Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Becoming a Lightning Conductor - Part 4

This message was preached on Sunday 8th March 2009.

"Positioning Ourselves for Heaven to Kiss Earth"

Open your Bibles to the Song of Solomon - that is the whole theme. Trust God to live in health. Healing is great but living in health is far better! It is wonderful to be healed but it's a lot better to walk in divine health! That is the will of God that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul is prospering! A prospering soul provides the landing for the power of God to be transmitted to heaven through you so that we prosper in all things. You can't get into revelation unless you are receiving, drawing! You can't sit there lazy while I work my behind off! You have got to get your revelation button on! You have got to sit there desperate - our lives depend on it! Every week we must go to a new level! Cosmic and redemption realities are fully available to the church and we aren't walking in them but we want to! No one had to pray for Jesus to be healed! He walked among very sick people and didn't get sick but they got healed and because of what He was - we can be!

You can NEVER be satisfied where you are because the greatest miracles, signs and wonders, things that God has done in our lives - we are STILL in the shallows! I am still in the shallows! In the shallows we have seen great things and more things than most Christians in their entire lives but we say openly with joy that we are in the shallows but we are going into the realms of the depths of God because we are hungry, mad, crazy, not a Christian but a son of God! We don't want Christianity! Christianity is only mentioned twice in the Bible but dozens of time "sons of God" are mentioned! We are sons of God and Jesus has made the dwelling place of the Father and His heavenly mansions on the inside of me! He went to heaven to prepare a place for us and He will come back so where we are so may we be also! Keep them in the earth manifesting the kingdom of heaven and I will fill them with all the fullness of God! They will walk in the earth and be a people who will radiate heaven's full glory!

You better know that what we have seen is great but it is small and it is next to nothing compared to what God has given for the sons and daughters of the living God! How do we get into that realm? Revelation is an invitation to a divine encounter!

Without divine encounters you cannot move in realms of the glory! You cannot go to new levels of the power of God, to new levels of victory, strength and triumph in God without revelation!

Hebrews 5 says that people under the law are dull of hearing!

I go to churches where there is legalism and it doesn't matter how exciting you preach - they have no capacity to receive revelation because they have a veil over their heads, are dull of hearing, bored with revelation and don't understand it or have capacity for it - yet know the Bible and have Bible information but don't have revelation and don't have living water supernaturally flowing through their lives and there is too many of those types of Christians on the planet and the world is SICK and tired of Christianity - it is looking for the sons and daughters of God to manifest in the earth NOW!

We are talking about sons and daughters becoming lightning rod conductors that conduct heaven's influence into the earth. Jesus still stands in this desire - "Father, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!". What is already loosed in heaven and what is already bound in heaven? I give you the keys to bind on earth what is bound in heaven. Sickness, disease, political oppression in the Sudan, in Zimbabwae - bind it! If you see evil and wickedness on the planet, if you see child sex trades, wicked governments impoverishing people, cancer, wheelchairs - "I am raising up a group of people like the Acts 5 church whose shadows will heal the sick and the glory will be so dense and concentrated and unfiltered and thick in their midst that sick people will be instantly healed and will throw their crutches away!". I am burning with that and I am going for that!

If this is the highest level then I give up God and I am not going to serve and I am going to go and become a champion marathon runner and forget the whole church thing! I don't want a religious club! I want a radical people that know what it is and what their assignments are! They are here to change history! They are here to topple evil! They are here authorised from heaven as ambassadors to administrate divine heavenly influence into the earth! If the church doesn't then Obama can't! There are things that are way out the range of earth's wisdom and earth's greatest attempts! And when earth tries to organise society and nations without reference to the Creator of the heavens and the earth then they are building a Babylon or a Tower of Babel that God will raise up and in the very next chapter He will bring them down and in Genesis 12 He will bring out HIS answer to the nations - Abraham. "I will bless you and make you a blessing to the nations!". (Galatians 3:29) says if you belong to Christ then you are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise.=

Romans chapter 4 says Abraham's seed and offspring are not heirs of the world through a righteousness that is of the law but they are heirs of the world through a righteousness that is of faith!

We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! We stand before the Father in the same stature and standing that Jesus Himself is! We are joint equal heirs and heirs of God - equal heirs with Christ and as He is, so are we in this world! We have received fulness in Christ! You have been made complete in Christ! You have received fulness in Him who is the fulness of the Deity in bodily form and He is the head over all powers.

You have received circumcision of that nature that was bitter and cynical and didn't trust in the goodness of God so God had to put the law on Israel because the law is not based on faith and they didn't have faith in the goodness of God and the arrangement of Abraham so God had to give them the law to show them how cursed and full of death the law is! In Jesus we have received fullness and we have received a new nature cutting away that unbelief! Don't walk around saying "I am full of unbelief". You and I may have some unbelief hanging around - we will see how to break out of all unbelief and come into a place where we look at something and see it with faith and see it that can change and alter and line up with heaven!

He gave us a new nature and forgave us all our sins - before we had sinned ONCE, HE had already washed them OUT.

