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November 1st - Prayer Meeting and Conference Debrief

Rob Rufus made mention of the potential for training during the Thursday prayer meetings in City Church International. This meeting I think demonstrates just how much training potential there is. Although Rob is still preaching, there is a great teaching aspect to what he shared with the church. We are hugely blessed that this was made available. This was the first Prayer Meeting after the "Grace and Glory Conference" and there was a degree of de-briefing.

Here's the notes (after Rob finished speaking there were some prophecies worth taking note of);

"This conference has really been a launching and a release of something more significant than I think we are aware of and when we see it overflowing to the nations that people went back to and we hear it overflowing into schools like that and touching students and the power of God manifesting in the classroom - then I really believe that God wants to manifest His Presence in the marketplace and where we are at.

For me that is so key. In Bill Johnson's church they have hundreds of people a week healed in the marketplace! Not in their services. People say; "Where do you have your outreach" because they are thinking of streets and places they go. But they say;

"No we don't have any street outreach - it is just the people in our church going about their normal life carrying the glory of God into the secular world and seeing the transference of the power that comes into the services go out into the marketplace. So I really believe God is wanting us to see this glory impacting Hong Kong - the streets and the suburbs".

We are not alone in this. There are other churches believing for this in our city and thank God for that. Marina works with the marketplace and they are praying and interceding as well. But I just quickly want to see how this thing progresses and how we can pray tonight for the opening of the eyes of the people of Hong Kong more and more to the glory of God. So if you have got 2 Corinthians 3 - let me just say this.

When someone is healed in the meeting like that guy who had his deaf ear opened - that is a little angel, a healing angel. When we see personal blessings which are just so special to each one of us and it is special to each one of us to actually see that - that is precious and tender. But those are healing angels! They come and they minister and they bless us and we get goosebumps and we want more of that and God please give us more of that!

We get that blessing as the people of God - but the longer the revival is sustained and the longer the revival continues it begins to attract in bigger angels. Not just angels who bring blessing to us as individuals (and we want to keep those - we want more of those)

but the longer the revival is sustained the greater cherubim and seraphim start coming in and then arch-angels start coming in. And when they get attracted to that glory realm through sustained revival, those arch-angels and higher ranking angels begin to push back principalities and powers and open wider portals of glory over a city.

When that happens more and more people in a secular society in Hong Kong and religious life of Hong Kong are going to have glory encounters in normal every day life.

Now this is what I believe this conference opened up a portal of glory.

Look at 2 Corinthians 3 and this Scripture is becoming very familiar to us but let's read it again from (v6); "He has made us competent as ministers of a New Covenant" ...

He goes on and tells us what the letter is that kills - it is the 10 Commandments.

So what we are seeing is that the ministry written on tablets of stone brings death and brings condemnation and brings a fading glory because God looks at us through the law and has to withdraw His glory because the law scrutinises us and condemns us. But in New Covenant God looks at us only through grace and so the glory doesn't ever have to fade - it is an un-surpassing glory and it is the greater glory and we are transformed in the glory of God.

So we have had the peripheral fence lifted and we have gone into New Covenant glory. We are experiencing that manifestation. But now we need to see the greater higher ranking angels - the cherubim come in, in greater realms and greater manifestations so they will start pushing back the principalities and powers.

I wish I could go into that because I have been looking at that a lot more of that lately but they will push them back so there are greater portals of glory. So it is more than us just getting healing and blessing - and we want that - it is then the city getting blessed and the region radiating the glory that is not fading and when people's hearts are touched by the glory they just want to serve and to know this God.

It says in Haggai 2 - God says; "I will shake all things" and it is a New Testament promise because in Hebrews 12, He repeats that promise. He says; "I will shake all things and then the desired of all nations will come". Everyone is desiring Jesus whether they know it or not. They may be running after money - after sexual perversity - after religion - but actually deep down they desire Jesus. And when the glory comes and everything is shaken, they will know who they really are desiring - He is Jesus.

Even church people who are frightened of the manifestations and shrink back actually in their hearts they desire the Desire of All Nations. And He said; "The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former house - the gold and the silver is Mine and in this place I will give peace". So in the glory there is peace - out of the glory there is shaking. The Desired of All Nations is appearing in the earth!

So we are wanting to see, okay - how do we open this city so that everyone in the city can see the glory? What is the Gospel? It is the Gospel of glory! It is a glorious Gospel because this Gospel brings the glory. So let's look at 2 Corinthians 4:4 because I want to read it in context now - " ... the god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God". So people are in this city with their minds blinded by the god of this world to the Gospel of glory. They can't see the gospel of glory because their minds are blinded.

So if you go down to (v16); "unseen is eternal".

