Monday, 12 November 2007

“Holy Spirit – Names and Operations Part 7”

CCI, Hong Kong – Sunday 28th October 2007.

I am sorry for the quietness over the last week in terms of blogging. I have been extremely busy with my new job at the Children's Hospice as well as preparing to move out from Scott's mum's house into a new glorious house of my own! Furthermore we lost internet connection for a while (and you don't miss something till you don't have it!) - but will be buying a new internet wireless router in a few days or so.

But I have been busy typing up more of Rob Rufus's sermons and basking in the freedom and wonderful revelation that they bring. This sermon was the one he preached the Sunday after the "Grace and Glory!" conference concluded. I was there sitting near the back and I confess I could hardly keep my seat! The wonder of the grace and love of God and the freedom - the glorious freedom - that it brings was just heavenly! So I pray it brings release, a sense of God's Presence and love as you read it.

"Law and legalism will want to talk you out of the supernatural move of God. Pharisees are so worried about flesh – yet they will never need worry about it for they are already in the flesh! We need the fire of God! I will never stop a move of God again – whatever the cost! We cannot have unfading glory without the New Covenant grace. In a move of God don’t stop preaching and teaching – revivals have come to a stop because preaching has been stopped.

Conferences are to stir our faith but we need to guard the deposit that God has given to us. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it! Go with the Holy Spirit.

They mocked fringe and fanaticism yet it was central to Jesus. He moved in signs and wonders and cast out demons. The Holy Spirit is the Eternal Spirit. He will set you eternally free! There is so much legalism in the church because we aren’t reading the Bible in context and with Old Covenant lenses. We are turning the love letter of grace into bondage. In the re-born nature all “have-tos” are off and are transformed into “want-tos!”. We are free! Totally! Legalism tells you that you aren’t free and gives you a price for it. Every offering – ask the Holy Spirit what He wants! Out of the freedom of open heaven, Abraham started tithing.

They didn’t tithe to get the blessing – the blessing made them want to tithe!

Moses covenant is based on a standard that will only bring a curse on your life. The power of the blessing supersedes your weakness! It is bigger than your failings! How much do you really want to sin? When your sin and grace meet in a boxing ring then grace always wins. (Romans 5:19) – I am constantly in an infallible obedience! He perfectly kept the law on my behalf. You cannot balance grace – it is extreme! No more do we come to God in self-righteousness. (Colossians 2:8) – “See to it that no one takes you captive”.

People will want to take you captive!

(v10) – “You have BEEN filled” – past tense. (v13) – “God made you alive”. He came to make dead people alive. (v13) – “ALL our trespasses” – past, present and future. Oh but we have to confess sin to get right to Him – well I don’t know! But nothing, nothing can separate us from the love of God! Jesus Christ disarmed the powers and authorities. He cancelled the written code of the 10 Commandments.

There is no more issue of sin between you and the Father – past, present or future!

“Lord I thank you that even though I sinned, I am still seen as righteous in your sight and He has never disobeyed and while He has never disobeyed You see Me as righteous!”. (Romans 1:5) – says that we walk in the righteousness of faith – not law! (John 16:7, 14:30) – the Prince of the World is Satan. Satan didn’t realise that he would be judged when Jesus died and disarmed him. “Our good”. We have an advantage today that when we walk in the earth – for we have the Counsellor and that enables us to do far more than the disciples when Jesus was in the world.

(16:8) – “He will convict the WORLD”. Not the Church! He can’t convict you of any sin for your sin – all your sin – has gone and was dealt with on Calvary! When you start feeling oppressive guilt that isn’t the Holy Spirit but a demonic spirit that will send you to an asylum. (v9-10) – The sin is unbelief in Jesus therefore He will never convict us because we believe in Jesus. What does Jesus do at the Father’s side? (Hebrews 9:11) – He offered up His blood once and for all having obtained eternal redemption. He cleanses our consciousness from sin consciousness. (v15) – “Eternal inheritance”. The only basis for which you can be seen as a sinner under the Old Covenant.

The church is going crazy under the law – broken and weary. The devil is disarmed when you are under the grace of God. To sustain the freedom of this conference you must know truth! Truth will set you free! (Hebrews 10:1) – The majority of Christians come to church feeling unclean because they’re under Old Covenant thinking. When we finally get this truth – we will go mad with joy! This message will go mad with joy! (v3) – In sacrifice a reminder of sins! (v11) – “Sacrifices can never take away sin!”. (v12) – “One sacrifice for sin … by ONE sacrifice He has made PERFECT forever!”.

You don’t change by keeping laws and rules – you truly change in the glory! The Father isn’t interested in behaviour modification but heart transformation and one day you will see victory! (John 16:10) – If you aren’t making Pharisees angry then you aren’t becoming like Jesus.

You embrace the grace message 100% and you will come into a place where you hear the voice of God daily and come into His Presence with ease! God does not communicate with you on the basis of your holiness but the way He sees you – as perfect forever!

He offers up that blood to make us perfect forever and ever. The judgement that the Holy Spirit convicts us of is that Satan is being judged. The Holy Spirit is telling us that Satan is disarmed! God will judge the devil for tempting you to sin but He won’t judge the devil unless you have revelation.

Read the Word of God through the lenses of New Covenant grace – we only need to know the Old Covenant to see how wonderful the New Covenant is.

The law is a composite one-ness. Break one and you have broken them ALL! “He will bring glory” – by blessing you. The Holy Spirit will never depart from you – that is Old Covenant to believe that He will. (John 14:11) – The Holy Spirit won’t leave you because you are perfect forever.

Nothing is criticising or condemning you from heaven because you are perfect forever! Once you see this – you can’t get deceived anymore. You need to go on a grace diet!

Grace people should be gracious. Parents should never ever do this to children – “You won’t listen to me? Okay then I will leave you”. We are thereby teaching our children that if we don’t behave then God will leave us!

Some things stop Him from manifesting – but it isn’t your sin! He will stop manifesting when we accuse the Holy Spirit of the work of the flesh or the devil!

The anointing in us will discern the truth! We will know when there is a demonic shriek. Whenever the Holy Spirit comes in revival there are three things that may manifest. Demons (which will leave) – the flesh or the Holy Spirit. In the church we have too many people are in the flesh – conservativism controls the flesh! Welcome the Dove! Allow Him to do whatever He wants!

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Peter Day said...

This is a truly glorious conclusion to what was obviously an amazing week. Thank you for so faithfully recording what was said and what happened. You have given the reader heaven's riches.