He cancelled the written code and the rules and regulations that stood opposed to us at the Cross and cut away the ministry of death and disarmed the principalities and powers triumphing over them at the Cross! We have fullness! Our Christian life isn't trying to get fullness - our Christian life is trying to get revelation of what that fullness is and entering into divine encounters! If you don't then before you know it you will be 75 and it is coming very quickly for us and you will be 85 and look back on your life and say "What did I do? I went to church and tried to have faith occasionaly and it didn't work and I guess it didn't work" - so you backed off where millions of Christians are casualties on the roadside of church history licking their wounds in bitterness and becoming critical!

I have been going 30 years because I have found out where the oil is! I have found out where the treasure is! I have found out where to stay fresh decade after decade after decade and not give up or get disillusioned but stay strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might and wait on the Lord and renew your strength and rise up and run and not grow weary and walk and not faint because I am running to the finish line!

We are speeding up and running without hindrances! We are throwing off unbelief and every hindrance that so easily entangles! No more "easily entangling" me unbelief! I will easily entangle you with faith! Life will swallow up death! Faith will swallow up unbelief! There is an intensity coming that will scare religious people! It will frighten them and it needs to! They need to have hell frightened out of them and heaven inspired in them!

I want to talk today about "Positioning ourselves that Heaven will come and kiss 7 million Hong Kong people!". Sometimes you say extreme things and if there is a small chance that could be true then I will get excited anyway! I am going to talk today about a biblically, doctrinally sound, revealed in the Bible precident about how to position ourselves for Heaven to come and kiss 7 million (of which the vast majority are unsaved) and I am expecting God to come as we position ourselves, as our stance and posture shifts in earth then heaven's position in earth can shift and heaven can come through the portals of our faith and kiss seven million Hong Kong people with LIFE and salvation in Christ!

Adam prophesied on Thursday night that one of the main things that God is going to be doing in these days is revealing the kiss of heaven - the kiss of God to the earth.

How many of you know that the Welsh can still sing? God came and for three years heaven kissed Wales! Policemen had to retire - the crime rates went so far down that evil was toppled. All the pubs closed down! The football teams gave up because everyone was crowding into the church to worship God! Why? Because in a short space of time 100 000 swearing, church hating, blaspheming, coal miners got kissed by heaven and their lives were forever radically changed!

I am not going to preach a gospel that says; "Listen you have got to get saved so you won't go to hell". I don't want you to go to hell but I want to see heaven come down and see heaven kiss you and me so much that we are so full of the kisses of heaven and so full of the romances of the glory that every day we wake up and glory is there and wherever we walk, sleep, work, think - that something is coming out of us that is pervading Hong Kong! And Hong Kong people may be bitter, cynical, worship idols, money, busy, but suddenly a tangible - not a Bible study! Or a tract! "But such as we HAVE - we GIVE to you". Wherever we go heaven is kissing Hong Kong!

In the middle of that Welsh revival they wrote many anointing songs! One of them was about being drunk in the Holy Spirit because they used to fall and get drunk in the Spirit which prior to that was so rigid and formal and dead but then suddenly God came and spiritual drunkenness and laughter of God came. The one song they wrote is called; "Here is Love vast as the ocean" and one of the lines is; "And heaven's peace and perfect justice kissed a guilty world in love".

How many of you know in Luke 15 - the parable of the Prodigal Son - Jesus gave it to give revelation of the nature of God because the law preachers, the Pharisees and Sadduccees had taken away the key of knowledge and they had stopped people entering into the goodness of what God revealed to Abraham. Jesus came with the parable of a son that had squandered his dad's inheritance and had been with prostitutes and had spent all he had on prostitutes and had been indulging but as the father saw this son coming home, the father started running to his son. In Hebrew culture it is not dignified for men to run once they are over the age of 30 in a public place. The Greek word there is not the word "jog".

There are many words there for "run". It was the word "sprint" and the Greek means that every muscle engaged in running hard was being expressed in the way the father ran. He ran with passion and he ran with delight and when he got to the son, the son had no time to repent. He was trying but the father wouldn't even listen to his repentance and it says the father "FELL" on his neck. There is a Greek word there that is important. He fell on his neck and "kissed" him and the Greek is the present, continous tense and that means he kept kissing and kissing and kissing! That son lost all interest in pig styes and prostitutes! Take law and condemnation and threats and give them grace and freedom and they can make mistakes but the Father wants to kiss you and keep kissing you and running to you and falling on you with his love!

If you come from a law type church then you don't have a clue what I am talking about and you don't know how to touch heaven or for heaven to touch you because the heavens are open but the LAW makes them feel like brass! They are OPEN! The only thing that is closed is the head that feels unworthy, undeserving, condemnation - that is demonic! That is a religious demon which is so active in Hong Kong trying to stop congregations trying to position themselves for heaven to come kiss them and through them to kiss millions of people into the kingdom of heaven. Our God is an extravagant God! He doesn't make love like most husbands and wives do! He is extravagant, full of perfumes and oils and joy and sounds and lightning and glory! He is our heavenly Bridegroom! He likes to taste what is under your tongue in the Spirit! He finds you - the Bride!

God is raising up His prophets to say to the Church - He finds you delightful! He is so in love with you! He is so angry with the law people in His church!

When Christ cancelled the law at the Cross and split the veil in the temple, He said "It is finished" and He cancelled the law - when religion sews that veil up and preaches the law then they are no longer preaching in the Holy Spirit but are moving in satanic power and much of the church have moved into satanic power because if you are preaching law then you are preaching something that is NOT on God's heart because that law was cancelled at the Cross! That veil was torn to show we can go into the Presence of God in our imperfections and in our failures!