Now we have been in a church age where we put off "eternal glory" to one day when we get to heaven. But "eternal glory" refers to the "timeless zone". The glory is the "timeless zone"! It is God's realm coming down here! If a man had extensive cancer and he stepped into heaven - how long would that cancer last?

Well when you come into the glory, there is an instant disappearance of everything that is contrary to who God is.

That is why when the glory turned up and Marina saw two angels (who I believe were cherubim) with trumpets in our services in the middle of June, Gloria here who had a growth instantly disappear because she stepped into the timeless zone - the glory zone.

So there are people with their minds blinded - they cannot see the glory of the Gospel but he says we look at not that whic is seen but that which is unseen. We look at the invisible world with eyes opened. We have to pray with eyes opened to see into the glory realm and to bring the shout of the Lord and the intercession of the Lord that will bring the higher ranking angels in and who will push the powers of darkness back and open the portals of glory so that blinded minds will be opened and they will see.

There are two Greek words for "see" - one is "Βλεπε" and the other is "Αντιλαμβανονται". The first just means to see with natural eyes but the second means to see and discern. It doesn't mean to say that you saw or discerned God although some do see Jesus when they go into the glory. They see the angelic realm, they see the unseen and that's happened in this conference. I have had that experience a number of times and numbers of you have. But it's not just seeing something visually - it can also be discerning. You perceive what God is doing.

So you will "see and discern God". Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see and discern God. They will discern and perceive what God is doing. Jesus said in John 5; "I do nothing unless I first see My Father doing it". He sees - but not with His natural eye, what He perceives.

Remember Isi stood up and said that the Spirit of God was moving at the back there - coming round the side and as she pointed everyone just fell in that corner. She didn't see with her natural eye - she "saw and perceived". That is what God wants - that is the prophetic and everyone of us can see into the Spirit realm and know and discern what God is doing!

Now how are you pure? "The pure in heart". How do you become pure? Peter says is Acts, "Let us not put the law on the Gentiles or the Jews because our hearts have been purified by faith". It is faith in the Gospel of grace that purifies our hearts to see and discern what God is doing. Eyes have to be opened! (Ephesians 1) - We are going to pray because we want to see the descent of higher ranking angels into Hong Kong. (Ephesians 1:18) - "Eyes of your heart may be enlightened". The Greek word literally means we get a flash of enlightenment that leaves an indelible impression on your inner being. So that; "The riches of the glorious inheritance with the saints".

When your eyes are opened you see the riches of the glory that the Father wants for His church. It can only come when our eyes are opened! So we have to see! Paul is praying for Christians and it means they are not seeing. Otherwise he would not waste time praying and he says "I cease not to keep on praying for you". This is a high level church - Ephesus! Yet he is praying as an apostle that their eyes would be open so they can see and the eyes of their enlightenment be opened so they can see the hope of their glorious inheritance.

Folks, when your eyes are opened into the glory and you see into the unseen, you see how poor the church has been operating. How low-level signs and wonders - how low-level miracles and thinking it's okay - thinking it is acceptable and settling there but when your eyes are opened, you just think; "Wow God - lets see more and more!".

Alright if you just flip over quickly to Deuteronomy 29. It is more than seeing miracles with your natural eye. People think if we could see a lot of miracles with the natural eye then everyone would repent in the church. Actually they won't. Moses moved in signs and wonders and miracles more than anyone else on the planet. He split the Red Sea open - manna coming down during the day - he hit a rock and water came out to give 3 million people a drink and there was a lake afterwards it says. So there was miracles and signs and wonders and the people saw the miracles with the natural eye. Many Christians sit in meetings and don't recognise the visitation of God. They just look and hear of the miracles but they sit there and they are blind. Their eyes are not opened. They have got natural seeing and they are not seeing into the invisible.

All of those people who did not have their eyes opened but only saw with the natural eye - the miracles - they all backslid and they all missed their destiny and never crossed over into the Promised Land. There is a crossing over that needs to take place and people need to see more than miracles - they need to see God! They need to know what the glorious riches of God are - that what He wants to do. It is more than just signs and wonders - they are pointing to the glory of God for people encounter God.

(Deut 29:2) - "Your eyes have seen all that the Lord did in Egypt ... you saw the miraculous signs and wonders". The tragedy was they did not discern God. We have people come into church and are blind to the supernatural - they do not see the invisible but they talk about it and decide whether or not they will get excited about Jesus or not. They are undiscerning and don't know the hour of their visitation. They are guaranteed to backslide. They are guaranteed to fall away even with miracles happening around them if they do not see by revelation and their eyes are not opened.

The unsaved will not come in unless minds that have been blinded to the glory of God have their eyes opened and the bigger angels come in.

