Wednesday, 16 April 2008

There is a Flood of Glory Coming!!

This sermon by Rob Rufus marks the beginning of the "Glory Encounters" weekend with the guest speaker Joshua Mills. This weekend is particularly special to me because my dear friends Julie and Aaron Morris managed to get to Hong Kong to be present at the church for this time and we are all waiting eagerly to hear from them as to what God has done in their lives. I am expecting great things! I really believe that the heavenly download that God gives them this weekend will not only affect them - but their church in Canada - "New Covenant Grace Church" - and also all of us to whom they share their testimony with.

I am not quite sure whether this sermon is part of the "Invading the Impossible" series or a stand-alone so I won't mark it as "Part 13" or anything like that. Just enjoy it for the solid gold prophetic teaching that it is!

"There is a Flood of Glory Coming!!" - Sunday 13th April Morning Service.

"Good! Millie, how's your teeth? God filled Millie's teeth with platinum which I am told is even more refined that gold - which is wonderful. Do you know that I was reading some emails this morning - because we had hundreds of emails after being away two weeks and so many encouraging words about what God is doing through the "Glory and Grace Conference" in Sydney and on-going from here in Hong Kong. A few were describing what the attacks against the grace message were like - it doesn't worry me! I feel quite relaxed with that - in fact I feel normal if there are attacks. I get worried if you are not being attacked because you are not doing the ministry like Jesus did and something is wrong!

I tell you this before God with a clear conscience - every one of those emails that told me about reactions that are negative and saying this message should be balanced and Robs ... ! Every one of the people who wrote to me and said; "Rob I can't believe they are saying this - we know your heart, we know what you are preaching, it is the Word of God and we are for you". Every one of the letters had literal gold dust on them as I was reading them. Gold dust fell on them while I was reading! So I was saying; "Yes Lord - I hear what You are saying!".

You cannot make an impact in the world and bring down the control governments without some kind of reaction going on. When you joined this church you joined a revolution that will bless millions of people - but not bless a few! I want to tell you that our hearts are to win the few into the grace of God and not to get mean and react - we are to walk in the love of God! How can you preach the grace message and then get all mean and bitter and twisted and reactionary?

The way to handle pressure and the way to handle opposition is two things. 1. To stay in the vision that God has called you and don't come out of that vision to negotiate with people who want to water it down. 2. Stay drunk all the time! Because drunk people don't notice criticism! When you step out in a big project - stay drunk in the Holy Spirit!

I used to get drunk all the time at university and I used to get drunk and take on the biggest guys in the pub. I have witnesses who would run for the door and I would get drunk and go up to the biggest guys and take them on. Because I wasn't afraid because I was drunk! When you are drunk you take incredible risks of things. So when God wants you to change a nation or to step out and raise the dead or do a miracle that is absolutely beyond human possibility - God doesn't ask you to do that.

First He gets you drunk in the Holy Spirit and then when you are totally motherless then He says to you; "Will you do this? Will you do that?". And you say; "Of course!!". On route to doing the miracle or the project - DON'T SOBER UP!! Because you will get the fright of your life!

Don't sober up! The reason why many Christians don't do the miracles that God called them to do while they were drunk is that they sober up on the way to the miracle. Stay drunk! And you understand here - I am not talking about being drunk with alcohol! I am talking about being drunk with the new wine! Won't you open your Bibles please to Acts chapter 5 - and we will look at a few Scriptures here. The subject here is; "A Great Flood of the Glory is Coming!!". It is unprecidented, it cannot be compared with anything that has happened in any other generation before, a great flood of the glory is coming to the planet now! It is already arriving!

So I want to prophecy to you today. Prophecy carries the creative power to make happen the very things it declares. So I am going to read these Scriptures and then the spirit of prophecy is going to come on me - I believe that and have felt it all this week. As I prophecy to you, it will come with creative power to enable you to do it! You will be able to do this and receive this in the glory.

We are receiving a ministry tonight - Josh Mills is one of the leading ministries raised up by God to help the church into the realms of the glory through praise and through worship. So we are positioning ourselves this morning to receive the maximum opportunity opening to us tonight. Now folks - today is a good opportunity to prepare for tonight. So this is a very responding church. Now and again I have got prime you a bit because you go quiet on me but generally you are very responding. Let's take that up another level today so that when Joshua comes here tonight, if he wants to quieten us down then let that be his responsibility! Let him not have to stir us up, because everywhere he goes when I watch him on DVD's - he is always saying; "Come on guys - lift your hands! Come on - praise Him!". I hope he doesn't have to say that one time tonight!

I mean if the most miserable motivation is so that I can look good, then do that for me! There is a lot higher reason than that!

Because when you pull something out of a preacher - that preacher gets gold from heaven, diamonds from heaven - and I am not just talking about literal gold. I am talking about revelation! We create atmospheres for preachers to minister in that are unprecidented!

