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Invading the Impossible - Part 5

Here is Part 5 of this ever-increasing amazing series. Parts 1 to 4 have all been transcribed and may be accessed here via the new Archive of Rob Rufus! Enjoy and be stirred by this ever increasing, ever uplifting, ever ascending series of faith-building messages! Rob is preaching on; "Refusing to Accept the Unacceptable!".

"Open your Bibles please to Philippians chapter 2. I am very excited about this message today. I have been waiting 2 weeks to preach it and it has been burning within me like a volcano. I am going to try and be gentle and gracious in the outflow of it. It's encouraging, it is going to inspire people and anoint you to invade the impossible more and more. One of the things that was so exciting about the time of prayer this morning was that as a pastor I know the difficulties people are going through - yet not one person prayed out of a spirit of self-pity and I know for some of them it looks like life isn't fair! Yet every single person prayed; "Father help us to invade the impossible, help us to help others beyond ourselves". And for me we have advanced another sequence in that stage and for that - let us give the Lord a clap just for the heaven of it!

It is so important to feed on what God is doing more than what He isn't doing. Because what He isn't doing, He is going to do. But what He is doing, we need to celebrate that!

This church is a womb that is conceiving and giving birth to first generation grace Christians around the world! Every week our stand here has been attacked for affecting hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. So if you understand the attacks that are coming to us, don't think it is disproportionate to the size we are - it is WHAT we are carrying and what we represent in the nations! I had an international Skype conference with 16 leaders of 16 different churches who were here at the Glory and Grace Conference and everyone of them said that they are progressing in signs and wonders and miracles and some of them are progressing beyond us! That is because we are three years old and they have been around much longer.

We are giving something away that is accelerating and multiplying in the hands of people we give it to.

We are a giving church - we are giving 10% of our income away mainly into China. Go for it it - get this message out anyway you can. God's people are struggling under guilt, manipulation and performance pressure, condemnation, never feeling like they deserve the blessing and always feeling like they have to earn it. But I tell you;

"No - God says that the New Covenant is a covenant of unfading glory. In the New Covenant God only looks at you through grace but under the Old Covenant God only looked at you through the law. Under the law God demanded a perfect righteousness in your performance all the time but under grace He gives you His righteousness as a gift and you are secure and you come into rest and the blessing comes just by believing - not by anything you do".

Jesus + anything = nothing. But Jesus + nothing = everything. Under grace you want to tithe! Under open heaven you long to give! But give under law and you come into curse. So we are talking about "Invading the Impossible" and this is number 5. I think this is going to be a 28 part series! In Part 4 we looked at the principle of dealing with disappointments and I want to say this very strongly. Most Christians carry a scenario or a conciousness of disappointment in their life because most of us who have stepped out in the supernatural have had some setbacks and some disappointments.

I look at the disciples and they were men of faith before the Cross but one day they stepped out to pray for a boy with a demon and they couldn't get the demon out. Jesus came and cast it out proving it was the will of God to get that demon out. Today if we try to get someone healed and they don't, we say it wasn't the will of God to heal that person. The disciples were shocked and asked why couldn't we cast that demon out? Why were they shocked? Because they had some success before in casting demons out but then they hit a disappointment. But Jesus said; "This type only come out by prayer and fasting". He DID NOT mean this type of demon only comes out by prayer and fasting. Every demon has lost authority and must come out in the Name of Jesus. There is no hierarchy of demon that can resist you unless you have fasted and prayed. If you believe that lie, every demon will tell you; "I am the kind that only come out by prayer and fasting and you haven't fasted". So you wait for a week fasting and in that time the demon kills the person. Jesus was saying this kind of unbelief comes out by prayer and fasting. You can have faith to cast out demons but if you have disappointment that will hinder your faith.

Most people with disappointments have prayed for someone who has died and they back off and develop a theology to accomodate the abscence of miracle success in Christian life.

If you do not deal with disappointment effectively, then disappointment will effectively deal with you. It is our responsibility and our accountability before God to monitor our hearts and make sure we do not tolerate disappointment and do not allow disappointment to fashion our theology, philosophy or view of the kingdom of heaven. It is to the degree that we effectively deal with disappointment that we will effectively advance and invade the impossible and force the impossible to bow it's knee to Jesus.

