Saturday, 14 March 2009

Note from Joshua Mills Re: Glory and Grace

Hi Guys, Well since I can now do this....and in relation to Dan's post (since I'm writing on the back of his post you may not have read it, so please do and pray with us that God opens doors for him to come!) ....I've thought I'd like to share a note that Joshua Mills, one of the speakers at Glory and Grace posted on facebook recently! I have felt a similar sense in relation to this conference...and thought I'd share it with you all...this is what all of us going are anticipating!

"It is with great excitement and confidence that we invite you to the Hong Kong “Glory and Grace Conference.” There is an authentic prophetic anticipation of many unique things that we believe God is going to do in Hong Kong that will signal a new heavenly commissioning. There are fresh (never experienced before) mantels of glory that God is giving permission to be downloaded at this time. These mantels are the timely resources of God to see the acceleration of Kingdom agendas activated in the earth that will enable us to stand in the centre of His healing and radiate miracles effortlessly. The assembling of the Hong Kong Glory and Grace Conference is simply to position ourselves to receive from the willing hand of His grace these mantels of His power. This will be a time of open heaven. The cloud of the glory will be there. We believe there will be a lot of joy, fun, equipping and rich impartation. You will carry back to your nation a mantel for miracles, signs and wonders but most important of all, an atmosphere for intimate adoration and fellowship with Jesus. I cannot shake off the word ‘unique’ in connection with this conference. This is going to be a time that is uniquely powerful. This is not a conference to be missed. Trust God for financial provisions to get here. It will be worth it. Besides that, Hong Kong is an awesome place to visit. It is a city of stunning beauty and variety that will leave you enriched and fascinated with lasting memories."

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