Sunday, 1 June 2008

Fully Free From Guilt In Order To Be Fully Covered By The Glory

This sermon was absolutely outstanding and was preached on Sunday 27th April 2008. It stands as a landmark on the absolutely key issue of the gift of righteousness along with; "Self-Righteousness versus the Gift of Righteousness". Rob himself confesses it isn't the easiest of sermons to hear or read but the foundational aspect it brings will sustain any move of God that is coming or indeed has come to the Church.

Here it is!

"Your world - the world of the glory realm - the heavenlies that is the ultimate world from which all other worlds come from. Your world is far greater than the earth that we see with our eyes and you want Your world, Your Kingdom to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Would the atmosphere of heaven come into our lives? Would the revelation of open heaven fill our daily mindsets in Jesus Name? Amen".

There are gathering angels called the anointing angels that anoint us for the harvest because there are angels coming into this place today to anoint you to win people for Christ without trying, without effort. There are harvesting angels coming alongside us!

"Father we welcome the harvesting angels - the gathering angels sent forth into the earth at the climax of the ages sent forth into the earth at the climax of the ages where You will gather in the harvest! Release many anointed gathering harvest angels over each one of us in Jesus' Name!".

I need your help to preach today. I need you to go right over the top and scream and shout and act like you grew up in a fanatical Pentecostal church. Pretend for today! I need it! Will you frighten yourselves by how excited you get? Will you offend the person next to you by how excited you get? Will you get into holy sanctified competition with the people around you to see who can shout the loudest at how wonderful Jesus is?! We are going to talk today about being fully free from guilt so that we can be fully clothed with the glory of God. This is going to be a chunky sermon - a classic content - a defining moment sermon. It is not a 20 minute popcorn sermon. It is worth it!

This message is not idealistic. It is possible to live on earth without any condemnation and without any sin conciousness and without any feeling of guilt.

I know a psychiatrist in Singapore that deals with many Christians and he says that many of them have obsessive, compulsions and he tracks all of their problems down to guilt and condemnation. They come under legalistic teaching by well-meaning preachers who don't even know they are doing it.

The more we put performance pressures on the people of God, the more weapons we are giving to a disarmed enemy to leaverage them with guilt and condemnation, accusation and confusion.

The Bible says in Revelation 12 that Satan (a Hebrew name translated in English meaning "Accuser") is the accuser of the brethren day and night. So that's all he can see and do is accusation. No accusation comes from God - none at all. Nothing for the New Covenant people! God never condemns you! Never makes you concious of sin! The Holy Spirit in John 16:7-11 is very clear - when He convicts you, the only thing He convicts the world of is unbelief in Jesus. Then it says He convicts of righteousness because Jesus goes to the Father, - when Jesus went to the Father He opened up the New Covenant and declared righteousness for ever for those who believe. Then it says He will convince or convict that the devil - the prince of this world - has been condemned and has been judged at the Cross.

You have believers who believe the Holy Spirit is making them feel bad and convicting them of sin. He is NEVER convicting you of sin! The Bible says He will lead you into all truth. What is the truth? That at the Cross God forgave all your sins - past tense. At the Cross God took away the rules and laws that stood opposed to you. At the Cross He disarmed the powers and principalities. (Colossians 2:13) He forgave ALL your sins.

You have received fulness in Christ! Fulness!

I want to shoot a sacred cow - the teaching that says that every time you sin, you have got to confess your sin in order to get your relationship with God restored again - is heresy and it is Old Covenant teaching (1 John 1:8-9) "If you confess your sins He is faithful and just to forgive you your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness". That was not written to Christians - it was written to a congregation that were a mixture of Gnostics and people who were confused by Gnostics. Gnostics were teaching that sin doesn't exist in the world, they weren't born again - they didn't believe in the blood or the Cross and John's writing to address and rebuke that Gnostic idea and that particular Scripture is telling the Gnostics - you had better get saved!

To be cleansed of all unrighteousness is when you get saved. But if you go to Hebrews 10:1-4, it warns that under the Old Covenant they had a system where you had to confess your sins whenever you made a sin and it says this didn't help them get rid of their sin conciousness - it actually was a reminder of their sins and then it says that the blood of bulls and of goats could not take away their feeling of sinfulness and guilt. It says we have a New Covenant and by ONE sacrifice this Priest doesn't do a sacrifice year after year and over and over again but by one sacrifice He has made perfect FOREVER all those who are being made holy! There is no more sacrifice needed for sin!

The next verse says that the Holy Spirit testifies to this. What? That your sins are forgiven! That you are perfect forever and that God doesn't remember your sins anymore. The Holy Spirit isn't telling you that you are a sinner - He is telling you that your sins are gone and that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Evangelicals teach yes on the Cross Jesus may have died for your sins - come to Jesus and He has forgiven all your sins. Then you come forward and get saved and they tell you; "Yes but every time you sin, your relationship is cut off with God". So then you have to confess your sin to restore your fellowship with God.

When did Jesus die for your sin? Did He die before you committed any sins? Before you committed one sin, Jesus TOTALLY dealt with ALL your sin and forgave ALL your sin (that's what it says in Colossians 2:13: "Having forgiven all your sins"). HAVING forgiven - not "going to where you confess". HAVING forgiven ALL your sins! (Romans 5:19) - God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself NOT counting men's sins against them but imputing and counting your sins against Jesus and imputing Jesus' righteousness to you.

"Rob it doesn't sound right to me!". Yes because you are thinking Old Covenant. This is a New Covenant and it is superior to the Old one and based on better promises. Stop mixing the two and getting confused! When you come to Christ He has already forgiven your sins past, present and future - they're not being counted and the Bible says in Colossians 2 we have been given fulness in Christ!

