Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Testimonies From Europe Ministry Trip

Rob Rufus arrived back from an incredible ministry trip in Europe - visiting Holland and the United Kingdom - to tell City Church International all about it here on Sunday 25th May 2008;

"I am not going to teach - I am just going to share on our trip. The power of testimony. It's great to hear about what Ryan and Kylie brought back from Florida and the anointing that has been released and the anointing that was released when they prayed for people and the anointing released last Thursday! Please don't miss this Thursday - our Thursday nights in our home are getting very very exciting - very key to what we are about. Pivotal for what we are about as a church. I really believe they brought something back from Florida and we are building on that.

I really believe (Ryan and Kylie) brought back something from Florida and we really want to just add it to us. You need to know - just in case people think that we are now building our church on the Florida Revival - we are not building our church on the Florida Revival! We are building our church on the foundations of an apostolic/prophetic foundation, upon the foundation of grace. Revivals are wild! And we endorse it and we empower it and honour what God is doing in Florida.

We cannot say that everything that comes out of Florida will be God. There has never been a revival where everything is God. There are weird things that sometimes come out of a revival - sometimes things of legalism there (not with Todd Bentley but with others). Some things Ryan has shared with me. In the middle of the United Kingdom while I was preaching, I said; "We celebrate the Florida Revival - we believe it is a flash point - but we don't believe it is just located to Florida as many don't believe that. We believe it is world-wide, we believe it is global. Florida is a kind of tipping point. But many places are breaking out now all over the world and this thing is on the move. It really is on the move.

There are some high-profile ministries that are now endorsing it and recognising it. I spoke to Terry Virgo while in the United Kingdom who heads up hundreds of churches around the world and he recognises that the power of God is there. They are genuine and there are genuine miracles. He is saying that as a movement they don't necessarily embrace the whole package - there are some things they would have questions about.

There's nothing wrong with having a few questions - there's nothing wrong with not understanding everything. Put some things up on the shelf. Everything must be tested but by and large I want to strongly say that God is on the move all over the world and what is happening in Florida IS God. There is no question about that. That is God. But everything that happens through different levels and different doesn't necessarily represent everything that we would agree with. Behind this passionate, enthusiastic face - there is a thinking mind! I am going to test everything through right theology and all of that - and all that I don't understand I will put on the shelf and I will wait.

But I don't want people to be afraid of deception because we have got to break that demonic thing where people believe that the devil has more power to deceive us than Almighty God has to reveal truth to us. The Bible does warn in a few places about "Don't be deceived in the last days" and counterfeit signs and wonders - but then it speaks a whole lot more about how to know what the truth is and how to be free in the truth and how to recognise the truth. So if you live in fear of deception, you are not going to step out into the miraculous. Y0u were never meant to live in the fear of deception - you were never meant to live in fear. So many Christians (even in Hong Kong) are so afraid of being deceived and they say; "I am afraid of being deceived". So you think fear is legitimate? Do you think your fear will protect you?

Job said the things I feared the most have come on me. You don't live climbing a mountain trying not to fall. You climb a mountain trying to get to the top. You are focused on getting to the top! You don't live in fear of being deceived - you live full of faith of getting revelation and of being so full of God and the knowledge of God's truth that the moment the counterfeit comes - you can see it. I am so sick and tired of Christians being put on the back foot on these things. I am not afraid of a false angel coming to me and trying to decieve me and appearing to me all beautiful.

The moment that happens I will discern; "Is this an anointing from heaven or is this an anointing from the demonic". If you can't tell the difference between an ugly demonic anointing and the anointing of Jesus then you need to get saved. In you and me there is an anointing and in meetings I can discern what is of the flesh, what is of God and what is of the demonic. There has never been a revival - not one - where all three didn't manifest. Some people are pointing; "Look some of that stuff is fleshly - some of that stuff is demonic - that doctrine is a bit of heresy over there". Yes I know - but God is also moving powerfully! You will never have a revival where you can get rid of flesh, get rid of the demonic trying to come in.

In Azusa Street Revival they had psychics prophesying in the middle of the meeting! In the mid-80's in the Kentucky Revivals they had 20, 000 under the power of God and at the same time they had pimps running around and making whiskey in the middle of that.

Every revival has weird doctrines that come in and strange things that happen. The most weird thing is when there IS no power, no one is getting saved and NO miracles are happening! I would rather have to sift through some of the weird stuff, theologically sift through it, than have nothing happening and sitting in the boat of religion and sitting and criticising everything happening. I think the people who are most qualified to discern whether a move is a move of God or not are those people who have been in moves of God.There are people who are trying to judge this move who have never had a move.

I think if someone says "That's not God and those miracles are countefeit and that's not God" - I want to say to them; "That's fine - that is your right to judgebut show me YOUR miracles, show me YOUR signs and wonders, show me YOUR move!". "Err ... I don't have one". "Then shut up until you do!". There too many cryptics sitting on the bank and doing nothing and finding fault with what God is doing.