So if he says tonight; "Lift your hands" or "Come on now - give Him a praise in this house" (which he often says) - let it only be by habit! So if he says it tonight, I won't feel discouraged if I know that you guys are going over the top! So I am talking about 10 times more intense responses than what is happening right now! He is not nervous - Americans are used to that! They are not used to quietness! North Americans love fanfare - so do I! I have a bit of American DNA in me! Let's just pretend you are not from Britain! Let's pretend you are not from Australia or New Zealand - let's pretend you are not from Africa or Hong Kong - but let's pretend you are like the angels around the throne of grace. Let's pretend you come from heaven and are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus - let's pretend you are with the angels crying; "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord - holy is He!". Let's pretend we are Kingdom people!

I am so blessed! I think you have got it! We don't have to pretend or be false - we are seated in heavenly places! Ephesians says we are citizens of heaven - we are people of the Kingdom! We were in darkness but now we have been brought out of darkness into His marvellous light to declare the praises of our God! So we are not operating as Australians, New Zealanders, British, or Chinese - we are operating as the people of Kingdom. We are a New Creation! We are a species of being! We have to get rid of the conditioning of our past - everything from the past, the abuses, the rejections, the betrayals - even the cultures that contradict the Kingdom! They have all passed away and we are new creatures in Christ Jesus! Old things have passed away - all things have become new!

The word "New" is the word for this time! It is NEW! Up until last Sunday I was speaking about "this season" that we are in. But this week, God spoke to me and said;

"Do not speak about 'this season' anymore! Do not speak about 'this season'. You cannot describe or define what you are in right now as a 'season'. A season is a repeat - you get a summer, autumn, winter and spring. They are repeats of the same thing! You are not going into a season! You are going into something that is completely new! It has never happened before! Do not call it a 'season' - that is misleading. All true prophets - My prophets will never call this thing; "A season". They will call it a new climate of miracles, a new atmosphere of miracles! New dimensions! It is a new dimension never been in before! It is not a season - it is a flood of glory coming to the planet!".

These are not the days of Elijah! These are the days of the Holy Spirit! These are not the days of Elijah! These are the days of the book of Acts! Elijah had limited miracles - these are the days of unlimited miracles! These are the days of glory covering the earth! These are the days of works Jesus did and greater works! These are the days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh! The weakest in the house of David will be strong like David and the house of David shall be like God the prophets say! We are living in days that were never seen or never fulfilled in the past! We will never look back to Azusa Street or the Healing Revivals and say "Oh I wish we could go back to those days - oh weren't those days great?". We will look back and say, "Oh those days were great but they are nothing compared to the days we are coming into!".

This is a NEW day! This is not a season! This is a new climate! This is a completely different atmosphere! This is a new dimension! We are moving out from minor miracles into major miracles - into mighty miracles! Into multiplied miracles! Into miracles before breakfast and miracles on Monday, miracles all time! Miracles! I don't ever want to hear again; "These are the Days of Elijah!". Ban that song! No more singing! These are the days of the Holy Spirit! We are not going back to Elijah! We are going forward to the days of the Holy Spirit! We are going back to the days of Acts and then forward beyond the book of Acts. They are the baby church and we are the end-day church seeing it out.

Read Acts chapter 5. My biggest mistake in Hong Kong is when I have got sober. When I am drunk, I believe we can have thousands in the church and can shake this whole city and can impact China! It doesn't bother me to believe that - it is so easy! But when I hear someone saying; "We can't" - I just think - "What are you talking about?! Shut up!". If I get sober with them then I just think; "Yes you are right - what the heck are we doing here?!". Drinks are on the house! New wine! Freshly pressed in heaven! There are fresh wines that have never been tasted before that we are going to taste! You can drink as much as you want - no hangover and no charge! You heard the prophecy from Jason; "Come buy without money!". New wine from heaven!

Jesus said you can't put new wine into old wineskins. We have got all weird over that! Oh wineskins are authority structures and values and vision. He didn't mean that at all! It had nothing to do with what He was talking about! He was saying you cannot put the Old Covenant into the New Covenant! You try to put Old Covenant thinking into New Covenant and the liberty and freedom and power into an Old Covenant and it will split the Covenant open! Churches around the world are splitting up and it is because you are still holding on to an Old Covenant! Don't blame this message - it is what YOU are doing!! You are trying to mix a bit of New into the Old - you cannot mix the two. It will split the old wineskin right open and your people will burst right out of it! You must change to a completely New Covenant preach!

Preach freedom in the grace of God! We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! We are not living under sin conciousness and manipulation and condemnation - we are growing in holiness and purity and obedience and victory over sin - not to make God happy! He was already happy with us in our mistakes and failures! When we fail and mess up under this New Covenant there is no Holy Spirit making us feel bad. He is convicting us that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Jesus has gone to the Father and the devil has been condemned - Jesus!