Everytime the devil says you need to confess your sin because you have sinned then he is getting you to remind yourself that you don't have the final and full package from Jesus Christ - you have got to DO something. If you have got to confess your sin to keep your relationship with God open then you never got the full and final package at salvation.

If we hold a prize-giving day and you win a prize of 1 million dollars and this is your gift - but you go behind the scenes to get the the cheque and the prize co-ordinator says here is the prize but the small print is that you get the 1 million in instalments over 70 years. That means that you don't get the final and full thing!

So people say you must confess your sins and then they say; "Well if God gave me full forgiveness totally and then never counts my sins against me then I might go out and sin badly!". The very opposite! You will be empowered to live holy lives. If this confessing your sin was so important to the New Covenant then let me ask you - why was it mentioned over and over again in the Old Covenant - rituals and ceremonies of confessing your sin over and over again but the Bible says that it is a shadow of the New Covenant. One sacrifice makes you holy and perfect forever!

If confessing your sin was so important then why did the main apostle who wrote the New Testament by the Holy Spirit - wrote the book of Romans and never mentioned confessing your sins once. He wrote the book of Galatians and never mentioned confessing your sins once. He wrote the book of Corinthians - the biggest sinners - and never mentioned confessing your sins once! I challenge you - check your Bible! He wrote 1st and 2nd Thessalonians and never told them to confess their sins once! Look at Paul's letters - "To the saints in the Church" - never told them to confess their sins once!

Let me ask you - if confessing your sin is a New Testament practice that is helpful then Paul lied to us and Paul robbed us and you cannot trust his letters. Confessing your sins is not taught in the New Testament except in 1 John 1:8-9 and I have told you the context. The rest of Paul's writings never teach it. So what do you do when you make a sin or a mistake? I say;

"Father that is not consistent with my new nature - my new nature doesn't want to do that. I have godly sorrow about that - not worldly sorrow. The Bible wanrs me about worldly sorrow when you sin. I don't have worldly sorrow - that is Old Covenant. Condemnation! I have godly sorrow. I am sorry Father - I am not confessing my sin - that is not consistent! I thank You that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and I thank You that You are not counting this sin against me and I thank You that there is NO condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus and I thank You that the heavens are open not because of me but because of Jesus on my behalf!".

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones - one of the greatest expositors of the Bible of the last century preached in Westminster Chapel - the famous church in London. His successor was R T Kendall and R T Kendall's successor is a good friend of mine who wrote some encouraging words at the back of my book; "Living in the Grace of God". Martyn Lloyd-Jones - this Greek expert - said of Romans 8:1;

"No condemnation to those in Christ Jesus says that the Greek means that there is now no possibility now or forever for any true believer to be under condemnation that are in Christ Jesus. It is the Greek experts not saying there is no condemnation to those who never sin. Because what would be the point!? There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus even when they fail".

We will see when you lose condemnation over people that you empower them to get victory over sin. But people under condemnation get into cycles of sin that control them. I believe what I am saying today is the key to raising the dead and opening blind eyes and deaf ears. You go to Signs and Wonders seminars and I promise you - go to them and its great but I don't see it lasting long in people because they get equipped to heal the sick and as they do, the devil slaps them with condemnation. Either they sin and make a mistake and the devil says; "You are not worthy to pray for the sick" or the people don't see everyone healed and the devil says that they are a failure and condemnation comes on them.

Once you understand this message the full glory will come on you. Under the Old Covenant Moses said; "Show me Your glory!" and God said; "I cannot show you My glory - you can only see My hind-parts". In other words; "You will see Me walking away from you". Anyone under the law can only see God walking away from them. A fading glory (2 Corinthians 3) because if you are under the law or if you allow condemnation - then you are allowing law! You say; "I am not allowing law!". If you are allowing condemnation then you are allowing law. (Romans 3:9) says for there comes no righteousness through the law but a conciousness of sin. (Romans 3:21) "but now a righteousness apart from the law has been given to those who believe". If you live under condemnation then you will only see God walking away from you.

You will be going; "Come back - come back" but if you allow legalistic self-righteousness and then you can only earn His Presence - mentality then that self-righteous pride will cause God to have to walk away from you. Under the New Covenant (2 Corinthians 4) we can look at the very open face of the glory of Jesus Christ - we can see God running towards us with His arms open-wide because we are under New Covenant unfading glory.

A sign of not feeling the Presence and the glory of God is a sign of condemnation. Glory and guilt don't go together - that is Old Covenant fading - God walking away from you - glory. If you walk with a measure of guilt you cannot walk with the glory of God as a New Testament believer. That's why it has to be GRACE and GLORY.

To the measure you get rid of guilt, to that measure you will increase in the glory over your life. Much guilt = very little supernatural glory Presence over your life. Little guilt = much glory and supernatural open heaven Presence over your life. NO guilt = FULL New Covenant manifest glory to do the works that Jesus did and greater works over the life of the priesthood of the whole Church.

That's why the Church does not take this subject seriously. There are people that would say; "We've heard enough about grace - let's hear about something else". You heard about building on a faulty foundation and it will come down. Healing ministries come down and miracle ministries come down. We have seen it in history again and again because they have built on fasting and how much they pray - how holy they are - how much they obey and the pressure gave them nervous breakdowns.

That is why you MUST condemn condemnation. You MUST accuse accusation. You MUST grab guilt by the throat. You MUST get out the religious boat and float. You MUST wear your Father's glory coat!

We will stand together today and face a common enemy. GUILT! We are going to rip the mask off guilt - we will dissect guilt and expose it's anatomy and we will disempower and dismiss guilt out of our lives forever. Some people only want to show you their victories but never their pain. Those people will seldom impart peace to you. When the disciples were frightened because they had seen Jesus crucified and hid themselves away - Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to them in the room suddenly where they were and the Bible says that He showed them His wounds and said; "Peace be with you". Shalom aloheim - the peace of God is with you now.

