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"Holy Spirit - Names and Operations" - Part 8 - "The Glory-Cloud!"

It is absolutely staggering to me that I posted last night on Ern Baxter speaking about the "Glory-Cloud" ... then I used my day off today to listen to and take notes from Rob Rufus's latest sermon and he too was talking about the "Glory-Cloud!". I know that every sermon to me of Rob's seems to be the "most amazing sermon he has EVER preached" - but this one really is!

I remember at "Together on a Mission 2006" that Rob described to us something that puzzled me at the time. He said when you go up a spiral staircase you see the same things from higher and higher angles. This is becoming true of my experience in listening to sermon after sermon of Rob Rufus's. I am finding that I am beginning to understand and see things that he has been saying since I first heard him in Brighton in July 2006 and experienced the power of the anointing upon him - but am now slowly beginning to understand. Rob starts the sermon by making some comments about the "Grace and Glory Conference" - which is obviously still fresh in the church's mind.

CCI, Hong Kong – Sunday 4th November 2007

I got so drunk watching people in the Fire Tunnel that I didn't need to go through it myself and was amazed at how our church members would pray for people and drag them by the ankles out as they lay in a heavenly supernatural coma.

A church can transition so quickly in the anointing!

The Salvation Army started in the fire of God under General Booth and brought social change into the United Kingdom and had great influence in human rights. They weren’t just spirit-filled people but really made a difference and uplifted the quality of life for people. Today the Salvation Army were called the “holy rollers” but are today only concerned with social and ethical issues. They used to have stacking boards on which they would lay people who regularly fall into trances and would fall under the power of God. Today they don’t need stacking boards – isn’t that sad?

Every movement which started with fire ended up in conservatism and religious bondage and religious control.

I have started in the fire for 30 years and I am going to get worse and I am going to get more on fire and more open to the manifestations of God.

God is going to start a move which will never go back into the flesh again but will stay open to the Holy Spirit.

I always feel sorry for people who come into our meetings but hope it will calm down. They don’t understand that what they see as wild – I see as tame! Because;

My problem is that I have read the Bible about full of awesome signs and wonders and miracles and people dying in the services when they lie, angels, the glory coming.

In the glory things happen quicker and good and bad things happen quicker.

The only hope for the world is a book of Acts church back in the earth again.

By stepping out in your comfort zones you have released another level of intimacy with God and realised another move of the Spirit in your life if you groom it and nurture it and give your time to it.

Once you hear God’s audible voice in your heart and experience His Presence you will want it again and again. Every day I stand in the Presence of God. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t feel the Presence of God go through me and the glory and tangible Presence go through me like electrical currents. Once you experience it once you know the address of the glory. If I went ONE day without Him I would get so lonely! And I am looking for other addicts! The greatest power you can have is in the power of the Most High! It is addictive to stand in the Presence of God. Encountering Who God is – His manifest Presence.

If I can’t have Your Presence when I go to church, what’s the point of meeting together? We can meet together when we go to a football match? If we say we go to church then we are gathered together unto Him and He should have the meeting and do what He wants in the meeting!

When God turns up people fall and shake and demons come out. People think that makes others nervous and we don’t want to offend people – so we don’t want God to be free or to show up so that people show up. So what you have there is a club not a church! God keeps reminding me that;

The numbers thing is an ego thing for pastors. When numbers are down we feel all insecure, when they are up we feel all flattered in our ego. They don’t care if people are walking with God or not – if there are bums on seats we feel happy! The purpose for church is not to have as many bums on seats as possible, but the purpose for church is to have people equipped with God, full of God, know the realms of the glory, know the Voice of God and do the works of God in supernatural signs and wonders! Otherwise people are just there to flatter the pastor.

Is bums okay? You can say behind! We will say “posterior”. We can’t say have “guts” – you have to say “intestinal fortitude!”. God promised multiple congregations all over this city if we stay faithful to pursuing His Presence.

They will be mixed all over this city and we will come together once every two months to worship and we will worship with thousands. These thousands will be filled with the Presence of God and we won’t have to apologise and say “I’m sorry – an angel showed up”. Read the New Testament! Angels showed up all the time! It is weird that angels don’t show up in places today! Can you see it?

What do we need? Lots of preachers! Because at the moment I can’t be in two places at the same time. But teleporting is coming! Be here and there at the same time. Really you can dream that you were preaching in Beijing and then two weeks later get a letter from Beijing saying “Thank you for coming”. It’s happening right on the earth today with people I know!