How can you put that into an Old Covenant way of thinking!? It splits it up! All over the world where this message is coming - it is splitting it up. You know in churches around the world, we are getting news that this message is blessing them! Why? Because the eldership are embracing the fullness of the New Covenant and are releasing the truth of that so when the new wine of the New Covenant comes, it blesses the church! The Dubai church is growing so fast - they are seeing signs and wonders in coffee bars and in the work place. I did a week's teaching and did a teaching on grace. All the elders came to "Glory and Grace" - they are all standing in unity on grace. There are no problems and the whole congregation is exploding.

No problems! But wherever there is splitting and breaking up they are trying to put a bit of the New into the Old thinking! This message is innocent! When someone jumps up into an attack and switches on the flashlight and they see all the dust - it would be stupid to say; "Oh look how much dust this light is creating!". No the dust was always there - the light just exposes what is there. When this message comes to a people of grace, the church prospers and goes forward and no one leaves. But when this light shines on a lot of legalistic dust, the light didn't create the dust - it didn't create the extremes! It exposed what has been bound up and hidden in darkness. The glory is the light of God! May the light come to the earth and bring down every religious government so that every person of God can go free in Jesus Name!

I feel a bit about that! I feel a bit about that. What I notice here is that the glory came on this early Acts church so powerfully that it looks like there wasn't enough room in the building to pray for the sick. They had to take the sick outside in the street and lay them in the street to get them healed. Let's look at it here quickly. (v14); "And believers were increasingly added to the Lord - multitudes of men and women so that they brought the sick out into the streets and laid them in beds and couches. That at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them. Also a multitude of them from other cities gathered bringing sick and those who were tormented by unclean spirits and they were all healed". That is the New Testament! There was such a realm of glory that if you got into the zone - you were all healed!

Now the church has accepted far below that! Intellectually we have allowed theological excuses instead of pressing for the promises of God's Word, they have tried to bring God's Word down to accomodate the short-fall of the Church!

We acknowledge our short-fall! We know we don't see this right now! We are not looking for theology to accept it and explain it and settle down at this low level. We are saying; "God - this is the level and we want it!". Look at the next verse. (v17); "Then the high priest rose up". It is always religious demons that are going to rise up friends. "Rose up and all those who were with him which is the sect of the Sadducees and they were filled with indignation". What were these guys filled with indignation about? That these apostles and prophets were committing adultery? That they were robbing banks? That they were preaching heresy? No they were full of indignation because all were being healed and all the demonised were being set free by the love of God.

When we went to Sydney we saw people set free from depression that no doctors or psychiatrists could help and their testimonies were extraordinary in pouring in. That makes some people crazy and angry! They don't even know why they are angry and can't work it out! It is not rational! It is a demonic thing that is influencing them! "And laid hands on the apostles and put them in the common prison but at night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and let them out and said; 'Go stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life'". So here again - I say to people - if you are bored with Christianity then check the distance between you and Jesus!

If you are walking with Jesus closely in the manifest glory then you will signs and wonders and miracles - you will experience opposition and be put in prison, be whipped, be flogged, be lied about, be hated, and that is exciting!

It is better to cause a riot or a revival than be ignored!

Currently the church in Hong Kong is utterly ignored by milllions of people today. They couldn't care a fig about church or not. But if one kind of church like this appeared in Hong Kong then all of Hong Kong will know that this church exists! All Hong Kong! Hong Kong does not have a church like this yet. But they are going to have a church! City Church International! But once one church breaks out - then hundreds of churches will follow! Look at Acts chapter 6:8 - we don't know whether Stephen was a deacon or not but he is not an apostle or a prophet - just an ordinary member of the church.

"Stephen, full of faith and power did great wonders and signs among the people. Now then arose some opposition from the synagogue of the freed men - Syrians, Alexandrians and those from Asia disputing with Stephen and they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spoke". We need guts and courage and intestinal fortitude if we want to sustain miracles, signs and wonders and the message of grace.

This is not for the faint-hearted! This is not for those who want to play church - quaint religion or some silly thing. This is about loving the lost and loving the suffering world around them and long to see the glory of God cover nations! They are sick and tired of seeing lovely suffering pagans who God loves completely cut off from the Gospel - because they are not hearing the Gospel! They are hearing something that isn't the Gospel! We have got to see the glory come at any price!

It makes me feel good to have people get angry at us! That's why I was created! To fight! I wasn't created to be effeminate but for war, for love, for peace - for God's peace! "The synagogue of the freed men".

That is the problem today. There are people who were freed in a revival 20 years ago and all over the earth different revivals came out of denominational controls and broke out with great courage and moved in freedom and fire. 20 years later they are fighting the next move. They have no more fire, freedom or freshness on them.

