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Rob Rufus Dealing with the Spirit of Conservatism

I listened to Fini de Gersigny's awesome message "The Father's Love" recently - which he preached just before the "Grace and Glory Conference 2007" in Hong Kong at City Church. The message itself was very powerful and visited by the Spirit of God. Isi de Gersigny brought a number of very heavy prophetic words prior to Fini speaking and I may publish the notes soon. But what grabbed my attention particularly was Rob Rufus. Once again he demonstrated his apostolic, fathering heart by being brave enough to contront an issue that had to be dealt with. He also demonstrated his prophetic gifting in being able to discern a spiritual issue in the meeting that many others wouldn't recognise.

Here's the transcript of what he said;

"In all honesty as you observe people in the world today - who cries the most and who laughs the most? Who has the most fun and who is most honest with their emotions? Apart from Jesus who was very honest with His emotions. He leapt with joy and He was also able to weep publicly. Apart from Jesus who had absolutely freedom of His emotions and was not locked into into an Eastern or Western spirit of control and conditioning of His emotions. He was the perfection of humanity as the last Adam and the perfection of manhood and womanhood actually because He didn't have a lock on His emotions. So apart from Him ... who?


Why did Jesus then say several times in the Gospels that if you want to experience the Kingdom which is the miracles and the blessings and the sense of preciousness and well-being and freedom, then why did He say we must become like little children to experience that? Why did He say we must become? Why? Did He say being grown up and being 30 or 40 years of age is wrong? No He didn't say chronological development of age is wrong.

What He was saying was the more you become like an adult, the less you become like a child - the less of a whole complete adult you are.

I want to ask some of you with emotional locks - and I love the Chinese people and my heart breaks when I see them walking out the room because this is now no more relevant to them because there are people laughing and crying and this has no relevance to them because of the emotional locks that their culture has imposed on them. And even while Fini de Gersigny was preaching there was one man in this room grieving the Holy Spirit and you weren't helping the rest of us because you were grieving the One I love the most on the planet. You were watching as an observer and you were grieving the One I love the most all the time while Fini was preaching. I don't know if there is any hope for that person unless they repent but the rest of you (and many were very open to what Fini was saying) -

Some of you were observing from a position of artificial or dysfunctional adulthood and I want to lovingly say to you in your distant aloofness that unless you become like a little child you will not see the Kingdom of heaven.

Maybe you are not even born again because born again people have a circumcised heart. Unless you become like a little child you will not see the Kingdom of heaven and -

You may hinder other people coming into the Kingdom by you putting on the breaks and by your passivity and by grieving the power of the Kingdom - the Person of the Kingdom - the Holy Spirit. We cannot afford to have that in this conference.

Look around Hong Kong when there are little puddles on the pathway. The adults walk around the puddles but children run at the puddles and stamp their feet. When did you stop running at puddles and splashing?

What has the Church done to your head? What has religion done to you?

I hate being in meetings with so many boring, critical, analytical people who don't know that they have become Pharisees and I want to say this to you; Behind passivity and behind aloof watching with disinterest and a critical heart is not just normal behaviour - but I want to promise you by the Spirit of God that there is religious demonic power. You are entertaining religious, demonic power when you entertain dysfunctional adult observation of childlike Kingdom behaviour. You have fallen into the influence of something not innocent but extremely dangerous.

I go out of my mind with grief when I see after 2, 000 years that the Church has not gone further.

The Church was birthed in drunkenness as Isi de Gersigny said - and they came out from the Upper Room and the world around them thought that they were drunk. That is the authentic orgins of the Church that Jesus desired to be birthed when they were staggering in drunkenness and when they were drunk - 3, 000 got saved.

The Church was never more in the will of God when they were no longer concious of themselves and were absolutely lost in the wonder of the knowledge and glory and bigness of God and the more sober the Church has got, the more out of the will of God they get and the less people get saved.