Can you see it? Congregations all over Hong Kong full of His Presence not pastors apologising for asking them to do the ridiculous. If we played the conservative then we would have many more people in this building. They don’t want God because they are strangers to God and are familiar only with religious traditions and ceremonies.

One day we will have to get all those congregations together in the place where they hold the rugby games in Hong Kong. That is the legacy for which we are in Hong Kong.

We will want to embarrass and offend the Pharisees and make them bite their teeth! Jesus healed people on the Sabbath right under their snotty noses! We have got an effeminate Jesus in the church right now riding side-saddle on a donkey. We need the man Christ Jesus back!

Testimony of a man who after the CCI service last Sunday drove away with gold dust on his pants! It’s not for the saved but unsaved so our word goes out with power.

Reading a letter from a lady from South Africa who came to the Grace and Glory conference; “We were actually in heaven singing to our Beloved Father standing at the throne. Are you guys missing an angel? I seem to have brought one home with me! I was sitting at home terribly jet-lagged and saw something moved out the corner of my eye. There was a huge man standing in a track suit there! He was very real and not a figment of my imagination. I know angels are always with me but I’ve never seen one till Monday night”. Then this one; “People arriving for pre-service prayer walked straight into the anointing and people began to laugh and cry. The spirit of prophecy began to flow and people began to prophesy about the grace and love of God, open heaven. The church erupts in applause and praise. For another hour the power of God came even stronger and almost after 3 hours church ends. It is the most significant move of God that we have ever had and we are so grateful to be part of it”.

One more here; “Words out! Those that didn’t make Hong Kong are jealous! I’m getting two to three calls a day to connect and catch something of what God did. There’s no going back now and need to prioritise and make room for Him to move in my life in glory”.

The Glory of God. (Habakkuk 2:14). Felt God speak to me very clearly that as He has taught us about grace – and I have learnt more about grace in Hong Kong than ever before. It has always been God’s will to raise up a grace generation in Hong Kong. Many understand grace in this church more than some church leaders around the world. We still have much to learn about grace and there are more wonders to learn!

God has said that NOW is the time in which He will reveal His glory to this church and He will do so quicker than He revealed His grace for grace is the revelation for His unfading glory.

We are still in the series – the titles and Names of the Holy Spirit. We are looking at 1st Peter 4:14 where He is called the “Spirit of glory”. “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea”.

The glory of God is God’s manifest substance and essence in tangibleness. God is everywhere but God is not manifest everywhere. God is in every part of the earth but if He doesn’t manifest then no miracles happen. You can be where God is but if He is not manifest you will not get healed or hear His voice. If God doesn’t manifest then people will all go to hell. People go to church, God doesn’t manifest His glory and there are no signs and wonders or miracles. God was here – sure but He didn’t manifest.

(v14); “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea”. It didn’t say the earth will be filled with the “glory” but “the knowledge of the glory”. This is revealed knowledge. This isn’t about reading the Bible and getting knowledge about the glory from it but having revealed insight from the Spirit of God. Has this prophecy been fulfilled? Do people everywhere have they got profound knowledge about the glory of the Lord? This prophecy has not been fulfilled because it says that the whole earth will be filled! This is being fulfilled in our time. In this period of history when people die and go to heaven and God says “Did you know about My glory” – they will not have an excuse.

The glory is a cloud and we need to know more and more about the secrets of the mysteries of the glory. We need to know how to manifest rain from that cloud! We need the knowledge of the glory to see the mysteries of the glory unveiled!

For a move of God to be a move of God it must keep on moving! If you are in a church that is pursuing the Presence of God then you must keep moving! You can’t miss months and then pop in! There are still people operating in the old move and yet wonder why they are like the older brother – jealous of the current.

The past won’t take us into the future. Be very worried when meeting older pastors because they are professionals in the old. God doesn’t move that way anymore. That frightens me. The earth is about to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God! Everyone will have an opportunity to be filled with the knowledge! They say “There’s nothing new under the sun”. The glory isn’t under the sun – the glory is the heavenly realm! There’s a lot new in the glory that has never happened under the sun! The clouds of the glory are constantly changing! Every meeting will have different types of glory and we have got to (as priests) say “Lord teach me of the glory”. You have got to start to read the meeting and perceiving which angels are present. That doesn’t mean that we are weird!