There is no more fire or signs, wonders and miracles or book of Acts! They are talking about social justice and intellectual lofty thoughts about what we can do to engineer change in society. That is not apostolic! That is not the book of Acts! That is not the ministry of Jesus! It is in signs, wonders and miracles and the glory of God covering the nations, covering the earth and out of that glory will come prosperity to look after the widows and the orphans and to help social justice and end poverty in our earth and help with education - but it is out of the fire and out of the glory!

Otherwise it is just worldly church. Let's go and look chapter 7:54. This is Stephen giving a whole message in the face of the synagogue of the freed men. "When they heard this they were cut to the heart and they knashed at him with their teeth. But he being full of the Holy Spirit gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God and he said; "Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God". Then they cried out with one voice and ran at him with one accord and they cast him out of the city and stoned him. The witnesses laid their clothes down at the feet of a young man named Saul and they stoned Stephen as he was calling on God saying; "Lord Jesus receive my spirit". Then he knelt down and cried out with a loud voice; "Lord do not charge them with this sin". And when he had said this he fell asleep".

This is the disciples who bring the glory into the earth! The others wanted revival but they wanted everyone to love and accept them. You think I am talking about just out there - I am talking about right here in Hong Kong.

You see you don't know opposition until you move from minor miracles into major miracles. You don't know opposition until you break through religious cages and preach the ministry of the New Covenant and expose the mixture of law and grace.

That is going to come in Hong Kong for Hong Kong to break out! There are millions of Hong Kong people that will receive the gospel of grace when they see the signs and the wonders and the miracles - when they see God turn up in glory! We in City Church are moving in minor miracles but we are about to come into a flood of the glory and go to major miracles, multiplied miracles and mighty miracles and we have got to be ready for the other side!

This is the only time in the entire New Testament that says Jesus was standing at the right hand of God. Every other passage says He is seated. I believe Jesus gave Stephen a standing ovation! I love this young man. I love his tenacity. These religious people from the synagogue of the freed men and all of the arrogance and bigoted pride could not talk it out of him! He spoke to them with a spirit of wisdom and he was so bold he was willing to lay his life down and then he forgave them! He saw Jesus standing and said; "Receive my spirit!". That is how I want to go out! I don't want to die old! I am not looking forward to a nice easy retirement!

I am not worried about money for my future! I am not worried about it! God can care about it. So many Christians are caught up in the here and now that they are going to miss the visitation of God! God is coming! We need to be wise about our financial futures but don't be obsessed with it. There is something bigger coming friends! Some of us are going to go out as martyrs - there is no way the nations are going to be broken into by loose little Christians! I am tired of this! I am tired of Christians that are frightened; "Oh don't fly to India - you could die there!". Don't fly again - your plane could crash! Don't go to Hong Kong - you could get bird flu there! If I go to this nation to preach - I might die! What are you involved in?! Instant graduation into the full glory! Hello Jesus! Receive my spirit! I died on a mission Jesus! I don't want to die at 85 connected to a bladder machine and a poo machine and old age! And the last 30 years I was playing bowls with old friends and let them go to hell by not speaking the gospel!

What kind of Christianity is that?! I am not preaching at you guys. How many of you are bored? Look at chapter 8:2;

"And devout men carried Stephen to his burial and had lamentation over him. As for Saul he made havoc of the church entering every house and dragging off men and women committing them to prison. Therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the Word. Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria and preached Christ to them. The multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken to them by Philip - hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. For unclean spirits crying with a loud voice came out of many possessed and many who were paralysed and lame were healed and there was great joy in that city of Hong Kong".

Saul repents and becomes Paul after he was knocked to the ground on the road to Damascus by the glory. He becomes a mighty apostle and begins to spread Christianity even further. That is how God is going to deal with some of the opponents - he is going to knock them to the ground and speak to them in an audible voice in glory and they will be changed and they will become as fanatical and as crazy as we are! They will start preaching the grace message like we never thought they would preach it! Don't worry about the opposition - God has got a ways and means committee to deal with them! Look at Acts 19 - look at what happens to this Paul. Acts 19:11;

"Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that were brought from his body so that the sick and the evil spirits left them and went out of them".

How many of you are thinking "I don't hear this kind of talking in church often!".

A flood of the glory is coming and in the flood of the glory you will find yourself catapaulted into signs and wonders and miracles that you could never imagine possible!

But you say; "I am going to have to imagine it before it happens!". Do your best - but God can do far beyond all that we can do or say or imagine! According to the power that is at work in us! Beyond what you can think or ask or imagine - it's beyond that line! We have to get out of the Nazareth syndrome! Jesus went to His home town in Mark 6 and could there do no miracles. Except lay His hands on a few sick folk and heal them of minor ailments.