Grace came through Jesus but the law was given through Moses. The law didn't come as a Person. God is not Law - God is Love! Law was given through Moses but grace CAME through Jesus! Grace is not a doctrine or a theology! We have never done a "grace series"! Jesus IS grace! God had to bring the law because of Israel's unbelief in His goodness that He revealed to Abraham.

It says in Acts chapter 7 and in Galatians chapter 3 and in many other places that the law was mediated by angels. Over and over again angels helped Moses write the law and brought the law and mediated the law. Angels saw the death and curse and judgement of the law. Angels know how dangerous the law is! Now Zion is a place of grace and myriads of angels are over Zion and none of those angels will ever bring the law to the church again because they know grace came and cancelled the law and they know what the law did because they were mediators of the law! That is why Paul says if any angel comes to you and preaches any other gospel that what he preached then let it be eternally condemned - don't worry about someone who goes on a 40 day fast and says an angel spoke to them about hell and people in hell being Christians - that gospel is a myth and may that gospel be eternally condemned! Paul said it! Don't just sit there and say "That's radical!". Someone should get outraged that for centuries it hasn't been made clear to the multitudes of God's people! When the law is taken off you and when you develop a "rainbow mentality" (rainbow means no more judgement and grace - an oath never to be rebuked) then it means no judgement, happy skies, no more wrath, He loves me totally!

When I find I have messed up the worst, I find Him kissing me the most! Now shall we sin more to get more kisses?! NO! He will kiss you anyway! It has got nothing to do with whether you sin or not! "To sin or not to sin" - that is not the question!

The question is - will you believe this gospel!? When you believe then He will kiss you! He is trying to kiss people under law but they are reminding themselves that they sinned yesterday and so are not worthy.

Most theologians will say that the Song of Solomon is a picture of Christ and His Church. Ephesians chapter 5 speaks about the Bride and her husband. Often that is preached at weddings and they can if they want but it is taking it out of context, but when they have finished all of that about a Bride and being all beautiful, he say; "But I speak a mystery - for I speak of Christ and the Church". He talked about love between a male husband and a female Bride. I go to the average church service and there is nothing revealing that mystery! There is no mystery there! It is just blatent religious programmes! Overhead projectors and "With my hands lifted up ...". I had a hard week this week! There is no mystery of being cherished and ravished by this loving God kissing you and you kissing Him back and worshipping Him with abandonement! That is demonic! That is misrepresenting Him to a world out there!

And showing it is all cerebral and doctrinal and theological and all doing it "right". No passion! No signs and wonders and miracles! No glory Presence! Just conservative people who are old-fashioned and are anti-gay, anti-this and anti-that!

I spoke to a Chinese atheist from China mainland who had never heard of Christianity and asked her "Who do you think Jesus is?". She said; "I don't know - but I think He is that guy who is just against abortion". All they have heard is what we are against! They haven't heard what we are FOR! Of course we don't want abortion and of course it is murder.

All the "anti" of the Church have caused the religious Reformed evangelical fundementalists of North America to lose credibility! That is why Obama is in! Because America got tired of judgemental politicians and evangelical Christians who can't keep their own pants up and are committing adultery and going to prostitutes in private while judging the world! We just say to the world; "We have got sin in our lives - you have got to know that. We get sick sometimes. We struggle with things but praise God our Father keeps kissing us! And the pig sty smell is going and those wounds are going because He is loving me into sanctification! He is living me into obedience! The power of sin is breaking off my life and I am starting to hate sin more and more and love His Presence and His will and what He wants for my life!". The world says; "I can buy into that!". Get ready for the kiss - here it comes!

Mystery! Much of the Church is in the mystery of Babylon and are intrigued by demon powers that own religious worlds. We are not in Babylon! Most of the wrath being poured out is being poured out against false religion and I promise you much of it is against what is being called church today. I know this isn't endearing me to many around the world but Jesus wasn't there to endear Himself to the Pharisees or the Sadducees! He was there to do His Father's will and He had the attitude of "to hell with the devil!". How will Hong Kong change? By us watering it down and being politically correct? By going to meetings and keeping our mouthes shut and fitting in? By keeping quiet while they say that sickness is a punishment for sin? So they have basically accused my Father of being illegal and breaking the law of "double jeopordy"!? Why would He punish the same crime twice?! You are accusing God of a crime when you preach this! No we just go quiet and walk out the meeting frustrated! And everyone says "Wasn't that wonderful unity?". It wasn't unity! It was a bunch of politicans getting together and Jesus had nothing to do with it! That is not unity! That is deception!

The prophetic HAS to by nature NOT conform!

There is a thin line between rebellion and non-conformity and we need to know where the line is! Leaders are people who don't conform! If you want to lead people out of the state of much of the world then you can't come into that state! You have got to come in with bombs! You have got to run in with glory suicide strapped to you and blow up the place! Then you get resurrected and you come out! How will the glory run through the streets of Hong Kong? How will the cripples walk through the streets of Hong Kong? How will miracles happen in our government at highest levels? How will our hospitals change? How will hundreds of thousands under the breadline in our city apply change?

