Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The amazing guarantee of the gospel

Over on Pentecostal/Charismatic Post-it notes, I started typing up another amazing quote from Pharisees and Legalists, session 5 of the Grace and Glory Conference 2007. Then I found, that I was carrying on typing about the amazing guarantee of the gospel. The covenant is ALL of Him. Not 99.99999999999999% of Him and 0.00000000000001% of us. ALL of Him -

"For you to be rejected by the Father, Jesus Christ has to be rejected by the Father."

Wow! So we cannot be rejected!! Ever!!!

Here is the quote in full:

"The gospel is not balanced; it's insane, it's radical, it is a scandal. The Holy God of Israel justifies freely sinners - that's a scandal.

The New Covenant is radical; it cannot be balanced. You cannot balance love with hate, you cannot balance cruelty with kindness, you cannot balance law with grace - they do not mix.

Jesus plus anything equals nothing. Jesus plus nothing equals everything.

You mix one little bit of the law with grace, and grace is totally invalid from that moment. You cannot mix the law with grace. You can't say 'OK, well I'll put grace into the law.' If you put grace into the law, the law wins. If you put law into grace, the law wins. Because grace must stand outside of human effort.

And that is why, when God made the covenant with Abraham, He put Abraham to sleep and said 'no man will be involved in this covenant; it's not going to be based upon the performance of man.' And Jesus Christ, the pre-incarnate Christ carried the pot of fire and walked with His Father through the sheared halves of the ox. And Abraham and us are beneficiary of a covenant cut within the Trinity and therefore it is as guaranteed and impecable and infallible as the Trinity are themselves.

For you to be rejected by the Father, Jesus Christ has to be rejected by the Father. Because Jesus cut the covenant with the Father and it happened outside of yourself."
And God can never, never, never reject Jesus. It was all done outside of us, for us, unconditionally out of His amazing everlasting love. And so we can do nothing to add to it, nothing to take away from it, nothing to lose it.

Safe FOREVER with my King!!


Dan Bowen said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome quote!! I remember sitting there in Hong Kong when he said that and my mind simply couldn't contemplate what he was saying was true! My mind kept saying; "But surely ... just one bit of law ... just a tiny bit?!!?".



lydia joy said...

Jesus + nothing!
Boy I sure wish more Christians could live in this!
Love the fact and the awareness that I am safe, accepted and loved and ALWAYS will be!!!
Thanks Pete!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome this just is confirmation for me!

Read Romans 11:5-6