Friday, 26 October 2007

Grace and Glory Conference - Session 8

Thursday 25th October 2007 - AM Session - Isi de Gersigny - "Spirit of Revelation - River of Revelation".

Before Isi came up to speak, Rob Rufus excited us all considerably by announcing that he was going to host an extra session - a Question and Answer Session on the themes of Grace and Glory!! It was to be held at 17:30 just before the evening session. Rob said;

"We believe the Bible is very consistent on the theme of grace and you will find it running through the Bible like a golden thread".

I think this is something that I hugely respect about Rob. I've encountered and heard of many who move in the miraculous before and manifestations follow their ministry, but I have always been on the hunt for men of God and women of God who will marry Word and Spirit together. Rob is such a man. He doesn't just believe what he believes based on experience but is prepared to go to the Word of God and find out why he should believe it.

Rob then invited Isi up to speak again for the last time in the conference;

"You give yourself permission to drink as deep as you so desire -we are quite safe under the shadow of His wings.

Knowledge can be learnt but revelation is given.

Wisdom that comes from God is hope! God doesn't give visions in one shot - He wants fellowship with you so He plays a game and then hides. You have to press through. Wisdom is the choice to press through and keep saying "Yes!". The "No" to God invites principalities and powers in so even when you are bewildered, keep saying "Yes" and trusting in Him!

Sometimes a revelation is a snapshot and you ask "What was that about?!". You have to go to the river and develop it! Revelation will connect parts of the Word of God that you have never seen connected before. Wisdom is the ways of God. The revelation you receive on earth, you will in heaven. You want the weight of His glory? Walk in the good things He has given!

1. Words of Knowledge and Wisdom. The spirit of discernment is not suspicion! Find the books which teach and encourage what you are experiencing! God foreknew these days when technology advances so much to make these things available. "Knowledge" is something you could have previously never known.

2. Angelic Visitations. Acts is full of this! There are so many angels it is amazing we don't see them more often! Angels who come and minister healing have been seen prophetically to have red crosses on their shoulders like the Red Cross officials!

3. Prophetic Symbolism. God spoke very powerfully to me once through road signs in Sydney! "Coronation Exit" x 4! "Queen Street" then turned left into "Wesley Street" passing by a billboard for "Dominion Construction". Who are we to limit God?! There is much bizarre prophetic symbolism in the Old Testament - Ezekiel having to lie on his side for 40 days! Our foundations are in heaven - (Colossians 1:11) was very important to me when I kept being woken up at 11:01! "Great endurance".

"The kingdom of God cannot be shaken! He is shaking everything else so that we will look to see the unshakeable!

4. Visions (Acts 2). Wait on words and allow a divine exchange to happen. Don't always be so eager to spew them out of your mouth. God instructed the prophets to eat the scroll and allow it to linger in their mouths before speaking. "Clothed with power" - this was something tangible! "This was that" - Peter was receiving revelation. Give yourself chances. Don't write yourself off! If it could be God - give it a chance. Self-righteousness means you've got to be right all the time. This is not a formula - this is Book of Acts! God is God and we are not!

Apostles and prophets are going to be like twins in the glory realm - not identical but knowing what each other are thinking and feeling. We have been so harsh on prophetic people but no one ever talks about weird or domineering pastors!

Want to get rid of hierarchy in church - why is it only elders who sit on the front row?!

"I want the gays of Sydney sitting next to me".

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Speak tenderly to My people! God has a language for us! Dreams will often give you the same messages but in 3 or 4 different ways. Pray for a dream then wait for another and another and ask God how He is speaking through it and to you. It is helpful to give your dreams a heading. He may and has saved lives through warning dreams and visions!

"The further you get away from My mouth - the further you distort My words!".

5. Throne Room Encounters.

We don't know what we're allowed to do but let Him do whatever He wants! He takes us because He wants to reveal His glory to His people. When Jesus reveals Himself to you - you are changed. It is your fruit and not your knowledge that will authenticate your message. (Revelation 10:9) - Sometimes He may open your mouth and swallow something you find and will understand something that you didn't before.

"Many rooms in many mansions" - He is preparing them so that we can go there NOW and access things we need in life. There is a music room there with unwritten music and supernatural songs to be sung! There is a room with different body parts - legs, arms, hands - waiting to be dispatched!

Encounters will catapault you into another realm. In one tear we are open to the supernatural in a way like never before because our hearts are cracked open.

Ask Him for another tear - experience His love - because He is a revelation you haven't got a heart of stone!

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