Unless heaven kisses Hong Kong? How will things change? Does man have the answers and solutions in the earth realm? No! Man is throwing more money at the problem when the problem was caused by throwing money at the problem that didn't exist! Greed grabbed more money because mystery Babylon was in operation! And now millions are dying because a few were greedy and borrowed money for things they shouldn't have had! Now to solve the problem we are throwing more money! God has got a mystery in the earth called the Bride and it is not mystery Babylon or the United Nations who run from every conflict. It is not Babel! It is called the church of the living God and the Bride of Christ!

I belong to the Bride and that Bride is being awaken because it has been kissed with passion by a Bridegroom's call! You are here to change history and topple evil in Hong Kong! Your fun will be greater when you know you are fulfilling assignment to rip evil out of our city! Why would Jesus say; "The glory that You gave Me - I have given them and keep them from evil". Evil doesn't want us to be here but we have a glory on us that keeps us from evil. If you don't walk in manifest glory then you have no shelter from evil! You have got no shelter from law and rules and regulations! I want to talk about heaven's love for the earth. Heaven wants to kiss the vilest sinner on the earth!

We have left it upto too many theologians to interpret Revelation for us who don't know the difference between the Old and New Covenant and don't have any insights into the finished work of the Cross and their insights were wrong and scratched. There were seven seals that were open in Revelation 5 and they preceed the sounding of seven trumpets which preceed the releasing of seven bowls. If you study the bowls and the trumpets you will be completely confused. You have got to see the opening of the scroll by the Lamb who purchased all by His blood.

At the "Glory and Grace Conference" I am going to preach an insight into Revelation that is the greatest revelation of Jesus and the love of God for this planet and the power of judgement is going to break against mystery Babylon and evil religious practices - when those trumpets sound after the seven seals then I would not want to be in mystery Babylon!

I am a bit passionate about this! Here is the mystery of the Bridegroom and the Bride! I have deliberately left out some passages because some of you would blush. These passages were written by the Holy Spirit and you are not as holy as the Holy Spirit as He expresses intimacy and you can't handle it. In the military where atheists become Christians on the Angolan border, and they usually read pornography books - so one night I opened the Song of Solomon and they all usually want to borrow each others books. I put my candle on and I read the parts which I can't read to you because you are saved people. I read it to them because they were reading pornography so they could cope with it but you are Christians and you are holy and you can't! I didn't tell them it was the Bible and hid it below my sleeping bag! And they said; "Wow what book is that - can I read it after you?". I said "Yes it is the Bible!". I wish I had captured on video their faces! They said "No!". Suddenly they all wanted to read the Bible and they realised that the Bible had been mis-represented by Christians!

30 of those swearing blaspheming troops got saved and many of them are still going on with Christ today! I wasn't a Christian - I was a son! And I showed them that this is the mystery of God and His Bride! I told them "Don't go to church to check this out because you won't see it - you will see no passion or heavenly romance". Song of Solomon chapter 1:1;

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth for your love is better than wine ... let him bring me into his chambers". That is the King to the Bride!

Go down to (v12); "My lover is to me ... how beautiful you are my darling oh how beautiful". Then the church says back; "How handsome you are my lover!". This is church - Sunday morning! "Oh how handsome you are". All through the week I have been encountering your love, all through the busy week I have been concious of heaven! 2:3; "Like an apple tree ... I delight to sit in His shade .. His banner over me is love". The prophetic word God spoke to us today! "I am faint with love". How many of you have felt FAINT with love for Jesus? "I charge you by the gazelles ... do not awaken love .... here He comes! (Jesus!) bounding over the hills ... Arise my darling!" - talking to the church! -

"The rains are over and gone ... the season of singing has come ... arise, come my darling, my beautiful one" - this is His invitation to every individual every single day! 4:9; "You have stolen my heart!". We are clothed in garments of praise, worship, beauty of salvation, we are so beautiful and attractive to Him? "With one glance of your eyes". Sometimes when I pray I take on a look heavenward! The gender thing is mute - we are sons of God and daughters are called sons of God. As a man we are part of the Bride! Don't get too gender concious! "All are one in Christ!". This is JESUS saying; "With one glance of your eyes ... how delightful is your love ... milk and honey are under your tongue". (v16); "Awake ... blow upon my garden ... let my lover come ... I have come ... I have drunk my milk". And it gets more and more glorious and to think this is the mystery of Christ and His Bride!

Now go to 2 Corinthians chapter 5. For the glory to flow in the streets of Hong Kong, the glory must first flow in the church. Every Sunday morning across Hong Kong when 100 000 worship - maybe 200 000 at most - in a city of 7 million - is the glory flowing? Is there this face to face intimacy with God? Are people being healed? Are they bringing people from all the surrounding streets to be healed? Or is it programme worship and a nice sermon and then we go home? That can go on for a million years and then Hong Kong is finished! It can't go on! People are dying! We have had the crusades and evangelists have turned up! And the majority of the unsaved don't come but Christians go up and rededicate their lives again because they feel so guilty under law! There can be a negative affect to Reinhard and Benny Hinn coming because people rely on that and then go back to church as normal and in the book of Acts God didn't rely on just Philip to get Samaria sorted but local churches full of the glory so that all around were aware that God was in that city and all the time! Every week! Every day! God was in that city and thousands of people were conductors of heaven's glory and were portals of glory and weren't just taking but were taking and given into the spiritual atmosphere of their city! So I would love to go to a unity meeting with hundreds and hundreds of churches gathered if we understand this!