I want it to be registered that I don't agree with everything I am seeing in Florida and it's not up to me to tell you everything - but I tell you this. It is a move of God. Todd Bentley is a man of God. God is moving in mighty signs and wonders! Our focus is not on Florida - that thing will fade sooner or later. But it is not going to fade around the world. God's on the move.

One of the things in the UK that came to me more clearly than anything else is that this gift of righteousness - the revelation of it - is the most powerful weapon we have in our arsenal of weaponary for the supernatural. Condemnation is an insulation against the power of God wherever you can't get more of God going - there is an answer to that. Preach the gift of righteousness and it sets people free from condemnation and then they become open to the power of God.

We operated in four different areas - 2 in Europe (which was in Holland) and 2 in the United Kingdom down in Eastbourne and in Cantebury and in every meeting the power of God fell. I had to rub my eyes because you don't normally expect that in places like Holland and people from Lithuania and all from Sweden. Many of them are very cerebral and very conservative. Reinhard Bonke says; "My German people say I have got a screw loose! I want to loosen the screws even more because my German people - their screws are too tight!".

In the first meeting of all 4 areas - the fire of God fell and often first on the young people. God is saying something there. I would call all the young people out because the fire was on them. Young people like to look cool! But they came out there absolutely drunk! In every place we went to, there was always a young person who was twisting in the anointing. I said; "This was because they were deprived of the Elvis generation!".

God is a God of restoration and it would hit the hall and 80% of the people would be drunk in the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Lord gives you a breakthrough to the glory.

Often the way into the glory is through the joy of the Lord. Unspeakable glory through unspeakable joy!

I did a 2 hour interview with some from Sweden who are going to put the interview in a Christian magazine that will circulate throughout Sweden to 10's of thousands. They wanted to hear the testimony of my journey into preaching only pure grace not mixed in with law. Right now in Sweden there is a war going on between law and grace. I said; "Sorry guys - it's not only in Sweden - it is world-wide and it is a civil war in the Church unfortunately". But they said; "Rob you have no idea how bad it is in Sweden - there are very few churches that preach grace. Most preach heavy-handed law. Most preach this that you are saved by grace but after being saved, if you sin then you had better confess your sin because if you die before you get a chance to confess your sin then you are definately going to hell".

This beautiful couple in Sweden said; "Rob we have planted a church - we are one of the few churches preaching the grace message and we are being attacked big time". Please pray for that article that will bring revelation to the Church. A lot of people had long-term sickness and believed their sickness was a punishment from God and they believed they had opened the door to the devil by sinning and now they were being made sick because of that. When they heard the teaching of the gift of righteousness and the revelation hit them - they realised it is God's will to heal them and they also realised that after they get healed if they fall into sin or make a mistake then it doesn't open the door to the devil so that these gifts of healing can be long-living!

I went into the forest in Holland and spent some hours with God praying and while I was there, God said to me;

"Rob - if you will even more radically believe that you are the righteousness of God in Christ - if you believe that radically and preach that radically in Europe and in the United Kingdom then I will get My angels to stand about you and angels will whisper into your ear names and things that I am doing in the meetings".

That happened. I got the name "Patricia" and I saw 3 lumps and hands indeed went up. A lady in Europe - we saw her being pushed around in a wheelchair for the first few days of the conference and she had MS for a number of years. MS is the deterioration of the myleen sheath - the covering over your nervous system. So your nerves start getting damaged and you face loosing all use of your limbs and your body. In it's chronic phase your body bends like your back and it will snap because of it's crippling effects.

MS is the easiest crippling disease to get healed - most of the cripples we have got out of wheelchairs have all had MS because God revealed to me so clearly that all MS is directly a resident demon and all you have to do is cast the demon of MS out and these people are going to get healed.

If someone has broken their neck through a car accident or huge spinal damage from an accident - you need the workings of miracles to get through healed and they do get healed but with MS all you have to do is cast the demon out and you will see them get healed. So over a period of years she began to loose the use of her arms and legs. She was in a wheelchair and with an unsaved husband. You can imagine him thinking what God is this - He is an evil God and my wife has lost her dignity. My wife crippled in a wheelchair and wheeled around the conference. One of the nights I was talking about how I had ministered in the UK and God had brought a lady out of the wheelchair with MS and said; "Throw your husband in the wheelchair and you push him around!".

As she sat there the power of God came on her and she came out the wheelchair, threw her husband in the wheelchair and pushed him around the meeting, pushed him up hills, pushed him all over the place! So the next morning she came and testified and she ran and danced and ran around the building and;

I promise you in Europe - this is rare. It is not known as the place where miracles happen. I found it easier to get miracles in Europe and the UK than in Africa. I mean that. I would rather go for miracle crusades in the UK or in Europe than in Africa right now. Maybe it is just because God is giving us particular favour for the UK and Europe but it was the easiest thing.