I would say with few exceptions and probably what you could count on one hand - most of the earth is exactly like the town of Nazareth. They do not see mighty miracles. It is not God's will for mighty miracles to be seen only at crusades! Or in big conferences! That is great and thank God for it. But God's plan and His first plan and His ultimate plan - His always will - is that signs and wonders and great miracles happen in ordinary Sunday morning church. Ordinary local churches like the book of Acts! And we have substituted that normal church for the visit of a Reinhard Bonnke or a Benny Hinn to Hong Kong! I say thank God for these ministries - I love them and praise God for them but that is not Plan A! It is about Plan Z! It is the end of the alphabet! Plan A is signs and wonders and miracles happening in the local church every week!

And through the church into the community! Yet most of the churches - I would say 95% - don't see miracles at all if only minor miracles. We thank God for minor miracles but friends, we have got to see why Jesus said He could there do no mighty works. He said because they were offended at Him and full of unbelief. That describes 95% of churches on the planet! Even our church if we are real. So many are offended at the moving of God - they are offended at the Carpenter who died on the Cross and could suddenly get offended and do miracles. Someone in our midst rises up and starts moving out and jealousy and offence comes that they are doing more miracles than me! Offence comes in! Then unbelief!

God will raise up - there is a glory cloud coming - and God will raise up congregations in this hour and in this day that will be free from offence and won't be offended at the moving of God, they won't be offended by who God uses! They will be full of faith and say; "Lord I believe! Help me overcome my unbelief!".

I am not offended with You Lord! I won't make excuses! I don't care who You use! Use them Lord! Everyone in this room - say use anyone in City Church Lord! Anyone! We will see hospitals in Hong Kong emptied! I have seen this for decades!

I will speak prophetically with creative power; "We will see hospitals in Hong Kong emptied by the power of God! We will see mental institutions emptied by the power of God! We will see cities shaken by the power of God! We will see creative miracles - body part replacement miracles!".

This will not be by big names or big preachers but by ordinary members of churches that have opened themselves fully to the glory to come and move on them! The children - children - will have dreams and visions! They will have visions more than dreams! They will see signs and wonders. Teenagers will walk in the fire of God! Teenagers! Grandmothers will be full of the glory of God! The flood is coming friends - the flood is coming!

The greatest harvest of souls will be swept into the Kingdom and this is starting now - this year and continue through the years until Jesus comes! We are not coming into another season - no more seasons - the seasons of the earth are over! This is a time of the glory that will continue to the end of the age. Till Jesus comes again! This is the hour when God says; "I will reveal the knowledge of My glory throughout the whole earth! I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh!".

I have heard this in my spirit resonate - but I don't just jump up and say it. I have waited and waited - and I have heard other prophets say it. Other prophets - much higher-ranking prophets than me saying it. Many of them are saying; "This is the glory - be prepared - be ready!". Whole government schools are going to be swept into the glory and will all be saved and all the staff will be saved! Islam - the whole of Islam - will be shaken by the fire of God! Islam will be in awe and wonder at how beautiful and lovely Jesus of Nazareth is! Islam will fall in love with Jesus Christ and will shake Islam with signs and wonders and miracles - the glory of God will cover the whole of Islam! There are coming businessmen and women that are so full of miracles and will be in business meetings and will say; "Oh I feel a miracle coming on" and a miracle will manifest in the meeting!

When I came to Hong Kong - God gave me three major prophecies. Let me repeat them and just about close. Please hear the creative prophetic word now. When I first came to Hong Kong - one of the first words that God gave me was;

"Rob if you will live not to fill buildings with people". There is a ministry obsession with the bigger numbers in buildings - the bigger my ego. That is a ministry thing whether guys admit it or not - that is just a fact! Many ministers thank God are humble and deal with that. But there is a drivenness for numbers. But with God there is no drivenness for numbers. He loves individual people. They are all precious to Him! And He wants to win the nations but not to win the ego of man. He said; "Rob if you will live not to fill buildings with people but if you will live to fill people with My glory Presence then I the Lord will live to fill buildings in Hong Kong full of My glory Presence on your behalf!". For you see God wants to reach the masses and He wants to reach the millions in Hong Kong!

He is not interested in small little churches hiding away in a corner thinking they are an elite and supernatural remnant. That is insane and deception when there is a harvest waiting to be saved! But we are not going for numbers but for God's glory to be made manifest so now we have had 3 and a half years where I have had to resist the temptation to make things grow and not use the techniques that make things grow! I have used techniques that chase people away! There are not many people that can take this kind of preaching! For three and a half years we have lived to see the glory fill people not buildings. The religious people are too full of pride and self-righteous and are ashamed of being full of God and getting drunk and falling over! They are ashamed of extravagance. If you allow hundreds of religious people to come into the church who are just finding out there is a new church and you have all the programmes and it is all nice and fill the building with them, then the glory can't come because they will stop it!