What is the power of disappointment? It gives power to the things we don't understand to rob us of the things we do understand. Then we begin to trade truth for lies. I have heard the most diabolical lies told me by Christians who in their disappointment have begun to find ways to explain why the dead aren't being raised and blind eyes aren't being opened, the deaf aren't hearing, the cripples aren't walking. Jesus said the works that He did - greater works shall we do! Jesus healed them ALL - the early church in Acts healed them ALL. We spoke about Philippians 4 and how in disappointment we must; "Rejoice always, again I say rejoice!". Not rejoice in your disappointment but rejoice in the Lord! Why? Because the Lord understands your disappointment and understands your pain and has an answer.

It is one of the most difficult things to rejoice in the Lord when you are disappointed - you want to lick your wounds and have a pity party. But a pity party is one of the most lonely parties on the planet. It's just you! Now rejoice in the Lord always! Then Paul goes on; "Be anxious for nothing but in everything with prayer and petition make your request known to God with thanksgiving and the peace that passes understanding will guard your heart in Christ!".

When the peace that passes understanding comes on you then the things you don't understand no longer have power to rob you of the things you do understand and God begins to open the eyes of your understanding and give you revelation on how to invade the impossible.

Those disciples failed and were disappointed but you look further on and find that they overcame their disappointment and raised the dead and saw cripples walking and deaf ears opened!

The majority of Christians in the Western world do not operate in supernatural ministry, do not cast out devils, do not heal the sick on the level of the book of Acts. The majority! Why? Because they have been taught wrong and been taught that it has passed away or because they have tried and have failed in their disappointment and in their disappointment allow themselves to be robbed of the things they do understand by the things they don't understand.

Today - "Invading the Impossible Number 5" - we are talking about REFUSING to accept the unacceptable! What you tolerate will ultimately dominate you, your family, your children and generations to come. When I say what should we refuse to accept - let your minds respond to Scripture not religious propaganda. What is unacceptable? In Romans 12:2 Paul writes; "Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world". Now the pattern of this world has it's foundation in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. "Do not be patterned or conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so you can prove what is the perfect acceptable will of God!".

As your mind is transformed by divine encounters with the manifest glory of God - when you encounter the glory of God in power - your mind is transformed and then you are able to prove what is the acceptable, pleasing will of God.

What is the will of God Jesus? "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!". What is the will of God that is acceptable? AS IN HEAVEN - SO ON EARTH! How long will it take a person riddled with cancer, blindness and stiffness to get healed when they step into heaven? It's an instant thing! What is unacceptable? Friends, everything that contradicts what is in heaven. Where is the proof of someone doing that? Jesus healed them ALL! He said: "I have given you keys - what you bind on earth is bound in heaven, what you lose on earth, is loosed in heaven!". But because of disappointment we have begun to accept the unacceptable.

It is unacceptable that there are sex child slave trades in Africa! It is unacceptable that you can go into hospitals that the wards at 02:00 are filled with people like a battle zone with people lying in comas in the passageway! If the early church in Acts was around they would be bringing great crowds to gather and all would be healed!

But because the church has allowed legalism and the traditions of men and toxic streams to come into the pure stream that started in the book of Acts, we have nullified the Word of God's power and we accept the unacceptable and we allow disappointments to make us cynical and skeptical and we lose our innocence and child-like pure simple faith in Jesus Christ.

30, 000 abortions in Hong Kong every year - that means 30, 000 babies in the most vulnerable place that should be the safest place are ripped out the womb and thrown into a rubbish box and it is accepted in the name of civilisation and science because of the mother's rights! What about the baby's rights? We are called to invade the impossible and make the impossible bow it's knee to the church and I am talking primarily about signs and wonders and miracles, but that includes toppling evil and social injustice. One of the most difficult things to try and persuade non-Christians is that Jesus is God. He is eternal God, always God, self-created, self-sufficient, Beginning and End, eternity exists in Him!

But one of the things that is more difficult is to try and persuade Christians that when Jesus left heaven and came to earth He came with none of His divinity in operation. That He was as much man as if He was not God. All of His divinity was 100% restrained within His humanity and He did nothing on this earth as God but did EVERYTHING on this earth as last Adam. As man. He had no advantages over you for invading the impossible.

When Jesus did miracles He was not trying to show us what God could do but to show us what man could do through being rightly related to God.

Jesus lived an ordinary Christian life and set the new norm for Christianity. Before He left this planet He did not announce that the norm He had set would reduce. The very opposite! He said that the norm would go up not down! He said; "Truly, truly I say to you ANYONE that gets rid of the idea that the miracles past away when the first 12 apostles died, truly, truly ANYONE who believes on Me, the miracles I have been doing but even greater works will you do because I am going to the Father".