So she was screaming and her husband was crying. What is he going to do now to resist God? We got this email yesterday just so you know it wasn't psycho-somatic and she has gone back to her wheelchair. This is Hank. He hosted the European conference. He says;

"Hello Rob and Glenda - it was so good to hear from you. Your ministry amongst us and the preaching and openness for the glory of God has impacted many. Reports are still coming back from the conference. People are buzzing with excitement and many with a clear sense of God's purpose for the future. It seems from what we hear that it has produced a greater hunger and thirst after God and a readiness to take the Gospel further. The woman who had MS is still physically healed of this and is at this moment going through examinations by a doctor to confirm this too ... she and her husband and many others are excited about the healing that definately took place. Also the woman with the neck injury, the hand injury and instability of the pelvis has received a definate healing and many others too. Thanks so much".
In this conference there were 40 significant healings just like that in this one conference alone! One Dutch man came up to me and said that I had a word of knowledge that someone's shoulder gets dislocated and God is healing your shoulder right now and then said; "Check your shoulder" and this is the story. He had a car accident and they put 12 pins in his shoulder because if he even moved it slightly then it would get dislocated and I don't know how many of you understand how painful a dislocation is. He said when I had said to check the shoulder, he checked it very carefully and he pushed it back and back and nothing happened. So he came up and testified that he had 12 pins and look at this! I was almost thinking; "Don't do it too much!". He was wild and his shoulder was absolutely fine!

We saw 40 like that and it wasn't difficult. Most of the people that got healed I didn't lay hands on. Just preached the gospel and preached the revelation of the unfading glory - led them into worship and called out healings and people just got healed and we had about 40 very significant healings.

Then we went from there to a church in Amsterdam. We had a one-off opportunity to preach there and it was a church that started 3 years ago with 40 people and they now have 600 people every Sunday. It is a Hillsongs-kind of church excellence in the way they present the service. They really are open to signs and wonders and the moving of God. They say that we are like the fathers of that work because we helped equip them in the supernatural years ago. They haven't seen many mighty healings and have been wanting to break through. So I preached on how to break through in healings and there were amazing healings there that night. The whole Church got drunk.

Peter - my translator and the pastor - was bouncing around like a kangeroo on the platform and then the whole worship team went out onto the floor. The Church was pretty much drunk. A lady was standing in the congregation and had a green shirt on and I could see she wasn't receiving and was in her head and was cerebral - trying to receive from her head not her spirit. So I pointed to her and told her what her issue was and God came on her and she was able to go and cancel a surgery because she had lost all sense of smell - and her smell came back right there in the meeting!

So God is absolutely wonderful! Folks - to get your smell back is the same as getting your hearing back, your sight back - it's one of the five senses. It is a miracle equivalent to deafness or whatever. There were people healed of asthma. This is even greater to me - I don't want to go into a church and see great signs and wonders there and then I go and it all stops. There was an impartation. I really coached people that night and got practical on how you pray for the sick. This is what he says about the next Sunday;

"The next Sunday we had an enormous breakthrough in healing - asthma, scoliosis, dystrophy and many deliverances. Five people had arms and legs growing and one guy had an arm or leg grow about 10 cms!".

So that is a result of our visit - City Church International - into this church which has just been in a national and local newspaper to millions of people as the fastest growing church in Holland with positive reporting from the secular press saying this church loves people! They listen to our downloads and enter into this thing of grace. He is fully into it - we spoke about it. They are fully into this message of grace! The fastest church in Holland and are an independent church but want to partner with us and walk with us and want us to host a "Glory and Grace Conference" there. They have a 3, 000 seater that they can box into different sizes with mobile walls. It is classic Dutch efficiency - the Dutch people are incredibly efficient - even the trees grow in straight lines. You fly out from Heathrow airport and look down on the beautiful English countryside and you will see fields going higgldy in all angles and as soon as you get across the English channel and fly over Holland you see the trees going the same way. And that is how the Afrikaaners go the same way!

Then we went over to the UK and we go to preach in Eastbourne and it is a local church. They had 800 registrations for the conference and so when I got there, they told us there is such expectation. He said this one lady - she has got such bad arthritis and has been in the church for years and couldn't pick her child up anymore. She couldn't come to church anymore because she was so crippled and riddled with this advanced arthritis. She had said to the pastor Graham, "When Rob is here, I know I am going to be healed!". When I hear that I think; "Oh God I want to get on a plane and get out of here - I don't need that kind of pressure!". Then they put us up in the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. It is rated as the second top hotel in the whole UK. We had the second best! They put us into the executive suite and as they are booking us in the people said; "Oh we are happy to upgrade you to the highest suite! The top suite!".