Let me see your wounds and you can impart peace to me.

I would never let anyone in this church teach on a marriage seminar who claims they have never had any quarrels or friction or harsh words with their husbands or wives. I would never allow them to teach a marriage seminar here because that's not where people live. How does the power and motivation for you and me to resist the devil come over than to know that all over the world your brothers and sisters are going through similar difficulties and on this issue of guilt and condemnation all over the world are walking on a journey to freedom. Don't feel guilty because you feel guilty! "Rob I don't think I am under much guilt". Well come out here and do the works that Jesus did and greater works!

The reason that He could do that was because He was perfectly righteous. There was nothing between Him and the Father. He never sinned once - He kept the law perfectly! He didn't do away with the law. He fulfilled the law! So it is fulfilled for you! He measured up for you - He gave you His righteousness!

How do I know when you fully believe that you are the righteousness of God and there is no more condemnation? You will be doing what Jesus did with an open heaven - because that is your conciousness and you will carry that kind of glory over your life.

So I look around and say; "No one in this room can find this message irrelevant! Including the speaker!".

I want to show you quickly what the glory realm is - that God wants you and me to have and I want to say this. You may think that the glory realm is exaggerated. "Joshua Mills came - Rob and we didn't see the gold and we didn't see the oil". I am so glad that we didn't! I told Josh Mills afterwards that I was glad - because if we had then some people would have thought that it was exclusively his. I lay here on the floor under the power of God and God said;

"You will see it on the children and on the people".

Already our children are seeing the gold! So our eyes are not on Josh Mills who we love very much but on Jesus who downloads the signs and the wonders and it is available for everyone! Some of you have made the glory realm so far-fetched and you are so world-orientated that you think when I say what I am going to say that it is far-fetched and only for a few mystics! A few people who have got the time for it - I am too busy! THIS is for busy people! This is the New Covenant! You don't need hours of prayer a day. I would encourage you to pray every day where you can as a rule but as a desire or "want-to" and if you miss your prayer time - then no condemnation! But I encourage you to pray! It doesn't take hours of prayer. You don't need to earn your way into the glory. You believe you are the righteousness of God and this is accessible instantly to you. Don't think this is far-fetched or far away - it's right here!

We as a church are stepping into it now. We are going further and further in! We are in the shallows but we are going in further! This is close! "What is the glory realm Rob?".

1. The glory realm is the realm of effortless miracles. "Rob why aren't we seeing effortless miracles yet? Why can't we wave our hands and the deaf hear and the blind see?". We are not - yet - in the deeper realms of the glory. Stop trying to learn how to heal the sick and get revelation that you are the righteousness of God. Go further into the glory - in that realm and you will find these things happen easily.

Much of the church is trying to do what you can only do in the realm of the glory - they can't get into the realm of the glory for long because they are under such Old Covenant legalism and mixed in with New Covenant teaching that they will often see God walking away from them and then towards them and then towards them and then away but in the New Covenant He is always coming in love towards you. There is an unfading glory!

I am preaching against mental strongholds here. You don't have revival by binding principalities and powers - they have already been disarmed at the Cross. It is the thought patterns in people's heads that you have got to destroy by divine power in order for people to think differently - that "I am the righteousness of God". The glory realm is effortless miracles, signs and wonders.

2. The glory realm is God's realm - the realm of the supernatural. It is the realm of spontaneous healing - the realm of prosperity. "I will meet all your needs according to My riches in glory in Christ". It is the realm of life - fruitfulness - the realm of His riches shared generously. It's the realm of multitudes being saved. Churches mustn't tell me that they are in the fulness of the glory and no one is getting saved. When this glory comes over a church you will see people saved and added and multiplied every day in the glory. You will not reach Hong Kong without the glory.

Church has been here over 100 years and the majority don't know Jesus in this city - maybe only 2-3% are truly born again. Maybe 97% don't know Jesus Christ. After several 100 years you will not see NOT see this city saved without the glory. The New Covenant church - the book of Acts church broken open entire cities and broken open regions and turned the world upside down - they carried the glory!

3. The glory realm is the realm of face to face worship with God. You need that some of you. You need face to face intimacy with God. It is the realm where all things are possible - it is the realm of joy, confidence, peace - it is the realm of awe and wonder - it is the realm of holiness and purity and awesome power over the devil. It is the realm of seeing into the invisible. It is the realm of rest, revelation and hearing His wonderful voice. It's the realm of heaven! It's the eternal realm - it is the timeless realm - it is the realm of the absolute goodness.

This is how it happens - the more you live in this realm the more these things spontaneously happen without you trying. If you don't enter this realm but stay under an Old Covenant condemnation with some New Covenant teaching then you will see none of these things but you will watch others and become incredibly cyncical and impatient and dishonouring and grieve the Holy Spirit by your cynicism.

That's why the prophets are urging you - step in. If you are watching by world wide web the things that are going down in Florida - it is awesome what God is doing! And the prophets are saying it is going world wide! I preached two weeks ago on the "Flood of Glory is Coming!" and two weeks later a flood of glory is released in Florida and going world-wide over the web and it is happening around the world! If I wasn't preaching to a thousand leaders in conferences in churches in the United Kingdom - I would be on my way to Florida right now and sit there and grab it all.

