Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Prophecies from Day 1 - Evening Session

Here are some of the prophecies that were given at the evening session of the first day of the "Grace and Glory" conference in Hong Kong. Once again the depth and anointing of the prophetic just simply staggered me. It wasn't just spoken prophecies - it was sung prophecies, dreams, visions. Truly New Testament! You just didn't know what was coming next!


"I saw God walking and His feet were touching the hilltops and as He was walking gently, His feet almost floating on the hills, it is like He is drawing us near and saying "Come up to where I am and I will give you what you need and desire". Then I saw His robe trailing behind Him over the hill tops and into the valleys through Hong Kong and it was like His glory is going to touch everyone.

The whole of Hong Kong - I think there is a major thing coming in the Spirit. Just the glory of God - a place where you will feel the robe of God just brushing over us as He passes around this room. But He wants us to continue with that and take it to wherever He came from.

And He wants us to soak us in this place so that we will not forget where we find Him, where we find His glory - where we feel who He is".


"Just while we were worshipping, God gave me two pictures and one was a picture of a well in a desert. He said to me that He wants to unblock wells in people's lives. The well I saw was in a desert place and there was sand blowing and as the wind blowed, the well was filling with sand again and again. I saw someone standing with a spade and they were desperately digging - to dig out that well, to dig out that sand but as the wind blew the sand came and filled the well and there was sprinklings of rain.

The rain was coming but the sand was pourous and the water drained right through. I felt God saying; "Stop digging - it's not upto you to unblock those wells". He will unblock those wells and as I stood there, He said, just one puff of My nostril - one soft breath from Me will unblock those wells. Stop digging - stop trying - just receive. Allow Me to be the One who unblocks those wells".

Prophetic Song:

"I have touched you with My Spirit - I have let My river pour over you. But only a drop of what I have - don't build your house here. Don't make yourself safe here for I have so much more - I have so much more - so much more. I've called you to be a pilgrim people - move with My river! I am taking you deeper and deeper. Don't be satisfied with the drops! Don't be satisfied with the cup you have and don't camp your tent in a valley of tears! I will make it a spring of love.

I will make it a spring of love - not only for you but for the world - the broken, the broken - they need it now more than ever! Move with My Spirit! Be a pilgrim people! Be a pilgrim people - focus on Me and I will lead you through valleys and over the mountains. You will be led by Me. Don't camp here - don't be satisfied with the drops! I have so much more!".

Prophetic Song:

"Come to Me with nothing at all and I'll give you everything - all of My glory and grace. Come to Me with nothing at all and I'll give you everything - all of My glory and grace. Come to Me with nothing at all and I'll give you everything - all of My glory and grace.

So we come to you with nothing at all - you've given us everything - all of your glory and grace! We come to You!".

Rob Rufus:

"For the last 15 minutes I've sensed the Father's tenderness over this house tonight over every single one of us. I just sense the Father's affirmation and commendation to everyone in this room. I feel like the Father is saying; "I have seen every single journey - I have seen the tears - I have seen the disappointment - I have seen the times of abandonment - I have seen the times when it seemed like everything you had anticipated and the very opposite happened. It seemed like you stepped out and the ground didn't seem solid under your feet.

I feel like the Father is saying "Well done My children - well done sons and daughters. Well done for not being cynical. Well done for not becoming skeptical. Well done for keeping your hearts in love with Me! Well done for loving Me the way you do. Well done for loving My Church and loving My people and loving My kingdom and loving the lost and loving the nations.

The enemy has tried to give you every reason why you should be cynical and draw back in disillusionment but you stand here today clapping and applauding Me and thanking Me in child-like abandonment and faith. Well done faithful sons and daughters! Well done - well done - well done - well done - you are My beloved Sons and daughters and in you I am well pleased".

The Father has seen every tear, every experience of rejection and His tenderness is here in a tangible way and He is saying "I am here and I want to pour out blessing in abundance. Filling teeth with gold is easy. Blessing is easy".

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