Glenda and I have got jeans and T-shirts on and we have got these people with top hats on and they are taking us into the room and part of us are thinking; "Should we act like we are used to this?!". We are not - so let's not disguise it - and we are running around like little kids wanting to put the gowns on! Big bathroom - big entrance hall - big TV and big bedroom and 4 poster bed and balcony onto the beach front! You don't have to ask for the blessing - just believe that you have the gift of righteousness in God. But I am thinking these guys have paid for our air fare and our expensive hotel and this lady is saying; "I KNOW I am going to get healed this week" and I am thinking it is like I owe them and if I don't come up with the goods and they have paid out all this money! They also put us in an English country cottage with a fireplace and wanted to make a fire in the English country on the South Downs which must have cost them a fortune and I am thinking; "I owe them!".

So half an hour before the conference starts, I am in the back room and I am sweating and Glenda is looking at me thinking; "What's wrong?!" and I am thinking; "I am under pressure!". I want to tell you this;

If you want to produce miracles - then you have got to get that pressure off you. That pressure will make you artificial and dial up your own soul power and psychic human pressure. You will show off and shout.

It is a bit distressing trying to see some of the guys trying to copy Todd Bentley. It is not the way he does it but the content of revelation in his heart that releases the power. It is not doing the things he does or how loud you shout. You can shout or whisper - but it is the content behind your words. What are you carrying on the inside of you?

So I had to get away and said; "Father I just reepnt of even trying to think I could produce anything here. I can't. I repent". So the pressure came off me and I was hardly into preaching and worship and the first person who got healed was the woman who said; "I know I am going to be healed this weekend!". You must know that pastor and his wife - Graham and Belinda - I know what it is like to go through chronic disease in members of your congregation and you pray for them and feel like a failure as a pastor because she couldn't come to church or pick up her child and now she is running around, jumping, picked up her child and could handle her child!

There was another lady with fibromialgia and just lies of the enemy in her mind. She was in the worship team but couldn't stand - she had to sit in a chair in the choir. She came and was one of the few I prayed for by hand and as soon as she stood in front of me I knew it was demonic. So I was very aggressive and I think I shocked the people around and I prayed; "In the Name ... FIRE!!" and she went bang on the ground! As the power hit her this demon came out with shrieking. I am so sorry for intellectual people who have limited their world to the little grey brain and analyse skeptically and cynically. I have seen too much friends! Demons come out with shrieks!

She fell on the ground under the power so I said; "Pick her up again" and prayed for a second, third time while coaching everyone around. I said; "You don't lay hands on certain diseases. Certain different types of sickness like MS - you are not passive". You go to war and attack that thing and take authority and cast it out! Some diseases you have got to take authority and step up and see it happen! So she came back the next day and I walked in and she was standing in the worship - all the pain had gone and the movement had come back. Her husband led the worship beaming because he was so happy he had got his wife back!

I just stood on the platform and pointed at them sitting in the second row and said; "This is not about crowds or about names or about numbers - this is about the Father loving His daughter and not wanting His daughter robbed of a quality of life but wanting to see His daughter set free". We have so many testimonies from this church. Miracle healings from crippling diseases - fifteen people came to Christ in one service alone and God was doing staggering things! And most of it was not from me laying hands on people. We had 3 services with them - I spoke to their leaders and spoke at their Sunday morning meeting.

People were coming so early and crowding into the building. 700 seater building and 800 were crowding in. We knew after 3 meetings that we could have gone on for weeks and if Glenda and I had stayed there - the meetings were already out of control, the power, the healings taking place after 3 meetings! We actually went and found out whether the stadium was available because we were seriously thinking - this thing would have grown to 1000's because the word was getting out! But the stadium was in disrepair and they were fixing it so there were only a 1000 seats in the stadium so that wasn't of any use to us. We didn't feel that we should stay anyway.

We left there that Sunday afternoon and drove to Cantebury which most of you know Cantebury is a very historic town and is the religious capital of the UK and where the Archbishop is. There is a church up there led by a guy called Tom and the church is mainly university students who go to Cantebury University and are very intellectual young men and women.

What is exciting about them is that they were a TOTALLY different breed of Christianity - they were intellectuals but had faith in the miraculous power of God! They were open to the supernatural.

And it was a WILD meeting - one of the most wild meetings I had been in! I was nearly embarrassed in the prayer meeting - they were wild! The way they pray is that they get into a circle and put their hands on each other shoulders and pray and then they turn around and pray!

These are university students! On fire for God Many of them will be doctors and lawyers and professors - on fire! Not intellectual faith but supernatural faith! This is the UK - England! Third World countries say that the move of God is over in Europe - you have got to be crazy! It is not! One of the major moves of God is coming out of the UK and Europe and of course you need to applaud because we are part of all that! God is doing some amazing things there! We saw the fire fall on many of them - so many amazing miracles! A cerebral palsy man got movement back in his leg. I prayed for a lady in her wheelchair and went to her with MS - she had been in that wheelchair for 38 years and she got up and walked. I prayed for her for about 20 minutes and she started to cry because she said she could stretch her hands out for the first time.