2 Corinthians chapter 5 and we are talking about God "kissing" Hong Kong. For Him to do that you have got to allow Him to kiss you. For Him to kiss Hong Kong I have got to stop being so shy! "No don't do that again! Don't do that!". But it is a present continuous tense! You have stolen my heart, my sister, my Bride! I cherish you! Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her! He gave Himself for sinning, wicked, evil people who put Him on the Cross under the law and He hung there naked! No loin cloth! Naked! Why? Because He looked at us in all of our sin and once glance from us to Him - "God so LOVED the world". We won His heart! He gave Himself for the church! Most of the church won't let Him kiss you! If you are uncomfortable with revelation of the Bridegroom and if you are a woman or a man and are married - sexual intimacy should not happen outside of marriage. It is not a law. It is a reality that reveals Christ and the church. Every time we take the privilidges of marriage without the responsibilities of marriage then we violate the mystery of the Bridegroom and the church. It is not law! It is mystery. We cheapen this thing! This thing we have with Jesus was a covenant broken with blood. The breaking of the hymen of heaven! This covenant was contracted into a privilidge of heaven's glory with the responsibilities of faith!

Sex outside of marriage is an absolute perversion of this mystery. If you are uncomfortable and you think God would never make you uncomfortable then you are wrong! Jesus made people feel uncomfortable - so much so that they tried to kill Him several times! They tried to throw Him off a cliff and He walked right through the middle of them. The only time they could get Him was when He gave Himself. The only way God will kiss Hong Kong is if the church stops pushing Him away in their frigid, rigidity! "No Jesus - no intimacy! I have had a bad week!". But My daughter, My bride - I am lovesick for you! "I have sinned this week". Get the law off and get into grace where He loves you so much that the smell of His fragrance and perfume goes with you and permeates the whole of Hong Kong and the heavens start kissing the city. The reason why Hong Kong is not being kissed by the mystery of the Bride is because it has been kissed for a century by the mystery of Babylon chasing money. The trade systems of men and religious demon worship of idols!

The worst perpetrators of idol worship has been the church in Hong Kong. They worship idols more than other religions do.

Let's see God's attitude to the world and these lost people out there. 2 Corinthians 5:18-19; "Who reconciled us to Himself ... ministry of reconciliation". We have been given this ministry to release a revelation that heaven has reconciled itself with the whole world. That is your ministry to let the earth know! You are ALREADY reconciled to heaven! (v19); "reconciling the world to Himself in Christ not counting men's sins against them". Who? Church people? No! God was reconciling the world to Himself not counting men's sins against them! And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation! And what is our message? God is reconciled to you world! He is not counting your sins against you! (v21); "God made Him who had no sin to be sin ... so that in Him we are imputed the righteousness of God". Jesus never sinned but He was given the free gift of our sin and we are given the free gift of HIS righteousness so we are equal to God in righteousness because we have the righteousness of God that is in Christ Jesus!

Go to Hebrews chapter 9. Babylon means "confusion" whereas Jerusalem means "city of peace". God's people are coming out of Babylon and coming into the heavenly Jerusalem. Most of the church is confused - don't know if they are under law or grace! God healed all our sicknesses at the Cross but doesn't He sometimes put sickness on people as judgement?! No! That is Old Covenant! Under New Covenant He reconciled the world to Himself!

God is relating to the world totally different from the time of the Cross! He is seeing lost people differently! Not counting their sins against them! He has declared righteousness as a GIFT! ALL our sins were put on the One who never sinned and ALL His righteousness was put on us who have never done righteousness!

So my on-going permament state before God is FOREVER righteous because God's righteousness cannot fade or diminish by my bad performance!

I don't have a righteousness based on me at all but on the obedience of the one Man Jesus Christ! Let's go to Hebrews 10 and see what Jesus did in heaven. Guys - stick with me because I have got to finish this today. I must finish this! Next week we are going to talk about elements or traces of unbelief in our hearts that hinder us conducting the fullness of heaven. I have got to get this in before "Glory and Grace" and then next Sunday and God said to me those two things have to be put in place before "Glory and Grace" to position this church to host heaven in the "Glory and Grace conference". Hebrews chapter 9 - if you are a law preacher then you will tell people that before they go to heaven they will have to stand before a throne in the Presence of God and appear there and their whole life will be spread before them and they will be judged. The New Testament doesn't say that! The New Testament doesn't say you appear before a throne in heaven to be examined and judged! Someone else appears on your behalf for you and His Name is Jesus your great High Priest!

He is in the order of Melchizadek! Under the Levitical order if you did good then the Levitical priests would bless you but if you did bad then they would curse you - in fact they would stone you! It actually said if your children don't behave then take your own children out and kill them under law! These people want to bring law back and I wish they would bring it back to it's full extreme so that people could see! But they don't - they are like the Pharisees and water the law down to what is palatable for civilised and decent church-goers! No! The law says cut hands off and pull eyes out! Stone people! Kill your own children!