Greater is the new norm! But what has the Church done? Let the things we don't understand rob us of the things we do understand. There is no argument against this! We are going to look at what did Jesus do when He went to the Father that means we can do greater works? Let me read something to you before we go to Philippians 2. I wrote this down yesterday and I just want to read it to you;

"People say to me that if you go around telling Christians that they are already holy, that they are already righteous, that they are already perfect in God's eyes through grace, that they are 100% accepted in Christ and that God doesn't disapprove of you whatsover because you have obtained a righteousness apart from the law - apart from your performance and apart from your obedience or disobedience but entirely on the obedience of the one Man Jesus Christ (Romans 5:19). A righteousness that is unconditional, permament standing that you have before God every second of every moment of every hour of every day. They say if you tell Christians this, it will make them arrogant and puffed up.

The question I want to ask you - did Jesus knowing that He was equal with God in nature make Him arrogant? No it gave Him the opposite attitude and effect and He humbled Himself. You knowing that God will never see your sins or hold anything against you doesn't make you arrogant - it makes you so secure that you no longer grasp after righteousness through the law but find rest in your identity as already having a righteousness that is equal to God's righteousness. God's righteousness is revealed in the gospel as a gift for you and you humble yourself, knowing this doesn't make you arrogant but makes you want to weep with wonder and joy - My God finds no fault in me! He gave me His righteousness! The righteousness you and I have as Christians is equal with God! This awarness inspires you to reach out as a servant and touch people with miracle working power to heal them, to restore them and topple evil off their lives.

Self-righteousness causes insecurity and an overbearing attitude that dominates others and at best patronises people in a complete abscence of the supernatural power of God".

I have watched as this message has gone out, week after week, month after month for the last 3 and a half years - the effect it is having on people here is that they are becoming less self-concious and are reaching out to touch other people's lives. Self-righteous people are insecure, live under condemnation, or arrogance, always trying to prove themselves but the righteousness of God brings security. Alright let's read this quickly;

"This is the attitude that will bring you and me to the highest level of authority and power that God wants every human Christian to walk under".

(Philippians 2:5); "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus who being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped but made Himself nothing taking the nature of a servant being made in human likeness". What does being made in "human likeness" mean? It means being made just like us!

But you say - but He was perfectly righteous all the time! So are you. In Christ Jesus. You see if you hesitate and say; "Well I am not righteous all the time" you are still living dominated by Old Covenant mentality. Under the Old Covenant righteousness was demanded through keeping the law perfectly. One failure and one part of the law would bring you instantly under curse and the glory would fade. New Covenant - you are righteous in God's eyes all the time as a gift therefore the glory never needs to fade. So when you think of Jesus having an advantage because He never sinned and always walked righteously, you are still thinking Old Covenant because God sees you as righteous all the time. "Being found in appearance as a man". As a man. As a man. As a man. It is difficult to convince Christians that Jesus was as much man as if He were not God at all.

If He had access to His divine attributes while on earth, then why did He need to be baptised in the Holy Spirit like we do? He did no miracles before the Holy Spirit came upon Him. The Holy Spirit didn't come upon Him as God. The Holy Spirit doesn't need to come on God! The Holy Spirit came on the Man Jesus. That's why you can do the works He did because you are a man as He is.

He humbled Himself and became obedient to death, even death on a Cross therefore God exalted Him". Therefore GOD exalted Him. God exalted Him! Him! To the highest place! "And gave Him the Name that is above every Name that at the Name of Jesus EVERY knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father". The two vital questions I want to ask and then answer them.

1. Was Jesus exalted to the highest place as God or as man?

I can tell you right now from the authority of Scripture that He was not exalted to the highest place as God. You cannot exalt God to the highest place - it is BLASPHEMY to think that. He is God and therefore always be definition in the highest place. Creator of all things! He IS highest place!

Jesus had occupied highest place as God but didn't grasp after it. He gave up that equality with God and was found in the appearance as a man and became a servant obedient unto death on the Cross. What we are doing today is not a lecture to entertain your mind - but you need revelation in your spirit. What we are going into - we have to do the Kingdom stuff through revelation. Because one day we will have to stand before God and give account - not to decide whether we are going to heaven or hell. If you are in Christ that is secured forever and ever. God threw away the keys to your cell in hell and burnt it in oblivion. You are going to heaven but friends you are going to have to give an account. Did you sit under revelation when the earth was being filled with the glory of the Lord - did you sit in churches and say, "Oh I know this stuff".