I said; "What about your legs" because she had no feeling in her legs. So I moved the plates which her feet were on and I said; "Move your legs" and she was able - for the first time in many years - she could lift both legs up! She was giggling, screaming and laughing and I said; "Lady keep in touch - because I believe a miracle is in process here". These nerves are recovering and you are moving for the first time.

I just felt a fire on me and on us to go for anything. I didn't care if a blind, deaf person came in - we are going to pray for ANYTHING that moves! Some may say; "Well why don't we see those miracles here in City Church International? Don't we have enough faith?". Listen we have got more faith than anywhere else I have been - I tell you why we don't see cripples walk here. Because there aren't any cripples coming in here! The biggest miracle would be for a cripple to get healed here who wasn't here! We are not bringing in the deaf, the blind, the wheelchair cases and you will never see it happen until they come in here - you know what I am saying?

That is why we can report on all these miracles because we are in a context where people believe that when Rob and Glenda come - miracles are going to happen. It's wrong that they believe it is because of us - but good they have that kind of expectation! The pressure of course came on us - we pushed it off - and God took the pressure on and God did mighty things!

So we need to bring the wheelchair cases in to City Church and the blind and the deaf - and have a go! Are we going to get them all healed? I wish I could say yes - can't guarantee it. I would say we had about an 80% success rate. Now this is what I would do - say; "Everyone stand" and pray a general prayer. "How many of you have been healed?". 20 hands or whatever would go up. "How many of you weren't healed?". Maybe 30 hands would go up or 40. "Alright - everyone around them go lay hands on them" and they would pray furiously! So after about 2 or 3 minutes say; "Stop! Alright how many have been healed?". You see another 8 hands go up. "Praise God! Alright how many have not been healed?". Another 15 hands go up. "Alright get around them. Jesus prayed for people twice so we can pray 3 or 4 times". We would pray 3, 4 or 5 times until I said; "How many are still not healed" and VERY FEW hands were left. We are going to get to a place where everyone is going to be healed.

In this Dutch church I taught them how to persevere. I said "Come on now - sickness is stubborn but the Dutch people are the most stubborn people I have ever met". So I said; "Look at this - we have prayed and hardly anyone had got healed. We can leave feeling failures or we can pray again!". More people got healed. "Pray again". More got healed! Jesus prayed for a blind man twice and the first time the man didn't get his full sight back.

We are too afraid of failure! We are climbing the mountain afraid of falling - instead of climbing the mountain to get to the top! Get our eyes of failing and get our eyes on succeeding and seeing the sick healed!

It is all available now! We need to swallow our pride when people don't get healed and can't take it personally. It was the minority that didn't get healed in all 8 or 9 meetings - it was the minority! These are new days! I said to to those minority who weren't healed; "It is not your fault - let's not look for whose fault it is - God's will is that you get healed".

This is the truth - when God manifests His power and glory - it is God's invisible nature being revealed in the visible realm of man.

I don't want to just see in creation the invisible nature of God. I want to see the nature of God made manifest visibly in the realm of man through the glory of God manifesting in the earth. If society is deprived of hearing about and seeing miracles then they are being deprived of knowing the true nature of God. The true nature of God is to heal, to restore, to lift suffering off humankind and set people free - that is the nature of God.

Whatever doesn't exist in heaven - God doesn't want to exist on the earth! The glory is the light of God and when light shines - darkness cannot sit there and refuse to go. Darkness has no choice - when the light of glory comes darkness flees. There is no contest - light is so superior to darkness.

The explanation for so much darkness in Hong Kong and in the world is not that darkness is so powerful but it is just that darkness hasn't been challenged by the church through the manifest power of God's glory light.

As soon as light comes - darkness goes. Cancer is darkness! You put the light of the glory of God on and cancer can't sit there and say; "I am not going". It just has to go. Light is just so superior to darkness. There is no contest! There is no yin and yan. It's not light against darkness. There is no battle or contest because light is so superior. The real contest is in the heart of God's people. The question goes; "Am I worthy to carry the power that raises the dead? The power that brings cripples out of wheelchairs?".

If you think like that you are thinking in an Old Covenant mentality - obviously you and I are not worthy - but to win this contest by revelation that you are the righteousness of God and in that revelation you ARE worthy, you ARE qualified, you ARE the light of the world, you ARE God's ambassador, you ARE authorised to raise the dead, to set the captives free, to heal the sick - YOU are!

You ARE through grace! Let me just read this to you - this was given on May 17th;

"Hi Rob and Glenda, it's Donna from Coastlands - I have some great things to tell you. You prayed for Caleb at the Glory and Grace Conference in Sydney. He has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He is 8 years old - he had never walked. When we got home I was telling my son Daniel and he asked Caleb if he believed. He said; "Yes" and he spent half an hour praying for him. He has now taken fifteen steps for the first time in his life - we have an amazing God!".