So God has got to have a place where His glory can come! He can come in full glory in a church and generate it in a city - then He can break through the barriers and bash through the religious barriers and rescue the people in the bondage of religious control! But He must find a lighting fire and a lightning conductor in Hong Kong! I am now happy to announce that we have a church that is a gathering called City Church International where the vast majority are not ashamed of being full of God and full of the anointing and full of the power of God! We have it! We have it!

God is about to fill buildings in Hong Kong full of people full of His glory and we are going to be running from one church to the next that we are leading and many of you will be helping out! It is coming friends!

The second prophecy was when I was in Lama Island and I was up praying after a few weeks here and was praying; "Lord what am I doing here in Hong Kong!?". And He said; "Rob I am going to establish a move of My Spirit here in Hong Kong that will touch the whole world and not just the church world but mainly for the unsaved world. That is mainly for the unsaved!".

The third major prophecy came with a condition and He said; "I set before City Church International two roads and you can become a large, famous, popular charismatic church". I understood in my heart that meant I could use secular, humanistic religious techniques and programmes to have a large church that is famous and popular and well known. "It will have some signs and wonders as these churches do - they have a few gifts of the Holy Spirit but it will be very minor and very low level. Or you can choose to be a book of Acts church". He was giving us a choice! "You can choose to be a book of Acts church that has mighty awesome signs and wonders and miracles with persecution". Many in the room at the time went; "Yayy! We want the book of Acts!".

But we said; "Let's be wise - we don't rush into these decisions lightly. You must factor in the pain of persecution". When the signs and wonders come there is other stuff. With the grace message comes other stuff. About 3 years ago - maybe longer that came - and I know in my heart that I chose Book of Acts! I know this church has chosen book of Acts! There maybe a few hangers-on that haven't chosen and don't know what it means and I don't know if that will last. I really don't - but there is a core there that chosen Book of Acts or die! Book of Acts or bust! There are people here who didn't re-locate from family and comfort and ease in their nations to come to a big charismatic church - many of them came from good churches!

We would insult people to suddenly now calm it down to fit in the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the synagogue of the freed men.

I pray as the glory of God falls in Hong Kong that God will destroy every religious umbrella. There are precious Chinese people that need to experience the glory of God. But Rob the services could get out of hand. They need to get out of man's hands and get into God's hands! The church is so under the control of man and I am desperately saying to God - are my hands too hard on this church? Show me and I will take them off in any way you want! I am desperate God!

When the fire of the glory of God falls - let's get rid of the fire extinguishers. There is always someone who says; "Let's calm it down - let's have balance!". Balance?! I tell you the most wise biblical way to have balance! Be extreme in everything and then nothing will be out of balance! Be extremely loving, extremely forgiving, extremely kind, extremely generous, full of faith, zealous, wise, crazy for Jesus, open to the glory! What they call "balance" my friends is the "synagogue of the freed men". You need to speak like Stephen and look in their eyes and say; "No!". The fire of God - the glory of God is coming! Ready or not!

I don't know if you remember John but you prophesied a while back; "Ready or not!". We used to play hide and seek - and He has been hiding His glory for a long time but He is saying "I am coming ready or not church! I am coming!". Lord we are ready! Truly we are ready! I am talking to some friends who are feeling this and we are saying to some pastors who are praying for revival; "Stop praying - you are not ready for revival. If revival like the book of Acts came then half your church would disappear. They could not take it - it is too intense. It is untidy, it is wild, it is upheaval! Some of you are so conservative and religious and demonised that you cannot handle revival - revival is a whole herd of pigs full of a thousand demons screaming and running over a cliff! Revival is guys pulling a hole in the roof and lowering a guy to get into the building! Revival is wild and crazy! We need a revival in Hong Kong!

Some churches don't need a revival now - it would be bad for them! Give them time to get ready! Lord get them ready! But we are ready now! In South Africa and Australia they burn what they call fire-breaks. They call them control burns so that when the fire gets to the control burn it stops so the fire doesn't get out of control and burn up the natural habitation or the houses. Religion has been burning it's control burns for far too long in Hong Kong and in the world. This fire will get out of control and the only thing that will destroy it is religion. Traditions of men and sin and poverty and sickness and disease and self-righteousness and bondage and slavery and the control and fear of man! This fire will set people free! This fire will bless people and heal them and bring joy to their hearts!

No control burns! All God needs is just one church to get so on fire in Hong Kong and so full of the flood of the glory that religion can burn all it's control burns and this fire like an Australian fire in 1983 in Adelaide will jump all the control burns for fireballs went 1km up into the sky and created a vacuum so that the fire leapt! Cars couldn't outrun it - cars got caught in the glory! The religious world can burn their fire-breaks and the fire will break through and set the people free! People will get set free in Hong Kong!