Melchizadek was an order of priests of grace that blessed Abraham with heaven! Melchizadek gave Abraham heaven's blessing! The question is not am I good enough but is HE good enough? Yes! He is your representative! If Israel's high priest was good then Israel would be okay but there was always this nervousness that his sons may be bad guys and then we are in trouble! Then the crops will fail and there will be curses because it was all about the high priest! Israel went through confusion and destruction and in Hebrews it says our high priest isn't a high priest due to ancestral lineage but on the basis of an indestructable life. The Perfect One who is yesterday, today and forever the same (Hebrews 13:8) and we quote it at healing meetings but it is about His priesthood! He represents you and me forever in the heavenly realms!

Your life is hid with Christ in God and God can't see your sins and doesn't know they exist and they are all gone and the law has been blotted out and He is not counting your sins against you!

And you have still got Christians going "No - dont kiss me - I don't deserve it!". What grace that He doesn't say fine and leave? He did that to Israel eventually! And gave them the law! If people keep resisting grace then they are positioning themselves to be bewitched and go back under law. Don't produce Ishmaels! Don't mess up and think you have to put a bit of law in to make you better! No - just stay in the power of the Spirit and He will change your life and you will get victory in that area. Don't rush it! Otherwise you will produce an Ishmael! I don't want an Ishmael holiness that the church is impressed with! It is all my flesh and external holiness. No - we want heart transformation by believing this message and enjoying God and letting Him kiss us! Hebrews 9:24; "He entered heaven itself now to appear for us in God's Presence! Nor did He enter heaven to offer Himself again and again ...". (v26); "Then Christ would have had to have suffered many times ... now He has appeared once for us". The sin issue has been dealt with! It doesn't make us want to go out and sin! It has the opposite effect! Kiss me again! The more He kisses me, the more I am in love with Him and the less sin has power!

If you do sin then He doesn't count it against us! (Hebrews 6) Jesus went into the Holy of Holies on our behalf to anchor our soul in the substance of eternity forever appearing for us! The Church forgets though that He is there for the world too! Go to 1st John chapter 2.

I haven't found a church once anywhere on the planet that is in revival or full of life where they have fifteen or twenty minute sermonettes and it is just to fit in or cater to man's convinience. Revival churches never cater to man but to heaven and for God! If people are too busy for these things on a Sunday morning or a Thursday then they are just too busy.

1st John chapter 2:1; "I write this to you so that you will not sin". So that you will not sin. So grace preachers are not preaching to get people to sin! "But if anyone does sin then we have one who speaks to the Father in our defence, Jesus Christ the righteous one". Sin has been judged and punishment and wrath have been poured out on our sin! (v2); "Not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world". So when people say that the Holy Spirit is convicting the world of sinning then they are crazy! Why would the Holy Spirit convict the world of sins that Father is not counting against them and Jesus has already forgiven them and reconciled them and dealt with and taken away those sins and appeared in the Presence of God for the whole world?! So why do people go to a lost eternity - if all their sins are dealt with? Because of one sin of unbelief in grace. Grace and truth came through Jesus - unbelief in Jesus is unbelief in grace and is a belief in a religious system and in law and atheism and evolution - something that is an arrogant charade against a creator God.

In the book of Revelation you will see in the last days that God's glory will so fill the earth with awe and activity of angels and miracles happening along with counterfeit miracles happening by mystery Babylon! Churches that are not positioning themselves to understand the anointing and the ways of heaven and how righteousness works will not know WHAT is going on when this stuff appears on our planet!

That's why the prophets are getting so urgent around the globe now! And pastors are going; "Let's keep everyone happy and everyone safe". No that is not good pastoring! Good pastors teach their people what prophets are and teach their people not to get offended with them and then good pastors don't invite idiot and unaccountable prophets without a long track record of accountability and a marriage that has lasted years with no financial scandals or abuse and then get that prophet in with good theology on grace! And prepare your people! Because they need to start welcoming prophets back on the earth the way they welcomed Jesus because I promise you that prophets are announcing trumpets that are being sounded; "Awake sleeping church!". No generation is going into what we are going into now!

Go to John 16 - what is the one sin Jesus couldn't die for? Unbelief in grace. Under law sinning is falling short of the law. Under the New Covenant since the Cross sin is unbelief in grace and in Jesus. Romans 14 - anything not of faith is sin. Galatians 3:12 - the law is not based on faith. Law people are sinning all the time while they try and keep the law because they are not operating in faith of Abraham. They are full of sin and judging people who make mistakes and do something they shouldn't have.

John 16:7; "It is good for you that I am going away ... if I go I will send Him to you ... He will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgement". It is to my embarressment that about nine years ago I used to preach this text right out of it's context. Remember I said a text out of context is a text that will con you. It is like writing a new Bible! These verses are inspired by your religious ideas. I used to preach that the Holy Spirit was coming into the world and into Australia and Adelaide and He is making sinners feel so convicted and so guilty about their sinning and the Holy Spirit is showing them the standards of righteousness that they must live upto and He is making them feel guilty that if they don't then judgement is coming! That is BLASPHEMY to preach that and it is anti-Christ and anti-the finished work of the Cross. I didn't know I was doing it! One day I heard the Holy Spirit speak audibly to my heart and I hadn't even heard anyone preach this! Since then I know of four or five different ministries that say what I am about to say. He said; "Rob stop stopping at verse 8 and read verse 9 because My Son Jesus explained what the Holy Spirit would do regarding sin, righteousness and judgement".

