Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Judge by the Law? Live by the Law!

Rob Rufus - speaking on Hebrews at the "Grace and Glory Conference 2010" said;

"Under the law if you have broken one part of the law, then you have broken all of it. If you lie once - according to the law - you are guilty of adultery, stealing, murder, hating God - you have broken ALL the law! How Christians can look at homosexuals with disgust and those same Christians have just put themselves under the law! Whenever you judge someone else for their behaviour you only can judge them through the lenses of the law, so you have put yourself back under the law.

So to disgustedly condemn homosexuals - under the law YOU are a homosexual. YOU are an adulterer. YOU are a liar and a pervert.

That's why it says in Revelation 21 the lake of fire is reserved for perverts, sexually immoral people and people who work magic. Who are those people? Those are people UNDER the law. Where there is no law - sin is NOT imputed to you! Where there is no law - YOU are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. When we die even though there may be things in our life that are sinful, we are not perverts or magicians or cowards or the fearful or immoral - we are the perfect ones in our great High Priest! We are perfect forever!"


Anonymous said...

Amen!! preach it!

Donald Mann said...

HI Rob,

Found you by way of Cornel Marais's book, "So You think Your Mnd is Renewed" that I saw at a Curry Blake meeting.

Amen. One of my goals is Philem 6 "That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus." KJV

I am learning who and what I am because of Jesus. That may not be what I do. What I do that is not like Jesus, He paid for fully. Praise God!

Kars said...

I understand the hypocrisy you are pointing out here Rob. It makes very much sense. But revelation 21 is talking about people who aren't born again, right? I still catch myself looking at others through law. I bet, sometimes even unknowingly. It has much to do with how I was programmed to think before I knew this wonderful message of grace.