Thursday, 26 June 2008

Rob Rufus's Prophetic Song over Hong Kong!!

As I noted previously City Church International have just had a weekend of "Miracle Healing Meetings" on the Saturday night and the Sunday of last weekend and I've been listening to the MP3's of the sessions.

As I was listening to the Sunday morning session I was actually driving down to see a friend in Cheltenham and as SOON as Rob Rufus began singing the prophetic song below I began to weep and weep and weep - and couldn't stop! I have listened to the entire song a few times and put the transcript of all that Rob sung and said below the video clip in case the quality doesn't come out. Here it is. SOMETHING is happening in Hong Kong - and I fervently believe it will spread from East to the West.

Here's the transcript of the song and the following prophecy;

"For I'm turning the hearts of the fathers to the sons, I'm turning the hearts of the sons to the fathers, I'm turning the hearts of My people towards Me and I am turning the hearts away from things of death. I'm turning the hearts to the ways of truth and life - yes I'm turning the hearts to My Presence and life.

In My Presence with your heart turn to Me - you will hear My voice so clear and so true today. Today. Today. So turn your hearts to Me - turn away from misery. Turn away from unbelief - turn away from every offence. Turn away from bitterness and turn to Me - your God.

For I'm turning the hearts of the city of Hong Kong! I'm turning the hearts of the multitudes around you. So turn your hearts to hear the cry of the city! So turn your ears to hear My words of life! For the city of Hong Kong - this is your day - this is your hour! I am coming!".

Rob's prophecy:

"Let's cry out to the city of Hong Kong! Father we hear Your words of love to the city of Hong Kong. We bless Hong Kong!

We declare over you - Hong Kong - that this is your time, your hour. The grace of the Lord is towards you and He does not visit you with judgement or rejection but the Father gives good gifts to you - Hong Kong! He is pouring out His glory on you - Hong Kong! He is pouring out mercy and grace! He is pouring out His love on you - Hong Kong!

The dead will rise, the lame will walk, the lonely will find family, the fathers will find their sons and the sons will find their familys in Hong Kong! Broken relationships will be restored and mother and father and children will find liberty and freedom and love in the city of Hong Kong!".


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for transcribing it.


Dan Bowen said...

Pleasure Jen! It still makes me cry when I listen to it! I can almost hear the cries of the millions in Hong Kong calling out in desperation for the living Lord Jesus Christ to come and meet them in power. They NEED Him so SO much! And Hong Kong - as Rob said - this is your time!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, tonight, Todd showed a strong interest in going to Hong Kong, soon.