Was I responsible for that revelation? Yes there will be no excuse for ignorance. Everyone on this earth can have access to revelation. Philippians 2 says the grace of God has appeared to ALL men. There is available access for revelation for every human being right now. Jesus was exalted to the highest place as a Man. So in heaven today there is a Man living in the highest place in heaven and on earth!

How did that happen and why?

An angel called Lucifer created by God to lead worship in heaven (pray for worship leaders - they come under the most demonic attack because Satan is jealous about God being worshipped) - he was a worship leader yet jealousy and pride was found within him. He said he wanted to be equal to God and was thrown instantly from heaven like lightening. On earth he came to Adam and said; "You will be equal to God" - in other words Adam had to exalt himself. Remember the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Adam did not take only the evil out of the tree and leave the good. So goodness is as much part of the fall of man as evil. Goodness is man's self-righteousness grasping after righteousness and the law that brings a curse on his life. It is a deception of the devil that legalistic religions are in the earth today.

Everyone who practices legalism does not understand that they are operating under satanic deception to try and seek self-rightousness through their own effort of the law and ceremonies and what they do.

Satan wanted Adam to do what Satan had done in heaven. He wanted Adam to try and exalt himself to be equal with God. Why did he try and do that? Because he knew that Adam had a delegated authority from God to have dominion on the earth. What is the kingdom? It is the dominion of the king! So Adam as a man - an ordinary man - had been given authority from the King of kings to have dominion on the earth. To subdue the earth and Satan knew that if Adam fell for the deception, he would lose that delegated authority like Satan lost it in heaven and Satan knew he could steal the delegated authority from Adam and operate in that delegated authority from Adam in the earth. Before the Cross he was called the "god of this world".

When wars are happening and 9/11 and poverty and insurance companies call it an act from God, they are right but it's not our God! It's Satan! Disasters aren't from our God! Our God gives a church an authority to invade and topple evil bu the church sits on it's blessed assurance and sings hymns and trades truth for lies so God has to raise up another generation and lives a life that is all about my inner healing and what I want. My convinience and if I get offended or disappointed I will trade truth for lies! God is not coming to this earth to stop evil but God is giving His church an authority to invade the impossible and topple the impossible and topple evil. The Church is busy waiting at the rapture bus stop and bemoaning how the devil is so bad and church is so bad and "Jesus take me home!". God is looking at His man Adam and He gave him authority to do the job on the earth. He fell into the trap and tried to exalt himself through self-righteousness.

So Satan stole his authority so now God can't just come to earth and smash the devil out of the planet. Because Satan is operating in an original heaven-sent authority to Adam! What does God do? He does not grasp after equality with God but does the opposite to the devil and makes Himself nothing and God comes in the appearance of a man and walks this planet and when He finally faces the devil, He does not face the devil with the authority of God but with the same authority the devil has. Now He is operating in last Adam's delegated authority from God but as a man. So when the devil tempts Him, Jesus doesn't dispute the devil's right and say; "They're not yours to give!". He doesn't dispute that! He says; "I will only worship God and Him alone will I worship". So Jesus operated in delegated authority as second Adam but Jesus never gives in to the temptation and goes to the Cross and dies on the Cross.

If you read Romans 5 essentially on the Cross it wasn't your sin being forgiven - read Romans 5. It was essentially Adam's sin being cancelled! The Bible clearly says that through the sin of one man, death reigned through the human race! What was his sin? Trying to be equal with God and gave his authority to the devil. So what was the power that was still holding first Adam's sin and giving Satan the operation of delegated authority he stole from first Adam?

It was that the law was introduced for sin to increase. The law of God was never introduced to put sin down! The power of sin increased when the law came. Who wrote the law? God wrote the law on 10 Commandments with His finger. Who cancelled the 10 Commandments? God at the Cross in Colossians 2:14; "Having cancelled the written code ... having disarmed the authorities at the Cross".

He cancelled first Adam's sin and cancelled the devil's authority that he stole from first Adam.

When He said; "It is finished!" and rose from the dead, Jesus then said something He could never have said before the Cross. He said in Matthew 28; "ALL authority in heaven and on earth". ALL authority. If someone has got ALL then someone has got zero! Zero is a circle. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me - now go and disciple NATIONS!

Now the second question;

2. Was that ALL authority given to Jesus as God or as a Man?

It was given to Him as Man! You cannot give ALL authority to God! He has all authority! As God, Jesus had all authority but He did the opposite to Satan and didn't hang on to it but humbled Himself and became a Man then cancelled first Adam's sin and cancelled principalities and powers.