We are seeing an acceleration and an amplification. We have seen more people come out of wheelchairs in the last three months than in previous years. I am not afraid of wheelchair cases. I have got to fight when I am in a plane or in an airport and they are wheeling someone in - I have to fight not to pray for them! It's like a twitch - it's wrong! They shouldn't be in that wheelchair! They should come out! Young or old!

God is going to come on us so that we will not be able to cope with seeing sick people around us. We will just HAVE to pray for them and we will see such results.

After that lady got healed in the one church with cystic fibrosis and it is a demonic disease. It was an absolute miracle to see the transformation in her life and the effect it had on her husband. We were sitting in the Grand Hotel having the most incredible breakfast and I am sitting there and said; "Glenda, isn't it amazing that the Father reached out through two people like us from Hong Kong and just reached out to His daughter and healed her of years of suffering". Then I just burst into tears and said; "This is what this is about!". It isn't about religion and church and theology and doctrine. This is about seeing our Father's works - this is about winning the contest; "Am I worthy to carry this power?".

Yes we are worthy! That's why the devil is fighting this grace message - because he knows it isn't a contest between light and darkness. The light is so superior - the darkness will remain unchallenged while the church is going through a contest of "Am I worthy?". Preachers, apostles and prophets around the world must repent of preaching a mixture of law and grace and start year after year on a journey sequentially to bring the church not into partial freedom but into full freedom - the inner contest will be over and there is no outer contest. The light of glory will just cause darkness to flee! I am never going go where there is unbelief. I am never going to churches where they are legalistic and want to fight this message. I don't want to go anywhere else and sit and try and persuade people. We get people now and again who come in and sit here and I think; "I love you but you are not on my radar". I am looking for places like where I have been to in the UK and Europe who say; "Rob - come and we will honour and receive you".

I am looking for someone like Dave Holden who is one of the major leaders of NFI who took my hands after I preached the most radical message on grace that would frighten most leaders. Here is a man of theology and integrity and 30 years of experience in church planting and success and he took my hands and said; "Rob - run with this message - run with this message - the Church needs this message!".

I get people who say, "I want to sit and debate with you". I don't have time to debate with people who are doing nothing - don't have signs and wonders - don't have people coming out of wheelchairs - aren't seeing the lost and the broken come. I sat and wept in a hotel dining room and I said;

"Glenda - THIS is what we were born for! We weren't born to be pre-occupied with our problems, we weren't born to be pre-occupied with other people's problems, we weren't born to put embroidery on people's prison cells, we were born to set the captives free - who WANT to be free!".

Some people don't want to be free - because freedom is too responsible for them. So they stay in self-pity, preoccupied with themselves, "Woe is me" - I have got zero time for that mindset! There is a world out there desperately open to the power of God. We are breaking into the greatest signs and wonders and miracles the world has ever seen and City Church International is not on the peripheral - City Church International isn't behind somewhere! We are in the frontline - we are pioneering! I get emails nearly every week from people saying; "You guys are pioneering the way - you are taking the flack - you are taking the persecution - but you have opened the ground for us and we are moving ahead because of you!".

We are right in the front as supernatural frontrunners in the Kingdom of God! That's us! Give Him a shout! Let me just read this one - this will be a shocker this one. These people who say that we are giving people license to sin. We actually are giving them license to sin - they get the license and don't want to use it! Because they find out how wonderful Jesus is and He loves them so much that they get free from their addictions. Listen to this;

"For the last 10 years I have been addicted to internet pornography". That would describe hundreds of thousands of Christian men worldwide - addicted to internet pornography and being told; "Stop it! Stop it! Stay off it!". "I have been involved in 3 churches in this time and I have confided to pastors who were good men and they suggested many things - I had also many revelations about ways I could get free but I could not stop my addiction. I attended church every week and was a zealous worshipper but refused to get involved in any Christian ministry because I didn't want to infect others". This was given Monday May 12th so it is very recent. "After 10 years of this I was absolutely desperate and was looking everywhere for an answer - I wondered what would become of me yet I was more addicted than ever.

The Bible says that there is no temptation that has overcome us except which is common to man and there will be a way out so you can bear under it - but where is the way out? Someone handed me a CD of your teaching and you said that Paul's answer to sin in the Corinthian church was not more law - but more grace. I always totally believed in justification by faith but didn't understand how more grace was the answer to sin. Especially my sin! I then got another CD on which you mentioned your website. So I started listening to your sermons about the power of grace and I decided to dare believe this strange new doctrine not knowing if it would take me to heaven or hell.

