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Rob Rufus at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting - Session 1

Rob Rufus came and spoke at 3 sessions at the Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting event prior to "Together on a Mission 2007". Sarah D reported on the sessions here and here. Here are my notes from the first session.

Something is happening in the spiritual realm that is letting us know that our heart's longing is not insane. The homing dove of the Holy Spirit knows how to get home to the throne room of heaven. Every prayer - not one shall be missed! Every prayer shall be recovered by God Himself. (John 14). I feel a palpable sense of affirmation here that we could ever dream of coming up with what is expected but we don't have to! Feel like a fraud because lead a small church in Hong Kong and feel so overwhealmed here to be speaking.

After 4 years of being a Christian and the only thing I have got going for me is to meet the Holy Spirit in 1981 and He became my dearest friend - that encounter was more esquisite to me than anything anyone had told me. Got a video of Kathryn Kuhlman and she said "I would not go across the street to listen to Kathryn Kuhlman - it's the Holy Spirit". That statement led me on a quest to encounter the Holy Spirit. "If He doesn't turn up then nothing can happen. I need Him". It's about knowing Him as a Person. "Holy Spirit - Kathryn Kuhlman knows You as a Person and I want to know You in the same way".

We don't use the Holy Spirit - the Holy Spirit uses us.

I want to talk about the Presence of the anointing that comes on large gatherings. Second session - want to talk about ministering one on one to people the power of the anointing. In this session we want to talk about having the anointing of God coming on whole meetings. Smith Wigglesworth would see children healed simply as he walked by because something was emenating from him. We are coming into times when the radiance of God's glory will eminate over mile and 100 mile radiuses.

We must pray for whole cities and regions to be covered in glory clouds of the Presence of God!

We must desire for the glory cloud to cover us so that nations are affected. "Preach My Cross not in the wisdom of man but in the demonstration of power". One on one is great and knocking on doors is fine but we need a time to come when the glory of God covers towns and villages. We don't have enough time for the techniques of man.

God must come and overwhelm a nation in this time otherwise we will see millions lost! Europe will have no defence against the power of God when God moves in power in the United Kingdom! God has positioned Britain to be key in bringing revival into Europe.

Give up strategising! These days God is saying - give it up to Me! Let Me order your steps! I am the God of Elijah and I have got the plan and strategy for the nations and I will show you how My glory will be made manifest!

Who are those servants of Christ that God will use in these days? He is going to use the weak and the foolish to confound the arrogant wisdom of this age. He will use people who are simple and uncomplicated with naive virgin-like pure hearts through all the trials and tests have walked through anti-anointing spirits, grace-hating spirits, the traditions of men have not been seduced to use secular wisdom to build the church. They want nothing less than the fire of God on their heads, the power of God bringing the people from towns and villages into the church and all are healed and shadows are healing the sick!

God said to me when I moved to Hong Kong; "Son, if you will live not to fill buildings with people but will live to fill people with My Presence then I will fill buildings with people full of My Presence".

If we don't have God manifesting in the meetings like He did in the book of Acts then we are nothing! How seeker-sensative can you get with Ananias and Sapphira!? Peter in his shepherding love and tenderness didn't say "Sapphira I am so sorry the Holy Spirit killed your husband and I am not sure theologically if he was saved". Peter didn't warn her! He just asked her and she died! Great fear seized the church yet they were being added to daily! They were not meeting to meet their needs! They didn't want to know what the greatest need of society was - they said this whole church was about the glory and honour of God! Yet God met their needs in His glory!

When the church exists to meet needs then the need grows. Yet when the church exists to honour God and welcome God, then needs disintegrate!

One shake and God will test the motives of hearts and will bring into an existence a church in the earth with the sound of heaven - the trumpet sound of heaven and His glory shall be made manifest in the earth and we will see the salvation of multitudes!

He will use people who will not compromise their conscience but will stay true to biblical values, biblical wineskins. He uses weak people. When I met the Holy Spirit immediately miracles began to happen. Total blind eyes were opened, eardrums were re-created. 18 months of our growth was from new converts coming to Christ because of the miracles among us. If you want to see the dead raised and blind eyes opened you are going to have to face the grace-hating spirits and traditions of men and realise that as an ambassador of Christ you have diplomatic immunity to walk into bastions of legalism and say "Stretch out your hand" and see miracles under the accusing gaze of the legalists.

God says; "Time doesn't wipe away your sin - My blood does ... instantly! The issue here is that it's not about your external behaviour but your heart. I'm looking for men and women who are after Me".

"Behold O Israel, the Lord your God is one God". The Father plans everything. He isn't the Son and the Son isn't the Father and neither is the Holy Spirit the Son! They are distinct Persons. The Father is God - Jesus is the same one God and the Holy Spirit is the same one God. He plans everything! The Son pays for everything and the Holy Spirit is the Person of the power to manifest what the Father plans and the Son pays for. Everything comes from the Father through the Son and by the Holy Spirit. Everything comes from the Father (James 1). The promises of God are only yes because of the Son. Jesus identified with you at your worst so that you can identify with Him at His best. Men tend to think of Jesus when they try to think of God but God the Father thinks of Jesus when He thinks of you.

The question is not "Am I acceptable to the Father - but is Jesus pleasing and acceptable to the Father?". As He is - so are you! We stand in acceptance because of the obedience of the One Man. The fluctuating obedience of Rob Rufus doesn't take away or add to the one acceptable sacrifice of the One Jesus Christ.

Yes we are called to the obedience of faith - but it is faith not law! Faith comes as a fruit of believing we are righteous by the one Man Christ Jesus!

Through the law God demands a righteousness of us but through grace He provides a righteousness for us.

When the Father looks at the Son He looks at us in Him and it is manifested through the Holy Spirit. Grace-hating spirits have a better grasp of grace than others but there are many today who have been harrassed by such grace-hating spirits. God wants to massage out of us that grief and that pain. Everything we pray God immediately releases that request. We can only experience if we know the Holy Spirit.

Every Christian should be born again, baptised in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues but we need to KNOW the Holy Spirit. To know the Holy Spirit and to be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit is to be intimate with Him.

(John 14) "Another Counsellor". Jesus is saying that as the contact Person of the Trinty, He is to be replaced by another. He is like Me but as you have related to Me so you will relate to Him. You will never experience the downloaded glory of the Son unless you are in fellowship with the Person of the Trinity in the earth. (John 14:7).

We should not say "Oh Jesus if only You were here now". The Holy Spirit replies; "Jesus isn't here - but I am here and I am the contact Person of the Trinity in the earth". As we focus on the Holy Spirit and get to know Him as our dearest friend our love for Jesus will get stronger and stronger but unless we walk in daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit the Father and Son will seem like distant deities. If we know the Holy Spirit the realms of the glory are ours.

(v14). The Trinity comes from the Father through the Son and from the Holy Spirit. "Making it known to you". Experiential knowing! The Spirit will take from what is Mine and make it experientially yours. You will acquire the tangible realities of heaven through the Spirit. Benny Hinn wrote the book "Good Morning Holy Spirit" - I am going to write one called "Good Morning Rob"! When the Holy Spirit comes He will glorify Me and make what is Mine known to you.

Lord we do this that the nations may adore you and the political systems of this age become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ. You did not pick John Wesley or C H Spurgeon to be alive right now but You chose and picked us to be end-day harvesters in this age. Spirit of Grace come ... come Counsellor. Capture us.

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