There are new glories! There are new signs and wonders that have never been seen in the earth before! The Word of the Lord came in the conference “Don’t camp here – don’t stay here – there are new things coming!”. (Haggai 2:6) is a prophecy for now and Hebrews 12 repeats this prophecy. “In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land”. Is the heavens referring to where God lives? God’s heavens are unshakeable! This refers to the 1st and 2nd heavens. Paul spoke of being taken up into the 3rd heaven where the glory resides. The atmospheric heavens and the 2nd heavens where the demonic powers live will be shaken. The seas will be shaken and the dry land will be shaken. There will be a lot of shaking going on and we are seeing the signs of it in the earth. God says;

“I will shake all nations … and I will fill this House with glory says the Lord Almighty … and the glory of the latter house will be greater than the glory of the former house declares the Lord Almighty”.

In the middle of everything being shaken He promises He will grant peace to a place that is His temple and that is very attractive to a world that is being shaken. People are out there and just want a happy little marriage. That’s all they seek. That will be shaken! Some people want a nice career and a nice home. That will be shaken. Some people want a nice little church and it is sterile and you can keep your false dignity intact and they don’t want signs and wonders and don’t want stinking sinners to come into the church. That is going to be shaken. And they will blame the devil! But I suspect God is shaking! We have lost 80 people due to contract changes in this church. People are re-locating to nations and are equipped to go and do something. If all you want is a happy little life and home – by the promise of the Word of God – it will be shaken.

The only place of peace and gold and peace and prosperity is in the glory! Everything else is coming down!

There is a fresh new apostolic wave coming to the earth and too many are set in their ways and are calling themselves apostolic but are inflexible in their wineskins. God is stretching until His people become flexible!

Many leading apostles in the earth will be 17 year old – men and women.

There is a season of quantum leaps taking place and your brain cannot keep up with what God is doing. God is speeding things up! You can operate in the heavenly realm or the earthly realm! From the moment I arrived at this church we were speaking of heavenly churches! Too many are teaching earthly principles which are too slow. In the glory everything speeds up! Adam and Eve walked in the glory but sinned and fell short of the glory and now the earth was cursed. Because of their sin everything slowed down. In Genesis 17 God said that as long as the earth remained there would be seed time and harvest time.

That is a principle declared under the curse. But in the glory the harvest will follow instantly from the seed time.

You give your tithes and offerings and suddenly as you get home your bank account has instant finances that you didn’t earn or put in. You go to get people saved and as you get there those people felt instantly the glory and got saved! I prayed for thousands of people at Brighton and I got tired. There is a difference between Acts 2 and Acts 4. In Acts 2 they were praying for everyone and laying hands but in Acts 4 they said “Stretch out your hand”. If you can get into the glory in your faith and operate out of the cloud of the glory then people will get healed instantly and without effort. It doesn’t mean we don’t lay hands on people anymore but that is a lower level of the glory.

In space craft – the craft breaks through gravity and into the earth free zone – into a realm where they can stay there as long as they want and it is effortless rather than a plane that flies at 30, 000 feet with effort.

Most Christians are content with the Presence of the cloud and are happy it is hovering over them. They never think to tap its Presence for harvest. The Presence of the cloud presents possibilities for harvest. We know that anything is possible when the cloud is hovering over us.

In order for a cloud to produce rain, it isn’t enough for it to be seen and felt – there must be atmospheric pressure in the air to cause rain. It is true in the spiritual as well as the natural.

How do we get rain from the cloud of the glory? (Hebrews 11:3) – God created from nothing from nothing and made something. Don’t believe that – God created with something to make the universe. This will open up a whole new realm to us as a church. God created with something and made something. What He did create with was invisible. It doesn’t mean nothing – it was out of the invisible realm or the glory realm. He used two things to create – the substance of His glory and sound. He created with sound – words – His commands. He spoke starts and universes into being. The latest research suggests that the universe is expanding. They have done research on rocks and heard sounds – beautiful melodies - at the levels of protons and neutrons. But they listened to cancer and heard disjointed sounds and no melodies. The universe was “formed at God’s command”. What was seen was made out of the invisible.