When the time comes - it will burn here and others will get ready but after a period I will run through the earth with this fire and I will go wherever people want me to come. We are giving people time to get ready and to make their adjustments and stop the nonsense but when the time is right, we are going! We are going to have fire here! Out of that we are going to touch the world with the Spirit of God! I am telling you if they are not ready we are coming anyway!

They can put their religious barriers up and pretend they are protective over the people when actually they are posessive and insecure and jealous with their religious barriers up. They can put their religious fences up and close the church doors and barricade them but just as Jesus of Nazareth in His resurrected body walked through the walls and appeared to His disciples - so Jesus is going to walk through the barriers and appear to people in Hong Kong and will break into the nations! He will do it! Do it Lord! Revival! Fire! Glory! Anointing! Freedom!

No tidy revivals or tidy Sunday morning church! In 2004 people were sitting on the beaches in Sri Lanka and Indonesia and everything was normal as it has been for years. The church sits and thinks everything is normal - that is just Rob shouting and a few other prophets around the world like Bob Jones and other high ranking prophets shouting. But we are okay here and we have got a big bank balance and our building is paid off! We have got a big congregation, half of which are unsaved and half are sleeping around. Half are so under the law of guilt and manipulation and are so full of sin that they look so holy on a Sunday and we have got our bank balance full and we have got our tithes rolling in and we are okay!

We don't want a disturbance! The fact that most of our churches have grown by other churches losing their members - denominational people to our so-called "freer" churches and very little growth has come from the lost being reached. We have got them all in our pastors camps now and to hell with the lost!

We will put money into poor nations out there but have got the poor all around us here and don't help them close by. There is more ego about going somewhere and coming back with photographs.

We are on the psunami beach and everything is normal! Oh, the water has gone out - oh the tide is going out! It means we are going through a dry time. But that is okay - we can handle dry times - they are okay! It is safe in the dry times because no one manifests, and demons don't come out and no one falls - we don't want that manifestation of power. Listen to the websites and hear the preachers say - we don't want it! We don't want people lying under the power in church! It's not good and it's not helpful for the lost to see that! Hear them saying that in well-known conferences! Manifestation of God is okay if He must do it but we wouldn't really want it. Duping and deceiving generations of people to not hunger for Him!

What is a manifestation of God? It means God turns up! The loveliness of Who He is is revealed! He manifests Who He is and people experience it!

Well we don't really want Him to turn up! Oh it is going out! Yes it is going out friends. But it is coming back in. And you know on those seashores - everyone has got their lives sorted out, everything was normal and within minutes nothing was the same again. When that psunami hit - it changes EVERYTHING. Everything. It was so violent and so fast and so powerful. It smashed every barrier and broke through every bank. I have seen whole walls with bars that were bust right open.

Church of Jesus Christ around the world - ready or not - the psnuami of the glory of God is coming! It is going to break right through the religious barriers and bishops are going to fall off their thrones of gold and their mitres will fall on the floor - their people will see God in manifestation and they will have to make a choice as to whether we are going to go with this, or say this is the devil and blaspheme the Spirit of God.

No more pretense. The so-called synagogues of the free man are going to show how in bondage they are when the psunami hits. It will change everything. We don't have to work at what is our church structure or sit in committees and talk architectural language about the future of the church and how we are going to protect the pattern of the church.

You can't play God on this next move! No apostle can apostle it! No prophet can direct it! No evangelist can evanglise it! No teacher can explain it and no pastor can explain it - this is NOT a new season! This is a whole climate of glory and a whole new atmosphere - a new dimension and a demonstration of God's power in manifestation and it is coming! Ready or not!

You cannot put a psunami in a wine-skin! I say; "Lord do it here in City Church - we are ready now. We have waited. We have preached grace - grace - grace and anointing, fire and faith! We have not spoken motivational life skills and how to be a better person and three steps to better this or that!". There's nothing wrong with that but it just turns you to secular, humanistic people. That doesn't make you book of Acts and it won't prepare you for a psunami! I am teaching you how to swim and how to catch waves! That's what I am interested in!

If you are a true prophet then get the church ready for a psunami! Because a psunami won't kill or wreck those who are getting ready for it or do damage to those who are ready for it!

How many of you know that God uses secular prophets in the arts world and the Hollywood world and they are prophesying things for the church to listen to? In the 1960's a Jewish secular prophet by the name of Bob Dylan (who I actually loved in my drugs smoking day - because it stirred the prophetic in me!) and he got born again in 1979. I believe he will be in heaven even though he's messing around. And he wrote a song and it keeps coming up in my mind over the last few weeks.

"Come gather around people wherever you roam and admit that the waters around you have grown and accept that soon you will be drenched to the bone. If the times to you are worth saving - well you better start swimming or you will sink like a stone - for the times they are a-changing".

We have got fathers and mothers in the Kingdom who have been a blessing in past moves and were mentors and wonderful people but sometimes they begin to criticise the next move because they have fossilised and have not moved on like they should have.