There is a psychology to guilt and in my book "Living in the Grace of God" - I speak about the ideal self and the punitive self. Our punitive selves are when something goes wrong with us and we want to punish ourselves. We have an ideal self and a punitive self. An ideal self is developed from the age of 3 up until our adolescent years and it is developed by the influence of miscellanious authority figures. Good and bad. Parents, school teachers, friends all begin to give us the idea of what we are supposed to be. What makes us a good person and what we should be. That will vary from culture to culture. In a ghetto your ideal self is to be street-smart, have a knife and steal. In a suburb it would mean never saying anything nasty. For some they can sleep around and the ideal self is how many girls you can bed. For another they wouldn't even use toothpaste that is advertised with sex appeal because they don't feel they should do that.

So the ideal self varies from culture to culture. Whenever the human being falls short of their ideal self in development - that is when their punitive self kicks in and punishes them for falling short of their ideal self. I believe this by revelation that anorexia and bulimia - which is demons behind that torment - so many girls growing up are constantly bombarded by the fact that their ideal figure is that you are dead almost. Exist on coffee and air! I said in the UK that I like women who are the Zulu word; "A bit of fat". I don't believe women were created to be thin - I think He created them to have shape! Glenda is always saying; "What do you think!?". And I say; "I like a bit of fat!". Some are trying to bring lawsuits against model agencies for the deaths and suicides and anorexias. So when they get a little bit of fat on their body their punitive self kicks in and tells them they are not being true to their true self.

When this gets into the religious world it goes even more extreme and more weird. You have got monks on cliffs sitting on cliffs starving and facing the elements and trying to be holy. To get God to like them. In the Western church it is worse - it is destroying marriages and health and I want to tell you this. This thing goes beyond a psychological dimension - it goes into a spiritual dimension. You can trace it right back to the Garden of Eden in spiritual dimensions here.

That is why psychologists can't help a lot of problems. The Church can but sadly the Church is one of the biggest criminals for producing people in asylums and broken marriages and broken lives because of guilt manipulation and performance pressures and preaching a bit of the New Covenant and a lot of the Old Covenant.

You are telling people to get the blessing you have got to do, you have got to tithe, to perform, to do this, to do that. Then they say oh not really - so you are never sure! The simple message of the Gospel is Jesus + anything = nothing but Jesus + nothing = everything. Jesus is enough! You are the righteousness of God! God loves you now! God loves you now! Not performance! We are not going to talk about religion here - we are going to talk about how you live. I can't see you and you can't see me. How you feel Monday morning hurt and rejected by a husband or wife or a boss - what is the state of your soul? What is your inner security? Where is your sense of identity? Or do you live with a feeling of rejection and abandonment because that is part of the fruit of condemnation?

Modern psychologists say that there is stress, anxiety, worry and panic attacks that lead to immunity breakdown, sickness and disease and depression. They say the root to all of that fruit is fear. All kinds of phobias. There are hundreds of phobias diagnosed by psychologists and I am telling you as meaning as they are but they are WRONG. The root to stress, anxiety, fear, worry, panic attacks, depression is not fear - it is another fruit. The root to that fruit is GUILT and CONDEMNATION.

If you can deal with condemnation successfully you will then cut of the fruit of stress, worry, panic attacks, depression, sickness and disease breaking your immune system down. Let me give you an example because when you got born again - how many of you know that God gave you a new heart - not a stony heart? A soft, tender heart that loves God and loves people. Your flesh still has appetites and your mind isn't renewed yet but your heart is fully righteous and fully saved. The devil never tells you "Do this" or "Do that". He only speaks to you after you have done things.

When you get a brother in the Church who comes up to you and says to you; "Can I borrow your car?". And you think; "I know this person has a record of not treating other people's property responsibly and destroys it and never brings it back on time and for their good and my good - I am going to say no". They were wise to say no in that case! They walk away and have done nothing wrong and the accuser of the brethren comes and whispers. How do you think he communicated with Jesus? He whispered into your head; "Call yourself a Christian? The Bible says you should do this and do that for your brother and he is irresponsible but you are meant to be loving". Sometimes being responsible and loving is to bring a discipline or some boundaries or realities!

You walk away and the devil bombards you with; "Call yourself a Christian?" - that person is in need! He is a clever prosecutor friends! The devil accuses me night and day - and if you went to him and said; "Stop that with Rob! He isn't that bad!" - you will find that he is not interested in any good points! He is utterly focused to accuse night and day every Christian. I don't care if they are doing good - I will do everything to keep them doing bad! Most of the condemnation doesn't come from doing bad - he will accuse you when you are doing good! If you pray he will tell you are not praying enough! He is an accuser and you have got to know this! That person goes home feeling condemned and then condemnation is like high blood pressure. It is the silent killer. You don't know you have high blood pressure unless you go for a check. I would never check my blood pressure while I am preaching!

You do not feel condemnation. It's a root. You feel the fruit of it. You start feeling fear, stress, anxiety, worry and then anger. Anger can come from many different sources but if you see a person with a serious anger problem then I promise you - you are seeing the fruit of a root called condemnation.

"I can't live up to anything - I am just going to be angry with everything - I am tired of feeling bad and stressed and anxious!". The husband comes home and says; "Hi dear - how did your day go?". "Fine!". Often someone with condemnation is going to be mean to you but they actually don't mean it to you. You just happen to be the closest target and we hurt the ones we love the most and we hurt the ones we are closest to the most because there is a root of condemnation causing fear, stress, anxiety, worry, tension and anger. Now the person feels more stressed and more condemned because they got angry with their husband!

Truth is bringing hidden things to the surface and as the power of God is falling in this place you will find that we walk out of this place right now a lot different! Not that guilt and condemnation won't come at you but you will know how to handle it. If I ask some of you "Do you know condemnation?" many of you will say no because you don't feel it. It's a silent root! But if I asked you; "Do you feel anxiety, fear, panic, worry, stress, anger" - you will say yes! Just before those feelings started what happened to you? I guarantee I can trace back to the situation where you got a letter, an email or something happened that may not have been wrong but the devil piled in and said; "If you are a Christian". I will trace your stress and fear and worry and anxiety back to a root called condemnation.

