking forward to with expectation as I have heard Rob Rufus make reference to Isi a couple of times and always with great esteem. Her message as you will see wasn't classic teaching - but the conference isn't about classic teaching at all. This conference is about divine impartation and in that her message ticked EVERY box! At the end of her time she began to move into incredible prophetic ministry and I took notes where I could. My object is to stir and encourage the prophetic wherever these notes are read - The reason for that is something that Rob himself said about her and what we can learn from her. He said;

"Isi is a true prophet and you can get the overflow of that into your heart. As she prophesies, the prophetic gift in you revs up. We need a revival of the prophetic because it has virtually been destroyed in the church! So as she prophesies and we receive out of that overflow, we will leave her tonight moving up onto a higher level of the prophetic".

I was so SO grateful that he said that because as Isi began to prophesy, I did indeed slip into the trap that he was helping us guard against and sink into something of a "poor-old-me" state of mind that Isi was calling out many other people by name but I wasn't mentioned. As soon as Rob said that I could sit up higher and indeed wonder at what God was doing through His faithful servant and find my own prophetic spirit stirring and getting excited! God only knows how I can put that to use when I return home!

But I am jumping ahead of myself - here are the notes from her session:

(Luke 10:19+) - Prayers we see in the Bible are the Father's will and are coming to pass. Saw a vision of a golden cone and the Trinity were standing like 3 with their arms together facing inwards and each other and in the centre was a molten gold glory pool. On Jesus back was the Book of Life with our names on it. Pride is basically the concept that it was all our idea. Yet I started with Him! I was my Father in heaven's idea even before I was my parents!

Saw a vision of a robe with each name engraved differently on it in beautiful gold calligraphy and He said; "I view you as My victory!". He is bringing us out of orphan mentality and into a realization that we are born in Zion!!

The Lord is going to dismember our hierarchial thinking this week and is saying to us; "The closer you are to a newborn needing Me, the closer you are to understanding". (v21) - Our Dad gets a kick out of hiding things from people who think they should understand it. God was irresponsible enough to reveal Himself to children who mess up! The Trinity is real and gloriously united!

The Trinity aren't worried about the church, the state of your finances or even you! He sees churches all the same - He doesn't grade them and isn't impressed by taller or smaller churches, bigger or littler. It is the foundation of rock that really counts! Even if one person has a greater anointing for a greater task - it doesn't make them more important in His site!

What is coming on the earth is so overwhealmingly full of His love that we will not be able to grade it as before - it will be an apostolic/prophetic ministry with a childlike spirit that will bring the world to it's knees!

(Luke 10) - the 72 came back to Him. Don't be so interested in where your name is displayed. When God puts His Spirit on you, you don't measure things to the same grade. It is as powerful to keep your mouth shut about yourself as it is to declare the wonders of God.

Worship isn't something you do - it is something you BECOME.

"No man can come to the Father except through Me". So don't stay in front of the Son all the time confessing your sin! The whole object is to get to the Father! The measure of your unbelief is how far you think He is away from you.

He wants union by revealing Himself! Mary and Martha's story was all about revealtion. Repentance is so powerful that you never want to go back! I cannot go a MOMENT without His Presence! He isn't just the cherry on the ice cream - He is the whole dairy farm! As He is - so we are in this world.


To a man who brought a spiritual song that was wonderful in the worship:

"Your songs and the simplicity of your songs will break places open and you will move in all waters reaching and touching children everywhere. Gold will come from your hands and gold will come from your mouth. The shutters of your eyes will be open to His glory and you have looked into His eyes and He can communicate with you just by a look".

To another man:

"There is going to be accelaration of vision and dreams in this day. What you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Churches will be birthed in a day!".

To a couple with a church in New Zealand:

"There is a prophetic pregnancy over New Zealand! Going to jump before you think in acts of God - leap out! People will come from other ministries and a fresh wave of apostolic/prophetic will sweep the nation! An angel has been apportioned to bring breakthrough for this month! You will crush things in your way - things won't crush you! A new music sound will come from within your midst that will shock nations. I decree over your place; "Open Parking!".

To a man:

"Your offerings have gone up like a sweet fragrance - you will see sermons will be sung with a sweet song - God is bringing the wheels of ministry into alignment. There are big keys of faith that will open big doors for big breakthrough!".

Then she mentioned a word of teaching that was so helpful;

"Whenever something is real to you, you will know Him better. Revelation reveals Him better but condemnation puts the veil back and distances Him".

Then there was an amazing moment where both Fini and Isi got the women in the conference to rise up and stand together: "Daughters of Zion need to rise up!". Isi brought some very tender and loving but absolutely accurate words to some of the women standing around the place - dealing with and setting free from condemnation that has been put on them by church leaders, by men. I saw many many women laughing with joy, shaking under the power of God or weeping. It was a truly holy moment and it just brought such thrill to my heart!

So Day 1 is done!

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