Friday, 2 November 2007

Rob Rufus - Final Main Session at Together on a Mission 2007

I suddenly realised that I forgot to type up my notes from Rob's final session at "Together on A Mission"! Oh the shame. So on the final Saturday before I left Hong Kong while I was waiting for Allen I spent a happy few hours re-remembering the awesome teaching and impartation that he brought in July. Here's the notes:

"Acts 9:1-28

The Presence of God came powerfully in the room as I was preparing to speak - and it began to remind me of things in the past. Dad was an atheist and Mum an agnostic. We had no legacy of faith in our lineage. I was a 5 year old boy with no expectations at all and the Presence of God came on me and instantly I knew it was God.

When God's glory comes on you - His favour and manifest goodness comes on you and you feel so special not because of what you have done but because of your intrinsic value on high.

So I became a very strict Atheist - celibate even in marriage - and sleeping on a concrete floor. The Presence of God came in upon me again but this time in a Hindu temple. This time it terrified me! I felt so convicted every day that the Presence came on me for 3 months. One day with clay from the Ganges River smeared on me and in a monks robe I realised Who was chasing me and said; "Jesus I give up running and surrender my life to you".

The pursuit of my life became the Presence of God - never to promote seeking power because that will lead to unfulfillment because He hides His power in His Presence.

When we pursue power on it's own you don't have time to live a normal life and you become irrelevant, weird and insane. Men who worked in a higher level of anointing are men who we least want to be like! But Jesus was fun to be with!

We are about to go into the most unprecedented move of God's manifest God's glory - we are poised as a generation to go into the fullness of the Book of Acts not because we're more holy but because of God's timing.

In God's glory He strengthens your innermost being with might so you can be full of the measure of all the fullness of God. In the Presence of God His hidden power comes out. The Old Covenant was fading glory - a ministry of death and condemnation and fading glory. The glory of the New Covenant comes with a spirit of liberty, freedom and grace! (Hebrews 10:1).

We are about to go into manifestations of signs, wonders and miracles but we need to know how to handle it. You will never be satisfied with the power - only with the Presence of His Person. In His Presence there is fullness of joy and in His right hand pleasures forever more - somewhere we have to give ourselves permission to believe it.

(Acts 9:1). "A light from heaven" - that is the glory! God always speaks in the glory. Even when we have an encounter with the glory and get saved, we still need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. "Immediately" - a word of the glory! When the glory comes on you you are in the "NOW" of God. His glory is the eternal now! Cynical people always ask - "What is the point?". Because if it is God there is no point asking what the point is because there is always a point with God!

Some Christians are more afraid of the devil than they are of God so obsessed are they with counterfeit signs and wonders! The true prophet sees the future and becomes the future in the now - in the glory realm. But equally in the glory realm we can see the past and go back - "He can redeem the years the locusts have eaten". What does it mean when it says "He will renew our youth like the eagles"? Maybe in the glory we will age slower!

David in his taberacle went forward in the glory to the New Covenant era! Anointings do not become "used anointings" but rather waiting in the earth to be used. Restoration releases the anointing that came to the earth and were underused and pushed aside by a Pharisaical approach.

When God sends an anointing and it isn't used it doesn't go back to heaven but waits in the earth for a generation to seize it and use it.

William Branham was baptising thousands when a bright light flashed across the sky and hang there for all to see. He had three pillars in his ministry - be able to interpret what the sickness was. He could see visions (remember these anointings were never lost). People never saw him miss a correct prophecy once. Yet he, A A Allen, Jack Cole all died early because jealousy, compatition and legalism all set in. The Faith Movement was hi-jacked by "Name it and claim it" and an obsession with wealth and riches. God wants to bless us just for the sake of blessing us!

There were many angelic visitations in the 1970s but the church blocked it with cyncism and angels went back to heaven to await a generation who would accept them and their ministry for what it is.

Toronto was marked and ridiculed and that mighty blessing went. A restoration of apostles and prophets came in the 1990s and was mis-used with dictatorial leaders abusing their flock. We must read Old Testament prophecies about the New Covenant! "The House of David will be the house of God" (Zech 12:8). The House of God will be so full of God that it will look like God full of mighty warriors like David contending for the supernatural and not being afraid of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

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