Preaching the Law is re-arming principalities and powers when we preach the written code to the Church.

He arose from the dead and inherited all authority in the earth as a MAN! And then was exalted to the highest place so that at His Name every knee in heaven and earth must bow! The answer is that He re-inherited it as a man not as God!

Now the next question is; did He get exalted to the highest place with everything under His feet for Himself or for you? Because if He did it for Himself then we just worship Him. But if He did it for you and you don't seek to find out why then you are responsible for the gross-est ignorance on the planet! If Jesus went through all He went through to get back into heaven exalted to the highest place with everything under His feet for you and you don't know about it then what is it? Eat food, pass it through your body, grow old, do a few kind deeds, write in your diary. The people who get revelation that He did not just do all this for Himself - a MAN is in the highest place sitting alongside God.

Never in the history of the planet has the devil ever been under the feet of a man. He has always been under the feet of God. In heaven he was leading worship but under God. Then he came to Adam and gets him under his feet almost immediately. He keeps mankind under ignorance and under his feet straight away in insane, fanatical churchianity. Then another Man called Jesus comes. He doesn't put the devil under His feet while He walks the earth but neither does the devil put Him under his feet. Upto the Cross the devil has never been under the feet of a man, he has always been under the feet of God. God is not the problem in the earth because the earth was made for man. Man must govern the earth under God - man must rule the earth. Satan has come in with principalities and rulers and has come over philosophies and political economic systems and is governing whole nations and regions. Jesus said that the Kingdom in heaven will come into earth and topple illegitimate authorities and evil.

But how can I do that if human beings are under the feet of a devil? For government to come into this earth that is righteous, human BEINGS must put the devil under THEIR feet! And none of us could because we are human beings! But ONE human being came and at the Cross cancelled his authority that had reigned for thousands of years through cancelling the LAW then as a man exalted to the highest place FOR YOU. (Ephesians 1). I am not preaching a normal pastor's message here. I need a shepherd to hold my hand and cry with me.

But the church won't tolerate prophets and apostles - the church wants to stone them! Without apostles and prophets the church goes into weakness. The church goes into the absence of the miraculous - the church goes into church programmes that can grow churches into the thousands but no one is coming out of wheelchairs and deaf ears aren't opening and blind eyes aren't opening and it is seen as success but it has got NOTHING to do with the Book of Acts church that has got the power of God and signs and wonders. We cannot settle for anything so subnormal!

There is an international audience that needs to hear this. Let's see why He was exalted to the highest place as a man. (Ephesians 1v17); "That the glorious Father may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation ... the eyes of your heart may be enlightened ... the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints ... for us who believe ... and God placed all things under His feet and appointed Him (a man) to be head over everything". What for? Who for? "The church which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills everything in everyway". He has been appointed the head of all things - what for? His Father? Himself? For the angels? For the CHURCH! A man has been appointed with everything under His feet for US! Principalities, rulers, darkness, cancer, blindness, poverty, broken families, marriages, EVERYTHING was put under HIS feet for YOU! When He says "Every knee must bow" - He is not talking about your knees but the knees of demons, Satan, premature death, sickness, cancer - THEIR knees bow to the Name of Jesus because He has put all things under HIS feet FOR you so that you can walk into the impossible and make all things bow!

The message of grace has GOT to get out! It is the number one reason for the abscence of the miraculous! You don't invade the impossible because your feet are so powerful. You don't invade the impossible because of your holiness or your power.

In Acts 3 Jesus has only been in heaven for a few weeks and spent time talking to His disciples about the Kingdom. His rule breaks people free from hatred and bitterness, from being bound to wheelchairs. He told them that and said; "I am out of here and I am going to the highest place where everything will be put under My feet for you - now you go knowing that everything is under My feet and you watch - everything will bow". In Acts 3 and they are walking to the Gate Beautiful and they turn to the man and fix their eyes. 3 or 4 times I have had the experience where a cripple calls out and I fix my eyes and I know that I know they are coming out that wheelchair. "Silver and gold we don't have but what we do have - we give to you. In the Name of Jesus rise up and walk". That man had been crippled since birth and he went walking and leaping and praising God! (Acts 3:12); "Men of Israel why does this surprise you? Why do you stare at us as if by our own power and holiness ..." (v16) "It is by faith in the Name of Jesus that this man who you SEE and KNOW that this man has been made whole". These boys understood something that the modern church person hasn't got a clue about. Not a clue! They understood that everything was under the feet of Jesus already!

