Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Glory and Grace Conference Update 2!!

Got an email from Lydia this morning when I got back from work!

"We are together and all is well!!! But we miss you!!

Enjoyed the first 2 sessions this morning very much. Fini and Isi did some worship. Not much though. We met Ursula after the second session because after the first session she was rolling on the floor laughing!!

And we also met Wayne Duncan from South Africa, and a whole bunch of other South Africans.......and got to chat with them a bit. We will have lunch with them all tomorrow. They were awesome!! I definitely felt God's presence at the end of the first session and had a hard time standing.......I think tonight will be much more glorious.

Rob said he is teaching us to get us prepared to enter into the glory!!

Julie and I are enjoying each other's company and our time away from busy mommyhood.........Still wishing you could be here, both of us were hoping you would just turn up!! Anyway, all for now, I will be in touch more later okay.......

Much love

I don't think my mind is going to be even touched down in the United Kingdom this week! I've never before felt so attached to a city like Hong Kong! Everytime I get back from work and lay my head on my pillow, the sounds, smells, sights of Hong Kong come back to me so so vividly! And last night I watched a film where some of the action took place in Hong Kong around the tall tower and I got all emotional!

Likewise I've never felt so much for 3 beautiful sisters in Christ and longed for them to receive the highest and greatest downloads of God's glory that they ever have.

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