Monday, 7 January 2008

Prophecies from Hong Kong - Day 1

One of the awesome benefits of having a collection of the "Grace and Glory Conference" CD's is that they have included the majority of the worship and the incredible flow of the prophetic that came. I am making it my project this week to work through session after session and transcribe spoken prophecies that need to be read and remembered. I am more and more coming to see that only by writing down and remembering can we truly "Wage war by the prophecies given". I have been hugely blessed to have been given countless prophecies in my past - but I was stunned to read a prophecy given to me by a dear friend in JULY and yet I had forgotten it. We must - we MUST - WE MUST - remember the prophecies!

So here are some of the prophecies from Day 1 at the "Glory and Grace" Conference!

Rob Rufus:

"For I will reveal My faithfulness in these days in fresh ways. I will uncover - I will unveil My faithfulness to you in these days. For you have been told from this side and from that side that you ought to be more faithful and do more of this and do more of that and to be more faithful over there. But I the Lord would say to you - I am going to boast and show off My faithfulness to you - because you see, you cannot know how to be genuinely faithful unless you really drink from the well of My faithfulness to you.

You cannot know how to really love Me until you have drunk deep of My love for you. So lift off the burdens of the demands to be more faithful - lift off the burdens and demands to be more loving and let Me pour out My faithfulness to you - let Me pour out My love on you - let Me bring you into My rest and My freedom and into My deliverance".

Isi de Gersigny:

"Just as we were worshipping I had a real distinct sense of the healing angels just coming alongside some of you that are possibly struggling with some sickness, some on-coming flu. And I felt these angels (I've seen them before) have got red cross things on their shoulders. Some of them have moved in and were waiting to minister healing to people and the Lord wants to give you refreshing and healing so you are ready to start fresh and not labour under anything. That's part of our inheritance. So lift up your hands and receive the healing".

This next prophecy absolutely and utterly staggered me. I was physically unable to stand up when Rob brought it. The conference hadn't even opened properly and the standard of the prophetic had just floored me. The reason for that - is that in November 2006 I had a very vivid dream about a tidal wave sweeping towards the coast of Brighton in the UK. There was no date set on the dream but I knew that it was a spiritual wave of revival promised and I shared it with Terry Virgo (the father of Newfrontiers) as I felt it was most appropriate to do so. Terry responded extremely graciously and told me that others within the Church of Christ the King had similar dreams. And then Rob brought this prophecy;

Rob Rufus:

"About 2 years ago, I went out to an island here called Lama Island. I went up on a mountain there to pray and wait on God and I said; "What in heaven's name am I doing in Hong Kong?". I felt Him say; "I am going to establish a move of My Spirit in Hong Kong that will touch the world". He said; "It won't primarily touch the church - it will touch the world. It will touch the church but it will touch the unsaved" and He saved; "I will gather a group of people around you to work with you to establish a move of My Spirit in Hong Kong that will touch the world".

And recently he was saying again as we have been praying for this time that; "I am going to raise up a supernatural epic-centre of a divine earthquake in this conference and it will have an ever expanding psunami-circles of conquest and influence of divine favour that will manifest through the nations of the earth".

What God is saying is that joy and laughter is a mighty weapon. There is in laughter and liberty a release of the psunami of God going out from this place. We see in Scripture that when people praised and prayed, natural earthquakes followed. Now we pray for a mighty earthquake in the Spirit - let the glory manifest! Let Your fire fall in this place!".

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