Now God waits in heaven for His enemies to be made His footstool by His church walking in. Please don't let the devil come to your mind and say this to you; "You cannot invade the impossible until you have got everything under your feet first - those sins, those habits, those cycles, those bad character flaws - until you have got those sorted and under your feet, don't bother to try and invade me the impossible". Don't bother talking to the devil too much but when you do say; "I am going to slap you sideways - shut up! The Bible does not say I can invade the impossible by having everything under my feet but because everything is under HIS feet! And I am a man! And my new theme song devil is "These boots are made for walking!".

Deal with disappointment, never give up! When you see this you will say "Blow this I am sick and tired of being dominated by a devil already under Jesus feet". (Luke 9:1); "Power and authority to drive out ALL demons and to cure diseases and He sent them out to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick". People say that is the 12 apostles. Rubbish - every Christian is a priest. (Luke 10:1); He called the 12 then the 72 then the 500. "After this the Lord appointed the 72 and sent them to every place where He was about to go". (v17); "The 72 returned with joy".

If you aren't living the normal Christian lifestyle then you are living a psychologically managed lifestyle based on how people are treating you.

You get out in the miraculous and get out where the real needs are. If you just stay sitting with self-sufficient people then you will not see miracles, but when you go where the needs are THEN you will see the impossible invaded!

This church is going to care for thousands of orphans. We want to buy land in China with the governments help and care for dying AIDS people and show dignity to them. We are going to buy buildings in Hong Kong that will cost 10's of millions of dollars and we will pay cash and we will have hundreds of pastors full time and we will write books. People in Hong Kong will say - it doesn't matter how sick you are, just go into City Church and lay there in your cot and as these vibrant people worship, the Glory Cloud will come upon you and you will get healed! And to do that I MUST push through all this resistance I am feeling today.

Because if someone isn't fighting this resistance then it isn't being fought. People so quickly go back to the lowest denominator of their comfort. No wonder the prophets aren't liked because they will not let the church settle in comfort! They keep challenging unbelief and false theology! We are the end-day generation and if years go by and the revelation of grace stays shallow, it will be too late for some people. "Even the demons submit to us ... I give you authority to trample on snakes and scorpians and overcome all the power of the enemy". Overcome some of the power? No - ALL! And NOTHING will harm you! The devil throws thoughts into most of your mind and tries to deceive them as God. It isn't God! We can stop the bird making a nest in my hair!

The devil has picked a fight with the wrong person - I don't know how to give up! I don't know how! Some people know how but appear like they haven't! Some give up and yet go through false theology and go through the motions. If I give up I will go. Hong Kong will have a book of Acts church! It doesn't need another charismatic church! You won't get this! This church will never change! We are going Book of Acts or nothing! They are not looking for the Kingdom - they are looking for a semi-senile Santa Claus! They are coming and we look normal initially and then people run! Don't get angry with me! Get angry with Jesus! Tell Him! So many email me every week and tell me "Don't back off!". We are talking about people that don't want to live a boring little life, people who want to invade the impossible!

When Jesus was exalted to the highest place for us then what do we do with that!? It is not about me or Glenda - it's about Him! The Lamb! It is worth having your tongue cut off for Him! Because when you are resurrected, your tongue will praise the Lamb far more than those who never did anything. This place is mean to people. 30% of the population is suffering depression! Yet the church is having charismatic meetings without kingdom! We need apostles and prophets who stand up and say "This is heavenly vision!". Stop looking at you - stop looking at your past and your success rate or failure rate! Look at Him and what is under His feet! God will keep our enemies alive until they see us leading churches of thousands with miracles and the Kingdom advancing.

(Romans 16:20) "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under YOUR feet". This is a question. Whose feet is the God of peace going to use to crush Satan? His feet or your feet? YOUR feet! Because they are already under Jesus feet and Jesus is a man and the devil is legally under His feet so they can be under your feet irrespective of your performance!

People today look at the Promised Land of signs and wonders and miracles where orphans are cared for and evil governments are toppled and they say; "It's too challenging for me - put me back under the slavery of the Law". But Christians are saying today; "Come what may I must fulfill the purpose of God in my generation". The previous generation did not invade the impossible. I am a Caleb and a Joshua. I am going to lead many people under the age of 40 into the Promised Land. If you are over 40 then join me. Don't give up! Don't let disappointment steal you! Get into worship and you will see the impossible invaded!

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