"Mothers and fathers throughout the land! Don't criticise what you do not understand. Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command - that old road is rapidly aging so get off the new one if you can't lend a hand for the times they are a-changing. You writers and critics who prophesy with your pen - eyes wide, for your chance won't come again and don't speak too soon for the wheels spin - no telling who gets the naming, for the loser now will be later to win for the times they are a-changing".

Just before the Communists took over the nation of Russia they were about to destroy everything of cultural beauty in Russia but the Greek Orthodox church was making decisions about what colour the priest's robes should be - purple or green. They didn't know the times they were a-changing!

Oh God help a church that is not listening to the prophets but are listening only to pastors who become more possessive and and protective. If you really love people train them how to catch a psunami rather than be killed by it.


Don said...

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for some leader to say boldly what Rob said:

"These are not the days of Elijah! These are the days of the Holy Spirit! These are not the days of Elijah! These are the days of the book of Acts! Elijah had limited miracles - these are the days of unlimited miracles!"

I think even leading-edge teachers have been afraid to push beyond the OT miracle stories. I believe that part of the persecution that will come upon people like Rob, Todd Bentley, and "nameless" others will be from the Church, because God will begin doing more and more miracles and signs that have NO counterparts in either Testament of the written Word! God's love and prophetic creativity is going to be expressed in ways that were simply never expressed or recorded in the OT or during the 40-or-so years recorded in the Gospels and Acts.

There are no accounts of gold dust, gems or filled teeth anywhere in the Bible! Yet trustworthy, sold-out-to-Jesus people are experiencing these things, right alongside their acts of ministry to the lost and the poor. Kudos to Rob for stating clearly that these are NOT the days of Elijah, when it comes to signs and wonders.

Don said...

And this:
"About 3 years ago - maybe longer that came - and I know in my heart that I chose Book of Acts!"

When I started going to TAG meetings in 1975, Larry & CJ were preaching/teaching continually from Acts, and there were healings and baptisms in the Spirit to back up their teaching. And the fire of God's Spirit hit me too and made me see that he intended me to become part of this Acts movement.

Ten years later, they asked if you want to be a pioneer, or a settler -- just like Rob is saying in this message. And in 1994 when the fire fell again, God blessed me with the grace not to be offended, but to be needy and desperate for fresh fillings and fresh vision.

Well, I'm 30 years older since 1975 and a slow learner, but by God's mercy and grace I have never regretted wanting to be part of this Acts Church in our generation. I pray that Rob's message will continue to reach not only your generation, Dan, but also those a bit older who saw something of this in the past, got discouraged during the "receding wave" periods, but have kept scanning the horizon for that tsunami [correct spelling, I submit humbly] wave that has been prophesied since the 1970s and even earlier.

Thank God he placed the hunger in a young Rob Rufus, who overcame his own religious prejudice years ago to sit in on some meetings in South Africa with Kenneth Hagin! Thank God an older Rob Rufus is pressing forward with the pioneer/Acts spirit!

Lord, bring Rob's stream of the Spirit together with the other streams that are flowing across the world today, and set us on fire to know you in intimacy, to hear your voice and obey with the gospel going forth and signs following!

Dan Bowen said...

"When I started going to TAG meetings in 1975, Larry & CJ were preaching/teaching continually from Acts, and there were healings and baptisms in the Spirit to back up their teaching".

I know this isn't the place to discuss C J or SGM but my attention was seized by that comment. Of course because I came into PDI as it was on the wane, I didn't really know about what charismatic life for them was like. I'm encouraged and frustrated that healings and signs and wonders and baptisms in the Spirit did back up Larry and C J's preaching. What backs up C J's preaching now? When was the last time a demon came out shrieking in CLC?

Rather than speak about C J - I could mention the symmetry with my own home church. I'm not sure I can remember miracle healings, but I do remember miracles. At one point our town and indeed the whole country I think was in real danger of drought. So the church went up to the surrounding hills around our town and prayed, and the heavens opened while they were up there!!

Demons were exorcised, baptisms of the Holy Spirit.

A young questioner asked one of our elders why we had backed off charismatic life when we did and the answer the elder gave the lad was awful. He said;

"Oooh well you see, you can't keep up that pace of life. You never knew whether your phone would go off during the night asking you to go exorcise a demon, you never knew whether someone would stand up in church and give a tongue and you had to weigh it. It just got too tiring".

WHATTTTTTTT?!??!?!?!? That's Book of Acts!! My answer to that elder would have been, well if you can't stand the heat, step out of the fire and resign as an elder. But don't make the church suffer for your lack of belief!

And my answer would be the same to SGM and C J. Don't make your churches suffer because of your lack of unbelief.

PS: You are right about the spelling of "tsuanami" Don - thanks for the "loving observation". One of the downers about touching typing on Blogger is that there is no spell check.