I acted on what you said and I re-offended on the internet maybe twice more". Now I didn't tell him to do that - I have never met him! He acted on what I said - believing grace. "When the desires would come instead of fearing and fighting them - I decided even if I did go to these websites again God would forgive me on the basis of Jesus performance. It appears as if I was giving myself license to sin but for the first time in 10 long years - exactly the opposite happened. The desire for internet pornography simply TOTALLY dissolved. Once I accepted that God accepted me totally on Jesus' performance alone - the tangible Presence, the love of God flooded my being and it was then the tangible Presence of the grace of God that dissolved my desire for pornography. Although it has only been 3 months ...". He hasn't visited those sites for 3 months whereas before he visited them continously before that for 10 years.

"It has been 3 months since I visited a pornographic website, I am totally confident that I am free of this thing at last and have no desire for it. Rob I am writing this letter to confirm that this experience bears witness with this doctrine of uncompromising grace is the truth. I want to shout it from the rooftops and advertise it in the newspaper that there is an answer! Rob - on behalf on hundreds of thousands of Christians held in bondage to internet pornography - KEEP PREACHING THIS MESSAGE!! Maybe advertise that there is a cure to internet pornography on your website so that when desperate people like me search for it on the internet, a link to your website will come up.

One area where I must disagree with you - you say a miracle is like a new eyeball growing - Rob what has happened to me is truly a miracle. I have my dignity, self-esteem and peace back. I have faith for the future. I can show God's love to my wife and children again. I had totally given up any hope of service to God - yet God is showing me that He isn't finished with me yet. Also strangely a medical issue I have had for six years and it appears to be gone. No one has prayed for me - but the grace of God is powerfully upon me!".

Come on guys - this is just awesome! All the persecution is worth it - being misunderstood is worth it. I am so glad I didn't give into the pressure - God prepared you and me for these days. Seven years ago God began to speak to me and say;

"Son you have got to get all your identity and sense of security from Me and Me alone. The fickle fans are fickle - the crowds come and go and will applaud you and reject you. If you perform to what they want then they like you - if you don't, then they won't like you. If you allow man's pressure to intimidate you to perform or compromise then you won't fulfill your destiny".

So He took five years to teach me the security in Him. If He hadn't prepared me for this - then I would have caved long ago. Some of my closest friends have sold out on me and are talking behind my back about this. It is the acceleration of results - amplification and acceleration. If the fear of man inhibits you from preaching the gospel and sharing with your workmates who Jesus is, from being ashamed to talk about Jesus, from being ashamed to bring people to church and invite cripples to come to church - if the fear of man cripples you then you can go to work year after year and no one knows that you are saved.

He comes to seek and save those who are lost. Today we want to be free from the fear of man. It is only when rejection comes that you realise how much you need deliverance. God is enough! From personal experience - from having some of my closest friends talk about me in the most slanderous way about this message - the pain I felt! Yet the fearless, bold confidence to carry on preaching this message is because God dealt with my need of man's acceptance. Beginning 5 or 6 years ago! God knew that you would be alive at this time and be positioned for this time. If you have got any remnant of the fear of man - something that stops you from coming to to the front to prophesy because you think if you come and prophesy and don't get it right - then I may look like a fool!

Friends I had to pray for a lady with MS and although her legs moved a bit, they had to wheel her out of there again and I had no reputation. It wasn't my reputation on the line! The Father says; "The more you pray for the blind, the deaf, the cripples then you are going to get results".

If you are proud and don't want to look like a fool then you are going to sit in the boat and be bored like so many Christians - bored, bored and bored and the more bored you get, the more critical you get and then you want to balance everyone and come out with all these amazing doctrines but you are not living in experiential power of the truth.

The UK has got a serious youth problem - young people are murdering one another with drugs and alcohol and bingers and problems. They are not the fault! They are not going to give up alcohol and drugs and all that associated with it to sit in a boring church that has no signs, wonders and miracles. Let people get drunk in the Holy Spirit and come out of wheelchairs, the deaf here, the blind see, people full of liberty, joy, rolling under the power of God - the young people will give up drugs and flock to the Church and the multitudes will come.

It is all about the Church getting free from self-conciousness! "My life - my problems - life is not fair - woe is me!" - NO! It is about the fact that you are the righteousness of God and then the blessings will come on you and the blessings will fall on you!

The curses and the judgement fell on Him! As soon as they fell on Him, the blessings will come on you as soon as you believe you are the righteousness of God. So let's pray this prophecy over us ... thanks guys: [recording of prophecy by Julian Adams commences:]

"I feel that in this atmosphere of God pouring out His Spirit - I feel the Lord has been giving me a word for Rob and Glenda - if you will come and stand here. I wonder if some of the apostolic team guys will come and stand alongside them. Rob - the last time I prophesied over you, I saw an angel and tonight the angel has been walking up and down the stage. The royalty of heaven - the protection of heaven is on you and I felt the Lord wants to speak to you about a new season you will enter into over the next 3 - 6 weeks. It's going to be a season of incredible visitation. It will be a season of incredible encounters. I saw you heading away in the room and out of the norm that you have been used to. I saw the Lord begin to visit you and I believe it is going to be with revelation from His Word - in this next season there is going to come a sharp prophetic word that is going to move people into a new experience of the glory.

