Sunday, 17 February 2008

"Raising the Dead"!!

I think before "Together on a Mission 2007" - I can honestly say I have NEVER NEVER heard a preacher talk seriously about raising the dead. One of the incredible things about Rob Rufus's ministry in Brighton is that he would conclude his message and ask us all to stand but actually carry on teaching without even, I think, realising it! He had concluded his second message teaching so awesomely on "faith" and got us all to stand for ministry and for the power of the Holy Spirit falling upon us and then went on to make mention about his serious desire and vision to see the dead miraculously raised again.

Take special notice of his teaching - I have yet to find it anywhere else.

Although my faith is still trying to come to grips with healing the sick, I find this clip so provocative. This is what we should be aiming for. Death is a robber! And we need to be honestly and seriously asking God for this faith to see this done for the glory of His Name.

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