I prayed for hours and hours and hours for this service today that God will remove that root of condemnation out of everyone - that everyone who listens to this message today will see it gone! I really believe for that!

Let me shoot another religious cow. The religious world tells people that the way to get rid of guilt and condemnation is to do good things. That is the truth of religion. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil! It is stupid and insane to try and get rid of guilt by doing good things! You have just played right into the hands of the devil. You will never get rid of guilt by doing good things! "Well Rob when I do good things - I feel good". How long does the feeling last? Your whole life is obsessed with doing good things to try and get rid of guilt. The next minute you are driven and it is never enough. I am not exaggerating - thousands go through your life and I have watched this. Some people feel guilty if they have a job - some feel guilty if they don't have a job. Some feel guilty because they had so many children - some feel guilty for not having any children. Some feel guilty because they don't visit their parents enough and as much as their parents demand and often subtlely manipulate with guilt.

Others feel guilty because they earn so much money. Others feel guilty because they don't earn enough money! Others feel guilty for being sick - can you believe that?! But in certain faith cultures to get sick is seen as doing something wrong. "Oh you must have done something wrong so that is why you are sick!" and they will tell you to repent of your sin! There must be freemasonary in your background - what's wrong?

No - all sickness came from Adam's sin! When Jesus said; "Go your way and sin no more" - He meant don't sin the sin of unbelief!

(John 9) - A man is born blind and the disciples say; "Who sinned? The parents or the man born blind?". Duh! He was BORN blind - when did he get a chance to sin? Jesus said; "Neither! That's not the issue - the issue is getting him to receive!". Old Covenant thinking! Barrenness is not caused by your sin - under the law it would but under the New Covenant you are redeemed from the curse of the law. You are the righteousness of God. I stepped out of a cursed generation of the law and step into a blessed generation in Christ Jesus. I am the seed of Abraham! Some feel guilty that they are married - some feel guilty because they are not. Some feel guilty because they are old. Plastic surgery in Hollywood where your forehead doesn't move - it is a nightmare! What is it!? It is all guilt and an insane youth spirit. I am so glad that I am 53 - I can't wait to be 85! I will be wise!

I had a blessed and wonderful childhood - it wasn't in the church!! I drank and was on drugs - it was a fantastic childhood and I have no regrets! Hallelujah! I have seen people who have grown up in the religious world and feel sorry for them. I just partied and loved my life!

I didn't have sex with any girls - I was a virgin when I met Glenda. I didn't get too drunk and didn't take heavy drugs. I just had fun. My youth is over though. I am not hankering after the old days! I had a mid-life crisis at 30 - that's when youth seems to come to an end. At 31 I found a grey hair! When I turned 40 and then 50 I was happy! I had a great youth - who cares about it!? It is never too late to have a happy childhood. But I had a happy one. They don't feel guilty because they are too old but actually because they are too young. "You are too young and can't be a missionary - you are too young!". So they wait and wait and study and study and then reapply and get told they are too old! That's what they told Heidi and Rolland Baker.

Guilty because you are healthy and your ideal self says that you shouldn't be so your punitive self kicks in and sabotages your own health deliberately. It can sabotage financial blessing - because it says "You don't deserve it". That is what guilt will do. Guilty because a parent or a loved one have died.

I remember running about 3 months after my dad died and I was in beautiful country and beautiful coastline and I felt guilty because I was having so much fun and my dad wasn't here. I felt the love of the Father on the inside of me chuckling and saying; "What in the world are you worrying about - your dad is up here in the glory with Me! He is having fun - you should see what he is doing! If anyone should feel jealous it is you!". I said; "Heavenly Father say hello to dad - I can't speak directly to him but my Father can!".

Soldiers coming back from war feel guilty that their comrades have died. They live with guilt. It is insane and mad! This is the worst one in a church;

You feel guilty because you feel guilty when you know you shouldn't feel guilty! And guilty when you don't feel guilty because you feel you should feel guilty! Guilty when you hear about grace because you think when you hear grace that should stop you feeling guilty but you still feel guilty.

Guilty because Jesus suffered instead of you. Guilty because of starving children in the world. Guilty because you have got so much food. Guilty when feel bad - guilty when you don't. Let me say this with kindness;

"Some of us are so full of pride that we stubbornly feel it is our responsibility to feel guilty".

There are four areas where guilt comes. 1. Religious condemnation. A general feeling of guilt that you are not doing enough and you are disappointing God all the time. 2. Social guilt - where you feel you are not doing enough for people. I should have done more for my children at a young age - my parents at old age - husband or wife in middle age. God in His endless age! God the perfect Parent yet had Adam and Eve do silly things! There is such pressure in Hong Kong for parents to make their children so successful because of a selfish agenda for money and image. Children can't even have a childhood because of the pressure to perform to be important. It is so destructive on the psyche - turning people into robots!

They can't laugh, can't cry, can't celebrate, lift their hands in church - so regimented! Pressure on children as your parents get older and you feel you aren't doing enough. The root of condemnation is there and you wonder why you are feeling stressful and grumpy and can't worship God.

How can you carry the glory when you are living under Old Covenant guilt?

3. People criticise you - you heard God and are making a stand and you are giving for something in God and a lot of people don't think you should and instead of them discussing it with you - they speak to each other and align themselves with the accuser and come under the anointing of fault-finding of demons and their words shoot arrows of witchcraft into your spirit and you can feel it! I don't need to know when people are criticising me even if it is thousands of miles away. You know what it does? You begin to doubt you are right. How many have felt witchcraft? Let me describe it - you are having an ordinary, wonderful day and suddenly this thing comes and you feel confused.