But I felt God say you will encounter Me in some ways that would seem to many other people as irrational and out of the box. You will encounter Me in some ways that are going to challenge even some of the most experienced charismatics. Because God's going to visit you. I see the Lord encountering you in the secret place - it's almost like I see you in the secret place and it is like I see you eating scrolls from heaven because there's going to be a word coming to you that will become a part of you that you will begin to prophesy and speak into that will begin to cause a new wineskin to come to many movements. I believe the Lord is saying that the next 3-6 weeks are going to be weeks of incredible encounter - you are to get ready!

They are going to be encountering weeks. I felt the Lord showed me your church and I felt the Lord say to me; "Even as David had some famous men join his army, the Lord would say that I am going to give you famous men and women in your city. I am going to give you influential businessmen and women who will join your church and will flood in and it will be an incredible amount - it won't just be one or two but 10's and 20's who will begin to join the rank and join the army of the Lord in that local church". I felt God wanted to say to you - Rob and Glenda - that this next season will see an acceleration of leadership added to you. You will see an acceleration of men and women who will carry you in this season of visitation in order to prepare a wineskin of a local church revival.

The Lord says to you;

"You think you have seen downloads - now wait till you see what will happen in the next 2 to 3 years as many will get on a plane and come and visit Hong Kon and be part of the meetings that God is going to open up. There will be a residential anointing that the Lord will give you and the Lord says where it seems impossible for land and buildings - I will make a way in this next season. I will make a way in this next season and I will give you favour even with municipalities and governments and God says to you; "Son - you will begin to see a statesmen-like anointing come on you. Where you will find yourself in front of influential governments even in Hong Kong and you will bring the Word of the Lord to them".

God says at times it will be supernatural - an organisational supernatural appointment - it will not be man-made. The Lord says to you;

"Son and daughter - get ready for a new visitation because from you will come an anointing to begin to shape whole areas. God is going to give you a download of community city revivals. Son you have prayed and said; 'God I don't want to presume on you and don't want to think more of myself than I ought to' but the Lord says to you today that there is a ranking in the Spirit that comes on you and moves you into the realm of statesman and government anointing for I will give stadiums says the Lord. I will give stadiums says the Lord! I see stadiums full - I see stadiums full and I see you carry a glory that will begin to grab a hold of thousands of thousands.

And the Lord says;

"Son and daughter I want you to know that these next 6 weeks will be incredible visitations. I believe it has to do with those angels you saw in the past. I see those angels coming to commission you and you have been waiting in the decree room and the Lord says; "Today I am issuing you with decrees of old. They will begin to shape and disciple whole nations. So I want you to get ready says God. Because there will come incredible growth in this season in your local church - growth from affluent people and you will begin to see your church swell with numbers in order to shape a whole nation. His breakout is coming upon you.

Rob and Glenda I believe the Lord is releasing an anointing upon you for the resurrection of the dead. I see literally the resurrection from the dead! An anointing coming upon you for that for this next season. God is going to catapault you as a couple and He says; "I will provide men and women - even men who are able to work with both hands. David's men were added and they could work with the left and the right hand - multi-skilled men and women". God says; "I want you to get ready - because there is a commissioning and a decree that has gone out in this heavenlies and you will step into it in this season. You will begin to know My favour in a radical way".

So Father - we want to pray for this couple right now. Won't You proclaim victory over this couple? I believe the Lord will give you hundreds of intercessors that will be your portion because the enemy has attacked - the enemy is trying to steal and come against you and there has been a wrestling and a contending and a fighting. But God says to you today;

"Son I have given you apostolic authority in the heavenlies. Even right now there will be a spirit of intercession that will clothe and protect you from the works of the enemy in this next season. It's almost like Jesus when He came out of the desert place - the Bible says the enemy left Him for a season and I believe that you are about to enter into that kind of season where the enemy will leave you alone because God decreed it so.

You will gain much ground - much ground. Geographical and physical ground - physical buildings! Physical buildings! I see like a shopping mall. I see a building and you taking the whole floor of the mall. God says; "Get ready!". It's opening up for you. Buildings - training centres - releasing centres coming to you in Jesus Name. So we ask You for Your favour. And Your protection! Come Holy Spirit!".

I don't know if you could hear all of that but this guy Adrian (Ed: His name is actually Julian Adams!) knows very little of Glenda and I and this church. About 90% of what he said was confirmation - stuff that I had privately heard God say to me. I hope you heard that it is not about Glenda and me essentially but our togetherness. You hear about buildings - I am not interested in a permament building.

What I am interested in is a facility that can serve our dreams and serve our vision.

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