I want you to lift your hands in this place everyone. I am so sorry for the Chinese people who have left because they did not think this was relevant because the culture in Hong Kong has crushed them into dysfunctional adulthood where they have forgotten how to be children. And I say to you - unless you become like a little child (in the words of Jesus), you have wasted your whole time being here this week. Unless you become like a little child and get free from cynicism and skepticism and suspiciousness and yes - you may have been hurt by someone in the past but you cannot hold the Kingdom of God to ransom because of your past hurt. You have to say unless I become like a little child. Father I ask right now that person who grieved the Spirit will repent before they left this place in the authority of the wonderful Name of Jesus.

I pray that the rest of us that watched with observance with dynsfuntional adulthood - thinking we are aloof and wise in our own eyes, that with freedom and joy and liberty out of your goodness we will repent of dynsfunctional adulthood and become like little children and we will find every puddle of glory and every river of glory in our lives - we will not go around it but we will splash in it, and go into it. We will take off our gum boots and we will jump in Lord God - we will dance like David and we will take off our outer garments of false dignity and religious bondage and slavery to devils and demons. We will take that off. Right now let the outer garment of false dignity be BROKEN in the Name of Jesus! Let freedom and the anointing arise! Let childlikeness arise in this place!
Fini referred to You being like a Dove - a white pure Dove. Doves are shy and fly off at the first sign of noise and disregard. We understand that Jesus (who can be called a Lion) is mainly referred to as a Lamb and we understand that You are like a mighty rushing wind and You bring forth creation by the command of the Father. You are an awesome living authority and power but you are not characterised as a hawk or an eagle but a gentle Dove that is shy and You will fly off when You are grieved.

We ask You Holy Spirit - please forgive those who insulted You and grieved You today with their conservatism. Please don't make us pay the price this week Holy Spirit for one or two people's stupidity. We need You Holy Spirit.

The church in Hong Kong has you at 2 or 3% of Your power. We can't raise the dead or open blind eyes at 4%. We are so tired of seeing 7 million Chinese people ignore You.

Forgive us Holy Spirit - please, please, please, PLEASE Holy Spirit - don't punish us for the ignorance of some! Don't lift off these meetings! You didn't lift off this meeting today but I know that you wanted to come in fulness. We must have the greater glory come. Take us out of earthly conciousness and take us into heavenly conciousness. If we come from churches that despise or control Your moving Spirit of God then shape in our heart and conciousness the right and sacred decisions to make about these things.

Please Holy Spirit teach us childlikeness. Teach us how to become like children. Teach the Caucasians and the ex-pats and the Chinese to STOP being suspicious of Your glory Holy Spirit.

Here's the weight of His glory coming right now. I believe there has been
repentance in this place.

Let me just say one more thing and then I am finished (sorry Isi). Every eye closed and no one looking around. If you were not able to smile once while Fini was speaking and I mean not even once - a smile didn't break your lips even once the whole hour. A smile didn't appear on your face even once then you have to come to terms with something. There is not something hardly wrong - there is something seriously wrong. You have set yourself in a position of unsanctified stubbornness which is serious. You have positioned yourself to oppose grace, mercy, favour and love. Maybe you didn't understand some of the things that Fini said but you cannot misunderstand the fact that God sits on His throne and laughs. The Kingdom of heaven is not a matter of what you eat and drink but a matter of righteousness, peace and JOY in the Holy Spirit.

If you could not respond with one smile then you need deliverance from a demon. You need deliverance from a demonic power and while every eye is closed and no eye looking around - I am going to ask you to raise your hand. Don't come to me afterwards - the anointing is NOW - don't come and ask me to pray for you afterwards. If you didn't smile once then raise your hand. Okay I see your hand - God bless you.

I honour you and bless you for surrendering that stubbornness and bless you. You are free! FREE! And I am not trying to be funny but I saw the smiles appear on the faces of those people. The Spirit of God has broken in and brought deliverance to people. Raise your hands one more time and take a big drink! Do something childlike today!".

I love hearing Rob speak so fatherly and so lovingly. Many of us have been able to recognise and testify to ungodly and authoritarian abuse - but I rejoice in the fact that while Rob Rufus would never pretend to be perfect, he has exhibited the example of fatherly and loving correction which brings results! And those results are repentance which leads to an awesome deposit of the Spirit of God returning to the place - ungrieved and unhindered.

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Wow, this was incredible, where are the leaders like this....thanks for taking the time to transcribe this!!