Whenever you can't think properly it may mean you need a good nights sleep but you will feel uncertain and start to think; "I am not the man for the job here - I should resign". Others may be encouraging you - buy you still think you are useless. That is people criticising you and aligning themselves with the accuser. It is a horrible feeling - it is uncertainity. I have learnt to walk through that. But everyone of you in one way or another are controllers. Control - when you want to control your world idealistically. You will come under condemnation. People will appoint themselves as responsible for other people's behaviour.

Some pastors see themselves as "moral policemen". That is a terrible job because God doesn't give you the grace to do it! Only the Pharisees do that! When you do that and someone falls into immorality that pastor will take it like it is his fault - and he will personally feel it is his fault and be so devastated so he puts more fences up - more laws - more rules - more accountability factors to hold the people's moral behaviour in place. When they hear the grace message they get threatened and fear this will undo their religious fences; "Keep that out! Don't listen to that website!". With all the fences and boundaries you would think there would be no sin - but there was sin going on before the grace message arrived. Pastors failing, immorality in the church. The grace message didn't bring immorality in!

I used to be a moral policeman and I tell you - it is horrible! You can't love people because all you want is to change them. Here's some good news; don't try and change your husband/wife - just enjoy God - your husband and wife and when they are acting weird - just get out of their way and let God change them. When you aren't trying to change everyone - you can actually start loving them! I remember God coming to me once when I was in condemnation about stuff and He said;

"You know son there are many pastors around the world - their profiled worship leaders fail morally and that pastor goes into months of condemnation about why he didn't see it coming and what's wrong with me and maybe better change his message and maybe there is too much grace in the church. There are accusations, fear, anxiety and anger". And the Father said to me; "You know son, My top, most profiled worship leader - Lucifier - he fell into immorality in heaven".

Satan was Lucifer in the book of Isaiah. He said; "My children did fall but I didn't fall into condemnation! You know that Jesus Christ is the top leader in the world and the greatest shepherd and Judas Iscariot was on His team and was stealing money from the money bag and then betrayed Him. Paul the great apostle, on his team had Nicodemus who fell into immorality. Paul didn't go; "Oh no it is the grace message - I must go back to a bit of law and become a moral policeman. That is what the devil wants you to do. You become a Pharisee and lose love for people! When the Galatian church were full of fire and signs and wondesr and miracles according to Galatians 3 and moving in the power of God but they went back under law and then the works of the flesh began increasing;

Because when you go back under law then sin WILL increase!

Paul didn't feel condemned - "I am a useless leader" and never felt responsible for their behaviour. He was brokenhearted that they had been deceived and bewitched to go back under law and he wrote to them with love and kindness and provoked them. Condemnation comes if you do something wrong. But there is no possibility that condemnation should come because you are in Christ Jesus.

What is the effect of condemnation? 1. It makes you feel insecure and robs you of your confidence before God and man. 2. It affects your worship - your daily prayer - your openness to God during the week. When you are a condemned person you hide yourself in your work, in your kids and then come on Sunday feeling like a stranger to God and feeling weird and condemned. 3. Condemnation makes you believe distorted things about God and the grace of God and the love of God. 4. It makes you feel defeated and depressed and makes you want to sin more and give up being a Christian and backslide. That is what condemnation does!

There is not one single good thing about condemnation - not one! It is not from God - it is from the Accuser!

The lady caught in adultery was brought to Jesus and Jesus with authority and dignity exposed and destroyed those bigoted arrogant Pharisees and they dropped their rocks and are gone before this man Jesus - who knew how to stand against religious bigots! I am so tired of Christian men who fall before the controllers and don't protect their congregations and don't protect their families.

There should be men who will rise up and say; "What's going wrong? It is condemnation and control and it is demonic - stop it now!". You don't touch my wife - my children - City Church International - devil! I am a shepherd here! I will stand against any controller or person that brings condemnation in. The church has not been properly protected and safe-guarded against erroneous mixtures of law and grace preaching in the church.

Paul writes in Philippians 3; "I say this to you that you need to be safe-guarded against evil doers". These are not sinning people - but people who are putting the law on the Church. I am a very loving person - I am not mad. I love you and I love Jesus. I was a Hare Krishna and under laws and rulers. Like Paul was a Pharisee of Pharisees. I was celebate in marriage - I know laws and rules. It made me proud and self-righteous but I didn't know God. Then I got born again in Jesus Christ and I met Him in the forest and in the mountaintops and then I went to church and they started putting on me many of the same things that had been put on me as a Hindi. Religious - performance - pressures and so subtle with smiles and sweet faces and you don't even know it is happening until years go by and they have been wasted!

Let the grace revolution arise in the earth - let the people of God go free that they may worship God! May the signs and wonders of heaven come down! He caught that woman in adultery and dealt with her accusers and said; "Woman I do not accuse you - I do not condemn you - go and sin no more". In the release of condemnation off her life He empowered her to not fall into adultery again.

People commit adultery not because they want to but because they have no sense of identity and value and preciousness so they try to find identity in immorality but that when they find they are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and there is no condemnation - they get free from the power of immorality!

Peter denied Jesus 3 times - he cursed! An apostle swore! The next minute you see Jesus loving Peter and restoring him and freeing him from condemnation in a very short while - Peter then got up with the other 11 and preached to the multitude with power and says to them; "YOU have denied the Holy One of Israel!".

But Peter ... YOU denied Him 3 times! But Peter is free from condemnation and is not living under that and is preaching with power and thousands are getting saved!

