Thursday, 22 November 2007

Living in the Presence of God DAILY!!

One of the challenges I have been grappling with since coming back from Hong Kong is something that Rob Rufus said;

"If I don't experience the Presence of God daily then I get lonely".

I am so provoked by this comment because sadly I have settled for experiencing the Presence of God on a yearly basis if I am lucky and if Brighton or Stoneleigh was particularly good and blessed by the Spirit's Presence that year. This isn't enough! Here is a clip from Rob Rufus addressing the Mobilise crowds at "Together on a Mission 2007" dealing with this fact.

May we ALL be provoked by this and stop settling for less than our inheritance! There is no need to be jealous of Rob for expressing what he did. Let us be provoked - Rob would never claim to be a "special selected" individual! He is simply taking the promises of God as they stand and claiming them. Let's follow his example and his lead! Let's press into the Glory-Cloud of the Presence of God!


James B said...

This is AWESOME!! I love the life which these video clips are bringing to the blogs. I forgot he said this at the Mobilise session ... it was an awesome end to the conference for me personally and I went away feeling like I could change the world. A pity that we so easily forget the power and anointing of God on this incredible servant of God. Keep reminding us bro! We need to hear it! We need to hear this!

Peter Day said...

"Every one of you here as a new covenant believer ought to hear the inward audible voice of God yourself."

What an amazing quote at the end of that clip!

It is tragic how much we settle for occasional encounters when we have unhindered access and a welcome into His presence. We cannot live on occasional encounters, we must live in His presence.

Thank you so much for this post.

Anonymous said...

Amen! Yes amen! I have had enough of preaching, blogging and writing that brings theology without love, logic without fire. He is God and He is to be known and loved and experienced! Let this cry ring out!

Dr S A J B

Scott said...

Oooh yes yes yes!! If we could all really really put into practice what Rob is teaching here ... why we would change the world wouldn't we!?!? It's THAT simple!!

lydia joy said...

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