Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Rob Rufus in Dubai - Jan/Feb 08!

During the "Invading the Impossible - Part 4" sermon, Rob made reference to his trip to Dubai with his daughter Bonnie. They were ministering at the "Well of Life" church there and Rob spoke three times. I searched on the net and found the links which are here;

The theme was "The Manifest Presence of God". Bonnie Rufus also spoke at a session for worship leaders here. I have started listening to the first session of Rob's and he shared something about Bonnie, I didn't know before. Apparantly while Glenda was expecting her, God spoke to Rob and said that Bonnie would play keyboards in ministry and demons would be expelled as she ministered. When Bonnie was dedicated as a baby by Dudley Daniel, he too (not knowing what God had said to Rob) prophesied that Bonnie would play keyboards and demons would be expelled as she ministered to! So it is a session worth hearing!

Enjoy ...

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Shawna Godbout said...

Thanks for mentioning the prophecy about Bonnie. I've been wondering why there's been music in the background of Rob's latest messages, and that sheds some light on it!