The Church has been robbed of so many workers who are not moving in signs, wonders and evangelism and reaping the harvest- they have shrunk into a little world of self-pity, condemnation and guilt. Mistaken identity will lead to unbelief. Give me one clear way to deal with the root of condemnation, sin conciousness and guilt. Here it is. Some of you want to believe more in the message. Let me tell you why you struggle - mistake identity! Adam was created and found himself in the middle of a finished work but God was full of abundance. He was clothed in the glory of God. God had said to Adam - "Here is your identity Adam. I have made you in My image and in My likeness!

Adam has heard from the voice of God. He was a finished work and then the devil came and said the most stupid thing to Adam and it worked and it works with believers today. He said; "Adam you have to qualify yourself for what Almighty God has qualified you for - God has already qualified you Adam - you are in the image and likeness of God but Adam that is not true. You have to qualify yourself to be like God". He gave Adam a mistaken identity and he put Adam under pressure to perform to become what God said he already was. The devil tried the same deception with the last Adam - Jesus. "If you be the Son of God then change these rocks into bread".

There is nothing sinful about turning rocks into bread. None at all.

But it is wrong if you do it to prove you are something that you already know you are.

The devil is desperate to get you to believe that you are NOT the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, to try and get you to qualify you are something that God says by His integrity you already are! "If you are the righteousness of God - prove it by your behaviour and by your good deeds". He takes James 2:24 out of context and plays with Christians minds.

Adam should never have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to be like God. He was already like God! The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is symbolic of the law. The law gives you a knowledge of good and evil and makes you concious of sin but you are not under the law - you are redeemed from the law in Christ! Romans 5:7 - you died to the law! THe law never shows you the knowledge of holiness and righteousness - the law says it will show you that you are sinful. That is the purpose of the law!

Once you come to Christ the law is taken off your life totally. Where does a human conscience come from? I do not believe that God created us with a conscience. I believe God created us perfect in the likeness of God with absolute glory Presence - they worshipped God and talked to God and knew Him in the cool of the evening and spoke with Him face to face. They planned the administration of the earth together and had dominion and subduing power and prosperity and perfect health. They had NO desire to sin! Where did they get conscience from then?

"Con" means "together with" and "Science" means "knowledge". So; "Together with knowledge of good and evil". Adam and Eve tried to perform to quality themselves to be something that God had said they already were. When they did that they developed conscience of good and evil. They became sin conscience and lost their estate of Eden and lost their immorality and became mortal beings subject to death and hid in the garden hiding behind fig leaves. God said; "Where are you Adam?". It was not a geographical question - it was a cardiographic question. A loving tender Father; "Where are you Adam? Where are you 7 million Hong Kong people hiding from Me behind statues and incense and chasing after money and fortune? Where are you? You are so busy and hide yourself in activities - where are you Western world? Where are you mankind?". Not the Father judging but asking "where are you?". I am reaching out to you! They put fig leaves on and most of the church gives people fig leaves.

Adam said; "God I heard you but I hid myself because I was afraid". Now modern psychologists - let me ask you a question. Is condemnation the root of fear or vice versa? Modern psychologists are wrong - fear is but a fruit - the root is condemnation and guilt and shame and accusation. A sin conciousness under law - trying to hide under religious figs in our modern world and the result of a root of condemnation is a false fear of God - not a true fear of God. A false stress, anxiety, worry, bad self-esteem, OCD behaviour, weird behaviour - people don't come to church and can't make it. They are under such condemnation - these are New Covenant people!

Read one Scripture with me and we close. (Revelation 12). Let me ask you a question. You have become for Glenda and me such a safe-haven. You believe this message and are like a reference point of our sanity - the fruit of our labours. We never want to leave here!

I have heard the clear, audible voice of God in writing on the wall. I know the time will come when we will stand on platforms and preach to hundreds of thousands of people and I will take many of you with me and some of you will preach with me. We will preach to the multitudes! I won't be here all the time like I have been for 3 and a half years but I will always want to be based here. I will always want to come back to a community of safety of people that believe this message because I won't fight people endlessly who want to live under condemnation, who want to live under law because they are controllers.

Some key leaders that have opposed this message are going to repent and open their pulpit to grace - and even invite me in! But I feel a safety with you. I believe that if you have a problem with me then you will come and talk to me. I feel safe with that - I really do. I am about to say something that will make people gnash their teeth out there listening to the website. Let me ask this question. Don't you wish that every Chinese person in Hong Kong would have revelation of this message? When you travel on the MTR's and look into people's eyes - don't you wish people would have revelation of this message? It breaks my heart they don't. There would be only one reason why I would leave Hong Kong and that would be because I became a coward.

I cannot take the pain of looking into the eyes of millions of Hong Kong people who do not have a clue what this message is. God is going to give us tens of thousands in Hong Kong. Here is the dangerous thing I want to say;

For a New Covenant believer - sinning does NOT give you a sin conciousness because there is now NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Not to those who never sin but to those who are in Christ Jesus.

People will say; "Oh he's saying its okay to sin". Rubbish man! I wish people would stop saying that! I have been married 33 years and haven't committed adultery, haven't split churches, have lived a life of integrity. I have preached and planted churches around the world. I have seen churches come out of that. Surely credibility should count when your track record is good for 33 years! Of course I have made mistakes and of course I have sinned and messed up. But there is no disgrace in our triumph. I am not trying to encourage believers to sin - I am not giving people a license to sin but to be confident before God!

It is not my idea but God's idea - the New Covenant! I do not believe Christians should have a sin conciousness. I know the Holy Spirit testifies that I am perfect forever and that the devil has been condemned and that I am the righteousness of God and if I don't believe this great message then He will convict me to believe. So the Holy Spirit is not making me feel bad and condemned - my Father is for me and not against me - Jesus is my High Priest and Mediator - the blood cleanses me! So why don't I want to sin? Because the Spirit of God leads me into all truth and guides me in the right pathways of righteousness!

