Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Birthday to Glenda Rufus!

A massive happy birthday to Glenda - Rob's wife - and a lady that we all (Rob most especially) have come to love and appreciate so deeply. She's not seen on the platform much (although when she does preach at City Church International it's outstanding!) but she's always in the front row supporting Rob in a way that he never fails to make mention of and appreciate. I know without her Rob would not be the blessing he is to nations.

I've never met her yet but she has got the ability to make me and so many others feel like she "mothers" us spiritually and it's a really amazing feeling to know! So she may not read this - but I wanted any readers here who may not be aware to know and I'm sure like me wish her a really great day in Hong Kong (or actually flying to the Phillipines with Rob - she's never still!).

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Unknown said...

After all these years you and Glenda are still solo young. Annatjie from invis.