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Grace and Glory Conference - Session 6

Wednesday 24th October 2007 - AM Session - Rob Rufus - "Extending the Level of Anointing in Your Life".

Once again the prophetic was powerfully present in the evening session and I am so grateful to God that Fini and Isi de Gersigny took the step to make sure that the prophecies were recorded. The prophetic songs especially were touching a level of the anointing that I have never encountered before. When the CD arrives I will try and transcribe them or make them available in some way. One of the key messages from Rob from this conference was that the prophetic has been ROBBED by the Pharisees and Sadducees and "Couldn't-Sees" and "Wouldn't-Sees" and it MUST be restored at all costs!!

So ...

"I was born again in a Hindu temple by the Presence of God and will never again be satisfied by anything less than the Presence and power of God!

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge effectively - many have knowledge without wisdom. William Branham had a pillar of fire appear in his meeting and it was seen by many. A man's wife who had no organs to conception was there and the pillar of fire moved and touched her and she has had 4 children since! We are not yet seeing the creative signs and wonders of the 1950/60s yet.

We are going into that realm but we need to learn how to bring the grace and the glory of God together. What He does is miracles. Who He is is the glory! We must not be captured by what He does but by who He is.

The Anti-Christ spirit wants to shut down the anointing flowing and use religious people to do that. (Luke 4:14-16). It is hard to go back to the place that you were brought up because they want you to be the same. (v17-21) -

If you say that God moved centuries ago then many will say "Amen!" - if you say that God will move in heaven then religious people will say "Amen!" but if you say "TODAY this Scripture is fulfilled" then the Spirit of Anti-Christ will be stirred up.

(Acts 5:12) - The prototype original church! (v16) - "ALL were healed!" - We are going to have meetings where all - ALL are healed by the Presence of God! That is His will! (Acts 6:8) - "Full of Grace and Power". As soon as power arises then opposition will stick it's ugly head up. The answer to such opposition is to get millions of Christians moving in signs and wonders and miracles and then the devil will be spread so thinly that he can't and won't bother us!

The best thing to do with rumour-mongering (that is guaranteed once you start moving in power!) is to go straight to the source and ask is it true or not?

(Acts 8:4-8) (Acts 10:38) - "Anointed with the Holy Spirit and power" - "under the power of the devil". (Acts 14:3) - We want long term effective ministries! The Kingdom of God is only manifested in the anointing - (Acts 19:11-12).

Sometimes we must do the ridiculous for God to do the miraculous!

Jesus wouldn't be standing on the edge of the Gay Mardi Gras screaming "Sodom and Gomorrah!". He would be walking among them dispensing power and love. Good preaching won't save the millions of the gay community under darkness and rejection. They need power!

I went to London for Gerald Coates to speak to the gay community - many of whom were totally unsaved. I was walking the park praying and pleading for power and God said; "Son I don't want you to speak for more than 10 minutes. Your T-shirt that is full of cow dung ... I have filled it full of break through power and I want you to wave it over the crowd!". God asks ridiculous things of His apostles and prophets and teachers! So preached for 30 minutes with nothing - no response from the crowd. I could only feel hatred coming. I repented publicly in front of them for disobeying God and waved the T-shirt. Three quarters of them fell under the power of God with demons coming screaming out!

Getting into the miraculous isn't for the faint-hearted! You must do it even while your head is screaming "Don't!". People want a release of the power of God but don't want opposition or to look foolish.

We must build congregations who are full of faith for the power of God! If you have people watching you and hoping you will fail then you are in the same company spirit as those at Nazareth who could there let Jesus do no miracles.

What does the anointing do? It sets captives free! It opens prison doors! It brings the year of jubilee! It is worth having! The anointing is tangible! You can sense it and it will manifest! It is heaven's voltage!

When we get super-charged enough, ALL will be healed! We are far too worried about what offends men when we should be far more worried about what offends God! Conservatism offends God! The anointing flows out of people like electricity (Mark 5 - woman with bleeding).

He that doesn't make mistakes - makes nothing. Rather die of drowning trying to walk on water than dying of boredom sitting in the religious boat.

The anointing comes to raise the dead, to get goverment's attention, to capture the attention of nations and it has been around for centuries! Grace does not make us lazy people - it empowers us to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

The finished work of the Cross is the generator of power and anointing. The power lines are the Word of God but the problem comes with the fuse box - our faith. Faith doesn't come in quantity but quality. It is stupid to blame darkness initally on the power station! The first thing you do is to check your fuse. You don't claim that the power station of the finished Work of the Cross has stopped and doesn't do power anymore. The power station is STILL generating the power!

(Mark 5:24-28) - One woman with an issue of blood came to Jesus and has to break two laws to get to Him. She had to be in a public place and she had to steal the anointing. She had a revelation of the transferability of the anointing. She went and pulled the power of God into her! The disciples were totally ignorant of her revelation at that point. Her faith pulled it!

Faith fuse will drop in it's resistance to the anointing by hearing the Word of God! "Faith comes by hearing".

You can and will feel power leaving you when you pray for people. Miracles can heal anyone without faith - even atheists can get healed by faith! Lazarus didn't have any faith to rise from the dead. You need 3 gifts to raise someone from the dead - faith, miracles and healing. Smith Wigglesworth had to throw someone against the wall 3 times before he coughed and was raised from the dead!

When you pray for people, their faith (or lack of) will either activate the anointing in you or surpress it. If you get to a 'dead head' then move on quickly loving them because their lack of faith will kill the anointing quicker than anything! Was it God's will to only heal some and reject others? (Mark 6:53) "ALL who touched it were healed". It is the touch of faith that will heal!


Praise is about what God does but worship is about Who God is. Praise manifests the anointing - miracles, signs and wonders - but worship manifests the glory - Himself. Praise until the spirit of worship comes then worship till the glory comes.

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