And if condemnation has broken off me then I can hear His voice and hear His promptings and His leadings! If I do sin and make a mess up then I don't go into condemnation or guilt - I just say "Oh Father I thank You that I am the righteousness of God and that is contrary to my new nature and I don't want to do that". I don't have to confess my sin to get forgiven - it was forgiven 2, 000 years ago at the Cross.

So sinning does not give the believer a sin conciousness. What gives us a sin conciousness then Rob? UNBELIEF in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! UNBELIEF in the New Covenant!

What was Adam's sin that gave him a sin conciousness? A mis-guided belief. He tried to qualify himself to be what he already was. Did Adam go and get into pornography? Was the tree called the "tree of sin"? Did Adam get into adultery? Did he rob a bank? Did he not pray or give or fast enough? No - he did none of those things! What did he do? What was his sin?

He tried to be what God had already made him to be.

The devil wants to make you feel as though you aren't righteous so that you will try to be righteous and do things to be acceptable and to get back under law and to try and do good things. But the Father says; "You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and you do good things spontaneously as part of your new nature as the Holy Spirit leads and no one can manipulate you to do good things or put you under pressure to do good things to get guilt off you". If you do - you will eventually be so tired that you will stop doing things and become angry because the devil has tempted you to believe that you are not who God says you are.

You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! (Revelation 12:7); "He was not strong enough ... the great dragon was hurled down ... hurled to the earth and his angels with him ... they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony". They overcame him by the blood. You hardly ever will hear teaching on the blood today in the Church. How many of you see that there is a lot of restoration back today to giving testimony? Give your testimony; "I am the righteousness of God!".

God said to me this week; "Son you used to be willing to pay any price for the anointing and My Presence. You would inconvinience yourself and do anything to be in My Presence".

I wept with godly sorrow - I re-dedicated my life to Him and whatever it takes! Not my wife or my children first - but Jesus Who is worth all the abandonment - just to have the Presence on my life every day. What is that? Not loving your life so much that you shrink back from death. Paul says; "I want to know Him and the power of His resurrection that I may be conformed unto His death". I am not under condemnation - I am liberated by grace and I will willingly not shrink back from death! I will not be controlled or deviated - I will not be chased out of Hong Kong! I will fight devils - anything - I am not backing off Lord!

Condemnation and accusation want to shrink your life to a little world of convinience to you and your children and your career. Small dreams and small expectations. The power and grace and freedom of God expands your life!

If you do not believe your identity is forever settled and God gave it to you and made you in His image and likeness and if you are still trying to prove you are righteous by doing things - if you think you are still under law and Old Covenant - then the devil still has a case against you. If you don't believe in the blood and shrink back to a life of fear and of convinience then the devil still has a case. But when you believe you are the righteousness of God and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ has cleansed you forever and ever and no sin is being counted against you and You are my all in all and no matter what the cost I will live for You - then the case is closed and the devil is hurled down! But if you don't believe this message then the devil has got a case.

As soon as you believe - the case is closed. Sometimes you have to believe this message just after you have done your worst sin. That's when you most need to believe "I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! - there is now NO condemnation to those in Christ Jesus!". But I did it 100 times before Rob! Then say it 1000 times! God is not COUNTING your sins against you! I know of people who were addicted to pornography and couldn't get off it - were addicted to it and were accountable to their pastors but still found ways to sneak out and do it! They listened to our website and heard about the grace and love of God and it broke their addiction to pornography TOTALLY!

This is about carrying and living in the glory of God - not seeing bored faces walk in here on a Sunday morning - not seeing people become strangers to God. But being a priesthood unto God. An Accuser is before the Father day and night trying to accuse you and he doesn't care if you are good or bad - he will accuse you for your good deeds and your bad deeds! When you listen to his voice and hear him about how wrong you were and he convinces you with cunning how guilty you are and unclean you then you will let your heart sink! But then you see the Lion of the Tribe of Judah defend you on the basis of His performance and His righteousness! On your case the Father slams the gavel down and says; "You are innocent - no condemnation!". The Holy Spirit now rises up within you and tells you "What the Father says - that is the truth - you are the righteousness of God! The devil may accuse you - but he was the one condemned at the Cross".

This will make no difference until you open your mouth and agree with the Trinity. Until you do that - the devil has got a case.

Too many of God's people are waiting for some priest to give them absolution. It is wonderfully empowering when a brother or sister comes and says; "You have been forgiven". And I am not criticising the Roman Catholic church - I have no need to - it is irrelevant to me - but it has so conditioned people with an Old Covenant mentality that you have got to confess to some man who may have been a paedophile about your sins! You do not find Peter or Paul dressing up with big high mitres on their heads - it is just not there in the New Testament. Jesus died to bring an end to the seperation of clergy and laity. It is diabolical and it is blasphemy against the Cross! Going into a box to talk to some men! Telling him all your sins! And then you have to do so many "Hail Marys" and then you are free! And many Christians are not Catholics but still have that mindset that you must confess your sin to a man and then you are free. You do not need to confess it to a man - you don't even have to confess it to God! It is GONE! He is not counting it against you!

You do not carry a sin conciousness from sinning - you carry a sin conciousness because of unbelief in who you are in Christ Jesus.


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Thanks for posting these! I've been listening to the podcasts but I'm so visual that it is great to read the stuff too.

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Ooh Silent Wings I love your blog...!!! Great to meet you!

Dan, this was one of my favorite messages, one that I have listened to many times and probably will again and again.....thanks again for taking the time to transcribe, I don't know how you do it, but I am glad you do!

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This puts together so many things for me. Thank you for taking the time to transcribe, this helps me a ton. Jim.

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Praise God! Praise God! It was an awesome message...Thanks a lot brother/sister for drafting this message.

Amazing Grace :)