Go to verse 9. "In regard to sin, because men do not believe in me". That is the sin that the Holy Spirit is convicting the world of - unbelief in Jesus! Unbelief in grace! When the Holy Spirit comes to Hong Kong He will start convicting everyone that it is dangerous to not believe in grace! It is dangerous to put your faith in religious faith systems - put your faith in grace! He is convicting them of sin of unbelief! No other sins because those sins are not counted against us anymore! The counsel of the defence at the right hand of the Father is for the WHOLE world!


That's why I want to preach the book of Revelation - Jesus the mighty Lion! Revelation is about the champion that conquers evil! Evil is going to be broken! Let's see what righteousness we will be convicted of. (v10); "I am going to the Father where you can see me no longer". What is He doing at the right hand of the Father? Speaking in our defence! Declaring to our hearts that He was made sin and there is no sin counted against us and we were given His righteousness! He goes as the great High Priest and He will convince the world that all their sins are not counted against them and there is one sin that seperates us - unbelief in grace! And once they start believing in His grace then He will convict them of the free gift of righteousness and that He is in heaven as the defence of the whole world! It is so clear but for centuries lies have been preached about the precious Holy Spirit!

Then what is this judgement about? (v11) The judgement has got nothing to do with us! "The prince of this world now stands condemned". Who is the prince of this world? I promise you that it is not Jesus! 2 Corinthians 4:4 calls Satan the god of this world! John 14:30; "I will not speak with you much longer for the prince of this world is coming and he has no hold on me". Who is the prince of this world? Satan! 1st Corinthians 2:6 says; "The Cross was God's secret wisdom destined for our glory ... had the princes of this world known they would never have crucified the Lord of glory".

When the satanic powers stirred up Herod and the mob they fell into an ambush that was destined for our glory that was God's secret wisdom before the world began! It says in Colossians 2:15 that Christ triumphed over principalities! At the Cross your sins were taken away and God is not counting them anymore! At the Cross the rules and regulations were taken away and God is not putting us under the condemnation of the law anymore! At the Cross the prince of this world was judged! When you see this and when the Holy Spirit comes to the world then He starts kissing them and loving them again and again; "You don't believe in grace, you don't believe in grace - come on, come on!". While He convicts them of unbelief in Jesus, He is also empowering them with an anointing to enable their hearts to believe!

How did I believe? The Holy Spirit convicted me for 3 moinths as a Hindui and suddenly I just believed! And I saw that there is a great High Priest! Some Christians do not see this because the Holy Spirit is not there in their meetings! The Holy Spirit can reveal the lies that have been on the church!

That's why evangelical fundementalism is coming down in North America! Because the world is saying "Something is wrong!". Something is wrong when evangelicals get up and say that the Twin Towers going down in flames is God judging America! No! That was satanic people flying planes not God! Everyone goes to church after the Twin Towers because of fear of judgement and the motive is fear! I am a surfer and I know beaches in Durban where sharks came and killed people. Within 4 days people went swimming again! Fear doesn't stop people! Fear won't make people go to church! The love and beauty of God will! The Holy Spirit then says; "You know this feeling of condemnation you know as a Christian? The law has gone!". Yes but God I feel so accused! "There is an Accuser of the brethren! He is condemned! What he is doing is a lie! He is judged!". He is kissing the world and loving the world! God has reconciled us in Christ! God is not counting your sins against you! You are reconciled!

NOT just the church! The world! But the church doesn't see this and lives under condemnation and keeps sin in it's life! But then goes; "Yes well at least I have got some hope of going to heaven because the blood sort of clenses and I am trying hard at least! Those other sinners just look all the time and I am actually quite jealous because I would like to do what they are doing! But I can't! Because I am afraid of this horrid God and to hell with them all and I am glad they are going because they are having more fun than me!". Can you see why much of the church cannot conduct heaven's kisses into the earth because they think that the Holy Spirit wants to smack them and bring poverty on Hong Kong and bring fire and torture people!? Who wants to spend eternity with a God that hates and rapes and tortures and destroys!? That's why many Aussies are saying forget it! They would rather go to hell with all their mates! I don't blame them! They got that from the church! Their church services are so boring and Satan loves it! The devil is jumping condemnation on them! It isn't the Holy Spirit! It's the devil condemning! This is the New Covenant after the Cross!

Peter and John asked if they could call fire down on the Samaritans and Jesus said; "Oh that is the Old Covenant! It is the wrong spirit! You can't call wrath down and heaven's love for salvation!". That is Babylon and confusion! We have the good news of peace! The angels announced when Jesus was born; "Peace on earth and good will to men". Angels announced it! But then we come out of the Christmas service and proclaim coming wrath! No - Jesus came with good will to all men. Read the Old Covenant prophets and they all prophesy over Someone coming who would redeem the whole world. The whole world is redeemed and reconciled and is not having their sins reconciled against them and Jesus Christ is right now in heaven in defence not only for you and me and the church but for the whole world! The only difference between them and us is that they haven't yet believed in grace because they haven't heard much of grace but of judgement and wrath and fear! Any Christian in Hong Kong that were going to church out of fear and told that God is angry with you if you don't go to church - they all went less and less often. I mean them all over! Not because of anything else but a false gospel being preached that stops heaven breaking into Hong Kong!