The sound of the voice of God came and the glory substance manifested in the visible. Today we get healing miracles and then you get creative miracles and then you get signs and wonders. What is a healing miracle? A healing miracle is an ear infection that gets healed. A creative miracle is when you don’t have an eardrum and a miracle creates it. What else is needed? The voice of God. If you want a creative miracle you can’t just walk up to someone and say “Let there be an ear drum”. You can worship and praise God and wait for the glory to hover over you. Learn to know when the glory Presence comes and that substance is the invisible Presence which creates new things. You don’t quote logos at this point but you can’t do a thing till the glory Presence comes. Say “new teeth are being created now!” – the substance of the glory has got the power to see that new tooth grow into being.

We are going to see instant weight loss! Why would God want to instantly take 100kg off people? That is happening now! It can’t all be fake! Why would He do that? It’s a sign and a wonder! There are people battling to lose weight and the Father says “I can do this!”. The angels destroyed the Amalakite and those same angels can destroy cellulite! You can’t have a meeting and declare in your name!

If God doesn’t say – then don’t say it! The glory comes by worship and intimacy and say whatever HE says! This takes us into the realms of possibilities that are outside our faith level. We don’t need that kind of faith – we just need to come into the glory and ask “Who said it?”. If God said it – then I say it and the substance of the glory causes the miracle!

Have faith to pray for certain disorders and diseases – such as scoliosis. But don’t have faith to walk on the water yet! Or eyeballs that don’t exist to be made! God says “I will fill My house with glory and when My glory comes there will be peace and you say what I tell you to say and I will form it by My creative power”. We should develop and work into this. All people have to do is go through the frame. (Ephesians 2:10) – “Good works He has prepared in advance for us”. Say what HE says and people will get up and do something. They had to do something – they had to step out and lower their nets. The first law of thermodynamics means that anything created cannot be uncreated and so the energy is there in the universe! There is a “looking anointing” – look and see what God told him to say and speak. “Look” and see flesh come on the bones.

You can’t say what you want – this demands intimacy with God! You must know how to worship God so that you know what He wants saying to be said. Speak rain! And there will be rain! The cloud as small as a size of a man’s hand is on the horizon now – don’t wait for a bigger cloud! Go look – go look – go look with faith and anointing! If He says “weight loss” and look for the results, the evidence. Check – check – what have you got to lose?! Weight! All 10 run and even if 1 gets saved or healed then it is still a sign and a wonder! Why wouldn’t God want to put hair back on bald heads? Why is God bringing the gold dust? Why is God bringing the oil? Show off the signs and wonders but NEVER THINK THAT THE SIGN AND WONDER IS A SIGN THAT HE LOVES YOU MORE THAN SOMEONE ELSE. It is a sign of His grace.

Say “Father I want to enter into the realm of the glory – not by the sweat of my brow – but I want a portal of glory to enter over my home so there can be a peace of God over me and my home”.


Shawna Godbout, New Hampshire, USA said...

Hi Dan - I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and even though I'm not one to venture onto the blogging scene I just have to write. I had to laugh at this entry when you said that you though that this sermon was the best one EVER, because I feel like that each time I listen to a new message as well. I go to a newfrontiers church in NH, USA and after hearing the recordings of Rob's Brighton '06 messages started taking interest in what else he was saying. This past summer I listened to the Grace series that he preached in LA, mainly because I wanted to hear what he'd say on US soil, most of the other prophecies were for the UK, and Hong Kong. I don't think that I was prepared for the impact that the messages would have on me. Since the end of June I've been following his sermons as you have, with an insatiable desire to know more of the things God has for me as a daughter in his Kingdom. I'm so grateful for you typing up the messages from the Grace and Glory conference. I actually did look into going, and ended up telling God that if he really wanted me there then I'd be willing to be teleported (as Rob talks about!)(guess He thought it best for me to stay and care for my family this time around, my husband would have been shocked too). Thanks also for the video clips you've encluded on this site. I love the mafutu mama bit, too funny. By the way have you listened to this past Sunday's message, now THAT is the best message ever! Ha, ha. Thanks again for your posts, it's nice to meet one of the thousands that are downloading his messages.
- Shawna Godbout

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for your comment Shawna! I am so glad that the blog is an encouragement to you. I just couldn't keep the awesome life-changing stuff that Rob has done in my life through his anointed preaching to myself!

Let the Grace Revolution go on! I know what you mean about wanting God to teleport you to Hong Kong! I too prayed that, but just had to fork out in the end!! ;)