(Revelation 3) Much of the Western church falls into this danger because of their big buildings and big numbers and big income. They think they are wealthy but they don't have God - they don't have eyes to see in the Spirit realm - they are happy to do a few practical things because that is what they are happy with but take them into the supernatural of God's glory and they don't want it - they are frightened of it and they will push it away. They will formulate theologies to legitimise why it is wrong. They will rationalise the things of God away and they almost dishonour God and disdain the sacred things because they are rich in their natural knowledge but they are in poverty and poor in the supernatural and in the glory.

They need eye salve to open their eyes to see and perceive what God is doing in the hour of our visitation and the season we are in the earth. (Revelation 3:17) "You say I am rich ... but you do not realise I am poor ... salve to put on your eyes so that you can see".

I believe that is the Word of the Lord to the Western Church right now. It thinks it is rich - it has got it's theology, it has got it's doctrines, it has got it's big buildings, it has got it's big numbers. But there is very low level involvement in the nations where the unreached people groups are. Most missionary initiatives are coming from Eastern Europe not Western Europe - from Romania and people that are poor. From Africa and China and back to Jerusalem and among the poor because their eyes are opened.

Hong Kong is more part of Western thinking than China mainland- just across the border. You go across the border and it is easy to see people saved. You come back across the border and it is different. I believe God wants to move on China mainland. China is like Africa - you can get people saved by the thousand. I really believe God wants that to happen in Hong Kong. He wants the glory portals to open wider and wider. (1 Corinthians 2) - the standard we raise up in prayer is the finished work of the Cross - God loves Hong Kong! This is the gateway city to China mainland!

This is where we can train leaders to go in and impact China. Many of the great leaders of the underground church have not transitioned their giftings and anointings to the next generation coming through. So something is going to happen - there is going to be a blank of empty platforms when this generation of leaders die in mainland China. We have got to have Hong Kong as a gateway city to train a new generation of leaders and father them. Amen? In the ways of grace! (1 Corinthians 2:6) - God hasn't given up on the Western world by the way and I am not angry with the Western world. I thank God for the Western world and God is doing great and mighty things among them. Don't misunderstand me on that.

"God's secret wisdom destined for our glory" - there is the glory again. "None of the rulers understood it". So they were ambushed by God's foreknowledge. (v9) - "Seen ... heard ... conceived". You see and hear the miracles but your mind cannot understand - you haven't heard or perceived with your spiritual eyes and ears. Now watch this in the New Covenant - "But God has revealed this unto us by His Spirit ... no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God ... what God has given FREELY to us". So you see - God gives these things FREELY to us! (v13) - "Man without the Spirit doesn't accept the things that come from the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to Him and he cannot understand them for they are spiritually discerned". There is "perception" again.

In the Western world when people are born again but they don't have the Spirit - are not filled with the Spirit - they think they are wealthy, they think they are self-sufficient, they think they are self-righteous and the things of the Spirit that happened at this conference would be foolishness to them. They would think; "What is this?! This is crazy stuff!". But these things are a sign to offend the mind and offend the heart. These are signs! When God turns up and moves in power and people get offended, you can see where they are at. It is foolishness to them and they need eye salve to be able to see because they think they are rich, self-sufficient, got organized and got a good degree but actually they are naked and blind.

God said, let's declare - we want greater angels to come in. We want the portals to open wider over Hong Kong - this is our time! Something happened this week - it is a culmination of 3 years of guts! We are calling the next conference; "Glory, Guts and Grace!!". Maybe "Gold" as well?! This church has stood and paid a price for this grace message because the devil has tried to close us down and the culmination was this week where the nations were impacted by this little church. And something happened this week. Remember 3 weeks ago? God has opened a wider portal - and we must exploit this because God is going to send a higher ranking angel. We are going to pray now for our eyes to be opened to see into the invisible realm and to pray for wider portals of glory in Hong Kong.

Woman (?Marina) Prophesying:

"10 days before this conference began, I went up to the highest peak in the city. When I was up there, I saw the same 2 angels with trumpets as I saw in June. Flowing out from the top of the mountain down into Hong Kong. I saw a vision of a boat containing internationals discovering a continent landing on a new land. God said; "This conference will serve as a catalyst for the glory - for the opening of the portals in Hong Kong - to bring glory to different districts in Hong Kong. Explosions of God's glory! God is giving us these signs announcing His glory is breaking out in Hong Kong".

Rob Rufus Prophesying:

"Tipping point - tipping point. There comes those moments of God where you faithfully labour and consistently months and even years and suddenly there is a suddenness of God - a tipping point moment. God is about to break into the very administration of the government of this city. I believe God will come in His glory and visit those in the municipality - the governors - those who govern - even to the Premier in dreams and visions and angelic visitations in the government".

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