Last Scripture and we close. What we are involved in is not just a nice church but a church that will influence nations! We must accelerate! Acts 10. Last week we finished with Peter's hypocrisy and I explained what Peter's hypocrisy was. When born again legalists came, Peter was afraid of them because they intimidated him. It was a demonic power on them and on legalists. In their presence we start acting all false and holier than we really are. We start agreeing with them but it has gone now! No one will ever intimidate me again! I am never going to play their game again. Peter played that game and became a hypocrite and Paul challenged him! He said to an apostle; "You are clearly in the wrong! You are a hypocrite! Your hypocrisy is taking over the Antioch church and they are moving from grace back into law because of YOU!".

Peter repented! Peter wanted to call fire down on Samaritans and now He wants to move the gospel on sinning Gentiles but can't use Peter because he still believes he is under law and still has some Babylonian hangovers. Peter thinks that the sinners out there are defiled, ugly, unclean and impure! But God is not counting their sins against them! Peter can't conduct heavens kiss to the Gentile sinners because of a religious block in his thinking! Heaven must come and kiss Peter so through him it can kiss the sinners into salvation.

Acts 10:9; "he fell into a trance". Trances in the Holy Spirit are quite biblical!

(v11); "He saw heaven opened". Revelation - heaven coming down - biblical! "Kill and eat". Now Peter is so holy he is trying to lecture God Himself. That's how established religion can destroy someone. (v14); "Surely not Lord! I have never eaten anything impure ... Do not call anything impure that God has made clean. This happened three times .... do not hesitate to go with them for I have sent them". These men are Gentiles under the law and are Italians and Peter shouldn't be able to go with them! But under a vision he knows that God is speaking about going to the lost! (v23); "... As Peter entered the house ... I am only a man myself ... but God has shown me that I should not call any man impure or unclean!". What a massive paradigm shift in this man! Then Peter gets up and preaches grace and in (v43); "everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His Name".

Peter did NOT say God will forgive you IF you believe. Forgiveness has ALREADY been done! The tragedy of people in hell is that God forgave all their sins at the Cross! They are there because of one sin - unbelief in grace. Forgiveness is already done. If you believe - that is when you receive what is already available!

When they heard this, this is the climax and finale! (v44); "The Holy Spirit came on". Check out the Greek. In most translations it is "fell on". It is the same Greek word in Luke 15 when the Father "fell on" and kissed the neck of the prodigal son. The Holy Spirit couldn't wait! The Father ran! Before Peter had finished his message, heaven came down and fell on them and kissed them! (v44); "ALL". It wasn't a few that came up to be saved. "The circumcised believers were astonished for they heard them speaking with tongues". How many of you saw them repent? Did they repent to get saved? The prodigal son didn't get a chance to repent and nor did Cornelius and his house! They are still preaching Old Covenant John the Baptist repentance! New Covenant repentance is simply change the way you think! You are saved from law! There is a new time and God is relating to the earth differently now! This is a whole new deal! Can you imagine if we got every church and every believer as a portal - can you imagine how heaven would fall on and kiss 7 million Hong Kong? If the church doesn't wake up and do it then we are going to build the biggest church of unbelievers today!

I want to plant a church with a whole load of sinners who don't know about Old Covenant hierarchy! They just don't know! They just come in and go "This is church!".

He handpicked us! Some have come out of curiosity! But have gone because they are orientated wrong. You are able to endure long messages! You come on Thursday and pray and push through. He is establishing a company of people on assignment from heaven to see Hong Kong kissed! In the Welsh revivals the Holy Spirit fell in church services and fell on the church and then it became so fall and He began fallling on open meadows and open streets! In the Hebrides hundreds went to the police station because they were just getting kissed in the streets and they went and gathered! Duncan Campbell had to go and preach and tell them what they were receiving! No preacher! The biggest problem was to get a stubborn denominational church moving. Evan Roberts single-handedly lead that the church in Wales and said; "If the church will bow it's knee then the world will bend". But the church wouldn't bow it's knee because it loves its programmes and it's religious hierarchy. I am tame compared to Jesus! I have never cracked whips!

He said to them in John 8 that their father was the devil so they were conducting devilish practices into the community. This woman should have been set free after 18 long years! You think there aren't spirits plotting to kill me!? You don't know a fraction of the emails Glenda and I have to read! I try to be a nice person and try to get up and be nice! And I get up and smell a bit of religion in the room and then I don't switch it on - He does! When He switches it on - here we go again and we have another hour!

We are preaching not for 100 people but for millions of people! We are preaching for a congregation called City Church to lay hold of revelation, have divine encounters and in unity pull heaven into Hong Kong!


Colin said...

Well done Dan on getting out an amazingly profound message out so quickly. What an incredible series - again!! Blessings, Colin - Portugal

Ursula Kuba said...

I have not managed to read this...but I always laugh when i read the title...because that is exactly what Fini calls me...a lightening conductor!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for encouragement Colin!! May God use these words so powerfully so that Portugal becomes a nation of lightning conductors of glory! Seeing grace, signs, wonders, miracles!